BlackBerry CEO John Chen has been busy at CES 2014

By Bla1ze on 8 Jan 2014 12:00 pm EST

BlackBerry CEO John Chen has been having a busy few days at CES and has been spending a lot of time with the press and media organizations. Kevin sat down with him yesterday to discuss everything and we'll have up that up for you all in bit here. In the meantime though, we figured we'd do a bit of a round-up as well to cover some of things he's been addressing while at CES.

  • Dropping the 'interim'  - If you've been reading the press releases you may have already caught this one but the interim title is gone. John Chen has noted that he'll be staying with the company until it is financially and strategically sound. Something he expects to have happen in the next 18 months with the goal of being profitable by fiscal 2016. The search for a CEO is over.
  • Foxconn and their role - "For emerging markets, BlackBerry will let Foxconn take a bigger role. But we will do the next set of cool phones." That allows BlackBerry to better focus on software while Foxconn can deal with the hardware portion while reducing inventory risk and getting better pricing on components.
  • At least two smartphones hitting the market this year - During a media round table Chen spoke of two new devices for this year. The already noted BlackBerry 'Jakarta' being built by Foxconn that will be priced under $200 and a high-end BlackBerry with a QWERTY keyboard built in-house by BlackBerry.
  • The Samsung Knox threat - Chen isn’t underestimating Samsung and their Knox security suite. "If they deliver on what they say, they're a legitimate threat," he said.
  • The consumer market - "We're not retreating from the consumer business," Chen said. A bit obvious considering the devices they're working on but in case there was any doubt, there it is plain and simple.

Some of the stuff noted is new information such as the pricing mention for the first Foxconn built device. Some of it is stuff that has been said before and is just being reiterated again. No matter how you look at though, John Chen is bringing some life to BlackBerry discussions and there is plenty of people out there who like what he has to say.

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BlackBerry CEO John Chen has been busy at CES 2014


Definitely, especially the under $200 part. I think that's the only reason Windows Phone is gaining market share because their OS is downright terrible compared to iOS, BB10, or Android... And the next high-end phone being a qwerty is also great news... Well, not really since I don't become eligeable for an upgrade until 2015, although there are no gaurantees AT&T would offer the phone at all... I might just have to cough up the money to buy one unlocked...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

I agree. The Lumina 520 is by far the most popular phone out out there. I read somewhere that it's outselling windows's next 3 most popular phones combined (or something like that)

Posted via CB10

The only place you see a Windows phone where I live is at the store in the display.

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

I ve seen a few z10s and q10s. Haven't seen a z30 yet. Just see Samsung's and iPhone's where ever I go

Ditto.. but im seeing less and less iphones.. which is always nice. Seems ppl are dropping it and switching to android where I live

Yeah - let it be a slider. So I'm not tempted to get the latest and fastest QWERTY device x)
I don't like sliders and prefer the "Bold" layout (though a bigger aka a bit=1 icon row longer screen would be nice) but that's just a personal thing. I heard several people craving for a slider ...

I agree with you on windows OS. But I had the chance to setup a device for a family member and I gotta say, the family safety is incredible! It should be modeled after. They use cloud based solution where the device is controlled by time of usage, amount of usage per day, types of usage and content controls. But all of that could be changed remotely with out device in hand. Or for per request by child via auto emails to "a parent".

I truly think it is brilliant!

Posted from the Zed 10 on the cool CB10 app

WP approved that is much popular and reliable than BlackBerry 10.
The number of devices sold by Nokia only is almost 10 million Lumia in the last quarter. On the other hand, the revenue of BlackBerry's handset of the latest quarter came from only 1.9 million device.

Unfortunately, I think Blackberry has no future in the hardware. They are in free fall and the numbers give you the real evidence.

Looking forward to that new high end QWERTY device!! For the love of everything holy, I hope it has a bigger and taller screen!!

Very good point. Old management seemed to think BlackBerry was untouchable even as their market share and stock price was in decline. To their last days I'm not sure they ever really thought there were any "threats" in the form of competitors. I think they thought interest in their competitors was just a passing fad.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

Working on that article today. And we'll talk about it more during our CrackBerry podcast before the week is over.

CES be crazy... but will get it all up as soon as we can!

Stop yer lying Kevin, you're busy playing with your Porsche Design Z10... ;-)

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You mean 2560x1440, perhaps?

Also, for that price...nope. The parts alone would cost more than that...

A device like that, released this year, would be competitive if it cost $900-$1K. People would also pay for that BECUZZ SPECKTH MAN!!!!

However, it would have to have the latest and greatest Adreno/PowerVR/nVidia GPU as well...and be 64Bit.

It all sounds great but that's crazy 6.9" it would be awesome if it was 5.7" 2k. 13MP SD805 3GB with 32 ROM and would not think twice if it was 599$

I thought it was being made out of adamantium? Waiting on Wolverine to arrive.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

I am talking about quad core, high resolution, phone. The Z30 barely qualifies.

Also, will we ever get a new tablet? Required for a lot of us for business.

Couldn't agree more. I need to but more tablets for my business and keep hoping that there will be news of an upcoming BB10 PB.

Nothing but disappointment so far

Posted via CB10

disappointment is based on expectations...

so stop getting your hopes up for something that's not gonna happen anytime soon.. and they've stated this publicly.

"The already noted BlackBerry 'Jakarta' being built by Foxconn that will be priced under $200 and a high-end BlackBerry with a QWERTY keyboard built in-house by BlackBerry."

In that case Z30 it is in 3 months...!!! thought I wait if a Z50 or so would show up somewhere in a kind of roadmap...

In Blackberry's Virtual Keyboard We Trust :)!!!

Ferrari ZetaDieci

Samsung trying to muscle in on BlackBerry's BES market. They continue to have problems.

Go Black and Never Go Back.

Has anyone had the nuts to ask Chen what he is going to do to make BlackBerry phones more "compelling" to ATT, Sprint, T Mob etc in the states so that people can, actually, purchase a Z30?

How about what efforts are being made to secure Netflix, Instagram and other "metrosexual must have apps"???

The really "sad part" about this story is that I believe with the "right approach", including the above, BlackBerry could make some "serious strides" into consumer - EASILY.....

CB from the Z30

Just installed 10.2.1 yesterday on my z10. Installed the Android Netflix APK, Android Instagram APK and even Snapchat (not sure why). But the Netflix was so smooth and responsive I was shocked.

Blackberry needs to get this new OS out there quickly. Would love to see how this works on the Z30!!!

Works great on the z30. I've had the leak for a while and been enjoying it. Everyone will but sadly people who don't keep up with Crackberry don't even know it's coming. I have to tell a lot of people and show them

Posted With Z10

I love the 10.2.1 leak to install .APK's. I'm very surprised that the developers don't jump on our OS10 and make these apps Native, they're losing their profits, right?

Instagram seems to work fine. Uploaded a picture last night, commented, and liked. Feels smoother.

Vine on the other hand feels laggy.

This is sooo true. I think if the OS is smoothed out and the apps are available there is a fighting chance. Of course that coupled with improving hardware is a help too.

Only two phones this year?

No Q30 replacement? No Z10 replacement?

I agree that they need a Q10 replacement and something to target the entry level with the Jakarta, but they also need to replace the aging Z10 in the mid-tier with 4G for developed nations. I really hope that does not mean that the Ontario is now cancelled. That was going to be my next phone.

Missed that "at least" huh? You don't really expect him to spill all the beans do ya? People will hold him to it and now is not the time to make wishy washy comments that he may or may not be able to deliver on. Sticking to what he KNOWS will happen. Look what happened when a set number of devices was mentioned before? it didn't happen and BlackBerry looked a bit silly. One of the problems in the past has been over promise, under deliver. Looks to me like Chen is avoid that history and rightfully so.

blaiz - Balsille and then Thor were "Kings of BlackBerry Overpromise"... cost a lot of people a lot of money in the stock... Prem and Chen don't "strike" me as more of the same...

And a 4.65 inch screened alternative to Z30 for those who want a larger screen, but not a phablet...

They sold an awful lot of Galaxy S3's with that sized screen... I had one for a year...

Wouldn't the Z30 be considered a replacement for the Z10? Or do you NEED a smaller screen? I look forward to the "high-end" replacement of the Q10. IT WILL BE MINE!

I want a new Z10, as well. As great as the Z30 is, it's too big for me. A Z30 Mini, AKA Z10-2 would be perfect for me.

Posted via CB10

You're in luck then! For the low price of only $1,500; you can have the new Z10, conveniently labelled P1998283912 (I actually can't remember what it is called). XD

Yes please! Z10 design with a 1.2 Quad core processor, improved camera and 4G!!!!! No more STL100-1 CRAP!

Posted via CB10

Some of this sounds good but now I see a huge piece missing - an all touch high-end device. For me, this is VERY disappointing. Why would they not come out with a high-end all touch device????

Posted via CB10

LOVE my Z10! VZW in my area doesn't even have a Z30 for display! Looking forward to official 10.2, I'm hesitant to load the leaked version.

Posted via CB10

I agree with you. I want an all touch high end device. I also would like clarification on what markets these devices will be for. I am in the US and want to be able to buy my BlackBerrys here. I just see info for "emerging" markets.

Well Z30 is here now. If you wanna go tick-tock like Intel, then it's the Q's turn now, with Q30 or whatever it's going to be called.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Might come back to BB if this guy is at the helm. Publicly putting his bets on the keyboard is good to hear as every time I pick up my 9900 I want to hold it forever. As far as full screen yeah just dump that. From when I had my Storm up until my recent z10 I just don't like BB full-screen phones. Maybe bring back that scroll pad for gestures instead of using the screen.

I like the Q10 for work, but the Z10 rocks as my personal device. And I'll be getting the Z30 soon too. So what BBRY needs to do is offer choice, because many want full touch and few want qwerty. But I know BBRY 1st concentrating on converting existing BBOS users onto BB10.

with all due respect, you may not like them, but they have to offer options to be competitive at the place they're in right now...

we saw what happened when they rested on their laurels and ignored all touch phones... and the Z10 is an awesome phone, especially for being my first all-touch phone, I was a little hesitant... but now I type with almost as much confidence (~90%?) as I did on the 9900 or Torch... that's an A in my book :)

I think the three forms to keep are Z10, Q-series, and the larger Z30 size... if they do make a slider, make the screen Z10 res to keep things simpler for devs... but they shouldn't get too fractured like they were before with Curves, Pearls, Bolds, Torches, etc... then just keep upgrading the hardware underneath the hood and bringing OS updates and I'd be a happy camper...

John Chen you are the man!!! You've done more with BB in the past 3 months then whole OLD BB team in the past 2 years lol. Thanks John Chen for the positive you are putting on BB right now!!!! Can I hear a AMEN my fellow Crackberry people?!?!?

True dat, Ant....Chen knows "who BlackBerry is" and has a "Vision".... glad to see the old regime gone with all of their deceit and hyperbole.. Thor "tens of millions of Q10s will be sold"... Balsille "leapfrog the competition"... bordered on illegal..

Agreed, the more he talks the mire the stock goes up the more I like him....and the more I feel confident in BB. I agree with many empty promises in the think Chen is giving us what he has up his sleeve (for sure). why make comments that may not pan out. Go Chen!

Posted via CB10

Yeah, since getting Z10 I don't see myself going back to keyboard ever, unless they come out with some revolutionary qwerty device that still has the big screen.

The more I think about it a "business phone" with tiny screen just seems an oxymoron. I used to open simple spreadsheets on my 9900, it was a joke... Z10 is quite a bit better for that, Z30 should be really good.

I've never used any of the sliders, I suppose those could fit the bill.

If they just come out with more dinky screened qwerty devices I think that would be suicide.

Posted via CB10

Now you make a good point about small screen could be a pain for editing spreadsheet. To have a full touch screen with a QWERTY keyboard, they must go with a slider style; however, the keyboard on a slider is a bit cramped. So that leaves us with candy bar style like the Q10. I think it'll attractive if they could make the screen 4 inch at least. They could do that if they use a chassis as wide as the Z30.

 CB10 

I am sure Mr. Chen is pushing BBRY to innovate a revolutionary Slider Full Touch BB10, with an amazing BBRY keyboard. That is something I would go for.

Yes the Z10 is the best selling BB10 device on the planet. Though this may change once people get to know the Z30. BBRY failed on marketing and securing deals with carriers. Mr. Chen will not make the same mistake as the previous management. I can't wait for the next 2 Quarterly results. Any positive in them will have the share price spike hard upwards.

I want an expensive BlackBerry, not a cheap one.

I want a Z2000 Terminator BOSS phone.

I'll pay anything.

Posted via CB10

I would like to see Jakarta rolling...

Not willing to pay 500$ for phone... The masses should enjoy the phone.

Because more people means more popular the platform and means more big name apps come to bb10.

I bet you need those important native apps on your 'expensive' phone too.

Posted via CB10

Hey Bla1ze,

I just had to log-in to comment here and say that this write-up is awesome. Thank you.

Simple, concise, and bullet pointed. Just the way I like it! :)

Thanks again!

Correct. People always get confused about Fiscal and Actual. The year 2014 will be the telling year for BBRY.

Can't you see? The BOD were testing Mr. Chen out to see if he has the ability to turn this company around. He's done more a few months versus the entire management team did in over a year.
Though I give TH credit for an awesome BB10 platform, but his execution sucked big time.

High end. I have it and it's a fantastic phone..the Z30 does its stuff excellent and certainly has that touch of class. I also have a S3 which I can safely say hasn't been turned on since going back to blackberry here. I can safely say I use it enough as well going through about 6 gigs of data a month and I certainly recommend this to all. To me this phone is certainly cool, so anybody waiting for a Z50. Well I think you would be quite pleasantly surprised with this I can see the need for a Q30. Those who love physical keyboards and a bigger screen makes sense to me. I see that being enough on the high end market. Maybe just add some variants cosmetically would be all is needed to appeal to some of the younger generation. And of course push updates out for them as well, although it doesn't bother me there are some who love the idea of Android apps and want to do it out of the box rather than install leaks. Now with this said, ,who can argue that Blackberry is not cool. The best of both worlds. Security and apps. No other fruit brands or robotics brands can say that..We need the younger generation on board too..its just the way if the world..thats how we get them. Show them it is cool to own a blackberry

Posted via CB10

Wake up BlackBerry.. every smart phone maker is coming out with quad core Hi res phones and people are buying based on specs. I love my Z10 but I want a super device in 2014. Some people want a keyboard but more people don't want it! Wake up and build a high end 2014 device!

Posted via CB10

I don't get it why people swear by the number of cores?

I use my z10 and extremely happy with the performance... It almost performs at par with other quad core and androids....

Bb10 is an awesome OS and retains its fluidity even on a dual core... yup...they might need to make better screens for a different audience..

I'm happy with my z10... and things have been better with the latest 19xx leak.

Posted via CB10

I agree. I notice no perceptible difference between a Z10 and a quad Android (other than reduced battery life). If Android spent a bit more time optimizing their software, they would be better off in the end.

That is because BB10 is efficient right down to the core, where as Android does a terrible job utilizing a Quad-Core setup. This is why companies are geared to push phone specifications over quality of OS and user experience, because they have no choice.
And this is where BBRY went wrong, by pricing its BB10 devices to expensive, especially when people didn't know it too well, and only relied on phone specs. This is why the Z10 despite running flawlessly, got nailed by people for low specs.

I love Z10 as well. However, I bought a Nexus 5 a few months ago and it is significantly faster than the Z10. I'm running the latest 10.2.1 leak and I love it. I sold my Nexus 5 because BB10 is way better than Android for my needs. However, the Nexus 5 was a joy for the speed. I'm in the computer business and I know that specs can be somewhat meaningless. That said, maps loads like dog, and things are sluggish compared to the Nexus 5. Finally, like it or not, many, many people buy on specs. I'm tired of reading that the Z10 and Z30 have 2012 specs. Just fix the issue with a faster device. We will all benefit. Maps will finally run like it should.

Posted via CB10

Imagine performance on quadcore optimised BB10. It will floor the competition.

Might not have been too bad. 2013 looks like a wasted year for marketing and sales, but better boost marketing after your new platform had a bit of time to mature.

Now that the most annoying BB10 bugs have been ironed out, legacy features added and optimised Android runtime + apk loading is coming, a new "real high end" device will kick the competitions backside.

Start using your marketing dollar then, and only then!

I thinks this is happening. Chen mentioned talks with AT&T.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

I have to agree to disagree. But you are correct, people will argue till they are red in the face that specs matter. Where in fact they do not, especially when running such a high efficient OS as BB10. But BBRY should consider pumping out devices with comparable specs just until they can repair the BBRY name.

This is why Apple can get away with releasing overpriced and under-spec'ed iPhones for rip-off prices, because people look beyond the specs, and instead realize Apple as high end regardless.

Once BBRY gains that image, they too can sell consumers the so called "User Experience" with solid specs. But not crazy high battery hogging specs, such as all the Android junk out there to date.

Not need high end full touch screen this year. BlackBerry has a lot of inventory of Z10 and Z30. I have a Z30 and nothing compared at the market . Only wait for new os updates!!

Posted via CB10

Put a higher quality Z10 size screen and better camera on a Q10 type keyboard device. Type on the screen for a few words one handed or two thumbs on KB for long messages. Cheap devices do not have to look and feel cheap. Just go to a car dealership , two cars can be the same price, one can have hidden, smooth plastic molding joints the other out in the open ruff edges. To many people think low cost = cheap look and feel.

Posted via CB10

Agree to that... The only thing I'd wish for is Gorilla glass, as is also true for the Z30. I've got scratches in the displays on both my phones...

Success is his only option, failure is not, this trailer park has to go..

As the SP goes up Chen gets richer.. But the reality he wants to be the guy that turns BB around. I see BB mid teens and higher by fall ;)

Here's hoping that BlackBerry moves forward with gusto! Really hope they win new fans! Would love a Q10, waiting for a bit of a price drop, will stick with my 9320 for now!

They need a Z50 to compete with S4 and this year's S5. I.e. Faster Z30 with 1080p/higher PPI screen. The Q10 is not pleasant to use because the screen is too small and an awkward aspect ratio. Most apps on market are not meant for that screen. If the y do come out with a new Q device the screen needs to be at least 4".

Posted via CB10

I can see BBRY bringing back the BOLD in the BB10 but a wider version with a larger screen. I also see a newer re-vamped Z30, probably called the Z50 come later in 2014. Mr. Chen is a smart man, and he has the ability to ignite BBRY.

I dropped my BlackBerry Q10 from a two story building this new year night. I was drunk. I was sure it must be destroyed by now while I was descending to get back my phone. To my shock the BlackBerry Q10 was still intact with the phone working perfectly fine. No scratch over the screen. Just a few very minor scratch on the back. A big surprise! I'm loving my BlackBerry Q10. Its awesome. It fell from 20 feet height.

Posted via CB10

Am I the only one NOT excited for another high end all touch device? I don't understand why they want to back away from a product that never correctly marketed. The devices themselves aren't a fail. They are pretty great. But considering the amount of people that still don't even know about the new operating system why would they pick one up.

Posted via CB10

That came out wrong I mean I'm not excited that they only phones coming out are qwerty only. I love the all touch

Posted via CB10

You have a great point but until BlackBerry is profitable again they need to be more efficient in there spending but at the same time drop a phone that is amazing and that screams BlackBerry is alive and well!

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Think BlackBerry needs to put out at least 1 new smartphone in 2014 in North America to escape from being labeled irrelevant by the media and industry.

Go Black and Never Go Back.

Fully agree. They must release at least one qwerty Q30 and one full touch Z30. There is obviously a demand for the Z30, but only for the people that know about the product. Once you tell people about the Z30, its going to further fly off store shelves. They must complement this by another offer via the Z50.

In my view BlackBerry must deliver new phones to replace the z10 and q10 by September or its dead, at least in developed markets. Its already on life support there. It needs to cement android role, and deliver a highly competitive high end phone a couple of months before the next iPhone. Difficult but it should have been in the works by now.

Posted via CB10

+1 they should not scrap the z50 but instead up the specs and since they can't bring the apps to the platform they need to bring the platform to the apps.

Posted via CB10

This might not be the best place to do it but guys at CB can you please add reader mode to the app options? It'd be great.

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

Will wait for the high end keyboard phone! I am sure it will look much more meaner than Q10!! It will be in my hands the day it hit shelfs!!!!!

No, you're not. I still love my Torch, although I'm happily getting to know the Q10 now. A slightly larger Torch would be brilliant.

I can't wait to see the next qwerty phone that BlackBerry is going to put out. I hope they will make the screen bigger.

 CB10 

I would duke it know how different is Chen from Heinz. I'm hearing lots if good things from him. But we heard good sounding things from Heinz for years. The shake up of the exec ranks is a good sign. But it may be too little, too late. An outsider dropping the "interim" CEO title is another good thing too.

Let's give that the new QWERTY will be something that 9xxxx devotees will actually want to buy. Despite much love from CB users, I've heard too many complaints that the Q10 is just not cutting it for many longtime QWERTY loyalists. I think this means a return of the track pad. IMHO, anything that does not include the same functionality as a track pad will be a mistake.

Posted via CB10

The funny part is when some people complain about the lack of a track pad (I'm glad there isn't one), then say they are going to the iPhone or Android phone - well, neither of those things have a track pad either.

Posted via CB10

Mate, honestly, the complaint about a trackpad is rather silly. I had the bold 9790 and literally the only time I used the trackpad was for navigating Google Maps because for some reason you couldn't drag on the touch screen; and selecting things.

I have the Z10 now and actually find selecting items easier now than before...grab the little blue teardrop and drag it. This is much faster...also doesn't waste space with a trackpad that would have only one use on a BB10 device.

The new qwerty device will undoubtedly be pushed very hard towards businesses. I'm not a businessman but I can't wait to see it.

 via CB10 app on my BlackBerry Q10

Definitely a q10 next gen version will rock the world.

BlackBerry remains the onle company to dominate the keyboard space and I see all iphone owners have a q10 as they arent same physically.

Iam happy with my q10.

10.2.1 is what iam waiting for officially.

Posted via CB10

Same here buddy!
BlackBerry needs to keep making the best qwerty phone and people will come back to BlackBerry!

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

My guess lineup: Z30, Z10 and low end Z Jakarta then possibly Q30 (maybe slider), Q10 and Q5.

Posted via CB10

Yes I know...the answer is no.

See, BB10 uses a fat wad of RAM to run...then when you slap the Android runtime on top of it, it uses even more. I have 800 MB free on my Z10...and nothing is happening on it.

My top few MEM usage services:
System - 419MB
PIM Services - 85MB
BB Hub - 50MB
Input Services - 38MB
Phone - 27MB
BBM - 25MB

These are all integral parts of BB10 and they sit in the RAM so that things can be so fast and liquid as they are.

I can't believe how much smoother my OS is than my colleagues' and fiancée's GS4s (Yeah, all of them)...If you understand how computers work, this makes complete sense. If you don't, it is witchcraft and I'm immune to fire so you can't burn me. ;)

The old wisdom:

In Windows, free RAM is good RAM, it lets programs utilise it
In Linux and other Unixes, free RAM is bad RAM, which is better used to speed up system, caching etc.

Don't beat me up for it, that's only a rough rule of thumb.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I'm surprised at how much flack the z10 and all touch screen BlackBerry10 devices get.

The Z10 is exactly what I asked for from BlackBerry when they first came out with BB10. I'd like an faster and stronger upgrade, but to call my oreo-z10 a non high end phone is a little depressing.

Posted via CB10

As a Z30 owner, I can't wait to see what the next Q has in stores !

Z30 : No more peasants battery life

Awesome, Mr. Chen is the man to drive BBRY to greatness. And Consumers will be supported, just as I been saying for some time now. Can't wait to rock the Z30 in Feb 2014. For now, will play with my Bold and Z10 ;)

Its good to know that the high end devices are gonna be by BlackBerry so I'm sticking to BlackBerry till the end

Posted via CB10

Hopefully they will make a phone like the Z10 but with amoled screen! would be perfect :)

A Z50 with a 5.2-inch screen, 14MP rear camera, 4 GB RAM, 32 GB storage for more serious apps!
They can also add a Z50C (compact) at 4.4 inches :) It's time to create a real playground for developers!!!!!

Mr. John Chen has an energy to him!
He is an amazing leader & he will not give up until he has given his entire 100% to getting BlackBerry back to its roots.

The Z10 did not sell well and if only the U.S. Carriers would support BlackBerry a lot more Q10 phones would have been sold.

What needs to happen is you folks in other countries need to buy the next BB10 phones & scrap you legacy BlackBerry! By some apps at least!

Mr. Chen is not Superman, he needs our help here folks! Let's Do This!

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

I already said the z10 was my last BlackBerry but with I've been almost won back... but if they think that a new Q is going to do it, they have lost me for sure. I'm an old fart and need the big screen. My contract is up on Feb 15th so I've been looking at the Z30 (when I can actually find a working phone in a phone store) but the differences in spec's between it and the new Samsung S5 (also reportedly out in Feb/Mar) are huge so they need to fix that gap (and I'm not just talking about quad core... the screen, the camera, the memory, the expandability (64GB with a 64GB SD Card), eye recognition, etc... I've been hoping the reason you can't find any z30's is because they rushed it out and have a successor in the wings. Sure hope the z50 rumours are true and they have something soon. There are loads of z10 folks coming off contract soon (a year after release date) and I can see them switching out of BB to get their new toys..

It's the Z5 and the Q30 That's coming in 2014. Remember Z5 and Q5 for entry level. Z10 and Q10 for mid level, and the Z30 and Q30 for high level.

BBM: 2B1F4D96 Channels: C00121E43

I can't wait to see how Ron can influence his creative style to future BlackBerry devices.

 CB10 

How could BBRY retreat from the consumer market? In the age of BYOD, it would be foolish for BBRY to ignore the consumer market. I'm happy to see that Chen understands that firmly. I wish media folks would stop and think before they keep asking these same questions.
I'm happy to see them come up with a new high end Qwerty, but they do also need a true high-end touchscreen by Christmas. The Z30 wasn't it. It had very similar specs to the Z10, which is a year old now. The Z30 did have a nice 5 inch display, but that was about it.
Despite talk of support for BB7, I really hope we don't see any new BB7 devices. They can simply take the old ones and have Foxconn refresh them.

I have a z10 and love it but definitely want the keyboard. Should I just get a q10 now on ebay or wait for q30?

Posted via CB10

I'm in the exact same dilemma as you are. My carrier contract is expiring in March. I can re-contract and get a Q10 but after reading this article, I think I'll be holding on to my Z for a tad bit longer. Excited for the Q30!


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It depends how long you guys want to wait? My thinking is a Q30 would be released towards the end of the year if at all. If I was you and wanted a BlackBerry 10 keyboard phone it would be the Q10 for me!

Go Black and Never Go Back.

I agree and this was my thinking too - just recently got myself a Q10. You can always wait for the "next big thing" but if it takes a year you may as well go with what's available now. The Q10 is great!

What can we say. John Chen is effective. Looks like Blackberry is here to stay ! ..... and lot's of neat things to look forward to, even in the short term !

Hole Found In Samsung’s Knox Security Feature
Researchers in Israel have found a vulnerability in Samsung’s Knox, a technology used to create a secure area on Samsung devices. The hole could allow hackers to intercept email, browser activity and other activity originating from within the Knox environment.

“Knox symbolizes state-of-the-art in terms of secure mobile architectures, and I was surprised to find that such a big ’hole‘ exists and was left untouched,” said Mordechai Guri, a Ph.D. student in the Cyber Security Labs at Israel’s Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, who discovered the vulnerability. “This weakness has to be addressed immediately, before it falls into the wrong hands.”

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It's Good news for BlackBerry future. Upcoming phones should have sd card and removable battery. It should have touch screen and next generation trackpad. At this moment BlackBerry 10 has nothing that can copy, paste faster than BB7 trackpad. Come on! BlackBerry is all about efficiency.

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I think Chen has a way of saying what needs to be said and avoiding what doesn't.

On samsung knox, he needed to let people knew that they aren't taking things for granted. As a BlackBerry fan, I want to say "no way samsung is going to infringe on the high end security market. That's totally BlackBerry's space." But, that just the kind of attitude that got them where they are today.

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I want to see metal around the edges and bring true leather back back...that alone is high end design, I could care less for this glass weave, put leather over it

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Disagree completely. The leather back is dated looking, and it wears quite fast. The glass weave feels better, and so far in my experience, it is more durable.

I love this man. Every time he opens his mouth, or sends a letter, it sounds competent, and aggressive. I have half a mind to buy some stock now that its sitting so low... for now...

You know what's LOL funny, everything people are saying about Chen is the same thing they were saying about the ketchup guy when he took over. A year from now, if this thing doesn't get off the ground, you'll all be complaining about him like ketchup guy.

Absolutely, all nice words to this point. I look back 2 years and similar comments about Thor. He's the man, regular guy, gonna sell like hell!

I like these steps, but hopefully they will slow the slide. He is definately in control of the press dialogue, slows the negativity and increases stock price.

This news brought a smile to my face and a funny little feeling in the pit of my stomach.

2014 could be the greatest recovery year in tech history.

Let's get it right this time BlackBerry.

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As an outsider, it is hard to be certain what he's doing right and what he's doing wrong, however, several positives come to mind:

* He is clearly being very aggressive, and purposeful.
* Equally important, he is being pretty transparent with the public. (This is where the previous leadership fell short. Lots of things got left to the rumor mill.)
* He is making a personal commitment to the organization. This is demonstrated by the fact that he dropped the "interim" in his title, but also by the fact that he is recruiting people to join the team who he has worked with before.
* I think the best thing is that he is communicating a lot, and casting a vision for what the future will be. Rather than letting competitors fill the void with "Blackberry is dead," he is telling corporate and commercial customers, as well as business partners where the company is heading, and making it sound reasonably possible.

I simply can't wait for a larger new qwerty. I'll ditch this z10. Sure wish q10 would go on sale like z10 did for 199. Lol

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I'm good with what's he's got to say....and I'm putting faith in the fact that he will come through in a timely fashion but will have an impact upon execution. Hopefully he gives the Nay Sayers something to eat. Everyone forgets when Apple was a bust! Oh how quick we are to forget!

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It's definitely good news to hear to BlackBerry has no plans on retreating from the Consumer side of things.

It's too early to say if Chen's influence at BlackBerry amounts to anything substantial. All we have at the moment is more smoke and mirrors.

Focus on software - that's a good sign. Looking forward for much better and more reliable OS for BB.
The current one is already a good achievement but still can't beat the market and still there's a gap with other competitor. BBM is one of a kind, and it's been on other platform as well, hope there is a future development so it can be access via laptop too.

He have to bring a z50..
I use to have BB with keyboards now i prefer my z10 digital keyboards with all the gestures to type fast symbols & fast numbers and the predictions are very useful i was thinking to skip the z30 and buy the flag ship, not a q30.. also the developers are making more app for full screen BB.
Pls consider that decision..

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Vision, leadership, and control. Bravo Mr. Chen!!! The BlackBerry light is getting a lot brighter.

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1080P Q30 with 3.5" screen, natural sound, stereo speakers, USB host and a beefy battery will be fine thanks :-)

Mr Chen is bringing a positive vibe to Blackberry which is good to see, nail the few handsets next year and 10.3, things are looking good!

The faces may have changed but the problem is still the same.

The problem is 'What is so special about BlackBerry?

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I like BB OS as the next commenter here but WP8 does NOT look terrible, it's very easy to use and the Lumia 520 is one heck of a machine for 79$. This thing is outselling the iPhone 5S in some European markets, and not only because of the price-tag. I think it'll be really hard to compete with that but I'm certainly holding my fingers crossed.

I read that Mr. Chen intended on following CB and staying engaged with the community... which is fantastic - and a great idea, seeing how important a base this is for BB info. But let's put that to the test, shall we? After quite unsuccessfully trying to get the attention of his support team, I posted this in the official BlackBerry Support forums, as well as on their Facebook page. Perhaps he'll see it here, and I might finally hear back from someone. Or, not.

As posted on this evening:

Good evening.

I've been trying to get a hold of someone to discuss repair options for my phone, with little to no success; I posted what follows on your Facebook page this evening (and reposting it here, in the event that no one reads/responds to that at all, in a similar way my tweets and such seem to have gone unread/unanswered/ignored)... Thanks for reading.

I love my Blackberry; I really do. Sometimes, I even believe it loves me, too.

Sure, ours has been a complicated, tension-filled relationship; many of the deepest unions are. My loyalty to that relationship has been tested over the years (and yes, I’ve admittedly experimented with new technologies), but I have always returned. Our strange love affair has continued on.

In the years that we have been together, I’ve learned to live with some of the maddening oddities of my Beloved, many of which are easily outweighed by her pure utility (to paraphrase BlackBerry's own words, “I need tools, not toys”). She knows where I’m supposed to be, even if I’ve long forgotten; she remembers who I need to talk to and how best to reach them; her alarm wakes me up in the wee hours of the morning, her gently-blinking light preparing me for the horrors my inbox has in store.

Her previous incarnations were near-indestructible: I watched in horror as my 7250 disgracefully bounced down an escalator at O’Hare International, and then smiled at the stunned face of the fellow that helped me find the battery door as she powered on, a few scars the only evidence of her fall. My 8800 went for an unintentional swim in a mall fountain; a little shakeout and a nap in some rice and she was right as rain. As she matured, her tank-like disposition was softened by sleek lines and her hard plastic casing was swapped out for more elegant materials. But, her new sophistication brought along fantastic new communication and productivity tools, all welcome additions to my mobile office.

“Sounds good…thanks for the fan mail”, you at BlackBerry might be thinking at this point. And I wish it was, but this isn’t that kind of letter.

My latest Blackberry is a white Z10. She’s gorgeous; far bolder than the Bold that preceded her, and her new OS has enough potential to be truly revolutionary. However, all of that must be followed by one important caveat: “…when she works”. Because when she doesn’t, I’m torn between the urge to jack-knife her into the ground as hard as I can and dousing her in gas and watching as she slowly melts into a pile of bubbling plastic. The most disheartening piece of this is the fact that this angst isn’t really caused by the device itself; the cause is Blackberry’s complete lack of support and service.

A few months ago, I bought this device while traveling through London (just days before the Z30 was announced, ironically), despite all of your very public corporate struggles, the proclamations of your pending demise and the choir of voices shouting “That’s a mistake – just buy an iPhone, already”. I bought my Z10 anyway, and then proceeded to show it off wherever and whenever I could to anyone that would listen.

And I was starting to make progress: that’s a cool phone, or show me that Hub thing again, or maybe I was wrong were becoming common replies to my impromptu demos in the elevator, or on the train ride home, or at a conference I was attending filled with older model Blackberries. I wanted people to love Blackberry again like I had; I wanted them to see what it had to offer and to give it a desperately needed second chance. To my chagrin, it started acting up shortly after I returned home, but I didn’t think much of it; I’ve bought devices while on trips abroad before, and never had much of an issue to have it remedied. This would pass, and my evangelism could continue.

I contacted the retailer in London and explained the situation, along with the impracticality of returning the device to the UK for repair. After far-too-much back and forth, they finally recommended that I contact Blackberry directly and inform them that they suggested that I reach out; certainly, they would guide me to a suitable solution. After all, I live in Toronto, BlackBerry's unofficial home turf; in the financial core of the city that I frequent daily, they are in every hand and pocket, buzzing and chirping away. One wouldn't think it would be an issue to have it fixed locally - that a company eager to regain the loyalty of their customer base would be happy to provide a solution and put me on my way.

One would be incorrect.

The following weeks were spent attempting to interact with anyone, my quest for service ultimately ending at the comically-misnamed @BlackBerryHelp support service (for usage tips, I understand - but seriously? Twitter for SUPPORT for a $600 device?? Someone needs a good slap), which simply parroted the same useless “help” back to me again and again when they decided to reply at all:

“Hello! Please contact the service provider or original point of purchase to get more options on this specific situation” (which I explained several times that I already had) always followed with “Do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions. Have a great day!” Oh, I long as I don't need to use my phone, I suppose.

That interchange ended in my final reply (a few replies in succession actually, as there’s only so much that I can say in 140 characters) explaining the situation yet again and my displeasure, to which I have had no further responses. I would probably have been content with "Sorry for your luck. Have a great day!" at that least I would have felt like someone was actually listening. But I can't say I'm surprised, based on the lack of helpful responses that I had already received.

And in the end, I still have a phone in need of either repair work or an exorcism, and I am still faced with the same three sad options I started with:

1. Spend additional funds to ship a 3 month old device to the UK for repair (not to mention the sheer inconvenience of being without the device itself for who knows how long);

2. Spend additional funds on a local non-warranty repair for the aforementioned 3 month old device; or

3. Abandon my decade-long love affair with my Beloved, move onto one of her competitors, cease singing her praises and give satisfaction to the not-so-small army of naysayers that are eager to remind me that they did indeed Tell Me So.

I work in technology; I am well aware of the tendency new equipment has to behave badly, I am quite conscious that even the most thoroughly-tested software has bugs, and I fully understand that no device is immune to issues. And I’m okay with all of that: no product, regardless of what the marketing tells you, is perfect. With that said, I am also quite conscious of the fact that the service and support behind that new tool is really what people are paying for. They pay for the security of knowing that the people that built your expensive new purchase will stand behind it when it breaks, no matter where you purchased it or why it may have failed. I have seen this in action first-hand at one of your competitors... and I have gone on to spend literally thousands of dollars on their products and services as a result. Trust me, it works.

That sense of service is what makes a company not just a fad, but a true market-leader; it is also one (of several) reasons your competitors have pushed you to the brink of obscurity over the past few years. It’s the one thing that in a crowded market of “me-too” products that can set you apart and truly matters to your customers. And it is also the one simple thing that Blackberry as a company, despite years of their products living in the pockets and hearts of thousands of their loyal users, appears to still be woefully out of touch with.

I still love my Blackberry; I really do. I just wish someone at Blackberry would even pretend to care that I did, too.

Thanks for reading.