BlackBerry CEO John Chen speaks with Fox Business about Amazon deal

By Bla1ze on 18 Jun 2014 01:14 pm EDT

With the BlackBerry and Amazon announcement now out there, BlackBerry CEO John Chen has been doing a few rounds with the media to answer some questions on the matter. Speaking with Fox Business News, John Chen offered some further insight into what's happening with the deal, what he expects to get out of the deal and how Amazon can help BlackBerry in the long run.

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BlackBerry CEO John Chen speaks with Fox Business about Amazon deal


Here comes quicksilver

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First Commandant of the COPS will "probably" not get in a tizzy over this 1st post because of the added(just barely above COP legal lower limit) comment along the "first" word.

Though this is a judgment call on my part...and he still may get pulled over.

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Still sick of the COPs...I hear Ice-T & Body Count are touring...I need to catch a show.

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For me any comment is just a comment...nothing to get my world disrupted.

Someone being excited should be enough of a comment...he didn't say googoo gaagaa "first" and even if he did...why should I care about a lame "first" comment.

I guess a lot of people have "First" Envy.

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So you think the other media outlets are news? You're so cute, I just want to pinch your cheeks!!! :-D

Maria B. Is one of the few commentators in media who gives BlackBerry and Chen the respect they deserve...

That's why she left CNBC....who made no mention of Amazon apps on BlackBerry, even though, they have been talking about Amazon all day....go figure...

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It's news that is fair and balanced. No media bias like all the other liberal networks! More viewers tube into Fox News than all (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS) combined!

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You are so right ... those of us without blinders agree ... Fox news is the right news.

It's so funny these kids that only pick on foxnews like they are the only biased news station... You realize that every other major news outlet are just as biased, if not more so right? You think MSNBC is actually a news station? They are pretty much tabloids... While Foxnews cherry picks stories that fit their political agenda, MSNBC makes up news from thin air... Oh, but you probably agree with their political opinion, so to you they're not biased... How adorable... At least I can recognize that they are ALL biased...

I love Joe Kernan...except when he is talking about BlackBerry, because it is always negative. Also, he makes it a point to try to belittle and be condescending to BlackBerry he being paid on the side by Apple?

Same thing with Tom Keene...I believe these "older fogeys" think they're "Hip" bashing BlackBerry. Those days seem to be drawing to a close.

The TV people tend to be pro-Apple, indifferent to Android---though acknowledge their size in the market, think Windows phones are non-existent and bash BlackBerry, whatever.

I love Jim Cramer...Monday-Company A is the greatest, Company B is lousy...Friday-Company A is lousy, Company B is the greatest. Week after week after week, I love his constant back and forth insight.

Murray Squire Marr

That's an interesting comment. What makes you say that? I'm hopeful still, he seems like the best and most decisive leader they've had in a long time, but open to hearing an alternate position. I'm not asking for a flame war... genuinely curious!

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After seeing that the Q30 is actually becoming more real, I'm not too sure. When Chen came in, he chopped a few devices that were not going to be major iterations in the portfolio. I hope they really did their market research and that a bunch of enterprise clients will be buying in the millions because I don't think many consumers would even consider this device. While the idea of a touch sensitive keyboard is pretty cool, the square screen on the Q30/Windemere is nail in the coffin. They should have gone with a rectangle screen to promote one screen ratio and make apps more better to use. Sticking to the 1:1 ratio isn't going to help the situation.

I want to see it and think the square screen won't be a problem as long as it is big enough...I'm thinking this is going to be a mini-laptop.

I already do a good amount of my work on my Q10, the only limitation is the screen size. I'm hoping that I will seldom want to go to my desktop computer or print spreadsheets/documents when using the Windermere. This device isn't going to be enticing to touchscreen keyboard is for physical keyboard people.

Murray Squire Marr

"Laptop on my hip"

What did Thorsten say last year? He said something like this.

Murray Squire Marr

This is going somewhere really special I think. Chen may have pulled off a great move here.

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Did you type it on an iPhone? LOL

No dramas, short bits are actually appreciated. More of that. Gets the news out faster, and we can have more articles to comment on, haha

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Bla1ze was testing the telepathy interface but there was static interference. ;-)

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+1 :)

Looking forward to a new powerhouse all-touch BB10 in both Z10 and Z30 screen sizes. Fingers crossed!

Pretty sure the Z10 and Q10 were high end phones.... at least for BlackBerry.

Makes me even more concerned about future BlackBerry pricing.

Lmao!! Did John Chen say that? Did this new management team in any way infer that Z10 and Q10 were high end phones?
BlackBerry should price the "high end phones" like other competitors high end phones; those who can afford them, plus those who want the status symbol will buy them. The Z3 LTE should be out by then for those who are budget conscious.

I think this move is really concrete proof of what John Chen has been saying all along. Nothing is off the table when it comes to phones. Most consumers don't care what OS their phone is running behind the scenes, so long as they can understand how to use it, and get the applications they need/want.

I like the flow of BB10. If they can map swipe gestures to the Android back button and make Android apps APPEAR to be native I'd be fine with that.

BlackBerry 10 already runs Android apps. Would you object to those apps working and looking more consistently with native BB10 apps?

My point wasn't that BlackBerry should abandon BB10 for Android. What I mean is that "not being Android" means NOTHING to most people. They don't buy phones because of the underlying technologies, they buy them for what they can DO with them.

They buy them because of effective marketing, style and brand popularity.

BlackBerry has very poor marketing. Style is subjective, but other phones have better selection of cases and accessories. Also the BlackBerry brand is tarnished in NA/EU and I'm not sure it will recover without a effective marketing campaign.



* Android brings popular apps that aren't available as native yet.

* Popular apps bring consumers.

* Consumers increase marketshare.

* Having a significant marketshare brings developers.

* Developers want their customers to have the best experience using their services and will therefore write native BB10 versions of their apps if :

(a) enough of their customers are using BB10, and if

(b) the Android version of their app doesn't provide a good enough experience.

Therefore BB needs to do anything they have to increase marketshare, and that includes taking away any obstacles to buying a BB10 phone (e.g.: like taking away reasons for sales reps to tell people "don't buy BB10 because it has no apps... get this Samsung instead--it has apps".)

Without increased marketshare, the native app situation isn't ever going to get better. If Android can help increase marketshare, then Android can potentially (oxymoronically!) HELP the native app situation.

I hear you on that. Not to mention the name Amazon carries a lot of weight on the consumer side, with no signs of slowing down. I just placed an order on Amazon today actually. Good news is, we only have months to see what pans out, not years.

There's already a swipe gesture for the Android back button in Android apps.
It's from the bottom of the screen in a low diagonal line, left or right doesn't matter.

Right, but that is not how native BB10 apps work. I want consistency. I want Android apps to work like native apps. I want the android bottom bar w/back button to look the same as a BB10 native app bottom bar w/back button. And I want the "go back" swipe to be rightward from the left bezel just like it is in native BB10 apps.

I don't think this new relationship is going to give you what you're looking for. There's actually nothing technically new in 10.3 as it relates to the ability to run Android apps (we've been doing it since the beginning). This deal simply solidifies the relationship and will bring Android apps to the non-CrackBerry BB10 users who would not otherwise side load or install other app stores. Devices will now come w/the Amazon app store pre loaded.

The Android apps will continue to work the way they do today, just as Android ports in BBW continue to look & feel like Android apps.

Do you know that Android runtime is not being upgraded from its implementation in 10.2.1 to 10.3 for a fact? Or is that what you think off the top of your head. The last upgrade to the runtime was a huge improvement over previous renditions. My guess is they will keep improving the experience if they are going to be relying on it as heavily as this deal indicates.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

I'm running 10.3. Runtime is improved, as with all updates so far. It doesn't change the way apps work or the navigation of Android apps. In other words, it doesn't make the experience consistent with the native BlackBerry experience. It simply allows Android apps to run.

Even Android apps ported to BBW still feel like Android apps.

If this is another option to allow more customers to discover the BlackBerry experience and then encourage developers to create native apps I'm all for it .

But if it's meant to replace native apps, then it wouldn't be something I would aspire to.

Not to mention questions like:
Will it be there integration in the OS for these apps? Will they integrate in the hub?
What about all the permissions that an android app requires, will we have a choice to say no?

I'm curious to see what's coming.

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Yeah. Concerned with his comment that they'll encourage their developer community to develop apps for Amazon. Goodbye native.

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What is native perf anyway? Qml? that is javascript vm compared to jvm for android? Or the exact same code for games only on top of posix qnx instead of a posix sort of linux and maybe the same composer layer?

This could be the deal that will pull the Phoniex out the ashes
People wanted more apps now they will have that and a well built hardware would be the icing on the cake
This is great day to be BlackBerry supporter

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I don't think so. If people buy this phone they'll go to Amazon App store and type in Google Maps and won't find it. People will return the phone when they find out Google apps are missing. People who don't care about Google Apps probably wouldn't have cared as much about the app issue that is on their now. Sorry.

About the only way this is a good deal is if the new Amazon phone is a bb10 device. Otherwise you have just shot yourself in the foot by undercutting your own store and committing yourself to releasing an android runtime free line of handsets to.maintain BES security.

This is really a great news especially for those that have been having headaches about apps gap. But what happens to Snap when this eventually comes up?

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Moves like this we will see BlackBerry slowly but steadily shed it's pariah status.

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According to JC, they will encourage development for the Amazon App Store then (if necessary) have developers port that app to BB10.

Sounds like this move is designed to streamline operations moreso than to appease consumers.

Amazon announcement started, let's see if there will be surprise.
Maybe they will mention BlackBerry for something.

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CB10 won't play it. There isn't even a link visible. Doh!

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Anni, I want one!!! I have A Z30 the only thing I don't like is that I can't change my age. Because I made a mistake with putting the wrong age and blackberry hasn't got back to me yet so I can get on the channel I want to see! Apart from that I Love my Z30

If people want to purchase useless apps, now they can. I am amused that some BlackBerry apps developers whine about why bother now when we can develop it for Android. If the app had some real usefulness people would by them for the OS they currently have. But most are useless hence the reason for their complaints, no one will purchase them.

This lack of apps excuse for prior poor management decisions is amusing.

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Chen's move is equal parts brilliant and obvious.
Amazon easily closes the app gap that has has kept Blackberry from taking off.

Amazon brings apps, reputation, validation and content curation.

There were rumors Amazon was interested in buying RIM. This move seems safer for everyone.

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WTF Amazon echosystem? Does he mean go and develop Android apps and screw Native apps? Very confusing.

SMH. if the these native apps were so good, BlackBerry app ecosystem would have been so robust by now. The market has spoken and John Chen has done what a smart businessman would do. What's so confusing about that?

Native apps are infinitely better than Android apps. The market spoke by not buying BlackBerry phones, not by refusing to download native apps.

Extremely uncomfortably, as Amazon has just entered the smartphone market with an existing ecosystem, wads of cash and resources, making one more competitor for Blackberry.

It's $199 on contract with AT&T and $649 off contract. The specs are mid-range except for the 3D gimmick, which you'll now probably see on the next Samsung phone. I highly doubt Amazon is going to sell a ton of Fire Phones.

They don't need to sell a ton; It's not their primary business. Selling enough to remain in the market at even a marginal level should be a concern to edge players like Blackberry and Microsoft, and particularly BB, because Microsoft, too, has the cash to weather another competitor...for awhile.

Just curious, what would be so different if BlackBerry hasn't partnered with Amazon? Would Amazon not still enter the smartphone market?

Amazon has been destined to enter the smartphone market for four years; the agreement with BB has no bearing on Bezos' strategy either way. The question posed by AO was: how does it fit? The answer is: whatever minor short-term gains this strategy affords BB are eclipsed by Amazon's entrance into the market. Amazon is obviously aiming at Apple and Samsung, but it's niche players like BB and Microsoft who will feel the pinch.

"but it's niche players like BB and Microsoft who will feel the pinch"

At this point Amazon has no interest in enterprise. This approach is a great fit for BlackBerry. Who knows, maybe Amazon will buy the company.

The truth is BlackBerry should have partnered with Amazon back when it was first suggested at which time they still had a negotiating position.

BlackBerry devices running Amazon services would have been a pretty good mix for consumers. It might just have saved BlackBerry as a major player.

This current action is no more than doing what many of us have already done. You can already download the Amazon web app direct from the Amazon website to your device without any sideloading drama. From there it's as easy to use as any other app store.

The last time BB had a true negotiating position, Amazon wasn't even in the App Store business, and BB still had a healthy developer base.

I get it. Users want a wider choice of apps; Mr. Chen has provided that. But it's at best, a tenuous stopgap, not a strategy for growth, and the only true beneficiary will be Amazon. And if that weren't the case, Amazon wouldn't have agreed to it.

Kevin is cheering from the sidelines now, I guess...

... after getting berried out on a stretcher...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

For me, at least in my phone(s) Native first, porting second. I have only 2 apps installed via snap and 25-30 are natives. So.. amazon is not necessary.

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Hard not to be a bit skeptical at this point. This arrangement will come with the launch of 10.3 "this fall". I remember references to "this summer" that didn't exactly pan out as expected. We had lots of debate as to whether "this summer" was a promise, a commitment, a plan or a hypothetical potential maybe date. I guess this will come when it comes. I'd love to hear someone from Blackberry give official word on whether the Android runtime on 10.3 will operate better than the current version, and whether Android apps will work better with 10.3 than they do now. But at the moment, this looks to streamline a rather poor experience we have today. Not sure we can expect it to get much better.

Point taken - but that's also 2 management teams ago. It's a bit unfair to hold past failures against Chen. Granted, he still has to build credibility by hitting targets (and maybe even standing up and taking accountability if/when needed) - but put blame in its proper place.

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I think it's an excellent move. BlackBerry can focus on enterprise and security, while Amazon does the heavy lifting on the consumer end (and also promote its services on a 2nd platform). It's an ideal partnership.

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The irony is you've been able to download the Amazon store app direct to the device for several months, and from then on use your Amazon account to download or buy items. So all of five minutes work to make this happen technically.

The name association has to help though.

Not quite... I believe that they can do better to integrate Amazon background notification services into BB10.

For example, Kik (and other apps) don't seem to get notifications unless they are open in an active frame. If BB integrates the Amazon appstore, perhaps this issue can be fixed.

I also hope that such background services will be optional (e.g.: they will be removed if a user uninstalls the Amazon appstore). This will appease those BB10 customers that don't want any Android at all on their phones--then everyone wins.

Maybe this deal with Amazon will force the United States carriers to move quickly in releasing updates. We have not gotten the latest update and who knows how long after 10.3 is released before the carriers here will decide to move on it. M
aybe Amazon can have some influence in moving the carriers to a quicker action and more support for Blackberry. Amazon can say to the carriers "move" because it has the money and clout to get action and then 10.3 could come to us at the same time it is received by everyone. Or this could cause the carriers to do like before and ignore releasing the latest update and waiting till 10.3 is available for testing

Does this ultimately mean those of us on att will have to wait forever for the 10.3 update while they push the Fire Phone?

I hope all of this won't be be like the Kindle app, please!!!

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It sounds to me like BBW might be replaced someday. JC's comment about encouraging BB developers to make Amazon apps has me believing that this is the strategy...IJS.

BBW isn't going anywhere. Native apps are, and always will be, an essential part of the BB10 experience.

Never say never. JC seems very pragmatic. If there's someone out there doing something better, faster, smarter than what BlackBerry can do, he seems open to outsourcing the effort. Adding the Amazon app store as a pre load is already a step in that direction.

He did outsource device assembly and inventory management to FoxConn, so outsourcing the app store to Amazon isn't out of the question- especially if the devices are already capable of running Android apps. Rather than spend years trying to play catch up, why not just adopt what's already there? Otherwise, i see no reason why BlackBerry would be encouraging BlackBerry developers to code to the Amazon app store. That part really has me thinking. And Chen says that he's focused on defense, healthcare, enterprise, etc. And the rest of the consumer space, they will reach through their partners...IJS.

Hmmm...does this mean that we'll also be getting amazon services?

[URL="bbmc: C00012373"]MATVD[/URL] - Movies, Advertisements, Tv Shows and Documentaries! The Largest Entertainment Channel out there! Join now!

High end devices. Reach out to consumers through partners. Awesome.

Using Z10, wanting Z30, eyeing Windermere

Wow... i honestly didn't detect the least bit of mudslinging in that interview. Could outsourcing the consumer end of things finally be what all the negative nancies have been so upset waiting for? Tomorrow will be interesting!

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It sounds to me like BB is no longer focused on native apps. If this is the case I may have to look for a new phone ecosystem. I'm all for Android apps to fill in the gaps, I'm not all for 100% android apps.

What?! John Chen encourages current BlackBerry World developers to develop apps for the Amazon store?! WTF!!! I don't want an Android phone!


I think this will be a great thing for BlackBerry in the short term and long term. Short term- gets more recognition that BlackBerry isn't dead ! The number one reason Chen is doing this is to get more people using BlackBerry. Period! Let's be honest, although I agree with you, native is where it's at. Most consumers don't even know what the hell that means, and as long as BlackBerry has more apps and they work. That will bring in many more users.
Long term- once BlackBerry takes back some of the market share and people are consistently buying BlackBerry phones. BlackBerry then could pull the plug with Amazon and developers will be lining up to develop on the BB10 platform (or whatever OS BlackBerry is using in the future). It's a strategic plan. I think it will work. Piggy-back on th Amazon giant through this transition. More power to ya BlackBerry ! I still believe...

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This is HUGE. As a consumer on a BB10 device, I am now a market target for anyone releasing apps on the Amazon app store. I now have a legitimate voice when reporting bugs or requesting features from Amazon and it's developers. Fantastic!

Would be really cool if Amazon Prime members get extra incentives too via BB. Amazon is supposed to come out with its own phone. Wonder how this will affect this partnership. Happy to hear about this good bit of news though.

My Z10 - an extension of me

What use is BB10 then??

JC is going to kill it off. He already let the native Dev relations folks go.


Using a BlackBerry Z10! The "UnDroid"!

Exactly what I said earlier on today. We may as well change the name to BlackDroids, and whilst we ate at it also rename Crackberry too to Crackdroid!

Careful! Z10 in action!

Just quick comment - Chen did not seem on his best form today. And the part where he implies that they are letting Amazon handle all their "consumer apps" was disturbing, to me.

I realize why he was probably not willing to mention the term "Android" anywhere in the interview, that would have been a big mistake, kudos on that anyway.

No, I absolutely do not.

The world doesn't need yet another Android licensee and it certainly doesn't need a company like Blackberry to try to do something that 95% of the existing Android vendors cannot do: make money.

Blackberry needs to develop their own platform and their own clientele and sell their unique advantages. They do not have the cost structure conducive to competing in the ditches with the rest of the failing Android vendors, all competing for the crumbs left over from Samsung.

Android is an enhancement to BB10 that provides access to apps that haven't yet been produced natively. Anything beyond that, BlackBerry would better off just selling off the parts and throwing in the towel on their own platform.

I just absolutely agree with this move. The apps exist already. Just go get them and that is what John has done. Create BlackBerry BB10 apps that compliment enterprise and the high end BlackBerry devices. Let consumers enjoy the great BB10 OS on say the z30 like I do, while enjoying full access to the android side of apps. Also Amazon will aid BlackBerry in advertising and promoting BlackBerry 10 along with its advantages. Like John stated a while back. They want to establish new synergistic relations. This is a huge positive step.

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However, unless 10.3 makes a lot of improvements, Android apps will never be as good as native apps. I'd hazard a guess that there are many, many BB10 users that are not enterprise "prosumers" - myself included. Enterprise and consumer are almost the same these days; it's not 2006 anymore.

I find Chen to sound very credible. He is obviously attacking BB's come back from every angle, and has been highly active. So hopefully this will be a good thing. I mean, they have to do something, and there is no way the music and video stores have been making money.

I am not a developer, so I am very curious to know how this feels to some of our dedicated BB developers. Would love to hear your comments, devs.

What I would say about this partnership is that it's better to be doing something than waiting for some perfect window where whatever it is that you have starts to become desirable and in demand.

At least John Chen is moving, and even if the partnership fails it's no big deal, BlackBerry world will still be there!

But what I think is most important is becoming as successful as possible at home before you try to move into unknown space.

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I download video. Hopefully this will allow BlackBerry users to store the movies on our computers which have a whole lot more storage than our phones.

Outsourcing consumers to focus on enterprise. That means apps, videos, music, etc.

While I think it's a good move, it also means the end of the consumer BlackBerry. If developers are encouraged to develop android apps, what point is there to have bb10 other than the hub?

Kinda regretting the z30 purchase I made yesterday.

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Now market the hell out if this. Get on the Internet and whatever and do a "in partnership with Amazon campaign" and a phone for £169 and you're away.

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I don't think he had any choice. It was the most logical partnership that made sense for BBRY. Still a believer in Chen.

What is the point of buying BB10 phones if they are all Android apps. Android apps are horrible with permission. Probably time to move to Apple ecosystem.

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John Chen has spit in the face of every loyal BlackBerry user. A writ of Death has been uttered by BlackBerry senior management.

Posted via CB10 on BlackBerry Q5

As a developer who has put in six odd months learning QT/Cascades and relearning C++, to be told to take my consumer app to Amazon is kind of a smack in the face. As a consumer I can't be the only one who notices that most of Amazon apps are not up to date? Not only that Google is making it increasingly necessary to use their services when developing, which also could be the reason Amazon App store apps are not updated because the newer versions use Google services.

I have to assume with this partnership that the screening process for apps that will run on BlackBerry will be better than other app store currently available. I like the idea that BlackBerry is going to get advertising on Amazon sites now. At least the BlackBerry should become more apparent than it is now. And we all know that is the biggest problem with BlackBerry 10. Exposure! This should expose out fantastic OS a lot more!

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I heard Amazon is rocking the new 3D fulltouch Smartphone tomorrow. 6 cameras, front back and 4 infrared for 3D gestures. And Apple just openend the door for BitCoin Apps, WoW

RedBerry Z10 #00167

Kind of ironic about Bitcoin, which is at the moment seems to be on a path to its own destruction.

Maybe that's why Apple finally relented on that. Bitcoin may not be around a lot longer, if they cannot get a handle on this recent development where certain groups have now taken control of the "mining" process.

And one more thing, partnership with Amazon could be very good perspective. Some guys moaning here about BlackBerry native apps and they just forgetting one thing, If BB moving with Amazon app store, of course they will do their best to make amazon apps work smooth on BB phones and if this partnership goes well, there will be possibility for much more partnership, even possible to Amazon buys BB and makes BB10 OS for their smartphones, tablets, TV and etc.

Amazon never liked Android OS but they had no other options, they even never mention Android when talking their devices and Bezos know very well BB10 OS is much much better and superior then Android.

This is will be real opportunity for everyone, for consumers, for enterprise, for BB and for Amazon.

Sooo, what does this mean for "Built for Blackberry"? Where is the incentive to develop native BB apps, when a developer can just build an Android app and have access to a much wider audience?

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Imagine you are one of the few developers developing native alternatives to popular apps for BlackBerry 10. I think that could be a great opportunity for the developer to make some huge coin! Most BlackBerry users I would assume would choose native over an android port so for the few devs supplying that need, they stand to be rich just from BlackBerry users alone. I can't see why they wouldn't develop for BB10. If I had the ability in this market, I sure would! Become a trusted developer ahead of the masses. Win win I say for dev team.

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So basically consumer users are being forced to use Android garbage for their apps and the developers for BlackBerry are being sent to develop for Amazon Store. Meanwhile, BlackBerry devices will strictly focus on enterprise users.

That's what I just learned from Chen, right?

emPowered by 

Amazon has new Smartphone, anyone going to rock that Beast?:

Dynamic Perspective is a custom-designed sensor system that responds to how you hold, view, and move Fire phone
Firefly Technology lets you instantly identify and take action on printed web and email addresses, phone numbers, QR, and bar codes, and over 100 million movies, songs, and products
Mayday - free, live on-device video tech support with an Amazon expert, 24x7, 365 days a year
Limited-time offer: includes a full year of Amazon Prime
Technical Details
Free unlimited cloud storage for all Amazon content and photos taken with Fire Phone
2.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor
64 GB Storage on-board
13MP rear-facing camera with optical image stabilization and smooth 1080p HD videos
Dual stereo speakers with Dolby Digital Plus
Nine bands of LTE, four bands of GSM, five bands of UMTS
4.7-inch HD display
1-year limited warranty and service included

RedBerry Z10 #00167

Reality check.

* most of the android apps are crap

* a lot of talk, but few will make use of it

* many of the DROID apps require unacceptable security access

* most of the popular DROID apps on amazon are older versions of what is in GooglePlay (they are not up dated at the same time)

* will not solve issue of DROID apps that need access to GooglePlay service

* devs will not rewrite for native BlackBerry if their DROID app already run on BlackBerry 10. A small few may, but why learn a new environment and reprogram when it already works good enough. (even when it is a battery and resource drain).

* when getting app through amazon there will likely not be a mechanism to inform developers that their apps was loaded on a BB10 device. This only occurs if the app was loaded via BlackBerry world.

Has anyone at BlackBerry ever researched why people buy Apple or Droid?


Droid users buy by hardware spec and a massive apps store, even though 80%+ of them have fewer than than 20 apps they actually use. What draws them to the phone? Choices! A massive number of suppliers releasing Droid based phones every 3-6 months. You can find what best fits you; works the way you want it to.

Apple users like the no brains integration with other Apple devices. The iPhone, AppleTV, and MAC Book all share files and integrated without having to be a techy. Apps exist that Apple created and they work across devices without buying third party apps. Ease of use!

BlackBerry must stop hoping that devs will save them. Step up to the plate with apps that work across BB10, PC, Android, iOS, and MAC. For example, provide a notes app with a counter part that runs on PC and MAC. It would sync automatically via connection over wireless/wifi or sync to the cloud like apple does. Then other devices sync to the same cloud.

I am tired of using apps on my BlackBerry just to have to 'translate' the data to my PC or Android tablet.

Integration is the future. If you can not provide the means to sync data across dissimilar devices, then you're out of the game.

BlackBerry does this with messenger and exchange server, but that's it.

Putting the Amazon store on 10.3 will have little to no impact all.

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If BlackBerry market this the right way in terms of the perceived 'app gap' and so on and hypothetically the phones become more popular as a result, would this mean that 'native' apps will also be available via the Amazon store. BBW still remains for enterprise apps and other official offerings but the Amazon store becomes an alternative avenue for native BB10 developers. Not saying this will be the case (probably won't be for numerous reasons) but, for the time being at least, Chen's comments can be interpreted in several ways.

Come on the Netherlands and England (tomorrow)!!

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It's becoming clearer to me what JC's vision is for BlackBerry's future. BlackBerry Inc. To strictly focus on high end enterprise solutions and devices while partnerships with Amazon and Foxxcon to take care of the consumer end of the spectrum while taking minimal loss if the consumer end doesn't pan out in the long run. He's not abandoning consumer products just minimising damage should it fail. He doesn't seem to have any plans on competing with Apple or Samsung (Android). Just keeping his loyal customer base happy while he focuses on enterprise. I can see it now... BlackBerry will be "the" device to have in the future. Pure high end shizzle!

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I want "Game Of Thrones " on my Z10!!! If this deal can deliver that, I'm a happy camper!

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Loaded then deleted after a week. When you close the app, keeps running in the background. It tried to update my Droid apps that I installed via BlackBerry world. Well, that broke 3 of the apps. Battery drained faster once I ran the app. Had to restart my Z10 to get it to turn off completely.

The 1Mobile store app was worse. The only one that has worked well for non-BBW Droid apps is Snap.

Hopefully Amazon provides a native BlackBerry version of the app.

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This will be good for BlackBerry the media will no longer be able to say lack of apps. Also just looks good amazon cutting a deal with BlackBerry maybe people will stop saying BlackBerry is dead at this point they just need good press and thats what this is . From next month on if you own a BlackBerry you will not be able to rent movies and buy music that's kinda crazy tho. You know if people would just give BlackBerry a chance they would understand that bb10 is so much better. I use android (moto x) iPhone 5 when I need to get things done I always just grab my BlackBerry.

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John Chen please also look at the channels. Channel guys are not doing a great job.

ChannelX C000D3759 We promote channels

II wonder what the native developer's take on it is? Good? Bad? Will it help them or hurt them? I hope we still get plenty of native apps developed, but I wonder now, what kind of incentive a new developer will have to build amazing apps natively?

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