No offers to buy BlackBerry, says CEO John Chen

John Chen
By John Callaham on 28 Jul 2014 12:22 pm EDT

BlackBerry CEO John Chen is chatting with the media again, this time with Bloomberg, where he states that the company currently has no offers to buy out the company.

BlackBerry might, at first glance, be a target for an offer or takeover, but according to Chen, "I don't have any offers on my desk." He added, "If people would like to talk, I mean, talk is not an offer." It does seem clear that he is going to stay on course with making BlackBerry profitable again.

Chen feels that BlackBerry could break even by the end of its current fiscal year, and become profitable once again in its next fiscal year which ends in March 2016. He added:

I am comfortable with where the company is today, how we managed our technology, our businesses, the margins, the distribution channel or the new products that's coming out ... Whether it's going to be good enough to be iconic again, OK, that's something I need to chew on. I don't know the answer to that question.

One of those "new products" that Chen mentions is likely the BlackBerry Passport, which is slated to be the company's next smartphone product. How do you feel Chen is doing with managing BlackBerry since becoming CEO?

Source: Bloomberg

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No offers to buy BlackBerry, says CEO John Chen


chen is by far the right man for the job no other does it right and it would be nice for BlackBerry to stay BlackBerry without being bought out.

pretty sure Chen has proved much more worth than Heins. Chen has actually shown progress... Heins right after bb10 launch showed he was not cut for the job.

You wanna remind me what he's done again...? Anyone can seem like they've made progress when the company their leading has been reduced to less than half its size to off set financial loss.

Chen would have inherited some of Thorsten's decisions, that is the nature of the corporate machine. Wheels don't stop moving, though they may slow. But from what I've seen, there is a sense of stability in their position and more confidence from the market. Let’s say, if they had hit rock bottom, Chen kept them from digging. Plus, he has drawn blueprints and has everyone gathering the materials necessary to build. I'm satisfied with what I have seen so far, but will reserve ultimate judgement until a few quarters of profitability.

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Heinz? Come on. That guy didn't manage expectations properly and under his guidance the stock dropped down to record lows. Here are some of his highlights. Bb10......delayed
$1b of z10 writedowns....everything was delayed with him. john streamlined acquisitions. Made the company more lean. Didn't dump money into a horrible super bowl commercial. Focused and reinforced enterprise. Started Project ion. Reinvested into health and auto. He found the niche and spearheaded while listening to what the people wanted. Not to mention during interviews he actually answers questions straight forward and not beating around the bush with no solid answer. Like the Foxconn contract and focusing on their strongest market was business 101. Hence the jakarta and the focus on Indonesia and india. Where thorsten tried to go head to head with the behemoths known as apple and Samsung when their so far ahead! And renaming the company from rim to blackberry? What a gimmick! And waste of huge money and resources! To meet compliance on time to do that almost got them de listed from the nasdaq! Even john said. He wasn't the best man for the job. But its what blackberry could get.

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He was people on here called him a rock star now he's not if things go south they will turn on Chen and hail the next guy as the true savior of Blackberry...

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It sounds like he's not shopping the company. Of course he'd consider a formal offer if one were made. But his focus is on returning BlackBerry to good health.

BlackBerry's board of directors have a fiduciary duty to consider any legitimate offer that might be presented.

My car isn't for sale.. but if you offer me more then I paid for it new , I'll sell it to you. I'd be a fool not to.

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But its not your cars its shared by your parents (Board of Directors), and also how much money was invested. maybe the price you are getting isnt quite 'more than brand new'. Think of it as flipping a house-If the Board gets greedy and see 'future' profit they wont sell. It would have to be a google, or the like to come in heavy, which wont happen unless, they have something google wants. Not sure what that could be...

Wow, I guess you don't enjoy writing properly. The shareholders are the first priority. If a strong offer comes his way he will look at it. He stated this last year that anything is a possible. If someone steps up and sees value in acquiring BlackBerry, Chen will do what is best for the company. His goal from day one is to make BlackBerry profitable, and so far he is on the right track.

Via The BlackBerry Z10 Experience.

The CEO's job is to maximize shareholder value. He has a plan to return the company to profitability and then some. If a buyer's purchase price maximizes the value, he will sell.

I believe he stated that if someone had made a 19 billion dollar offer, he would sell the company. Now, he's not going to be stupid and say no to a great offer, but I believe he has confidence enough that he won't be entertaining lowballs, either.

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He isn't only the CEO. If a great offer comes long, he will estimate it's validity, then turn to the Board for them to decide.

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Agreed....... but I'm surprised IBM hasn't thought about buying Blackberry......... or have they?

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IBM shifted away from hardware along time ago, they just recently offloaded their servers to Lenovo. The phone market is saturated and most people don't appreciate security/privacy until they find out they've lost something.

Think of it like optional car insurance which is the biggest expense of driving a car if it were optional how many people would still by it?

A lot of the "security" features from Blackberry also come with a monthly price tag for example a BES, so again what do consumers get from it?


So many people on this site don't even have stock investments in this company but continue to live, eat and breath BlackBerry! They are a corporate entity! You people act like they are a blood relative!

Haven't you realized the name of the site is "Crackberry"? You look like a smart guy so you should know it's for BlackBerry addicts who leave and breath BlackBerry...

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Well I do have shares in BlackBerry. Got them because I thought it would be fun to "own" a small bit of a company I like and support. Cheap at the time, thanks Heinz, so they went up a bit. Not in it for the cash but if it would make me a bit, why not.

It is an opinion. Why do you want to silence it? You have the right to yours as well.

Blackberry always.....

Really? Only because of the way he presented it? Then explain why everyone on this site went ape shit over Chris Umi's article regarding what it would take to get him back over to BB? Presented without flaw, and without any ability for counter argue.

You should ask for an explanation to the ones who made negative comments on Chris' post. Not him.

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My 5 year old niece could express a more articulate response than that troll. The purpose of his comment was not to express an opinion, but to bait people and detail the discussion.

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And your reasoning for that is....? Come on, let's hear your logical argument for why you think Blackberry sucks monkey balls.

Speaking of which, that pic you took of yourself with your Note3, now THAT sucks monkey balls. I haven't seen that much pixelation since the original Mario Brothers.

Get rid of your BlackBerry Curve from 2009 and you'll see how far BlackBerry has come. Get a job first though. Most carriers want proof of employment. Selling crack doesn't count

"Once You Go Black You Never Go Back"

Chen is the...Right man,at the Right time...for BlackBerry to move Forward!!! I don't know about you, but I'm all in. GO BlackBerry....GO!!!

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My my, we are opinionated. There's a right place and a right time to put a company up for sale. Didn't your economy 101 teacher tell you that? Now, this is not the right time to sell off the company. Hold onto your hat cowboy, great things come for those who can wait. Rome wasn't built in a day.

Z10 STL100-1, OS

The Colosseum?

It was used as a quarry for centuries. That's where most of the damage came from. Still stands.

Pasted via CB chen

The less Chen says about takeovers and the like the better. Do not be stupid and give the vultures scraps to make a meal out of.

Don't ruin all the hard work done up to this point.

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I think it is all about confident incremental changes. And that is what he is doing.

As we hear make conservative projections and achieve those projections, we'll see investors and customers raise confidence.

5 eyes countries. This means only of those 5 countries the company can be sold to. Surprised he would even mention that.

It's doubtful an Australian or New Zealander company would buy it either leaving only Canada, UK or a US Company. That restricts a lot of popular technology companies these days

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He did not say that. He said that would probably prevent selling to a Chinese company, no specifics about other countries.

That's true. Any potential buyer would need to perform their due diligence with the Canadian government.

I see the potential for a major partnership or a partial sale rather than a sale of the entire company.

Chen sounds like a no nonsense kind of guy (except for when he flashes his humourous side ;) He's smart enough to never say never. How would shareholders react if he said BlackBerry would never be for sale? I'm sure some would leave which would depress stock prices. Others would simply say he shouldn't make promises he can't or shouldn't keep and he would lose credibility. He's playing it cool. BlackBerry will go about its merry way back to profitability .. we all hope.

Why should he commit to an unknown, unforeseeable future scenario just after the "for sale" sign was taken down not too long ago?

The media just want fodder for senseless chatter...

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He will sell BB when the time is right. the man has built a fantastic career helping struggling companies and making them profitable and then selling\merging them. Every company has a price tag, question is, what is the price that John Chen and Prem Wasta have in mind for BB?

Chen is just doing what was needed for blackberry to break even again. From introduction of unique big screen phone, bb10.3 to include amazon app world and business platform for BlackBerry. He is doing it all to the best.

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I like what he's done so far. Seems to be going in a good direction and BlackBerry is getting some positives highlights in the news and blogosphere.

Hope his efforts pay off. So far, they seem to be.

BRON: a cron-like scheduler for BlackBerry 10.

BlackBerry is not for sale. Enough of that. Though a Strategic Partnership is the way to go if anything. Perhaps DELL? John Chen is by far the right man for the job. And he will not make the same errors as the previous management.

Go Chen, go!!!!!
I liked this guy from the beginning...
BlackBerry always

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How do I think he is doing? I think that he knows the business market extremely well and will achieve his stated goals of returning BlackBerry to profitability. I think he will be advantageous when it comes to developing BlackBerry's new businesses outside of smartphones, like healthcare, automotive, and Project Ion. He will transform BlackBerry from what it was into something new.

That said, since he does not know the answer as to whether the products he is releasing are good enough to return BlackBerry to an iconic brand, then he's not the guy who will return BlackBerry to an iconic brand.

He is also not the guy who can save BlackBerry in the consumer space. He will be the CEO who sees BlackBerry exit the handset business or the handset business will dramatically change to service very specific niches within enterprise and regulated markets. Think along the lines of how Panasonic restructured their phone business after exiting the consumer market and you'll get the idea of how BlackBerry devices will likely change.

I don't think John Chen sees losing the consumer market as a bad thing though. If he did, we'd still have Music and Videos in BlackBerry World. We'd still have Games (Scoreloop) Beyond BlackBerry 10.3.1 (December). We'd have the ability to backup wirelessly using BlackBerry Protect Back. But John Chen has stated that he does not think BlackBerry can sustain an ecosystem of it's own, so he clearly doesn't think that consumers are worth it in the long run. Or, he simply doesn't get that it is the ecosystem that attracts and retains consumers more then any other factor such as hardware, or OS. It is simply impossible to have your own OS without a supporting ecosystem consisting of stores and a set of core services that add value to the consumer experience and retain their business once they get hooked on using them. That's how Apple did it. That's how Google did it. Microsoft is trying to figure it out still, but they are getting there. John Chen's BlackBerry is acting like it's 2004 rather then 2014. John Chen has likened the consumer phone market to Hollywood where all it takes is one hit to be back on top. This is a terrible analogy and way off base in today's market. A hit phone is nothing without a strong supporting ecosystem behind it. John Chen is the first CEO of BlackBerry to make absolutely no attempt at having a consumer ecosystem and this will not bode well for the future of BlackBerry devices in the consumer market. There will not be a comeback for consumers under John Chen's leadership.

That's if he holds on to the devices business at all. I can definitely see him selling it, and the most likely buyer in my opinion is Amazon. He says he has no offers, but you can bet your bottom dollar that getting close to Amazon serves two purposes. First, to give consumers access to apps to see if that's what was keeping them from buying BlackBerry phones (hint: it wasn't). Second, if he can't reach his stated goal for devices - 10 million unit sales per year minimum - without the consumer market, then he already has a relationship with a company that has a consumer ecosystem of it's own, is looking to expand it's hardware business, and could use the ready made business BlackBerry may not be able to sustain to expand the reach of it's own products. Amazon got the Fire Phone on AT&T only, so they don't have allot of clout. BlackBerry has relations with around 700 carriers globally. Amazon could see value there.

So, he's dong a fine job at returning stability to the business and he will make it profitable in the not to distant future. He's a smart guy who has a lot of experience in enterprise software and services. He admittedly does not know the consumer space. So he will likely transform BlackBerry from what we knew it as historically into a different company that serves new markets and offers new services. He isn't a phone guy. So fans of BlackBerry phones have cause for concern.

Well written, Maximus. Just one thing. You say John Chen isn't a phone guy.

But you don't have to be a phone guy to realize importance of the (smart)phones. They carry very sensitive personal data. They document our everyday lives (communication, photos, videos...). They bring knowledge. They will allow us paying without credit cards. They will monitor our health. They will be hearts of our cars....

BlackBerry could have made a fortune on phones (other handset makers do even without their own OS). Exiting handset business doesn't make strategic and economic sense.

But does NOT monetizing BB10 make strategic and economic sense?
But does NOT monetizing BBM make strategic and economic sense?
But does NOT monetizing QNX make strategic and economic sense?

No. But it's happening right now - under the "software" guy.

SuperionMaximus, very well said.

I agree with your analysis. John Chen can no more be everything to everyone than could the founders. He is the right man for the times. I believe that he will be the saviour of BlackBerry, if that is defined as returning the company to profitability. Without success in the short term there can be no long term.

His vision for the longer term is unclear however. In fact, as CEO in this situation he may not have one. He certainly does not need one.

His mission is to make the company self-sustainable. That is a HUGE goal in itself and he is doing well to achieve success, from what I can see.

The future will need to take care of itself.

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Great post bro. Especially the part about the branding. That is an extremely important task, consumer or otherwise. It seems John Chen is not even in the mindset of rebuilding the brand. Rather, he is still cleaning up the mess from the three previous CEOs.

There's not much rebranding one can do with a limited budget and when they're in damage control.

@richardyarrell1 Sorry you have monkey balls in your thoughts before bed! I guess we know what your dreaming about tonight. Weird fetish.

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I'm amazed at how quickly JC quells rumors. A big problem for BlackBerry in the past. JC's a shark.

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If anyone can turn BlackBerry around, its Chen. So far, he has done in incredible job with reaching out to investors. I cant wait to see what BlackBerry's numbers will bring in 2015.

The way I see it the competition is doing all it can to run BlackBerry into the ground by various under handed methods .

This way they can carve up the patents and Enterprise. They didn't really count on QNX ( the ace in the hole)

The previous administration did not fight hard enough for BlackBerry.

Mr Chen Is taking no mess with the BlackBerry Fact Checker. The Typo case was the catalyst that started the fightback.

The Z3 3G got the ball rolling. I would like the Z30 re- released straight from BlackBerry at a more competitive price between $250 -$300 .

There is still a lot of work to do.

A Battle is won the War continues....

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First of all, I want to clear something. This is just my opinion: I doubt BlackBerry Passport will be widely adopted by prosumers as it is expected and even less by average consumers, which aren't the target for this product. I just hope I'm wrong. For real. I want BlackBerry to succeed. As for the Classic? A nice upgrade for Q10 users and a comeback device for BlackBerry diehards. Should be an easy adoption.

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I think you will be right, but I think it would be a good thing. Instead of trying to make one phone be everything to everyone, I see the phone business dividing along the lines of who is using it. The Z series is great for those who want to have media and entertainment on their phones, with business on the side. The keyboard Classic and Passport series will suit those in the business environment who do a lot of text heavy work.

I currently run with a Z30 and love it. While I do a lot of typing on my phone, I love the prediction of the virtual keyboard. I feel that I can get words down faster and more accurately with the Z30 keyboard than the Torch or Tour physical keyboards I used to use. That being said, I am VERY intrigued by the Passport.

Lastly, on the question of how good a job I think Chen is doing, I feel he is doing a good job. To me he is a true businessman. He comes across as very personable yet deliberate. You get the feeling that he will definitely stand up for the company, but not in a negative, defensive way. He certainly takes the battle to the opponent. I also feel he has a strong vision for the company, though I can't say I have a crystal clear understanding of where it's going right now. I sense he is (and always will) keeping a part of that vision under wraps.

To early in the still to tell if he is doing any better than any previous incumbents in the same chair. in action!

Chen is doing a great job of managing BlackBerry and people's expectations. Things will work in their favor.

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The " Benefit of the doubt" approach.

Everyone that has stepped-up to take over RIM aka Blackberry, failed.

What is Chen doing differently asides from the Passport? An extended version of the Bold to a classic? Ok, cool, not hating on that, but c'mon now.

What I keep failing to see is the lack of commercials like every other brand. They need to worry about pushing the brand out. Not just devices that come out like what? Every 2 years? I already stated that I would own a blackberry until the company calls it quits or sells it.

I already got used to not getting leaks as often as before. Everything just keeps changing. Is it just me, or I always feel that I wait forever for a Blackberry to be released? Literally, is like waiting for a new vehicle Model to be released and we no longer get the spy shots. I love my Q10, sometimes I do think how would the world be without a blackberry.

Ok, rant over.

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Agree re: commercials... hopefully that changes with the release of 10.3 when the (love it or hate it) Amazon partnership hits its stride. There's a piece of me that fears we'll never see ads though, because the consumer market isn't viewed as key to future success. We are, currently and perhaps henceforth in perpetuity, the tail on the dog. I would disagree though about delayed handset launches - getting BB10 off the ground a year and a half ago was an excruciating and long-delayed experience that reflected well on nobody, but since then we've had 5 handsets in 18 months or so with two more on the near horizon, and to my knowledge none were delayed. I feel like that side of things has been turned around nicely. Chen understands the company needs to rebuild credibility so we won't be seeing him commit to deadlines he can't meet. Amateur hour is over.

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Nice CEO.... Prem Watsa knew what he was doing when he brought John Chen at BlackBerry

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Chen has the capability, good business understanding and is is by far the best Ceo to head BlackBerry.

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Is it me, or did tHeinz just not seem like he could sit in a room full of other CEOs and hold his own? I liked him and his enthusiasm, but just didn't seem . . . CEO-ish.

This Chen guy, though, has that presence and command of the business side of things. This guy's the real deal CEO BlackBerry needs now. I wonder how he would have handled things if he would have gotten the reins during the BB10 launch instead of Thor? Where BlackBerry would be today?

Posted via CB10, now from a Z30

I was thinking the same thing earlier today. I cry when I think about TH up on stage, "launching" BB10. Every CEO projects a persona. In my estimation his was, "Golly, Just Happy to Be Here". :( I wish him well but he wasn't the right guy at that critical moment in time.

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Wish Chen was at the helm long ago, then things would be totally different, BlackBerry would probably be in Apples Spot right now. With the exception of still being innovative. Apple doesn't invent anymore. They are just following trends. BlackBerry 4life

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All publicly traded companies are "for sale"... So there are no "offers" that include stock swaps or other non money trades, so friggin what. BB10 with QNX is the superior OS for now. And it will take years to make Android or iOS secure. One big corporate disaster that can't be hidden from the BYOP plans where the secrets leak out and the company goes down will be enough to get folks to use BB10 phones for business.

As a "consumer" I love my Z10, it runs circles around the iOS 5 phone. Yes BBRY stumbled with the North America consumer market, but it's fickle as heck. People get new phones every two years or so as their plan expires and each stumble that APPL makes, keeps people looking. Yes Android clone phones are cheap, but "stay that way." A low cost Z3 with LTE would be a total winner down at your local Walmart. I suspect that they aren't doing it yet because of Walmart's contract requirements put you to the edge, but it's the right phone at the right price. Maybe when we see the Z50 or whatever replaces the Z10 comes out, that we will see the Z3+ or Z10's at Walmart.

Meanwhile BBRY with QNX rocks. Everytime I show someone all the things I can do at once on my phone they are 100% impressed.

Mr Chen is doing what he said, personally i like Mr Chen and wish him well.! I think BlackBerry 10 rocks and thanks to his strategies it looks like I will be using it for a long time to come, Go john Go!

Tapping and flicking on my Zed 10

I feel Chen is the best man for the job n his strategy to line up things is way too awesome. He's one guy who going to make BlackBerry iconic again starting with the BlackBerry passport. Cheers MR CHEN.

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JC, knows how to manage blackberry, Great, operator, knows there is no margins in the consumer market, enterprise software has a greater profit margin, and not just a commodity.
Does he have time and cash to turn it around?

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Of the right offer were to come around, he would sell.

Aside as I dislike Apple, they would be IMO,the best fit.

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It is too bad he wasn't brought in when things tanked originally. He is the right man for the job.

He has brought a calm, cool, collected approach that was missing from before.

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I think he is too optimistic...
The reality stays on other premises:
No good quality marketing
No sales reps
No bonuses for the brand loyalty
No solving solution for all the little hick IPS of daily usage of the devices and BlackBerry 10 software
No buyback programs for all legacy devices
No presence into big stores or retailers!

Proudly Z10 owner

And you are talking like a consumer.... Not the current target market, I'm afraid.

Z10 STL100-1, OS

BGR, Ars Technica, The Verge and any other ink-slingers will being their own translation : "BlackBerry: sign for sale still up, sadly, noone wants to buy"

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The purpose of a private company is to make a profit for the shareholder and there's not always a business case for nostalgia. That said I'm tentatively optimistic about the future of the company for the first time in a long time. I'd really like to see things play out for a while without a takeover/breakup. Mostly because I'd like to see a Canadian (my bias) company try to complete the comeback, and because like most of us I would be sad if BlackBerry handsets were no longer available. (A possibility even if the company doesn't get sold... but a probability if it is.) Chen has definitely been the right guy at the right time - what a refreshing change from that limp noodle.

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I really like what John Chen is doing. I do hope he finds a way to sell at least the minimum devices per year to make it break even if not profitable. I enjoy BlackBerry 10 so much I can't imagine using a different OS. I know there is room for improvement, but I like how it is progressing. I realize the other three components of BlackBerry are the true turnaround piece but I would love to continue using BlackBerry 10.

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Chen is doing well, more marketing about knowledge of the products should be done. I am confident that BlackBerry is going to recover it's market share
Markers like Latinoamérica must be reinforce with publicity.
Prices and tecnology is outstanding

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Everything, including your soul, is for sale, it is just a matter of what price. If you don't think your soul is for sale then you don't have children that you love.

Why would anyone be surprised if BlackBerry was sold? Even Apple would sell if someone made them an offer they couldn't refuse.

Chen has always been clear, as any CEO should be, he will listen to any offer that is good for the shareholders.

I am not selling my house but if someone offered well above market, they can have it.

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Perhaps, like already mentioned, BlackBerry is not for sale. There are far greater things to come yet....

Z10 STL100-1, OS

Chen seems to be a realistic, goal-oriented, honourable, responsible, meat and potatoes man with credible charm and humour... The right man on the right place and he should keep on beeing CEO of BlackBerry.

He has done a marvelous job up until BlackBerry decided to take away music/video.

I'm seriously looking forward to going to another platform, I don't want to but I know I will in the long term be relieved. I'm tired of becoming disappointed in BlackBerry.

 BlackBerry Q10  Keep The Faith 

Wait for Amazon, maybe they bring back some love...

Would that be something you'd like to see to come to a berrylicious fruition?

Pasted via CB chen

1) I know business and enterprise is one of the successful branches they need to follow, and this seems to be working.
2) Keeping the hardware current and on the leading edge is also important for end to end product security. While that's a tough nut to crack against the volume of 'droid, IOS, and Windows devices because of earlier shortcomings with BlackBerry, I think it can be done. But advertising / marketing is an absolute must, coupled with major endorsements from major users. Lets face it, those of us who have stayed the course already know. But BlackBerry needs to reach a larger base and needs to find a way to make converts.

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He's doing a mighty fine job and I hope to see him follow through with steering BlackBerry into the right direction, kudos to this man no doubt.

Posted via CB10

Beyond all else Chen has been changing the buzz about BlackBerry. He could do more. I would have been happier if he said that BlackBerry is not now for sale. On enterprise I think he is doing the best he can. But if it were a really profitable sector we know that Apple/Google/Samsung would be all over this space. Fact is the consumer sector is the high margin sector. I think he needs to offer high security to those who will pay for it. For me he is now destroying the BlackBerry App sector. This is deadly.

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The doom and gloom scenario is getting old. What's going on to prompt the 'sell' topic again. It's like beating a dead horse.

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He's doing a far better job than the "Founding Bozos", whose narrow minded, retrogressive thinking are the main reason BlackBerry lost so much market and money. IMO.
So give him time, :-)

The Range Rover

In some way the title of this thread is misleading. The tone of the title gives the impression that Chen is looking to sell, whereas in reality he was replying to a question "What kind of offers do you have at your desk?". The title of the thread needs editing and should be "I talked 50-50 then 80-20, now I would say better than 80-20 " after all that's what he said!

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He's responsible to the Shareholders, plain and simple. He'll sell BlackBerry when the time is right. Hopefully it's another Canadian company, but definitely not an American corporation. As soon as it becomes an American brand the value will greatly decrease. Nobody wants an American corporation in control of their security.


It's too bad she didn't ask some relevant questions. It's basically that same interview as a few months ago. For whatever it's worth, Chen did exactly what a CEO is supposed to do. All the answers made complete sense for the situation BlackBerry is in right now.


I think Chen has done a great job. He stays focus and when speaking he stays the course. I believe he has made great strides. I am glad he is at the helm.

Posted via Z30

Buying BlackBerry in particular poses challenges and responsibilities most companies do not want to purchase. BlackBerry will be just fine staying the course.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry boasted about their 50 to 70 million active smartphones that they intended to move over to BB10. Apple and Samsung ship that many phones every ninety days.

BlackBerry with its Foxconn alliance can make economical phones. But these low margin phones is not where the profit is. BlackBerry needs to build premium phones for the business market. That is how they became an iconic brand in the first place and that and the Porsche design phones is how the will become an iconic brand in the future.

What he said was that because he works for a public company that if he gets an offer worth it ($#!!) he has a "duty" to take it to the board. But in no way is he looking to sell nor any buyers have approach and he's happy this way. I saw about 5-6 interviews yesterday including the bloomberg one...

Posted via CB10

I haven't seen. However if your assessment is correct, tsk tsk Crackberry ... tell me this is not the new Enquirer style philosophy/approach we will be faced with. Kinda scuzzy imho.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

He is the right man for the time. I'm afraid only that he wants to sell the company and I'm prying for it to stay independent. I am a share holder that will vote against a sale even if it means making a lot of money. I believe money can be made over the long haul. I'm not against partnerships if the right marriage with the right conditions could be met.

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Now personally about Chen. I think he is doing perfectly what he is suppose to do. The whole cell phone consumer situation is not a situation anymore. The car industry is huge, yet Rolls Royce and this kind of vehicles do not sell millions of cars each year... heck they don't even advertise. as he has mentioned; the main goal was to stop bleeding and now is to get back to profitability. He also mentioned wanting to invest in security and what not but 1st let's get profitable. Go BB!!!!!

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John Chen us a very smart and shrewd business man who knows how to make silk out of a sow's ear!

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Chen is a hell-of-a Transformation leader. This guy is intelligent.

Oh and by the way...BlackBerry can never be sold to an Asian buyer - political and regulatory reasons. However, if there is a buyer in North America, then a bid may be considered if it is goof for internal and external stakeholders. Sadly though, as much as some out there would love to see BlackBerry sold, It is not happening.

Let's Go BlackBerry....LEt's Go)))

I'd really like if if no-one buys Blackberry and Blackberry gets big and profitable and buys out other companies.

Yeah, I know, probably too much to ask :p

Seems like I'm the only one who hates this guy. What we have? Z10/Z30 with some year old hardware inside and ugly big Passport coming and shi.tty Classic phone that's all. Not even Leaks to play around. BoringBerry.
People would throw money after BlackBerry for fulltouch Z10/Z30 successor Dual SIM flagship devices. Myself included.
You think 80% of the customers who want Fulltouch Flagships wait until Christmas for new BlackBerry Fulltouch devices?
They won't. They look for other companys to spend their money. I would love to buy a new BlackBerry Fulltouch for 600-700 but there is none in sight so I spend elsewhere.

RedBerry Z10 #00167

Most people have two year upgrade cycles, if not more, but I agree that it is a pity that there is not a full touch phone being released.

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He needs to make sure not to alienate the users like myself who desire updates to the full touchscreen flagships

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It seems like Chen is looking for offers to sell :( "Talk is not an offer," he says. Perhaps there has been conversations but nothing concrete. Selling out would not make me happy as I believe the company can turn things around with good leadership. Chen is doing a great job but he should not sell! The company can recover quickly if they steer the current course.

BlackBerry will break up and be sold in pieces. The Canadian government will not allow it to be sold as a whole.

I would prefer BlackBerry to remain it's own entity, but something tells me he no too long from now BlackBerry will become just an Amazon subsidiary...once Amazon's Fire smartphone phone flames out and it's it's mobile telecom ambitions are dashed...

Chen is one crafty, but very shifty dude...I'll give him that!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

Have you seen Amazon's latest numbers? They are going to have to figure out what they're going to be when they grow up. I suspect that a handset/device supplier is not their final answer.

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Yes, I have, and you are right, the company's profit margins are crummy to say the least . But in terms of growth and development they are still on track to achieve their target.

Amazon is primarily a consumer focused company providing a certain number of goods and services not generally available. They've become the indispensable virtual and real store of the Internet.

As you said, getting into the manufacturing of smartphones is not in the cards for them at this point. Their Fire phone though a solid device, missed the point.

Instead of delivering an affordable cost effective and competitive device, Amazon chose instead to up on the bells and whistles category, delivering a phone with features that are eye catching but do little to contribute anything of value to the device, other than making it expensive!

So of course down the line, they'll choose to go down the same path Microsoft went, when they purchased an already existing smartphone manufacturer that was ailing and in trouble, Nokia. Now Nokia and it's identity are gone, swallowed up by Microsoft, they are nothing more than a cog in the wheel...

Same fate is what awaits BlackBerry if they continue as they have up to now. You can see Chen's gears already working all this out in his head, he can probably see where his efforts are leading and it's not looking good.

Sadly, for Amazon to buy BlackBerry at this point in time would be like swathing a fly or stepping on an ant.

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

To my mind, this pronouncement means one of two, as CEO, and as others have pointed out, Chen I'd looking to maximize shareholder value, and while he'd entertain a sale of BlackBerry (and as he did with Sybase) there are no takers, which probably isn't all that surprising. Or, Chen intends to make us BlackBerry shareholders wealthy again, by restoring BlackBerry to the sort of prominence (with or without the consumer market, which considering the commoditization of smartphones, may well be advised to be the latter) and BlackBerry therefore is emphatically not for sale. As a shareholder, I prefer the latter scenario...and I'll ride this horse all the way to glory or disaster and defeat.

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I would just like to say Chen is the best so far but let's make it clear all he did was slash,cut and hack that's not profit by no means!

I hate the "Go Blackberry Go!" and "Go Chen Go!!" comments. Make them sound like cartoons. I hate them because they remind me when people were saying "Go Storm Go!!" when the BB Storm was released. Ah memories.

What he has done is promising. He needs to stay the course. Make Enterprise users the new cool, with useful adaptive high-performance technology.

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I hope a second gen Z10 is in their plans. Give me more internal memory, or allow my device to move apps to the SD card. Now that the videos and music world is gone I have room for the 1+gb 3D games.

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He is definately the man for the job. Blackberry is a diferent company today. It's cost structure is efficient and well balanced, it's execution is awesome. They are making changes In super fast mode. I truly believe that blackberry is way undervalued and that by year end will be in control of its new destiny. $$$$$$

Chen is not doing anything for me (the consumer). As someone who is a private user and not a corporate user, I don't see things, as far as user experience goes, getting better. If anything, things seem to be less than a great BB10 experience. Can't buy movies or music in BlackBerry World any longer but am directed to a non native app for music.

Frustrating on the front line when headquarters won't support...

A really turnaround expert guy from the leadership, management, the quick move on changing, the great idea of IoT (future vision) and how he named the devices to be sound so magical and attractive like Passport and Classic. Hope these 2 devices bring back glory of BlackBerry. Bravo Mr. Chen...

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Yep, he's doing what needs to get done but has eviscerated some key intellectual property from. The company ranks; key engineers and teams that developed modem IP that got jettisoned. Sad outcome for cutting edge r&d capabilities. Canada continues to suffer brain drain.

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Go BlackBerry.... BlackBerry is the only one who manufactures phone today... all are crappy.. my first phone was BlackBerry and last would be...

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He is indeed the "right man" for the job. Looking forward to more innovations in BlackBerry 10 platform that will still instill security and integrity to all BlackBerry products.

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I rate Chen on a 1 to 10 scale I rate him a 8/half but I think that will change by the end of the year..

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The CEO or who ever act on the direction of the Board. Both Lazaris and Boss olive had it right. Open up bbm and build on strengths, with their famous key pad. BUT the board said no. We don't know what Heins was told to do. Then enter Prema and Chien. Prema is one smart man and has replaced those he feels he must to insure success. Prema has a lot of money tied up in this investment and he wants success. Chien is very smart but he is only part of them total picture

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So far so good... just don't see anyone else dedicated enough, or with just the right background to bring back BlackBerry. It's still a Long shot, and as much as I'd like to see it, I just don't feel these new phones and current marketing plan are going to bring BlackBerry back to any kind of Hardware leadership.

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I forgot what I was going to comment due to the random power reseting of my Q10. Looking forward to that Note IV! (If the Passport isn't released likewise.)

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