CrackBerry video interview with BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins!

By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Mar 2013 02:42 pm EDT

With the Z10 officially arriving in the USA this week, BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins was on location in New York City to celebrate the launch and spread the word via the US media that BlackBerry is back.

The CrackBerry team is also in NYC right now, so we were able to drop by Thorsten's hotel room on the eve of the launch and spend twenty minutes talking about the US launch and a whole lot more.  

We had some fun with this interview and did it up video style - be sure to watch our edited 7 minute video above. It's a great interview with a lot of honest straight talk from Thorsten. We cover a lot of topics. Beyond talking about the importance of regaining mind share and market share in the US, I even ask Thorsten the toughest BlackBerry 10 question of them all.... if you had to choose between the Z10 and Q10 (and your answer can't be both), which one would you choose?

I want you all to sit back and watch the video, so am going to keep the write up on this one short and sweet. WATCH THE VIDEO. We'll follow up soon with our longer interview write up. Enjoy the show!

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CrackBerry video interview with BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins!



we kind of figured this, atleast i did, most of the stuff discussed on the forums are always issues that are fixed ASAP

Thorsten had to fly back to Waterloo last night. His schedule has been crazy. He just got to NYC from Australia the night before, did Piers Morgan, did interviews all day yesterday. Impressive he rocked it all day - I'd be screwed from jet lag.

Kevin, it was a HUGE honor to finally meet you. Thank you for signing my 1st BlackBerry 8320 box. I hope you enjoyed the cookies I brought you.

You both must have been more than a bit tired -- I heard a lot of 'Zed's in there, one Canuck to another? (I hope we're all over what we call the phones in our native tongues anyway, and this was an interview, not an advertisement or marketing material as such.)

Good interview, though!

I have to admit Thorsten really cares about his customers. Especially if his staff are actually reading comments goes to show that they care what their customers have to say about their product. I glad he was selected as the suitable candidate to make changes at BBRY headquarters.

Hey Kevin, any chance we can see the full length (unedited) version of this interview? I love to see people in their natural state and Thor seems very relaxed to talk with you (which is a VERY good sign of a good CEO). Maybe even just post a link to the vid somewhere??

Kevin please chose your colours better, I cant concentrate on the interview, the suit and the shirt you're wearing are like a punch in the face!

Great interview Kevin. Please tell me you showed him the tweaks and apps we want to see on the platform to improve it for 10.1 So good to hear they're paying attention to feedback and that Thorstein is so down to earth he will have sit down interviews with you. Great signs.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

I wished were a way to create and compile aggregate source of product suggestions, to make it easier to let BlackBerry corporate know what customers are requesting.

This could be a CrackBerry administered list (meaning people suggest items to go into the list and admins select and combine points as technically and logically appropriate) for CrackBerry account holders to vote on with a simple scale.

For example, a line item could be "Add OS 7-level profiles to OS 10" with the possible votes of "High Priority", "Would Like", "Neutral", "Dislike" and a short CONSTRUCTIVE comment field. (Perhaps add a "Hide items I have voted on" checkbox, as well.)

Only ones own votes and comments would show viewing the page. BlackBerry corporate would have access to the page would see the votes and individual comments.

Anyhow, just my thoughts...

That was a good interview Kev! I think by now people just need to really try the device to see what it brings to the market. Thorsten said it best, they didn't want to come out being a copycat of something else, they came in here to win with a DIFFERENT platform, DIFFERENT experience, but the SAME trustworthy name.

Just wondering though, if this is only 7minutes out of the 20, what happened to the other 13?

Good interview and so glad to hear Thor saying that he is reading our forums. Apple was the golden standard, it aint anymore, BlackBerry is right to go for its own philosophy.

What a great interview.... Thorsten really seems like a personable guy and great to hear the honesty in his voice in an interview like this!

We added a link to youtube below the video when the article is viewed on the mobile site (  Hope this helps.

my biggest complaint is I can no longer see CB vids on my 9900. This is a problem because I'm on here every day @ work with my phone :(

Very well done gentlemen. I truly enjoy Thor, his confidence, excitement and dedication.
Thorsten, Thank you for keeping BlackBerry “Moving Forward”
Kevin, Thank you for a site that informs and educates us.


Glad to see they are actually asking for feedback on the device. Granted this is a NEW platform and some things are obviously going to be un-polished. Can't wait to get my Z10 in my hands. Darn you verizon for making me wait, and how the heck did AT&T beat you to market?????

Good Interview! I know there probably wasn't enough time and this is more about the US launch. However, I would have liked to hear a little bit more about their product portfolio (ie. 6 devices) and how they are going to compete in emerging markets. Next interview I guess!

I agree Michelle he did a great job! Pier was kinda stand offish and didn't like the one comment about the PlayBook launch he was at in L.A.

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I agree - not a big fan of Piers, but glad he is a BlackBerry user. His interview came off as rushed, which it was, but Torsten handled it well, as usual. Kevin looked very professional in his suit coat and dress shirt (must have rushed to Best Buy, still wearing the same shirt!). Love BBerry and CBerry.

Great interview, Kevin. Can't help but smile and feel like I made the right choice with my Z10!

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Good interview and great to hear Thorsten's approach to market share and the new platform. It is sincere and smacks of good leadership. This interview has probably convinced me more than other news that indeed things are moving in the right, even great direction. Cool.

This is so cool. I love that he takes time to talk to blogs, and I especially love how visibly excited he is. It's not just some phone to him. One can sense that he is genuinely excited about and proud of his product, the people who made it possible, and the fans that have stuck by BlackBerry.

I got the same feeling, he isn't your average slimy CEO. You can tell he genuinely cares for the product and thinks highly of it.

Agreed. Unlike most CEO's who just want money. He actually really cares about delivering the best products and making customers happy.

this only comes from internal promotions which the two old CEO's did very well in this case, hiring CEO's from outside has a disconnect, Good choice ......hope more managements around the world realise this along with mine....

It still should've been mentioned. Not only do I think it should've been first to market, but the HUGE delay between the Z10 and Q10 is a big mistake (and the exact opposite of what BlackBerry had been saying right up until January's launch!)

Here in the USA, Blackberry has been a tough sell (Hope BB10 changes that) and it wouldn't have made much of a difference if released earlier. People know what they want and most will wait until it comes out. I was undecided on whether I wanted the Z10 or the Q10, as of now I am just going to wait for the Q10 and compare them both before I upgrade. My 9900 still has some life left :)

You're very mistaken. Some BB people will wait, but the general consumer (coming from android, etc.) will see the other flagships that are out much sooner and NOT wait. Timing is critical! BB wants to capture other users, and big delays result in the exact opposite.

You misunderstood what I was trying to say. "People know what they want and most will wait until it comes out" I meant in general. As in: if you want an iPhone, you will wait until the iPhone comes out. The "typical" person that wants an Android based device will wait til that particular phone comes out and etc. I didn't mean that the market will wait only for Blackberry devices. Example, most flagship devices nowadays and in recent years have higher specs than the iPhone. Do you think "most" iPhone users care that BB is coming out with the Z10 or the Q10 or that Samsung is offering a "DSLR" lol in their S4 a few months before Apple announces their next gen phone... NOoOOoOOpe.... Most (not all) will just brush it off and wait for the next gen iPhone. A phone isn't "put it out there and people will buy it"... People know what they want and most will wait for THAT THING whatever it may be... That was what I meant.

That's where you're wrong. If most people knew what they wanted, there would be no need for marketing! The majority walk into a carrier and make a decision based on what's best in the available selection. Product delays can kill a company. Just watch what happens with the US launch of the HTC One, which will be a month late...

The marketing for smartphone is mainly to attract the non-smartphone user and increase the buyer pool. Most of the negative reviews of the Z10 have been from those used to iOS and or Android based devices? they don't want to "re-learn and adapt" and the same goes for a user that starts off with the Z10 and tries to move to Android or iOS. The average user that has already commited to a platform is very hard to convince to move to another. Once someone purchases x- amount of apps and etc they will not forego that expense and just move on and buy them again on another platform. It was sorta easy for users to leave Blackberry a year ago because the available apps were so low that users had no commitment other than BBM. If your reasoning held true "The majority walk into a carrier and make a decision based on what's best in the available selection" then why did 75 million people stay with Blackberry? wasn't there better options out there prior to the Z10? I always knew what I wanted and that is why I stood by Blackberry. I would have left a long time ago if I was looking for " best in the available selection".

Don't get me wrong, I do get your point!

The rationale for bringing the Z10 to market before the Q10 is well known and has been discussed to death in the crackberry forum. It was the right decision and everyone knows it. Time to move on.

You guys are both right, but camera531 is getting one thing wrong, if people have a iPhone or android device there most likely not looking to buy a q10 due to being used to the touch screen smartphone, that's why bring the z10 out first was the smarter move.

The q10 shouldn't have been delayed as long as it is, but I think it has more to due with the q10 cutting in to the sales and or shine of the z10.

BINGO SDTRMG! And Abrante you sir, understand marketing. Listen, I played with the Z10 Keyboard today and trust me when I say, the physical keyboard's years are numbered! The Z10 Keyboard is EXTRAordinary!!! I DARE YOU TO TRY IT!

Delays are bad, but you overstate the appeal of alternative platforms... all alternative platforms. That is, if you are unfamiliar with Android / iOS / BB10, you will probably buy whatever people tell you to... but if you are familiar with all of them (at least having tried a friends device a bit) you will not be swayed.

Ask yourself: would you switch platforms if you are satisfied with your current platform, or would you buy "whatever" platform even though you are waiting for one to come out (like waiting for the new iPhone or the S4?)

I mean, if you were an apple fan waiting for the new iPhone before you upgrade would you just buy an Android because it came out sooner?

I think that attitude just absolutely defies logic and human nature.

I understand what everyone is saying, and all of you make good points. And @SDTRMG I get it about the Z10 launching first. My point about the Q10 is that I think the established BB base are more interested in the Q10 with a physical keyboard, and there seems to be more interest in that model. But I do understand the rationale behind the Z10 launching first.

What I've been saying about product delays and marketing are directly related to Blackberry's own rhetoric. They're the ones constantly talking about bringing consumers from other platforms and how critical that is. They also talked at length about how the Q10 would follow the Z10 by just a few weeks at most, which is more like a few months in reality. My arguments are illustrating how Blackberry's actions (and many of the arguments you guys have been making) seem contrary to what they've been preaching.

Blackberry just released the developer SDK for OS 10.1 which will be the first OS that supports the keyboard features on the Q10.

The company has to 1) finish the APIs and development tools that support the keyboard functionality, and 2) give developers time to adjust their apps to take into account the keyboard devices, or else when the Q10 launches LOTS of users will be disappointed when their apps don't work right on it, or don't take advantage of the keyboard.

I believe the MAIN reason why the Q10 is launched after the Z10 is because BlackBerry wanted to show the entire world just how good their virtual keyboard was - noticing the competition not really doing anything themselves but the aftermarket - swipe/swiftkey etc - doing it themselves. Also it appeases the majority of the entire marketplace with a full touchscreen as that is the preference (no longer a trend), launching the Q10 would ONLY help those physical faithful happy and the majority of the world would've assumed another Storm like experience from the Z10 and would've plugged their ears before even giving it a chance.

Indeed, launching the z10 first allowed BB to show that they were not just the same old company who could only make qwerty devices.

Obviously, it is a shame the q10 has taken longer than expected, but they had to get that z10 launch right and that obviously caused some delays to q10 development.

Thor thrives in this kind of setting - wicked interview, Kevin. Yet again, my confidence and excitement in BB has gone up a notch.

Nice job Kevin! It's nice to know that the CEO of BB reads through the user feedback in the forums. It's a big year for BlackBerry!

Very honest, exciting, and appreciative interview! Can wait until I get my pre-order VZW z10! I already have the case!

At the back of this interview is an awesome product which is the reason why both of them were very relaxed, confident, and most importantly smiling. Forget the iphone. This is it. Go blackberry Go. The virtual keypad is a revolution. I am typing even faster than the physical keypad and accurately.

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There is something about Heins that I like and definitely, it is not a sort of reality distortion field bs.
Now that Wall Street media outlets started to sound objective on BlackBerry it means they are doing all the things right with this rollout. Great execution.

He mentions the internal "making of BB10" video shot with BB employees - is that available anywhere? I searched but did not find...

Awesome interview Kevin. Nice to see a reachable CEO who understands the community and market he is catering too.

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Great work! Awesome video, love how he visits the forums from 'time to time.' he is blatantly lying, he probably visits constantly through the cb10 app on his phone. Do you think he has an account?!

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great interview,if he projected himself the way he did with you,in all the others,and i'm sure he did,bb truly has a great's loyal fan base shld be proud

Great video! Loved it as Thorsten was so relaxed and open (and honest). I am a proud BB user with a 9105, 9900 and playbook and hopefully soon a Q10 or Z10! It feels like a very exciting time to be a BB user.

Do you agree with him on the z10 will be the better device? I want to know which way the Kevmeister is leaning

Enjoyed the video though it generated some random tangent thoughts.

Audio on Thorsten was a little dim at times even with volume cranked to the max. If the cam can support external mic I would have suggested placing the mic off camera in between Kev and Thorsten (say, hidden by the edge of the table).

The song whose clip played at the end, what's its title? That would have been an awesome place to play Swaggberry... which leads me to the next tangent, isn't it time for G7 to update Swaggberry to include Bb10?

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Picked up my Z10 last month when the Canadian launch occurred. A BB rep was on site at AML in Dartmouth which was very helpful (i.e. reader feature in Twitter, something that I still can't find on an iPhone).

It would be great if you could get Auto On Auto Off feature on to the Z10 or Q10. Anyone who knows this feature is aware of how indispensible it is.

The other point is that I saw Mr. Heins on a BB video and as an aside he mention BB10 was coming to the Playbook, especially the Playbook LTE. Ithink this would be a fantastic enhancement to the BB Playbook LTE 32 Gig.

Good interview.

Well gee, it's a Canadian product with a Canadian product name. It's called "Zed 10", get over it or buy an iphone if you can't stomach it...

Love the fact that Blackberry is here to win. I really appreciate how Kevin and the Crackberry gang have worked so hard on this launch. People should recognize that Crackberry has been a driving force in helping Blackberry get back on it's feet. You should all be very proud.

I just realized that this is the first time I've ever heard Thorsten speak. I've always just seen photos of him and read his quotes. I did not know he speaks with an accent. It sounds French to me but I'll have to look up his bio.

Zerman all ze way ;) (they do the R funny as "V"ell). Point is Thor does not have such a strong accent so it is normal it confuses you because it is "polished" german accent.

Great interview, finally some real emotions from Heins and not just the keynote things, wish he would keep doing this. Thumbs up for Heins

So a New appstore Design, bring back pin2pin, a Website with App Reviews !!! And more give aways to tech Websites.... And more Point of Sales persons in the us phone Stores. And may be a side by side partnership with red bull !
And where is my Z10 Multimedia Loading Doc???

I Love my Z10!!!

Love hope bb will realy win in us. Windows phonr is dead and we realy need someone who can compete to samsung and apple.. thorsten keep fingers crossed

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Loved this interview and the fact that they are listening and caring about each and every one of us. Sometimes it takes the hard times to really appreciate the good ones. Congratulation RIM for a job well done and thank you Crackberry for keeping us updated in such a professional way.

Nice! Thanks for that Thor and Kev! I particularly like the determination towards wining but most important the positioning in the market. Not going against apple and breaking the duopoly for Carriers and Users... this is the only viable strategic positioning for BB indeed. And the very OS and UI advocate to this to the Max.

Thor you said you are listening, well if you are, get the email complications some are experiencing fixed YESTERDAY please, as BB with problems in email... well 2 years of hard work to be shadowed by minor bugs that create important issues to some users does not help. We know BB, you are on it working it but seriously I cannot repeat this enough, it needs to get here yesterday!

Love the phone, love the OS, thanks for that refreshing and robust platform. I choose BB (again) and I am quite confident I will not regret this!

Very enjoyable interview, open, real and informative. Thor tells it like it is. New platform built in 2 years, it will be in the hands of millions. Feedback including critisim is needed for future development and he appears to understand it. Nicely done Team CB !!!!
Did Kevin get any time to play with the Q10?

Things are looking good to BB. I like to hear him talk about BB. And I enjoy the direction the company is heading in.

Now the only thing I need is to have my work get me a couple of Z10s' for testing.

I just love my "ZED"10. The OS is so smooth and way ahead of IOS. I know Thorsten knows that, so it's just a matter of getting that message out there and for BlackBerry to keep pounding away at getting key apps.

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So glad this guy is running blackberry. Great job Thornton. Keep up the good work Kevin.

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I have to wait until April 16th to get my Zed10, Verizion will not budge, even a couple of weeks, on my upgrade date. This will be a very looooong 3 1/2 weeks! And, yes, it will be a Zed10, not a Zee10. Even though I am in the US, the product comes from a Canadian company and the name of it is Zed10. I respect that.

I have to wait for may 4th!!! I'm going crazy! I'm still trying to figure out a way to get it sooner!!! I also agree!! Zed 10 it is

My upgrade is on April 15th so I'm right there with you. I went and played with the Z10 at AT&T today and it just made me want it even more. I'm not a fan of waiting but I know its worth it. Now the question remains, black or white?

Great interview!

At 6:05 he says " question even" and it reminds me of the movie Hackers when Matthew Lillard says "superhero-like evennnnn".

I don't think anyone will get that, but I got a chuckle when I heard that!

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Look no way BB can win if BB can get apps from Google like google voice, apps like Tango, Netflix... how the heck am I supposed to do video conf with nonBB users?
Alex saunders has failed to get the required apps... he can call Android a cesspool of crap but we shareholders have been crapped upon by BB.

Video chat: Faceflow! Works great even from PlayBook browser. This unfortunate gap for some apps that people NEED to have is not the fault of BB and heavens open up if a native Netflix never makes it lol.

if I hear one more person complaining about NetFlix nto being on BB10 I'm gonna virtually SMACK 'EM!

You're seriously going to want to stream Netflix on your BB10?! You don't have unlimited data (not in the USA, Canada, or Europe - unless seriously grandfathered; change your phone and most likely that's GONE) ... and you're not going to use those GB of data over HSPA/LTE, so you're going to really enjoy the app over WiFi only ... at that point you're stuck at:
Family's home or friends place.

The latter two - you're either a looser (Bar), or inconsiderate amongst family/friends (in-laws is an acceptable exception). That leaves the first two ... which means you're not using BB10 as ....
A Mobile Computing Platform!

Keep netflix on the playbook its better suited there.
I'm VERY curious to see the use numbers vs all subscribers/members that netflix has on where their users are actually accessing their content to enjoy (not just browsing the content).

he meant I am a loser.. (not looser)... people like supa_fly are extremely dangerous, these are the kinds of fans you don't want because they make you blind.
BB makes best products, but very badly run company. Boulben and Saunders are big flops... amongst many others.

errr, what? I just last week purchased a unlimited data plan sim in the uk (yup, that's Europe) so I guess tht blows your comment outta the water.

for reference, its on 3UK, also, when they get LTE up and running (which I probably wont get coverage for anyways they wont charge any current customers extra for LTE.

so basically a lot of people can and will use their device how they want and more importantly, where they want

You are demented and uninformed... lot of people have unlimited data, you can use wifi.... why do you make excuses for poor execution and for a very badly run company... BB products are the best, the problem is BB doesnt know how to monetize that. People like you only makle this management more complacent

Who cares if its BB's fault, BB has to get them.. period. This is not a contest on fairness, its a brutal war, the most vicious war ever fought and you are assigning blames and what is fair?

Alex did a GREAT job. BB split their Dev recruiting into 2 divisions. 1 was to get the average developers on board, the other was to try to get the top 100 apps. I would say that the 2nd team didn't do as well as the first, but I guess it's also harder getting those big names to sign on until they see what kind of support the OS will get (chicken or the egg problem)

Nah, Alec didn't get the right apps for BB10. He is a failure, yes he worked very hard but he is not suitable for this job. I really like the guy but he has failed BB.

Love a CEO who engages with his loyal customers #TeamBlackBerry and #TeamCrackBerry it's good seeing a CEO a lot in front of the camera and getting as much media exposure as possible. He should come to South Africa and actually address some customers here.

I am loving my new Z10. BlackBerry all the way baby! I feel as though my loyalty in this brand and in this company is paying off big time and now it's our time to shine!

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Awesome interview! Nice to hear the CEO's imput and a shout out to the CB community!

Good job Kevin! Keep it up!

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man, he is such a inspirational ceo. he really connects and makes you believe (or at least want to believe) in blackberry. such a good choice to lead the company.

Thorsten may be okay with carrier response in US, but every store I visited here in the 5th largest market, most salespeople were lukewarm at best and I only saw one measly poster for Z10: BB not pushing hard enough?!

YES! AT&T IS DOING A LESS THAN POOR JOB OF PUSHING THIS PHONE!!! THAT'S WHY IT'S UP TO US (#TeamCrackberry) TO CALL THEM OUT VIA ALL OUTLETS OF SOCIAL MEDIA! The Truth is, the sales team all have different platforms in their pockets. People push what they know. Walk in any retail store and it's a CLEAR bias in the atmosphere.

I love the fact that a CEO, with an important phase in his companies time, can find the time to shout out to us and talk openly! Thanks TH!

That was refreshing to watch. His excitement gets me excited. And I don't even know what for I've had my zed10 since launch in Canada. But I'm still excited :) woot woot

Posted from My Z10 via CB10

Best decision RIM ever made was to make Thorsten head of blackberry. With him in charge BlackBerry is going to go very far. Thanks Kevin for the brilliant interview.

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I love to hear they want our feedback. If you think about it they have a golden opppertunity to build a user experience on a brand new platform. With how fast things are moving in this industry that means alot. Apple never takes feedback, its there way or go to hell basically. Not completely but they try and tell you how things are supposed to be done.

Heres to a good US launch, and good 6 months of sales. We need Blackberry adding employees. Get an additional 100-500 code writers in there pushing out updates. Its #mindblowing that a company 1/10th? the size of apple can produce such an awesome product. Just imagine what could be done with a bigger team.

Brilliant video Kev, what I would like to know is did you ask him anything about the PB and when we might be getting BB10 on it? Cheers :-)

Awesome interview, Heins you have done a absolutely flawless job as CEO of BlackBerry and now with the US release of the Z10, BlackBerry is finally going to show that user interface and experience is the best on the market. Cannot wait to get my hand on my Z10 sometime next week. have got to be kidding me right? As a BlackBerry shareholder I have seen the stock go from a round $7 to around $16 even with calculated negative news from Mr. Hein. he and the company are doing an incredible job.

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Question whose fault is it if there are no demo or dummy phones to play with in two stores i went into today


Great interview Kevin thumbs up. Keep it up crackberry team. Thorsten 3 wards for you and your team...YOU NAILD IT (:

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Great Video!!! Best CEO ever!!! can't wait to get my hands on the Z10... I promote that phone 24/7 and I haven't even experienced it first hand haha!!! I hope going to the store tomorrow to go test it!!!

Man you're a scary salesman!!

Test your product before promoting it ;) Good for you for keeping up the faith tho.

My contract is up with ATT so I may switch to Verizon. On the launch of the Z10 when I call ATT I got a recording about iPhone 5. With Verizon I will have a choice of white or black and they may just push it. Whether Z10 is selling above or below expectations it does not matter. It seem the second largest carrier wants to push an old iPhone.

There are people around me looking forward to picking up the Z10. But as I travel around New York, I don't see any street advertising. Blackberry should be out in force handing out promos in front of every carrier and store that carries devices. If you leave it up the the stores you may lose out. Thousand and thousands of promos in the shape of Z10 should be handed out. Get up off your ass Blackberry and hit the streets, create the awareness that is need to have a successful launch. Promos, Promos, Promos buttons, tshirts, handouts (a Z10 card) a chance to win. You have the device now it is time to promote the hell out of it. Most people buy what they know good or bad. People need to know or they will not

I agree with you. Thorsten, BlackBerry! You need to promote, nobody knows about BlackBerry 10 on the street.

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OK seriously Kev, what's with the suit bro? This isn't the first time either...don't tell me NYC has already changed you

Fantastic interview!! Again Im on the fence about waiting for the Q10 after Thors remarks on the design over functionality preference.

Awesome Interview Kevin. Seriously...
Also, I dig your new look. The jacket with nice shirt and NO tie is perfect!
Excellent Job! That honestly was the best interview I've seen of Thorstein yet.

I am truly not a troll, but I found some humor in the fact that he said how BB10 is unique with its own hardware and software, not just another android phone, yet how many apps are android ports?

Just had my first experience using the New Blackberry, OS 10, Z10. I am a Verizon customer but stopped into a AT&T store to check the phone out. Watching and reading your articles (Kevin M.), I was easily able to use the phone right away. First thing I did was exit the demo, which, personally would not help any new-comers to the phone of gestures. After exiting the demo, I opened a new message and started to type. Very responsive and accurate. I then went to the browser and was quite impressed there as well. The option I see myself using a lot is the "reader".

I have one concern, however. The navigation was slow and unresponsive. I was impressed with the simple Blackberry maps on my 9930, but using the Z10 maps was tedious. I am hoping an update will fix this problem.

Besides the navigation, I am very excited to own a Blackberry Z10. But having a unexpected layoff, I am now at a halt.

ADVERTISING IDEA for Q10's...a keyboard faceoff between goalies???

Why not do a parody a la Luongo vs Schneider...but instead...Luongo vs Tim Thomas...
After all we know the Playbook was used in Hockey commercials...what about resurrecting the recently traded Boston goalie Tim Thomas to do a faceoff against Vancouver's Roberto Luongo again in a Stanley CUP re-match..crack those crackberries boys....(maybe even bring in the Tim Hortons NFC capabilities...) ...ok ..enough of my free Advertising ideas....

What a genuine closing remark. I like that BlackBerry is actively watching the reaction. I would have loved to hear some teases about BlackBerry being a platform but that is just aspiration. I look forward to purchasing a Q10.

There he is folks, Canada's CEO of the year for 2013.

He gets it, he knows it, and he put it to action.

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There he is folks, Canada's CEO of the year 2013

He gets it
He knows it
And he put it to action.

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Great interview for both parties involved! Thanks for your dedication Kevin! Written with ease on my Z10 in the CB app...

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You're welcome Thorsten!

Thank you for making the comeback a reality. #TeamBlackberry will continue fighting with you!

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OK I just saw the interview and it was nice. But really it is like preaching to the choir. I was going to get it before I saw the interview and after seeing the interview nothing has changed. I will still get it. You have the perfect backdrop New York City, Alicia Keys and millions of potential new customers. As I stated in my post above HIT The STREETS. PROMOS PROMOS PROMOS. AT&T's launch has passed but you have another next week with Verizon. Promote the Verizon launch and all your carriers will benefit.

I am a little surprised Blackberry did not supply buttons for this interview, that little red asterisk on the lapel hmmm. The stock went down today and that is ok stock go down and up all the time. But at 16.00 or so Blackberry can't afford to go down more than a dollar on their LAUNCH. All I can do to support the company is buy more shares, pick up the Z10 and the Q10 so I will.

BLACKBERRY I have not seen anything and I mean anything as I travel around New York. If it is there then it is hidden. I am curious to know what your online sales for the Z10 was like today.

Promos can include but not limited to
Cards that look like the Z10 with catchy phrases
( The new Blackberry. We didn't just give it a paint job.)
(Z10 the first touch screen with no physical buttons)
(Z10 the eye catcher in a sea of touch screens.),
A chance to win a device.

Get out there and promote this thing you will be happy you did.

Great interview Kevin, it was a relax session, no pressure, Thorsten really open hims self and it was really nice when he thank all of us and obviously the CB site and nation.

So people you heard the man, he's always checking our comments and feedback, so keep them coming and lets all together make a better BlackBerry !!

BB by choice !!

Love the CEO.. genuine down to earth guy.. and most importantly very truthful and honest

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Great interview. Thorsten comes across as a classy guy, and his (and his team's) performance has been excellent - (unlike the previous CEO's). I wish you the best - I have a lot shares riding on BB coming back, so I do hope you win!!

Mr. Thorsten Heins seems like Deutsche gründlichkeit at its best, hats off to him for putting BB back on tracks.


Relax Big Man. Rome was not built in a day. Remember too that only one carrier has launched. People aren't going to jump carriers when they can wait another week to get it from their carrier of choice. The iPhone 5 had a bigger response than the Z10 so far, but the customers were not satisfied with the product. We have a solid product and it will sell.

Dear everyone who pronounces it as "Zee 10":

Get up to speed. It's pronounced "Zed 10". BlackBerry is a Canadian company and we pronounce it as "Zed", not "Zee". Also, the name of the product is "Zed 10", not "Zee", so in fact, it should never bee "Zee 10" regardless of where you are in the world. You wouldn't call Jay Z as "Jay Zed" now, would you?

You didn't ask him the important question. About these popular apps. C'mon man more news on Instagram, Spotify & Netflix to name a few.

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Wow, it was really a good interview. Thor projects a very genuine person and you can really connect with what he says

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When is CB gonna start working again for legacy devices? I'm on 7.1 and hardly ever get the blog to properly load.

Firstly, Kevin, you presented yourself in a professional way. You were kind of acting seriously than the CEO. I like your shirt.

Secondly, Mr. Heins works really hard and he is a down-to-earth boss. He is confident in his product.

Lastly, I have just read a bad news about the launch in the US. It's OK. Today is the first day. Hopefully, the carriers will do a bit more in promoting the phone.

I'm glad he's VERY in tune about his target market ... women use the qwerty keyboard in magnitude of 10:1 against men.

Okay I watched the video. Great job Kevin and I have to say that I really like Thor running this company. He makes me excited about BlackBerry now and in the future.

Still a ton of work to be done.