BlackBerry CEO John Chen responds to T-Mobile's ill-advised BlackBerry switcher campaign

BlackBerry CEO John Chen responds to T-Mobile's ill-advised BlackBerry switcher campaign
By Derek Kessler on 18 Feb 2014 03:41 pm EST

T-Mobile's caught flack from BlackBerry users over the past weekend for their efforts to woo them over to the iPhone 5s. The "Great offer for BlackBerry customers" campaign went over like a lead balloon for the CrackBerry faithful on T-Mobile, resulting in enough of an uproar that even T-Mobile USA CEO John Legere found himself in the crosshairs.

Just a day after the ads went out, Legere took to Twitter to state that he heard BlackBerry users "loud and clear" and that he would "work with the team" about BlackBerry. Of course, what exactly he's going to work with the team about was up in the air (Legere's not one for treading lightly, but he's also not one for opening his mouth without a purpose).

So while T-Mobile's actual reaction to the reaction is still unclear (aside from "it's probably not a good idea to try and persuade BlackBerry users away from their coveted smartphones"), BlackBerry CEO John Chen wasn't in a mood to wait. As he stated on the corporate Inside BlackBerry blog:

"Late last week, T-Mobile emailed an offer targeting BlackBerry users on its network asking them to switch their BlackBerry devices to a competitor’s smartphone. As we were never told of their plans in advance, I can only guess that T-Mobile thought its “great offer for BlackBerry customers” would be well received. T-Mobile could not have been more wrong.

I want to thank our loyal customers for your commitment to BlackBerry. By expressing your outrage directly to T-Mobile ‎through tweets, calls and comments in the media and on blog posts, you sent a powerful message that T-Mobile could not ignore. Your partnership with our brand is appreciated by all of us at BlackBerry, and draws a sharp contrast with the behavior of our longtime business partner.

I can assure you that we are outraged too. What puzzles me more is that T-Mobile did not speak with us before or after they launched this clearly inappropriate and ill-conceived marketing promotion.

To the BlackBerry user community, I want to extend our deepest gratitude. Y‎our passion motivates us every day as we navigate our turnaround. And for our loyal customers on the T-Mobile network, know that we have an offer in the works designed especially for you. Watch this space for an update very soon.

Finally, to T-Mobile, I would like to remind you that our long-standing partnership was once productive and profitable for both BlackBerry and T-Mobile. I hope we can find a way forward that allows us to serve our shared customers once again. Notwithstanding the current challenge, we remain very excited about BlackBerry’s future."

It's clear that BlackBerry wasn't thrilled by T-Mobile's marketing push, or that they even had knowledge of it in advance. Not that they would have signed off on it anyway, being that they'd prefer people replace their current BlackBerry with another BlackBerry, not an iPhone.

We know you weren't thrilled by T-Mobile's move (or other previous moves at T-Mobile with respect to BlackBerry), but with Legere working to smooth things over and Chen ripping T-Mobile a new one over the outrage caused, is T-Mobile still a good home for BlackBerry users?

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BlackBerry CEO John Chen responds to T-Mobile's ill-advised BlackBerry switcher campaign




This is a nice and forceful response. Would BB under Heins have defended itself like this? John Chen not only commented on the matter himself and thanked BlackBerry customers for their loyalty, he took direct aim at T-Mobile. As well he should. T-Mobile isn't even selling the Z10 or new Q10s on their website anymore, something that seemingly hasn't been the subject of a blog post on CrackBerry. Go ahead, search the T-Mobile online store... tell me if you find the Z10. I couldn't. All I can find are refurbished Q10s and the Curve. T-Mobile at this point has no partnership with BlackBerry and they are looking to convert their BlackBerry users to another platform. We should all be upset by this and it's reassuring that Chen is too.

Agreed.....this is what I expected from Heins, but he abandoned us in the trenches. Chen needs to call out the US carriers. They truly are highly instrumental in dismal BlackBerry sales in the US.

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That's cuz all the places like FB, Google, Microsoft are all in cahoots with the NSA, irrefutably proven so, maybe there's something about a Canadian firm NOT being able to be eavesdropped upon that isn't being released to the public. Barry Soetoro has a Blackberry, the Sec Serv guys (not the drunk johns like down in Columbia) so that speaks volumes about iPhones and Androids not being secure.

Yes. Shortly after taking the helm, Heins wrote a scathing op-ed blasting either the NYT or WaPo for claiming that BlackBerry users are often ashamed to show their devices in public. It wasn't pushing back on carriers, but it was definitely a strong public defense.

Chen's response would have been stronger if he had a direct sales upgrade deal for T-Mobile customers... instead of saying something like, "hold on, I'm working on it and I'll get back to you." Still, seizing the opportunity is Chen's strongest attribute, at least the strongest I've seen, yet, so I wouldn't be surprised if he turns this into a meaningful sales opportunity... and if he does, I'll cheer his move.

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This is why we needed an American at the helm, Canadians are too soft.

Play Starcraft? Join our Channel: C001242DE

Really? I don't know that Balsille (Ontario) woud have been called soft, or Prem for that matter (yes born in India but formititive years from university on up in Ontario and a Canadian).
You don't know your Ontarians too well.... There is a reason the rest of the country hates us lol

Why? So you can spend all the profits on war?

Thanks but let's keep the company in a country that is still profitable and not on its last days of debt.

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That's cuz Barry Soetoro doesn't know what he's doing, it's not even on-the-job training, it's... I don't know. Low info voters would rather buy Apple stuff, they are clueless as to hacking, not really though, more like "We choose to ignore the problems of not having a secure phone running QNX, pass the doobies". The former Chooma Gangsta uses a Blackberry as does I believe MOST of the world leaders. In fact didn't we read that Barry Soetoro was hacking Angela Merkel?

Now he needs to drop a load to Fido in Canada for only featuring the Q5. No Z10, no Q10 and no Z30. This is a Canadian carrier!

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It's a move to push people to the more higher priced (greater profit margins) of Rogers. I hope Fido carries a decent BlackBerry device when my contract is up, in the worst case scenario that work doesn't give me a phone.

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Well, I'm with Rogers and a friend with Fido. He wants to get a Z30 but no luck on Fido. But when Z10 was launched I remember them having the z10 and then the Q10.


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I have to agree. Professional response that showed he was not pleased.
I'm more confident with this guy now. But still a lot to be done

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John Chen is reminding me more and more like Elon Musk (Tesla). Anytime there is any little hiccup, the CEO is right on it to protect the brand and clean up. Well done Chen this is what BlackBerry has been needing for a long time. Old BlackBerry would have just twiddled their tumbs... New BlackBerry takes action!

Absolutely correct. John Chen is a strong CEO and he is doing a great job of resurrecting the Blackberry brand.
TMobile is only going to lose by this stupid campaign. What a bunch of morons. At this point, Blackberry should go exclusively with Verizon in the states since they are the only carrier with some support. Gve them some incentive to push Blackberry phones. In addition, Blackberry should start selling its phones unlocked in the states, may be offer some kind of installment plan.

Eh, I cannot agree with Verizon giving actual support for BlackBerry. The Z30 is nearly impossible to find, and most stores I know in my area do not stock many if any BlackBerry's. Non-corporate stores rarely even display the phone.

I have had a very different experience with Verizon. Every store I've been to has always had a functioning Z10, Q10 and Z30 on display. Nearly every time, there was at least one person with at least a basic understanding of BB10 with generally positive things to say about the devices and direction BlackBerry is headed with the new devices. Not one single time have I had someone attempt to steer me away a BlackBerry device. I understand that this does happen, just saying I have never once encountered it in my several store visits, customer service calls, or upgrade purchases since 2009. I'm not going to pretend that most sales people were clearly more excited to sell iPhone or Android (especially Droid) devices, but let's face it, BlackBerry allowed the competition to produce more exciting equipment while they struggled to catch up.

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I stopped in to a local Verizon store here in upstate NY to take a look at the Z30. The first words out of the salesman's mouth were "You don't want that. BlackBerry isn't going to be around much longer anyway.". Unbelievable! There were two tables with customers right next to us who heard it all. And we wonder why BlackBerry is in its present situation here in the US.

Just for that I had to tell him how happy I am with my Z10 and how it's by far the best smartphone I have had, and it is for 100% personal use, not for business.... and how I'm getting a much better deal on my phone plan over at AT&T, and much better cell service in our area than my local friends on Verizon. I just couldn't hold it in. ;-)

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My local Verizon used to have several BB07 and the Z10 a Q10. I went into the store in January to get a look at the Z30 and they didn't have one. Then I went in Monday to order a Z30 and could not find a single BlackBerry in the store. After a try at selling me a Droid I did order my Z30 and it comes tonight. Yeah!!
When I asked why they had no BlackBerry's he said they weren't selling. I replied, if you'd promote them they would. Got a blank look.

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So you don't recall the former EVP of Legal at BlackBerry back in ... October 2013 was it (?) quickly responding to Business 'Slander' against BlackBerry? Not sure what happened with that but there was a legal review of the trade comission I think. How quickly so many forget.

The image of BlackBerry is rising. Investors are turning, stock is rising, partnerships are forming, etc. A lot is happening and fast!

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I agree. Another very well-crafted, smart reply from Chen in response to an issue.

Posted via CB10 from my Z30

Yeah, it seems like BlackBerry finally has a CEO that knows how to play the media-game, without overreaching.

Of course this (alledged) T-mobile add was a pretty obvious mistake, but I am stil glad BlackBerry is making use of it. Nice to see more comments directly for us end-users.

On the T-mobile side though, I can totally understand why they would want all their customers to stick to a single profitable platform (in this case iPhones). It makes it much easier for them.

BlackBerry 10 signed.

What do you mean "alleged T-Mobile Add"?
It's not alleged. Many BlackBerry users got the email. There's lots of proof of that. Do you think the CEO of T-Mobile would apologize for an "alleged" promotion?

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I did and I ripped t-mobile a new ass for it. Afterwards I canceled the one remaining line I had with them. They learned a quick and valuable lesson.

I did not receive it. I've been a T-Mobile subscriber for twelve years. What I did notice, upon seeing the alleged ad on Crackberry, was the following: irregular punctuation, grammar and syntax. I think that it was a spoof, but it has definitely hit a nerve, and rightly so.

Wishful thinking, but would be fun to see how TMo felt about an exodus of their enraged BB clientele to other carriers (who find that "worthless population" worth supporting-- albeit limited) and have them measure that against "making things easier" for themselves by supporting "The One Platform..."

Hey. If any service-driven industry (restaurants, etc.) tick me off, I take my money elsewhere, and I'm usually not alone (given businesses shuttering their doors). I realize telecom is a bit different w/carrier reliability and such, but as I said... Wishful thinking...

Wishful thinking, indeed. As much as T-Mobile customers whine about wifi calling, they're either too cheap or too broke to move to another carrier. Maybe this will FINALLY give them the wakeup call that T-Mobile doesn't care about them or their BlackBerries. Again, wishful thinking.

I may be alone, but I don't see this sort of response from Thor. Honestly, I don't see a Thor led BlackBerry giving any sort of response. Just my .02

Thor would have simply said "we have a great relationship with T mobile and Ate excited to continue doing business with them".

Looks like Chen is not as afraid of the carriers as Thor (who would never say one bad thing about them even as they packed Z10s in the back of their stores, out of public view, on BB10's launch day).

The question is: Will this help or hurt BlackBerry?

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Thor is a traditional CEO, meaning he is politically correct and non-confrontational. A wuss. In sharp contrast to Thor, Mr. Chen has b@@lls. I like him a lot. If anyone can turn BlackBerry around is him. Way to Go Mr. Chen!!!!

Do not forget that the BlackBerry that Chen took over is a significantly different BlackBerry than when Heins took over.

At this point, Chen has almost nothing to lose by being scrappy.

I'm not saying that the two men do not have different styles, but the situation IS different.

Heins had his combative moments. Like when the company slapped down Detwiler-Fenton for trying to claim that carriers were "taking back more than they were selling". BBRY asked the SEC to investigate them for securities law violations, and we haven't heard a peep from them since.

Quoting Heins: "Return rate statistics show that we are at or below our forecasts and right in line with the industry. To suggest otherwise is either a gross misreading of the data or a willful manipulation. Such a conclusion is absolutely without basis and BlackBerry will not leave it unchallenged."

"Will this help or hurt BlackBerry?"
Any response can only help Blackberry at this point. The worst would have been no response. This will actually invigorate support for Blackberry. People like underdogs with self respect, who are willing to fight . Wussies, on the other hand are easily forgotten, with or without any sympathy.

Of course it will help. Image is everything. For far too long BB got bashed. What John Chen did as CEO is to establish the tone of the company is not effing around. The company will not lie down and take bs from anyone. Any media attempt to have an interview will think twice how they report their articles. Obviously John Chen is far more savvy in public relation than Thor. His response just make T-Mobile look like a douche. Other mobile device companies would not have like it if the carrier could easily pull such a stunt on them as well. In the business world, it's better to part amicably than making any negative press. Because what goes around comes around in the end. No one stay on the top forever. A good relationships in business can build enough karma point someday. And it does not cost Chen anything to tag a few good words about the loyal fans either. Remember the fiasco about the silent treatment playbook owners get? A few good PR spin might have caused less grievances and pizz off less BB loyalists.

I am not sure how many playbook owners already own BB10 phone but I think the lamest think Heinz did was to not bring BB10 on playbook. This just showed how indecisive and untrustworthy he was as a CEO since first he promised and then he refused to bring BB10 on playbook. That was a major turnoff for many loyal fans. There would have been way more playbook to BB10 convesrion (percentage wise) then from BBOS to BB10. Playbook was liquidated at a dirt cheap price, so for many people this was their first Blackberry device. I think many playbook owners would have got BB10 phones once they saw how cool it was on their playbook and also for these users there was not much learning curve at all since the playbook OS is very similar to BB10.

Thinking about it, I wonder if not putting BB10 on the PlayBook was something they had to do. If people could have BB10 on their PlayBooks that Bridged nicely with their BBOS devices, why would they get BB10 phones? Granted, I still think it socks BB10 never made it to PlayBook, now I wonder if it was really a hardware limitation issue rather than a strategic move.

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Just to be clear, I think this was a huge move by Chen. One I applaud very loudly. If BlackBerry is going to come back, they need to show come b@lls! Responses like this and the lawsuit against Typo are b@lls enough for me. This guy means business. Only time will tell if BlackBerry can truly turn it around, but Chen is definitely going to fight for it! I am behind him and BlackBerry. He has earned my support, where Thor acted like I owed it to BlackBerry.

Absolutely. Great response from Chen.

Traditionally BlackBerry management would have said nothing.

A poorly thought out response could easily have left him looking like a sore looser.

This was the perfect blend of carefully chosen words. It was strong, but classy and left him with the moral high ground.

Posted via CB10

Confirms and speaks volumes about Chen's experience turning companies around.

Previous management would have given some regular "keep it positive" corporate response. I'm glad he's letting them know what time it is, we have new smileys(long overdue IMO), new low end phones that were needed and and possibly an octa core phone.

Chen keep making sure people remember this brand and know that neither it nor you are nothing to F**K with.

 We have apks cuz we need 'em not cuz we want 'em 

Chen doesn't piss around with his words letting the BlackBerry bashing continue. He is showing strong support for the loyal T-Mo customers, and he is also taking a stand against such carriers that these antics must come to an end right now. Enough is enough!

I guess there's no harm in lashing out against a carrier that quit on them. Just wondering how this will help BlackBerry with the other carriers.

T-Mobile couldn't have done much more as in idiotic move to tarnish their relationship with BlackBerry. Perhaps they don't care but they look like fools. If I got an email like that from TELUS you can bet your ass I'd be out the door with them.

You mean to tell me you haven't gotten similar emails, bill insets and direct mailers from Telus? You must send Telus email to junk, not read the stuff they put in your bill and just throw out anything that isn't a bill because Telus has done EXACTLY this and other campaigns to get BlackBerry customers onto other platforms. Trade in bonuses to switch to iPhone or Android have been rampant at Telus.

What's missing is any indication that he talked to the CEO of T-Mobile who apologized profusely and blamed one of his marketing underlings. It appears that Chen hasn't even talked with T-Mobile about the ad. Also, there's no indication that T-Mobile is going to stop sending them. From a practical standpoint, it sounds like they can't do anything about it.

Lots he could (may) do.

I would offer phones (and OS updates) direct, cut TM out of the loop altogether.


...and great response from the BB Nation! Chen's response would have been less pronounced if he didn't have that "apologetic" note from Legere to bounce off of because of the seismic activity CB'ers were creating.

That said, go slap'em silly, Chen!

This all began with T-Mobile reps talking bad about BlackBerry when it was in the stores and then T-Mobile pulling BlackBerry inventory from shelves and finally from their website.

Z10STL100-3/ CB10

I was in a T-Mobile store talking to an associate. He said that he hated the Z10 operating system but loved the Q10. Really?!?

Posted via CB10

We done Mr Chen. Response is measured and professional.

Now can we get something done with MTN here in South Africa.

They need a letter as well.

Posted from my awesome HUB enabled  Z10

Just drop T-Mobile as provider and they will see that BlackBerry users don't joke about their phone choice.

Posted via CB10 for the BB-Z30

I love John Chen's don't mess with BlackBerry attitude. It has been a long time coming from somebody in the executive suite. Loyal BB users should no longer feel like we are on our own. #ilovejohnchen

Good job Mr. Chen I hope that means 10.2.1 and z30 .

I've been waiting!!!

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The best reaction would be if Mr. Chen will work out with other US provider and offer special deal for BlackBerry TM customers to leave T-MOBILE. It would be very aggressive from BlackBerry and probably welcomed by T-Mobile ' s competitor. The ideal scenario would be if the other US provider would ask  BlackBerry to prepared special offers for them.

Posted by my Z10

Other providers probably happy to snap up a few hundred thousand BB users with the right offer to switch. So our phones are on the shelves again, and T-Mo or any other carrier will think twice before acting foolish.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

No way! The best thing for BB would be to patch things up between T-Mo'bull and offer its BB customers a cheap upgrade/trade in promo to keep them using BB on T-More-bile. Carrier support is important for BB.

Oh yeah.. this was Awesome! Great job Mr. Chen! That's REAL representation! Another landmark moment for BlackBerry. I love it!
BlackBerry users put the heat on TMOBILE via social networks and THEN BlackBerry's CEO speaks out as well.. : )

Posted from my Q10 (TMobile) Running OS as of 2.14.2014!

Perfect reaction from Chen's own mouth :-D , Kevin stuffing his own with a well deserved lunch while sitting back enjoying the show ;-) and T-Mobile with their own foot in their mouth :-O... loving it!

Posted via CB10

Thank you Mr. Chen! We will see if T-Mobile learned their lesson or not.

Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook - Posted via CrackBerry 10

It's great Mr Chen is up to defend a our beloved BlackBerry. Is a shame an underdog on carriers from USA beats on the underdog from the phone industry. BTW T mobile we can do great things together.

Posted from my flagship Z30

Totally right. Why mutual bashing, if a co-operation could be so much more fruitful.

Otherwise: one CDMA, one GSM carrier and iPhones for everybody. (Hope not for our friends in the US)

Btw, didn't know BBRY grabbed a new (?) short URL handle, e.g.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Nice to see a pationate response for a change. In the recent past, BBrry just took this public humiliation and kept silent. This time, at least they said, "do a nasty to me and I'll call you on it........every time !"

Of course I doubt TMobile will send BBerry a Christmas card next year......

With shrinking margins in the mobile phone business I think carriers with phones that account for less than 2% of their subscribers could care less about them. Especially if it is a shrinking segment and not growing. Same reason none of the US Carriers have bothered spending time or money releasing 10.2.

Posted via CB10

Out of interest I went online to see who is selling Z10. Car phone warehouse doing a really good deal and I was pleasantly surprised to read the reviews on it - 265 reviews most from this year and nearly all of them were excellent. Maybe things are starting to pick up as more people get their hands on BB10.

Posted via CB10

We tried to switch to T-Mobile last summer and they lost the two Z10's and Q10 that we ordered from them. The phones were lost in their wear house before they even shipped.

They wouldn't re-ship the phones or issue a refund on the phones until the phones were found, well they never found them and we ended up opening a claim with our credit card company to get a refund.

T-Mobile customer service was the worst I have ever dealt with. I would never give them business and do my best to stear others away from them.

Posted via CB10

We switched from Sprint to ATT. Left sprint due to lack of BlackBerry support ans general network issues in our area.

Posted via CB10

What was even better than them loosing the phones was that they tried to charge us for monthly service for phones that we never received from them and were never activated. It really was unbelievable.

Posted via CB10

I love when CEOs are involved. Legere and Chen. They're doing a great job in remedying issues.

Posted via CB10

@mithrazor...I bet something extraordinary comes out of this,when top guys talk there is a chance that something special could ,and will develop.

Don't wait for the Z30, octacore BB on T-Mo now!

(maybe too optimistic here!)

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

We need a comment from Chen directed to AT&T. 8 months and we are not even on 10.2.0

Posted via CB10

Truly "no holds bar". Yep, JC says it like it is. And great to know that something is cooking... :)

The most exciting statement for me:
"And for our loyal customers on the T-Mobile network, know that we have an offer in the works designed especially for you. Watch this space for an update very soon."

Hey Mr. Chen what about when a BlackBerry user goes into either an AT&T or Verizon store looking to upgrade?

I know I'm not alone here but I get some very uncomfortable prejudice towards wanting to purchase another BlackBerry phone.

I have to say this T-Mobile email is hardly an issue compared to all the negative US carrier support hence Q10SQN100-2/

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

I have experienced the same, and when the salesperson reluctantly brings out the BlackBerry, they hardly know how to even turn it on, let alone do anything else.

The biggest elephant in the room with BlackBerry sales is the salespeople; who BTW, know absolutely everything about either iPhone or Galaxies....

This outcome could be a good thing for Blackberry because it would give Blackberry an opportunity to sit on the negotiation table with T-mobile once again to plug the leaks between the two company. Way to go Mr. Chen.

BlackBerry Chen don't mess around!!!

6510, 7520, 7100i, Storm 9500, Storm 2, Torch 9850, PlayBook 64gb, Z10...

Just bring on that offer that Chen mentioned for T-mobile users that have Blackberry :) I am not going to get worked up. This is business, nothing personal.

Posted via CB10

T-Mobile has always been my least favourite option as a telco provider. You just have a feeling before you step into their stores, the service will disappoint. In a way i'm glad they're so predictable. I got another Q10 for my daughter, she is absolutely loving it. Go Blackberry.

Posted via CB10

Chen may turn BlackBerry around, he may not. But one things for sure, he will fight and fight before this ship goes down!

Posted via CB10

A quick excerpt from John Chen quote...

"To the BlackBerry user community, I want to extend our deepest gratitude. Y‎our passion motivates us every day as we navigate our turnaround. And for our loyal customers on the T-Mobile network, know that we have an offer in the works designed especially for you. Watch this space for an update very soon."

I wonder what kind of offering Mr. Chen is going to have for tmobile BlackBerry customers.

 CB10 

I'm also wondering. They should find a way to get all T-Mobile users on 10.2.1 and allow them to get the Z30 directly from BlackBerry at a discounted price. That would be hot. I would be jealous being on Verizon and still stuck on 10.2.0 with my Z30, but it would still be hot.

Posted via CB10

"I wonder what kind of offering Mr. Chen is going to have for tmobile BlackBerry customers."

It better not be the 10.2.1 "coming soon" he's claiming credit for lol.

Shows that Chen really has got his finger in the pulse.

Posted via CB10 on my sexy white Z30 rocking

Way to Go Mr Chen , there is nothing wrong with your BlackBerry Platform and Phones vs the rest period !

I'm sorry, but if Blackberry kept up with the times and released some amazing phones that people really want, then none of this would of happened!! Don't get me wrong, i love my Q10, but its marketing and competition and Blackberry can't really be upset about it.

Would have happened! I agree that their marketing is useless but disagree with your remark about bringing out a phone that people want. The Z10 is far superior to the iPhone which is over rated and over priced, the main problem is that consumers aren't even giving Blackberry a chance, they are just believing the garbage they read in the press.

Posted via CB10

If Blackberry came out with something when the original phone came out then people would of stilled kept with blackberry. But since blackberry lacked the innovation and kept back, that made apple win over mostly other companies customers. I do agree with you about people not giving BB10 a try and I think they should, but they are too hooked on their iphones and samsungs.

Posted via CB10

I agree they left it too late. If they bought out BB10 a year earlier things would be very different but there are people renewing their contracts all the time and they're not even considering BlackBerry - they have to start marketing these phones.

Posted via CB10

Good job Mr. Chen. I hope that "special offer for T-Mobile customers" is meant for German t-mobile too.

Posted via CB10

Well Said Mr. Chen.

We vote with our dollars, so perhaps with folks moving from T-Mobile to one such as Bell or Telus (who do support BlackBerry with live displays), T-Mobile Can learn a lessen, and heed warning to the others.

BlackBerry users are no doubt amongst the most loyal.

Tmo needs to stop bumping their gums, time for them to show real repentance for their transgressions , I think a BlackBerry customer special is in order.

Posted via CB10

It's good to hear that sometimes special is planned for the tmobile users, all I can say is bring it BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10

What a difference to Thor! Sir yes sir mr chen, steer this ship back up to profitability!

Q10SQN100-3/, Z30, Z10, iP5, SGS3

Go BB!!
My Company is on Tmobile, but I dont like their strategy anymore.
I think I will change our Corporate Numberbase ASAP to an another provider.
BTW - I did like that TMobile get the BES10 Cloud.

Posted via  BlackBerry Q10Bold

great to see BlackBerry users standing up for themselves. This, and the Rogers Z30 fiasco should be called out more often. There IS a very dedicated user base for BlackBerry.

I think BlackBerry should tell them to stick it! But BlackBerry users are way better off without that conspiracy.

Posted via CB10

Great, now kick AT&T in the Balls. I want 10.2.1 yesterday. I have tweeted @attcustomercare and they sent a nothing reply followed by silence (on other tweets). I say let's flood @attcustomercare with demands for 10.2.1 They are not testing it they are sitting on their asses. Haul them off their asses and then give them a good swift kick, either side you kick is fine with me.

I was worried about what he would do with BlackBerry at first, now I have so much faith in this man.

Posted via CB10

Excellent response! Shows that Chen in both smart and tough, and he's not going to stand for carrier disrespect!

Perhaps Mr. Chen will offer a great Z10 deal to all legacy T-Mobile subscribers a if they switch to Verizon ;)

Posted via CB10

Mr. Chen is the man, very professional response and right down to the point.

Personally I left T-Mobile for AT&T. Wouldn't go back. At least their customer service is not so arrogant. I don't get the BlackBerry hate I used to get from T-Mobile with AT&T. I'd rather go basic phone before I go iPhone. Had one and just not impressed with its dinosaur OS besides the fact that iTunes sucks.

Posted via my BATBerry Z10

Only reason why I'm on t-mobile is because of how cheap it is very UT now with the sprint framily plan I've been looking on leaving

Posted via CB10

I assumed the ad was fake since it was so poorly written and had punctuation errors. I guess it's real.

Posted via CB10

No. That's like taking a cheating spouse back. I'd rather find a better woman than get burned twice. AT&T has been a good woman to me for 8 years now. I might just stick a ring on her finger.

I used my Q10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

I am a huge BlackBerry fan. I have influenced my whole family to use Blackberries. We run a small family business, so all our phones are under one contract. Not to long ago I had an offer from another carrier, that would save us about 30% of our current expenses. After talking nice and polite to the lady manager, I mentioned about my attachment to BlackBerry, and asked arround about the sevices and offers they had for BlackBerry owners. What she said was, that I was an old fashioned guy, and she could give a great offer for switching to samsung or apple. That to run the business thease days you have to keep up and use best and newest devices. I could not believe she said it. After telling how I was attached to BlackBerry, I took it so personally. I had difficulty controling my voice. I even asked if she knew what she was saying, has she ever held a BlackBerry 10 device... Today I still remain at the same carrier, who gave me the counter offer and respects our attachment to BlackBerry.
Sorry for the long story, fellows, I just wanted to get it of my chest :)

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Right On Man! Love your response and commitment to this great BB10 platform and BlackBerry in general, and as Spock would say: "Live long and prosper".

AT&T is just as bad as I live in the huge city of Houston where not a single AT&T store has any versions of BlackBerrys on display. I ask atleast 1 time a week around town at their stores about a release date for the z30 and 100% I'm asked "What is that?". I've called AT&T multiple times to ask a maybe more informed rep about a release date for the z30 with the exact same response. Silently the American carriers are killing the future BlackBerry community and maybe the CrackBerry powerhouse should speak out about that as well since speaking up about T-Mobile worked so well. I'm just saying.

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I have been with T-Mobile for the past 8+ years, all of which using a Blackberry. Based on my experience, I believe that T-Mobile can easily become a cornerstone in the GSM networks with Blackberry. T-Mobile MUST commit to supporting Blackberry clients, especially those that have been loyal on both fronts.

As far as startagies, the network has to do a better job informing the general public with concrete, unbiased knowledge. The playing field may be broad but the fact still remains fact; Blackberry is premire in: Productivity, Security and Reliability. As soon as these key functions are said, the product will sell itself.

I have seen this occur personally because I laid down the facts at a T-Mobile storefront. It's amazing how representatives can push iPhones and galaxies but have no working knowledge about Blackberry. I sold three Z10's and one Q10 based on what people said they needed plus more. I ran through features and disclosed the smaller market place that Blackberry has at the moment aside from the available option to load Andriod off of the 10.2 update, as soon as it releases for the network. If 1 person can sell 4 devices in less than 30 minutes, what can informed representatives do for Blackberry working with a comitted T-mobile USA?

Check out the T-Mobile webpage. Not until recently did they have Blackberry 10 devices available online to even look at! They recently added refurbished Q10 to their Blackberry list. Now, look at the three decices that are displayed on the device store front. IPhone, Sony and LG even Samsung for a limited time deal- all have way more information than a seemingly measly refurbished Blackberry 10 product and older BB7 devices.

As stated, T-Mobile has to choose to commit. I'm a T-Mobile customer. I'm a Blackberry user. These are just small bits that I've experienced.

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BlackBerry is a good home to all carriers, regardless of where it 'rests'. BlackBerry 'Keeps Moving', and literally stuns the competitive milieu by shaking off the dust, and will come back like a rushing river that's been held back.

Sillyness marketing, to the world it's all about money including carriers, but to the people of BlackBerry, it's in strengthening relations and fostering growth through this ever-changing movement of bring the world closer, one message at a time...

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You can hear that T mobile? You should watch your step carefully from now on, BlackBerry user is rocks haha

Posted from my lovely Z10

I am smartphone customer. Before I go to carrier store to buy phone, I do my research online and buy the phone that has all the features I want in phone. Ex: Micro Sd card, removable battery, HDMI.

Then i enter the store knowing what I want. But before I buy, I test the phone out along with the competitors. Apple I.Crap, Samsung android (Spy you) phone& windows .Have you tried to set alarm or timer on Android phone. It's :+*/:$ drives me nuts!!

While I was at carrier store, I saw a Google agent following the sales rep around nonstop trying to sell their phone, interfering with their work. Just few days after release of BB10.

I can tell you with full confidence Blackberry beats them all. It's well made machine with best OS out of all. But I notice some BlackBerry ease of use is being copied by Apple and google.But still not even close to BlackBerry.

P.S I have never bought anything Apple for my self. But I have bought Apple Touch to gift to a girl.

About BlackBerry management let's hope they get it right this time. No room for mistakes marketing wrong way. I really like Beats music ads. BlackBerry should do something like that. Also speed up on software updates voice control, Maps, Remember, Docs to go. Bring back next generation Social feed. We appreciate what BBM has become.

BlackBerry Lead
Do not Follow

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B. R. A. V. O. Mr. Chen.

Definitely appreciating the passion and commitment behind the message. Looking forward to the first premium device you release under your leadership.

Chen is the man!! I wondering what T-Mobile customer r in for now from BlackBerry :) sounds juicy. Lol. Maybe get a real secure, reliable mobile device like a Rocking Z30 instead of those easy to crack IPhone's.

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Mr Chen has Mr Legere in the book.

I'm sure there will be more names to follow .

No CEO of any carrier can plead ignorance about running this kind of campaign. ....


If I was a major shareholder in T-Mobile I will be asking questions. What else does he not know about his marketing department.

Mr Chen will not forget this in a hurry....

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!

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Nice response from the CEO. Now if he can force them to push the update ASAP, that would be 10 times better!! #IchooseBlackBerry cause I can.

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Great response... very curious about this statement-- "And for our loyal customers on the T-Mobile network, know that we have an offer in the works designed especially for you. Watch this space for an update very soon." I'll be watching what about you?

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Don't mess with Chen. He will Kung Fu and Ji jitsu anyone that messes with him... hooooyaaaaa Chen Master is in the house

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The stupidest thing about this "special offer for BlackBerry users" was that it was the regular offer open to anyone. It's not even a special offer!

Now I'm curious about the offer Mr. Chen mentioned. :D

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Appreciated Mr. Chen's response. Not only does he express his disappointment in T-MO's move with tact, he gives credit to those who have been loyal supporters of BB. It's nice not to be treated as a drone.

and Yay!: "And for our loyal customers on the T-Mobile network, know that we have an offer in the works designed especially for you."

Thank you for the mutual support!

"Is T-Mobile still a good home for BlackBerry users?" I don't think so. Their lack of care towards BlackBerry customers is appalling. I've been with T-Mobile for nearly a decade, and to see them treat their BlackBerry customers with so much disregard and blatant disrespect has left a sour taste in my mouth. I for one have started shopping for other providers. I'm tired of waiting for T-Mobile to at least make an announcement as to when we can expect a software update, while my friends who have Androids, and iPhone's are constantly notified to a new update. I would rather spend money on a company who acknowledges and respects their customers.

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T-Mobile promotion is really unprofessional. The way presented is very cheap. Plus, why, simply, t-mobile expects that BlackBerry users will just run and their promotion.

Anyway, I tried all smart phones, and still always keep blackberry in my other hand.

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Great response by Chen, and BlackBerry! And to now think that current BlackBerry users on T-Mobile may get something "special" is really a great marketing ploy. These types or responses are the ones that go viral.

Get em Chen!

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THANKS JOHN CHEN,i lost money,a good friend and a piece of my heart with HEINS!!!
Heins did nothing against media,hedge funds,carriers,....still sad about it

A few thoughts on this
One way to go chen on standing up and saying something of interest.
Secondly doesn't tmobile have some agreement with BlackBerry to handle corporate accounts or something???
Has to make BlackBerry wonder whether this partner is using those channels to try and push iphones as well. i mean when you read that advertisement it reads less like a consumer ad and more like one directed at enterprise.
So in that sense i can totally see chen being pissed especially if adoption of the platform osnt moving like they hoped.
I can see it now
BlackBerry "so how is our product moving?"
Tmobile" well people just keep going with other options like iphones etc"
All the while tmobile is deliberately marketing iphones over BlackBerry

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Also note, TMO had stated that we could still buy BlackBerry 10 devices via the website for direct ship. Well, I went on their site over the weekend to purchase another Z10 and a Q10. Guess what? The Z10 is no where on the site and the only Q10 was a refurb.

It appears TMO has dropped support for BlackBerry for regular customers like us. Not sure about corporate customers.

Note to TMO, my intended new purchases were to replace an iPhone 3S and an iPhone 5. My family has seen my Z10 in action. They no longer want their iPhones and wish to move to BB10. However, since you no longer offer them, I may make use of the Simple Plan I am on and Simply move to another carrier. I will miss the WiFi calling, but if I cannot get the phones I want, then it's time for a change.

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pretty clear T-mobiles move is a prelude to them dropping BlackBerry altogether. I think Chen needs to figure out if he can move existing T-mobile users to one of the other carriers. Perhaps an upgrade incentive for any BlackBerry users that move their contracts to AT&T ...... now THAT would burn pink-tshirt-boys azz :)

No carrier in the US is supporting them so why go with another carrier? All carrier store people have been steering people to other options, even those that go in and ask for a BlackBerry. I am finally glad that a CEO of BlackBerry finally said something about it. Chen should start selling the Z30 direct to T-Mobile customers through a direct email campaign.

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I've been with T-Mobile for more than 10 years. They better straighten themselves out WRT to their belated release of 10.2.1 as well as supporting my Z10 that I purchased from them - or - they'll be headed to the trash bin when I sign on with a new service provider...I'm giving them 30-days from today.

Sent via BlackBerry Z10

It's just about time..... time that the fickle masses start to turn from the galaxies and I phones that they jumped on. They are all the same same!! There will come a time when the tide turns and a migration will start to BlackBerry. Yes, I think it is very possible. I look at my parents adoption of Apple. They see nothing intuitive e about it. It got the first mass of user adopters for smartphones after BlackBerry was slow in reacting. Hordes will become bored, mark my worda!!

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It's a shame that T-Mobile's CEO felt the need to ride the populist wave of hating on BlackBerry (probably without ever even using a device) by denigrating some great hardware and software just to climb further up Apple's backside. Kudos to Chen for this measured yet strong response!

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Kudos Mr. Chen. Kudos!

But when you're done with T-Mobile could you have a sit down with Verizon?!


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Nice response by Chen. I'm glad to see that BlackBerry is not holding it's tongue.

Post via my AWESOME Q10! BBM Channel: C12140D

I am also very happy with the response from not only the blackberry community but the CEO as well. This move only hurts t mobile. Let's see what they do in responding.

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BlackBerry should put a sweet deal together for loyal tmo BlackBerry users on a competitors network. It wouldn't be hard to honestly bash their product at the same time.

Posted via CB10

John, if I had the need to go out tomorrow and buy another BlackBerry 10 device, I would.

The two BB10 devices I purchased over the past year have exceeded expectations and demonstrate each day, how a well-made hand-set should respond in the hands of it's user. The Z30 is a marvelous machine, a pleasure to use and responds to my every action with lightning speed.

I'd like to thank-you personally in this note for being the powerful voice and jealous guardian BlackBerry needs during this transitional time; a great many share in the same vision that the best days are still to come and not because BlackBerry is too big to fail, but BlackBerry is too good to fail.

Admittedly, I have always held high regard for Apple products and yet nothing quite captures the imagination quite the same way as the BlackBerry 10 experience has. It's a powerful business tool I barely put down. Your sales team can take that kind pride with them into a client's boardrooms, ignoring whichever trend just so happens to be the flavour of the day because the device in their hands, really happens to be that good.

I am beyond words with excitement your team opted to enrich the BB10 experience, and flat-out refused to abandon ship (in spite of it all) nor gave into appeasing those that would do BlackBerry intentional harm for person gain and/or turn the platform into something barely recognizable.

It takes moxy to go the distance. This is something Team BlackBerry has demonstrated it has plenty of to go around.

Band-wagons don't last. Neither will this unprecedented lynch mob mentality that has oddly gripped the cellar world propelling competitors into imaginable heights - if BlackBerry in its short rise and fall from the top is STILL considered yesterday's news - than your competitors better start worrying as they themselves are looking long-in the-tooth.

The BlackBerry community looks forward at seeing what Team BlackBerry has in mind in rewarding our friends at T-Mobile.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

Doesn't matter. Chen basically confirms there is no retail relationship between the two.

I'm glad he spoke out but it doesn't matter. North America won't see any more BlackBerry phones. Enterprise only unfortunately.

Poetry in Motion

If you read between the lines, it is obvious that Chen knows that Tmobile is sitting on the 10.2.1 update. If I read that right, Chen said that their would be something special coming to Tmobile BlackBerry users. Maybe a direct update from BlackBerry? It sounds like some iSheep phone user underestimated the power of the BlackBerry community. GO Mr. Chen, you the man!

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Yes, T-Mobile is still a very good place for BlackBerry users! WiFi calling is the bomb (hands down). Their network is better than Verizon’s; but that's a different convo. I really love Chen's response, very good comeback, awesome how me mentioned BlackBerry loyalist, overall great response!

Thank you for sharing this!

The Most Interesting Device In The World, BBZ10! Keep Moving My Friends!

I'm bewildered why Chen would respond so directly and publicly. I don't consider that to have been a smart move. It draws attention to their stupid promotion and cannot help repair an obviously deteriorating relationship with T-M. Other than blowing off steam what could Chen's post possibly accomplish?

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