BlackBerry CEO John Chen heading up Security Summit on July 29th in New York

By Bla1ze on 17 Jul 2014 08:59 pm EDT

BlackBerry has been doing a lot recently to reinforce the fact security is important in Enterprise mobility where they remain the market leader but to help push it even further, BlackBerry CEO John Chen and his senior leadership team, BlackBerry partners, customers and industry experts are hosting an exclusive Security Summit on July 29th in New York.

Discussions and demos will address today's security threats, future security risks associated with the Internet of Things, investments in mobile security and security imperatives for regulated industries such as healthcare, financial services and government.

Attendees will hear best practices for implementing secure mobile communications and learn about the latest steps BlackBerry is taking to reinforce its leadership in delivering the most secure end-to-end enterprise mobility solutions.

It's hard to say if there will be any announcements during the event but any time John Chen is around you never know what's going to happen. Unfortunately, I won't be attending the event personally but we'll be sending Adam to make sure we (and you all!) don't miss out on anything. Hopefully, John Chen will be willing to show off the BlackBerry Passport and Classic some more as well but we'll have to wait and see.

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BlackBerry CEO John Chen heading up Security Summit on July 29th in New York


Fail on my part. Just read that Adam is covering. Nice to see him back on BlackBerry coverage if only for this one occasion.

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Actually would have been better if Kevin, Bla1ze and Adam covered it. This is a very important event and seeing there is a senior team from BlackBerry in attendance with other industry executives, it would have been a good opportunity to do a bit more interviews

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I don't think he'll show off anything new...just security stuff, internet of things and the such. The passport won't have it's own spot light in my opinion. Remember enterprise and the such???

John Chen doesn't run on scripts. Remember that lol. He says what he wants, when he wants and does what he wants, when he wants. Also, do you think they have nothing to announce in the security arena?

Bla1ze, I have asked you before and you possibly have missed it - Why are you still wearing 'Interim Editor in Chief'? I thought you were on top now...

Anyway, what ever happened to Jubei or what's his name...dude from NYC? No longer with you all?

1) Gives Kevin time to change his mind, lol. As for Jubei, he decided to go elsewhere, it's no secret and no hard feelings.

They are getting BES12 ready, with WP8 support.
I guess BES12 is in the pipeline and will be launched / is coming ***very*** soon.

BBM WP8 beta is already out.
They have to deliver now, before the Apple/IBM cooperation and Microsoft come up with new things...

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MS CEO Nadella just announced massive job cuts at Nokia / Microsoft, and new focus on mobile. They know the PC market is shrinking, so BBRY will have to deliver the MDM solution to rule them all... BES12

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...."just security stuff, Internet of things and such".... you say that like it's not the present and future lifeblood of the company. Expertise,recurring Revenues, profit margins, all the " such" that will enable them to keep putting a new BlackBerry in your hands!

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

How do you know what Apple/IBM and Goggle/Android/Samsung have in the works. I didn't realize you work for either of those companies. But one thing Apple and Android can do is sell phones something that BlackBerry can't. Chen's main concern is enterprise and if the Classic and Passport flop like previous BB 10 devices did then I doubt Chen will continue to make handsets.

Well BlackBerry does great in enterprise which apple and Google don't

Loving my black Q10 and white Z10 and ordered the white Z30

Here is what I do know: BlackBerry secure; apple, android, and ibm NOT secure.

Two non-secured products do not make them secure.

When they have a new OS built from scratch that incorporates proper security measures from the core then come back and speak of secure. As it stands IOS and Android aren't and they know it. Knox by Samsung is admission and Cook saying that Enterprise isn't in Apples DNA is proof of the other. If Enterprise was easy with all the Cash of Samsung you would have seen a proper offering of Knox by now. Fact is Android/IOS isn't and no amount of shining will work when the paint job is shoddy.

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Bolt-on security will never work.

That's why KNOX is likely gonna fail again, and Apple have no great security heritage to show... Unix, yeah...

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Do any of the people that commented on this actually use their BlackBerry in a enterprise environment? I highly doubt it and if you believe that any mobile and computer OS is totally secure then your living in a dream world. Any mobile or computer OS is susceptible to hackers that's the bottom line. Samsung, Apple, IBM and Google all have a lot more money and resources to compete with BlackBerry in the enterprise market. How has being the most secure OS worked out for BlackBerry? BlackBerry users are jumping ship left and right while Apple, Android and WP continue to thrive.

Little boy or girl, yes I'm on BES, what are YOU talking about? No one said 100% secure . The most secure was used do go and reread before commenting.

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How has BlackBerry's OS being the most secure worked out for them? It hasn't!!! As their market share continues to decrease by the day and just because its the most secure OS doesn't mean that your personal information is 100% safe. And EXCUSE me for not knowing you are on BES. You weren't the only person that commented on this article.

Actually, BlackBerry being the most secure is the only thing that has kept them afloat. They still rule in government, defense, enterprise, etc. where security is critical.

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Well the Air Force just switched to iPhones and that would be categorized as defense. So the other military branches may follow. But as a consumer product BlackBerry is now behind WP and most smart phone users are consumers. That's is the reason why their market share is 0.6% and that's too far of hole to dig out of.

Whoa, you haven't been paying attention, especially last week when Apple admitted that NONE of your data is safe from hackers and law enforcement. How old are you by the way? Most youngsters on social media have essentially said, "I don't care if the NSA is reading my emails if it makes me safer'. What?!
Were you also aware that a group of students from Georgia Tech demonstrated how ANY Apple product can be hacked through the charger?! Think about that the next time you're in an airport and someone offers a "free charge" for your iPhone while you're waiting to connect to your flight.

No actually Samsung makes so much money in the consumer market that it isn't their main priority. The majority of smart phone users don't use their smart phones in a enterprise environment

Grant you that, it's a gaming device, however as more and more people have begun to realize even a gaming device needs security. Especially with the likes of Google linking you and your devices personal information that can be hacked via s simple game.

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@John...I was listening to Bloomberg and, how ironic, how they mentioned that this deal will improve the lack of business apps now on the iphone,

@jojo - not surprised. Regardless, adding multiple layers of non-secure does not make a system secure. IBM made a mistake that will become apparent soon.

I hope that John puts down the so called 'advantage' of the new BlackPhone.
But, the true advantage of the Blackberry security system.

They better concentrate on selling phones. They could not even get the PlayBook right, and you talk about smart watches.

Blackberry always.....

Ok, now THIS really gets me excited. Mr. Chen presents himself very well, he will have lots of support, and I think only good can come of this. Excellent.

Give John Chen the mic and the the shares rise!

Pushed from my BlackBerry Q10

 BlackBerry Q10  Keep The Faith 

BlackBerry is second to none in security and especially better than Crapple and IBM. Kick some ass Chen.

Apple, The New Evil Empire

Blackberry OS needs to be upgraded with some extra new features like IOS 7 as BlackBerry is the best. Bugs needs to be fixed

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I'm going to be watching closely. I think that this is a good step, especially when blackberry is a leader in Security. It'll be interesting to see how much things develop.

Ojani Noa

I'm very interested in hearing what John Chen says in regards to BlackBerry's current vision on The Internet of Things. It appears that a lot of companies are trying to get involved in that space. Hopefully BlackBerry makes a great play and gets back to believe profitability without relying on their dwindling consumer phone business.

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If blackberry falls into the same hole as apple, android, and microsoft, their security advantage WILL evaporate nothing.

Many companies like apple and google fully cooperate with the communist party in china to suppress political dissent.

If blackberry begins to do this, then there will be absolutely nothing to distinguish them from apple, microsoft and google, on security.

In particular, blackberry is already wise to bolster their claim as the device for real work. But since the government of china does espionage in american markets for mostly commercial spying, people with product development tasks need to be sure their phone is safe from spying.

The troubling development is the new relationship with foxconn. They already make phones for apple in china with disastrous results for workers.

Within this last year, a 15 year old died in an apple factory from pneumonia. And this is the result of years of monitoring from apple?

Please Mr Chen, protect the security reputation of blackberry, don't simply be seen as exploiting it.

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It's great to see Chen getting out there and flying the BlackBerry flag when he can. Good on him!

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Here is a thought.
Since BlackBerry is betting the farm and more on enterprise's need for security, why don't they prove how non-secure are the other platforms by having 10 random people from the crowd use their smartphone and hack their conversations in real time for all to see. Showing how superior the BlackBerry OS is compared to the other systems. That would get IT guys really thinking...

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I have 64g on my z10 and hold my most important files encrypted within my BlackBerry. I wireless access them at home or work just as a cloud, but it is more secure. In fact I hold my bitcoins on the device too. I trust The BlackBerry and it will eventually replace my wallet! That keyword "TRUST " is important for business and consumers for security. BlackBerry is the most trustworthy device out there. Not the best GAME and APP device, but trustworthy in terms of security of information hands down! That's the bottom line.

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Tomorrow would be the perfect stage to either announce something new, or let something "slip out" accidentally-on-purpose. We'll have to wait and see.