BlackBerry CEO talks about bringing trackpad lovers to BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry CEO, Thorsten Heins
By Simon Sage on 12 Jul 2013 03:54 pm EDT

Something that came up in our interview with BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins following on the annual general meeting was the issue of educating users coming in from older, traditional OS 7 devices. Here on CrackBerry, we’ve definitely seen some new Q10 owners frustrated with the learning curve, meanwhile Z10 owners have opened the box without any expectations and ready to soak in a whole new experience.

One of the hurdles for new Q10 owners has been an inconsistency in keyboard shortcuts. Heins promised that we would be seeing more of those in 10.1 and 10.2 updates, including my beloved U keyboard shortcut in the hub. Unfortunately, not everything can always be included right out of the gate. As Heins explains, you need to make some tough decisions to keep things on schedule. 

“In order to get BlackBerry 10 into the market, we also had to cut it somewhere and say, 'This is the package that we're going to go with,' because otherwise you never stop developing. We can have a long debate about whether this cutoff point was chosen correctly, but it is what it is. We had to do it. Otherwise we would have had to delay it even more.”

There’s also more work to be done with the out-of-the-box experience. There’s already a basic tutorial which runs through the major gestures in BlackBerry 10. They actually don’t include a skip option for this tutorial specifically because some folks thought they knew more than they really did on the gesture front. You’ll also notice some helpful arrows on the lock screen if you’re gesturing wrong to unlock. BlackBerry’s looking at extending these types of helpful hints throughout the OS. We'll get more on-screen hints about where the e-mail and calendar are, but the most interesting thing will be a little blue dot that will guide us where to go and how to use gestures.

“You move it, and then you decide when you want to switch it off. As long as you don't say, 'I learned it. I know it,' it will constantly appear and help you navigate the device. ... Yes, I think that what we will focus on in the next weeks, months, and quarters to come is really this education piece.”

Though most of us on CB won’t need to worry about that kind of stuff, this will be a great addition for those that aren’t quite as tech-savvy.

Let’s face it - we all know at least one of those guys that had a really hard time letting go of the old-school trackwheel, but I think it’s safe to say that in the case of touch input, change is good, so long as it’s done right. I’d love to see text cursor manipulation fine-tuned, since that was my primary use case for the trackpad, but so long as BlackBerry can smoothly and easily educate users on the basics of the user interface, they’ll be able to keep frustrations (and device returns) to a minimum.

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BlackBerry CEO talks about bringing trackpad lovers to BlackBerry 10




Have any 'minutes notes' from your meeting with TH that you want to share?? Will we be seeing the fruits of our labour (via the poll) that we put forth for you soon?

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Thanks Escon, missed my trackpad so just bought this. wow, TH should incorporate this in future BB10 update as an option , Something so simple can cause so much grief for diehard BB user.

I think Thor's point is something like this: even though right now, July 2013, adding a TrackPad to a BB10 device would be an asset to speed text selection, web browsing, remote control, and possibly even gaming on BB10 devices, to do so would have negative "optics" from the market perspective: it would appear to investors and reviewers that BB Ltd. has admitted that they just do not have the "chops" to deliver a satisfying, competitive full touchscreen experience and have to "fall back" on what they know: hard keyboards and trackpads.

...all of this, even though NO full touchscreen experience, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, NONE OF THEM can approach the efficiency and convenience of having a device with a fine-resolution pointing device (trackpad, trackball, virtual trackpad on touchscreen, whatever), and none of these competing platforms nor BB10 ever will, because there is a baffling and almost psychotic bias against TrackPads so, until human fingers get very very pointy (i.e. the fingertips are the size of one "retina display" pixel, like the tip of a mouse pointer) OR full touchscreen devices get the ability to read human brainwaves and know exactly which pixel the fat human finger meant to touch, BlackBerry thinks BB10 users should just accept an inferior experience: MISS your target then tap, tap, tap your little ring so you can get it where you want it.

Effectively BB is at a point where integrating a superior technology into certain device models would be perceived by dolts EVERYWHERE as a bad thing, even though it's a good thing: the only reason why it's a BAD thing is for PERCEPTION, not because it's actually bad.

So, don't count on a TrackPad, real or virtual, any time soon.

TrackPads are so bad, if you believe dolts, that the elegant beautiful looking BlackBerry 9900 is to mobile devices what this:

is to automobiles.

I'm actually kind of surprised that there's no big "back" button on BB10 devices, because CLEARLY people WANT the "in and out" experience that BB is so keen having BB10 be an alternative to, but... people still want that damn button. So, leaving a TrackPad OFF the device makes sense for some reason, because "no one wants it", and yet, putting a "back" button ON the device, which everyone DOES want, is also the way things "have to be".

I'm certainly not arguing FOR a back button, because BB10 gestures ARE superior, but if you're waiting for a TrackPad, whether or not you think it's superior, well, keep waiting.

I'm not waiting for a trackpad.

All the same, the ultimate BlackBerry would be a slider with the Z10's width and height dimensions. When closed, the screen would conceal the keyboard and trackpad. When open, both would be available for more precise control over the device.

I'm on Sprint too, their constant delay is causing speculation that they won't carry BlackBerry at all. Any insight appreciated.

I am 100% for bringing back the physical TrackPad, for superior text selection.
(virtual TrackPad is not as efficient; it gets in the way of the touchscreen.
If you've used iPh*ne's on-screen "virtual" Home Button, you may tend to agree).

1. How about using the "Y" key as the TrackPad on the Q10 successor?
This saves vertical space, which hopefully BlackBerry will use for a taller Q10 screen!

2. For those Apps which do not support TrackPad, the BB10 API should just treat the TrackPad "click" as a touch on the Q10 screen. Therefore minimise App programming/bug hunting!

~This is for App developers (who were leery of a *third* input interface for bug troubleshooting), who have been previously quoted as "No Third Interface for App development" due to cost and App rollout speed constraints).

Heinz finally getting the ball rolling.

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The track pad is missed for the accuracy with which one can edit text - well, for ME anyway.

That's the only reason I would want to see it return. Yes, one can edit - on android, ios, wp8, BlackBerry 10 - it's just that the trackpad was such an elegant solution.

It's a shame it's gone.

That said; there are far more important things that require addressing - like the absence of OPENVPN!

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Your learn to love the white/blue cursor circle. The update has made it a beautiful tool for my BlackBerry.

Z10, PlayBook, 9810, 9000.

Tapping left, right, up and down! Amazing results. I've also found them via comments. Experience to track the cursor was a bit annoying, but it was my fault that I could not use it. BlackBerry really needs to improve its tutorial basics. As a heavy blackberry user I've found it just now. And what about other users?!

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New cursor control is absolutely the best in the market. The BlackBerry touch screen keyboard now really rocks and I do not miss the track pad at all.

They seemed to solve the problem really quickly, why wasn't it like that on release?

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It was like that on release, it wasn't evident that it was.

I used the tap method on 10.0.9.### when it released in Canada on day 2 (that's when I stumbled upon it) ;)

#GetWithBB10 Channel @ C000D7228

The blue circle on BB10.1 is a workaround for the inaccuracy of touchscreen navigation, not a "solution". With a trackpad, you wanna go back and edit? you get exactly where you want to be QUICKLY, then click to place the insertion point. With the blue circle, you MISS where you want to be, then tune it in with the navigation ring. It's like the difference between and analog and digital radio tuner: digital is exact, bang, you're right there, and analog you get all the static and have to go back and forth to get it tuned right. Which is better? Well, seen any analog radio tuners on new devices lately?

Selecting text has a long way to go on all mobile OSES. BBOS text selection with the track pad is still the reference standard on mobile. Here's my take.

"At my restaurant, people like eating spaghetti with a fork. My restaurant wasn't doing as well as pan-asian restaurants where they eat long noodles with chopsticks and they slop all over the place. So we switched over to a pan Asian + Italian menu and threw out the forks. Now our old customers come and love the food but we say no, you can't use a fork, you'd better learn to use chopsticks."

THAT is how stupid the no track pad "rule" is. STUPID. No, it's not open to debate. Offer chopsticks and forks and let the customer decide. Mobile short text messages with a third-rate text selection mechanism may be ok, but "mobile computing"? There is a REASON why desktop computers are superior for hard core computing tasks to laptops, ultra books, tablets, and mobile phones, and the human factors issues are IT. Ignore them at your peril, Thor.

We've all heard stories of people writing whole books on their BBOS devices, but I bet you won't be hearing any stories about people writing books on a Q10, because cut / copy / paste on a Q10 isn't nearly as good as on a 9900, in my experience.

Correct, when you copy and edit like I did on the 9900 with one hand with pin point accuracy the track Pad was a Witch and accurate. I guess I missed the Track Pad Survey titled " Yes or No for thé Track Pad ". Also noticing the cursor ball does not pop up consistently when I tap the screen. Only the two blue dots pop up and only allows me to high lite the text. This is where the track pad would allow me précision editing and cut & paste response. Yup no track pad you lost this BlackBerry user ! Just kidding ! But this is an issue THOR ! Listen while we Keep Moving !

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That has been my experience as well. The track pad from Bold/Curve has not been adequately replaced on BB10. Hopefully this improves with the updates.

The display space gained on Q10 by elimination of the trackpad and nav keys is of questionable value since it made the display square. It would have been different if the result had made the height greater than the current width with the ability to rotate for enhanced media experience.

...I'm not in agreement at all in you assertion about the new text selection, cut, copy, and paste. I thought that it would be a problem when I migrated from my 9860 to my Z10...but things have to change, you can't stay the same forever...after a little learning curve (which I anticipated as I had been keeping up with the leaks, reports etc...) I have found that (especially after a tweak in the uodate) that moving around in text is actually faster that it ever was with a track pad. drop in where you want to go, and if not right where you want to be, then touch and drag the 'circle' (on the touch marks) to where you want the cursor to be...tap, quick drag...and you're done. Tap and hold a word and it highlights the whole word, tap the word again, the side menu pops out select what action that you may be that I'm typing all the time, but I just find it a lot faster, more logical than before.

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Try doing it with one hand. Also, don't compare the OPERATING SYSTEM of BBOS7 with BB10. The trackpad gives you precision: that doesn't mean that BB10 should adopt the same command structure as BBOS7.

Try doing all the things you say above with JUST YOUR THUMB and tell me how much better it is than a trackpad, and you'll probably say "don't be ridiculous of COURSE you have to use two hands!" and I'll reply "but with a trackpad, you don't have to use two hands. The current paradigm doesn't give you an one handed option... but if there was a track pad, and the full touchscreen actually DOES surpass the utility of the TrackPad, then by all means use two hands and use the touchscreen and ignore the TrackPad.

Agreed. Refusing to adapt to OS10 until I can get a trackpad.
Try making your workbook in Q10 without one. Try inserting rows. Try inserting columns. Try to select a few cells.
See if people can do it as fast as with a good trackpad.

Why doesn't Blackberry integrate text selection as part of that cursor circle by introducing a "tab" at the bottom of that ring (similar to the one to pull down the alarm clock but smaller). One can then position the cursor circle at a particular point and if they want to select the text then they can just pull down on that tab (like a rubber band effect) and drag to cursor circle for the selection and then release.

Tap to move, drag to select, works in any direction.... I'd love that. Toss in a floating 'cancel selection' "X"near your highlight and it would be perfect. I hate having to go to the bottom corner to cancel selection and clicking anywhere else seems to just move the highlight

Kevin you guys and BlackBerry too should do a short video to show your readers how to use the cursor...
(tap right/left/up/down as well as holding it down and moving it anywhere etc)
I did not know you could tap the top or bottom either until I read it here.

Take care

I agree about cursor control. I think that that some of the suggestions I've read here on CrackBerry for improving the highlighting of text for purposes of copying and pasting, could improve things significantly, though.

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I find I can edit text more easily with the cursor circle than I could with the old track pad. And I didn't know about tapping left and right till just now because reasons. Thanks Kevin!

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The new editing cursor from 10.1 is absolutely wonderful! I find it extremely easy to use to edit text with very good accuracy and fine movement.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Wow, at first I was having a hard time using the blue circle until Kevin and friends above my comment showed me the light! I love my Z so much more!

I agree. I still enjoyed the keyboard and the text manipulation better on bb10 than I do on my nexus 4 now. BlackBerry owns that game.

Has anyone else had the frustration of wanting the edit circle but the only thing that will come up is the blue tabs for blocking? While I love my Z10 this can make me want to throw my phone across the room when I'm in a hurry.

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Yes! It took me awhile to figure it out, and the 10.1 update really fixed it for me.

Tap and release, to make the magic circle appear.
Tap and hold, to make the blue text-selection teardrops appear.

Agreed. Its fantastic. I could do without trackpad. Z10 on 10.0 was horrible for text editing. 10.1 on the Q10. AMAZING.

Old geezers need to let go of track pad. BlackBerry did a good job in BlackBerry 10 with the cursor bubble for editing

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You're right. These old geezers, where the same ones, holding on to there buggy whip, in case the car, never catch as a means of transport

Posted via CB10

You, sir, are in no position to throw stones. You'd do well to learn the difference between "there", "they're", and "their", as well as "where" and "were" (and probably "we're", too) before you post anything else....lest you come off looking like an ignorant moron again. And, actually, re-reading your drivel once again, it seems you may want to learn about verb tenses ("catch" vs "catches") and proper punctuation as well.

An "old geezer"

Bet he has a couple of devices synched to his account and the z10 is simply the one he breaks out when there are dastardly bloggers like yourself around watching him.

I will always miss the trackpad. And nothing to do with a "learning curve" for me; it's about accuracy and efficiency. Text selection is okay with the touch screen, but it was amazing with the trackpad. For those who use the phone as a toy it might not matter; i use mine for work and I'm constantly copy/pasting information.

The more I use the touch interface on my Q10, the more natural it becomes. And it's much, much better between 10.0 and 10.1. Huge difference and much better in 10.1.

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Ditto me for that, ... and "no" I haven't seen the 10.1 "circle" - "maybe" it is an improvement after all

10.1 text selection circle is way better than 10.0, and better than apples by a long shot. But it's still no trackpad. I get that the trackpad is a thing of the past, but it doesn't mean I have to be happy about it :)

Yeah. I miss "amazing". "Okay" is OK, but amazing is AMAZING. Why can't my BB10 device be better than just "okay" especially when the vendor invented "amazing" but for some reason has decided that in the area of text selection, they're just going to be "okay" from now on? It's baffling.

“In order to get BlackBerry 10 into the market, we also had to cut it somewhere and say, 'This is the package that we're going to go with,' because otherwise you never stop developing. We can have a long debate about whether this cutoff point was chosen correctly, but it is what it is. We had to do it. Otherwise we would have had to delay it even more.”

Wow -- 2 years late and they still couldn't get it done properly.

“You move it, and then you decide when you want to switch it off. As long as you don't say, 'I learned it. I know it,' it will constantly appear and help you navigate the device. ... Yes, I think that what we will focus on in the next weeks, months, and quarters to come is really this education piece.”

What happened to all the bravado about an ultra-intuitive OS? Finally, a clear admission that BB10 requires a lot of "learning" to effectively use. So much for being so intuitive!

Please tell me what you know about writing a mobile os. Ios was started on 2002 and wasn't released toll 07, android in 04 and was released till 2009(by Google then).

You have to be small minded if you think writing a os is a easy task.

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The problem isn't that NYC10065 thinks writing an OS is an easy task.

It's that someone at BlackBerry thought it was an easy task. The delays in BB10 are a clear sign someone completely underestimated the complexity of BB7 and hence made the strategic blunder to try and start from scratch.

The consequence was a year without devices and a collapsed share price.

And the iOS task switcher is intuitive? I had no idea it was there. I had to go to their help site to find that it's brought up by clicking the home button twice in rapid succession. I guess that makes me an idiot for not just thinking that "Hmm... there's one button. Maybe I should just keep clicking it to see what happens." Every OS has a learning curve. Apple's isn't intuitive either, it's just the one everybody learned first, so now if it doesn't work like what everyone else knows, they call it unintuitive. Please explain to me why then, knowing how to use both devices, I mistakenly try to swipe on my iPhod? It's because the gesture system is just better and my mind believes that it how it should work. Was a car's steering wheel unintuitive because it didn't work like a horse's reins? You mean I have to TURN IT instead of PULLING ON IT??!?!?!? The automobile will NEVER catch on!

When can we read/watch the entire interview? If you are going to piece out every thing then let me know so I can stop anticipating.

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We're piecing out a few segments... then I will do a final editorial and video on week in Waterloo. Literally typing this on a plane about to fly home. Had no time to write while away. When I get home will wrap everything up. Productive week!

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Hmmm... Were you shown secret hardware/software features and were asked not to record anything? The pictures in the article looks like it was taken during some downtime so it seems like you guys were only given the okay to snap a photo then... The plot thickens lol

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 & lovin' it!

awwww too bad. But plenty of photo shoot? Got to go in BB secret labs again? Are you now being careful about stating that something mind-blowing is going to come out like last time? ;p
Can't wait to read it and to get plenty of inside intel.
I like the pace at which BB is updating the OS, only 5 months after I got my phone and already two major updates with 10.1 and 10.2, hopefully the latter will be official by the end of the summer and on to 10.3!

The thing about text selection on BlackBerry 10 is that it will always improve, and eventually surpass the track pad efficiency and beyond.

Sent from my BB10 smartphone.

This is a general comment, not a direct response to you, Dave, but you raise the point that touchscreen selection will improve... but there are technical limitations not being addressed.

Are you saying that someone from BlackBerry Limited is going to come to my house and chisel my fingertips down to a point where they can touch exactly the right spot and when I start selecting text it won't accidentally jump all the way to the end then I will able to accurately touch that selection boundary handle and move it to exactly the correct position without it jumping somewhere else? And those same pointy fingers of mine will be able to click on the RIGHT teeny tiny link in the Browser the FIRST TRY without going to the WRONG page and then I have to go back and try again... and again... and maybe even once more to get it right? Or I can just stop walking, put my coffee down, hold my device in my left hand, then zoom in, THEN click the right link, then pick my coffee up and keep walking? Is BlackBerry going to solve all these problems for me without a TrackPad?

Maybe they can fix the psychotic jumping around of the selection boundary, but can they fix clicking on teensy tiny links? I doubt it.

I'm sure you can tell how frustrating I find full touch-screen accuracy. I know ALL ABOUT the 10.1 blue circle, and it's a WORKAROUND for PROBLEMS caused by TOUCHSCREEN INACCURACY, not a solution. It's tedious and frustrating now. Hopefully touchscreen text selection and accuracy will get less tedious and frustrating in the future.

I guess the real solution is: REDESIGN every single website in the world so that links are very very far apart so it is impossible to click the wrong one with your nubby finger no matter how small the onscreen text is. Ok, internet: GO! Do it! Now. EVERY WEB PAGE. Redesign. Start. Now.

Maybe a key on the keyboard can toggle the keyboard into track pad mode. Wouldn't that be nice?

Posted via CB on my Z 10

That would require bringing up the keyboard, and defeat the purpose of a full touch phone's screen real estate. To me, there's an opportunity here to include a user selectable 'virtual trackpad' overlay in the corner of the screen. Figure out a gesture to turn it on and off (like using the reverse of the hub gesture... in from the side and straight down). It would look like 4 small corner brackets with enough transparency that it doesn't really block any viewing. Have it automatically 'grey out' when it hasn't been used in a few seconds so it's even less visible. Have it automatically hide during full screen videos, in the main hub list, on the active frame screen and icon grid, etc... I think that would solve a lot of gripes

Kevin do you get the feeling that they have improved internal project management to get things out on time better than in the past? That's still a stigma they suffer from.

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i would love a 9900 blackberry size phone, a little taller only so the trackpad can fit with out getting to big and ofcourse with BB10

Did you not read the post that said,"there will never be a track pad on a bb10 device"...

#GetWithBB10 Channel @ C000D7228

lol dont you know in this climate you have to be born the best.There's nothing liek improving over time.Suppose to just be the best out the gate.Sad state we are in these days.

Finally able to get my hands on a Q10 July 10th though the Australian launch was a the Q10's Hub,keyboard,quality feel. Being a 9800 and 9860 owner, I do miss the trackwheel. Also the loss of my Playbook now it won't be getting BB10. The Aristo looks elegant though it looks a bit Nokiaish. Good to see 9720 and Q5 carry on the Qwerty tradition. Let us all hope that the Blackberry Come Back is a strong one. Thorsten Heins has done a terrifi job in very difficult circumstances. Thakyou

What if on a Z10 if you draw a small circle it looks at the next letter gesture for keyboard shortcut?

Need the 10.1 MR with ez unlock.

Why can't BBRY make a virtual trackpad as the Origami Browser made for PB? Something you can turn on and off like the soft home button for iphone?

My own comments on this:
Do I miss a track pad? In a way, yes.

People are right, the improved cursor circle since 10.1 is great and for editing text it is generally very well suited for the task. (except at the left and right edge on the screen where it can be problematic even with tapping to correct the position).

However where the track pad is or was unbeatable is text selection - BlackBerry 10 is not a catastrophe but it is not great either. It is usable but a trackpad is easier to use accurately for text selection.

There is also one other thing - my Bold 9900 could do drag an drop in the browser - click the trackpad, hold - cancel the message and you had picked up an element. That can't be done on a Touchscreen unfortunately...
(Those who are interested - it was the Zenphoto backend - ordering galleries.)

Posted via CB10

FINALLY someone else who is CORRECT on this issue. :-)

How about a poll? Not "is the bb10 text selection model acceptable" but "would you buy a z10 with a trackpad and hard send / end buttons?"

On second thought, i'll just go ahead and do that!

If BlackBerry users listened to people who said what we need to let go of, it would be BlackBerry devices. Good thing we are a disobedient lot. Well, some of us are.

I'd still love to see a virtual trackpad on the Z10 keyboard. Like the Trackpad Editor app. Why not?!?!?

Posted via CB10 w/ the Z10

To give up the trackpad was a big mistake. I have the Q10 now, used the 9900 before. Q10 is great, but I miss the trackpad anytime, when I have to select text, copy it, to move from line to line etc. For people, which need BlackBerry as a working tool it is a big step back.

Touch screen at the position you want to start your cut and paste. Adjust position with the bubble. A button comes up, click the button, which turns the keyboard into a track pad or it could allow the following: swipe keypad right to highlight one word at a time, swipe KB left to highlight 1 character at a time, double tap anywhere on the screen to undo your last swipe. Long press in the highlighted area, copy, cut or whatever. BlackBerry can make this happen. Or swipe down from top of screen, click track pad. Now your keyboard acts just like a track pad. In this case, developers must provide the menu.

Leave it to blackberry to perfect the above solution.

Posted via CB on my Z 10

The Sony Playstation 3 controller has an optional keyboard add on... THE ENTIRE KEYBOARD ACTS LIKE A MOUSE PAD! If you just rub your thumb over the keys you can move a mouse pointer over the screen. Your idea is a bit more "concentrated" but the idea has been put to use in the real world, and it works kind-of well, actually. Anyone else use this on their Playstation and agree?

I kinda wish there was two finger select text and pinch to copy un pinch to paste it. so when you pinch to copy, all the words would come together and disappear, then when you go to paste, you can watch them unfurl and fill the space you put them in.

I would settle for BBLink being able to restore my data without losing contact links or adding a +1 to every phone number in my text messages so that they are not recognized as contacts in my list

I only miss the track pad when I'm using the browser. Some web sites are not set up for mobile devices, and it is difficult to select a small point on the screen especially when there is a group of links. A virtual track pad would be great for this. A small pointer could appear on the screen and you could easily navigate and click on small sections of the site.

Posted via CB10

If the next BB10 has a physical KB and a touchpad, I'm getting it :)
BlackBerry ARE moving in the right direction, albeit not at the pace of their customers.

Posted from The Force wielding tap-dancing mouse on secret pantless missions (hiding in Jaydee's backseat) :p

You won't be getting their next or any bb10 device then, time spent adding a trackpad that few people consider that important and wouldn't be utilised on most of their product range would be such a waste compared with them continuing to work to further improve the editing cursor in 10.2 to the same extent it improved from 10.0 to 10.1.

You can get the track pad editor app from the world, and Thorsten has a red edition Z10!!!!

Posted via CB10

The circle is pretty good for editing... specially after the 10.1 update. patiently waiting for an update to 10.2

Posted via CB10

Im saying this because it seems like it was a kind of a time constraint thing for launching BB10 so could we see it 8 months or 18 months down the line ? or would it be considered "obsolete and useless" technology by then ?

Virtual track pad app as an option for certain applications would be best. Having a physical key for that is a waste when you could use it for extra screen space.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

Isnt that a bit like saying a virtual keyboard is better than a physical keyboard ?

the question remains, does BlackBerry intend to bring it back at some point in the future? seeing that they agree its something worth having but they left it out to avoid delaying BB10 any further.

No because you get tactile feedback from physical keys and its more accurate. If you can make a virtual track pad just as good why have a physical button?

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

Tried the "TrackPad Editor" app on BlackBerry World:

Check this out:

Now, give me that TrackPad, optionally always ALWAYS on screen, with "virtual" call send / end buttons ALWAYS THERE, even when other apps are full screen. Always. Always there. Yes, even when I have the home screen showing. Reduce the resolution of my screen permanently by, what, 80 pixels so that never ever is off the screen and I'll stop b*tching about wanting a trackpad.

If "always on screen trackpad" becomes an option in BB10 at some point, my poor screen will get a thumb-shaped hole worn into it. It would never be off.

I wonder if Thor had tried this app?

Thorsten was quoted as saying that there will never be a track pad on bb10+.. so let it go ;)

There was a CB article on it I believe...

#GetWithBB10 Channel @ C000D7228

It's not about convincing people to switch. It's about recognizing which is the SMARTER solution. The current scheme is not better than the trackpad under any circumstance. If you've tried Trackpad Editor in BlackBerry World, you'll see that even an underdeveloped software trackpad is better than the current scheme.

For some people, it's not a problem. But, clearly for many here, it's a major concern and a point of value. The question is, what's better? What's smarter? The current scheme or a solution that allows you the kind of finesse that you need on this platform?

Posted via CB10

It is a smart comment. The programmers need to realize this stuff. (their focus on UI - is about the smaller stuff)

One of my biggest reasons I miss the track pad is when viewing some legacy websites. They have menus that you need to mouseover, then select an option inside. In an all-touch interface, I can only click, so there are certain sections of websites that are hard or impossible to access.

One way they could fix this is if they added a mode so that if you long-press on a certain spot of the screen, then bring up the overflow menu, and select an option to "mouse-over" or "move cursor here", then it would be clunky, but work.

I see that as a problem with the website's design. It's not touch friendly. As more and more touch only devices browse the web, websites will adapt and use more touch friendly designs. The other way to work around this would be to have some sort of proximity sensor like samsung has on the gs4. It can detect where your finger is hovering over the screen.

The edit circle is still not perfect. Mainly near edges of the screen. And also the touching the screen to quickly move the cursor doesn't work properly yet. It either stays in the already selected position or moves too far.

Posted via CB10

You don't have to tap the actual circle, simply inside the circle on the side of the cursor you want to move in works.. especially helpful close to the edges.

#GetWithBB10 Channel @ C000D7228

Look, I'm pushing 60. I love my Q10, get a lot of work done with it, and have NO problem with learning curves.

I miss the trackpad for the same reasons already mentioned - text selection and pointing at micro-text/buttons when browsing.

However. I've noticed that the more I use the KB the better I get and the less text manipulation I have to do for page-long notes. Longer than that and I'm better off using something else as I need the edit-rewrite-edit cycle to clarify my thoughts. THAT requires a lot of text movement. Still, the Q10 is good for the initial text entry.

The key to change is to change. Going back to the trackpad is by definition going backward. Let's give ourselves some time to develop.

Posted via CB10

Elsewhere I mentioned the anecdotes about people who have written long-form text (novels, books, journal articles, etc.) EXCLUSIVELY on their BBOS<8 devices... I don't think it is at all practical without a TrackPad or equivalent (working trackball). I guess when we start to see the next crop of articles about totally-written-on-BlackBerry-handheld books, I'll believe it... but when writing long form text, you often have to select long text fragments and move them around, and doing that with a touch screen would make me... well, I wouldn't get the book finished, because the poor device would be smashed against a brick wall and stomped to a fine rare-earth-mineral+plastic+leatherette powder.

That's a ridiculous assessment. It's not an issue of going backward. Change is not good simply for the sake of change. Change has to implemented properly for it to be considered good. This change has not been implemented properly. There are clear flaws.

If we're going to move forward, it should be with solutions that don't burden. Does it have to be a trackpad? No. But the trackpad was smart for a reason. How is it all of a sudden bad or dumb? Simply because it's "old". The wheel is old too. The pulley is old as well. Should we stop using those technologies in everyday life? Absolutely not.

The point is, BlackBerry users have been coming up with fantastic alternatives to the current scheme. If change is so good, then this is one area where change needs to happen. But, it needs to be implemented properly.

Posted via CB10

I agree with Mr. Heins about cutting OS development somewhere and go out to the market with it. Otherwise, we would still be whining about why isn't BB10 out yet. I don't know why people complain about OSes so much these days. I remember when Android came out. People who reviewed Android devices from the Froyo and Eclair days and even recent Ice Cream Sandwich reviewers used to complain about it being laggy still. No OS is born perfect. And I think smartphone consumers don't understand the difference between feedback and complaining while they're running to the store on day 2 after purchase to return the device because they didn't like something about the OS. I don't remember, but I think Android devices on their early days were lacking a lot of stuff compared to BB smartphones or WinMo devices. We have to give feedback to BlackBerry in order to make the platform grow by using the proper channels, but if we keep complaining in the forums about this or that, and if we run on day 2 to return our BB10 devices, a good platform may not survive. And for the ones complaining about the lack of apps, support the platform and apps will come. Who would've thought? Foursquare for Nokia S40 devices! If enough consumers support a platform, app developers won't have other way to go but to develop for that platform.

What about a track pad app, mr Heins. Shouldn't be that hard, since there are apps to let you control the cursor of your windows pc. I don't know anything about writing code for an app or anything, but shouldn't be too hard. The same thing with windows 8 (pc) when they had the start button removed, people wanted it back and found a way to do it themselves. It doesnt have to be an out of the box app or anything, but jeez at least bring it it on some lvl back. If its glass or plastic we're touching doesn't matter. The point is, its just more precise to work with a movable cursor (trackpad) than a cursor that stays on the same spot each time the finger ''leaves'' the glass.

+ dont just catch up to the other platforms, improve on them. A trackpad was never a minus of the older blackbbery's . Just remember that.

Completely agree. The trackpad was a huge plus over other devices. Taking it away was a huge mistake. There were lots of things to fix and change in the old OS. The trackpad wasn't one of them. I'm sure I could get by without it, and make some compromises in the way I work to find a way to make do. But why in the world would I make that choice? First and foremost, I need my BB to write/edit/send/receive/file messages. The 9900 does this far better than the Q10. For everything else that the Q10 does better, I'll just settle for a second device - probably an iPhone given all the iTunes content I have.

Fellow people, please help!! What is that ability that while texting shows up. It's 2 blue dots that u separate to highlight text. It deletes it, etc. How does it activate and how to take it off??

Posted via CB10

Kevin, have you played with the A10 proto when you were in Waterloo?... You did .. didn't you.. You dog you... how was it? Should we all get one?

How about a 'virtual ' track pad???? It would be a touch screen but have the vintage look. Bet that would be the cat's ass for the traditional....

Posted via CB10

What an amazing idea. Oh sorry by the way I would have replied sooner but my freakin' Verizon Z10 randomly rebooted again.

Posted via CB10

I think this is what people have been asking for. But you have so many people trying to make it look as tho we're asking for a hardware trackpad. We don't need the hardware trackpad. We need a better text editing solution. From the ideas I've seen other users come up with, including a software trackpad, there's clearly room for, not just major improvement but, complete overhaul.

Posted via CB10

Biggest mark against BlackBerry is nobody knows it's secrets. I show someone my phone and they say oh wow that's cool.

Posted via CB10

They can easily fix word selection for Q10 by adding an ALT+swipe feature to mimic the trackpad...

Posted via CB10

Hilarious... the blue circle thing was annoying me... until i read earlier comments - didn't know how to use it properly. BlackBerry does need to educate more.

Posted via CB10

Selecting text has never been an issue for me in BlackBerry 10. At first it was a little different, no big deal. Now, with 10.2, it is even better still. No issues whatsoever selecting text.

Posted via CB10

I'm so glad BlackBerry no longer has a track pad. I am also so glad that entire row of buttons is gone.

BlackBerry 10 is so much cleaner and better than the old OS. Gestures are the best way to use the screen. They've nailed it, in my opinion, and it's only going to improve as more updates roll out.

Posted via CB10

I just need big display. I just hope BlackBerry would make 5.5 inches display phone and BB10 PlayBook.

Posted via CB10

Please, Just STOP...
Physical keyboard and trackpad go hand in hand. The trackpad is accurate and easy to use to highlight, copy and cut. People that like physical keyboard would have loved to have the trackpad in the Q10.
I bought a Z10... Now I am playing, tapping here and there to try to highlight the text... it's frustrating.
Soon I'll go back to my Bold. I like the HUB in the Z10 and Q10. My Z10 is fast, but I ask myself why don't find these basic function such as COPY, CUT, PASTE, PRINT in every application ?

I wonder why some people aren't frustrated by the on-screen selection? Just when I start to think "it must be me", I decide "actually, I'm a smart, patient guy, and I don't just give up on tech, but text selection and link clicking on ALL platforms, iOS, Android, BB10, is a pale imitation of text selection on BBOS." All the 'modern' full touchscreen platforms are predicated on two-handed use, and leaving out the TrackPad limits how close to fully-functional single handed use that BB10 can achieve.

And if you have to ask WHY I'm SO COMMITTED to one handed use of my device... well... the media playback capabilities of BB10 are real, and they're SPECTACULAR. (JOKING!)

"I wonder why some people aren't frustrated by the on-screen selection?"

Simple. They aren't using it as often. Use it often enough and the problems become apparent. It's like shoes that are too big. If you don't walk in them for long periods of time, you'll never find out that all the slipping and sliding can cause blisters.

If they're just playing games and tapping out quick messages, they aren't going to approach an activity level where text editing becomes a concern.

Media creator vs media consumer. Consumers don't need to edit text.

I once saw a Coors Light billboard that said "Our mountains are real, and they're spectacular" and I started laughing so hard I had to slow down to the speed limit lol

That's a classic episode

Talk.. Talk.. Talk.. ! Come on ! Let's face it , whithout the great Apps , BB is dead! Apps...Apps...Apps !
No Apps! That's why BB is finished ! :(

Ok. Now, name 10 apps that you ABSOLUTELY need on your BlackBerry that you can't get. Would really like to know.

Posted via Z10 & CB10

Here we go...
Google maps
My Bank App
Temple Run
Photoshop Express
Pay Pal
WSJ Live
Real Racing 2HD
..... on and on ..... !!

Apollo is a pretty good Pandora client. I recommend it. Works really well for me. Only issue I've ever had was I made the mistake of swiping on the screen while it was loading and it permanently shifted the entire interface. I had to close it and reopen it and missed out on a good song lol

I find it hard to believe though that Temple Run is an absolute must have. I've played it; it's not THAT great. The OP did say 'absolutely need'

+1 for on screen track pad that basically emulates a trackpad, much easier to scroll thru text whether up or down left and right, tap and tap is kind inefficient compared to that

Posted via CB10

Little blue dot must be for the Americans. They sometimes have a hard time following things. Remember the blue hockey puck during American televised hockey games...oh yeah then there was the iPhone developed for Americans by an American....shall I go on? don't mean to bash...just stating some facts.

FOX Sports and the streaking orange puck! HDTV solved the issue of tracking the puck on screen. Well, that and the ever balooning size of the screens. I hated hockey when I was little because I couldn't follow it on my 13" TV

I've had a few issues with it selecting text instead of changing the cursor position, but I don't use these features often enough to get the hang of it... the autocorrect is so good that there are very few typos to fix.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

Same here. The circle is enough for me. I don't move the cursor that often too. But it really should not disappear. When I try to press the circle its often gone again ind I select a new position instead.

Posted via CB10

U! The u is coming back! This and quick key/saved searches will finish the hub imho.

...and I too missed the trackpad at first, but less and less as I use 10.1... try moving the cursor on an iphone for a minute and you'll love the edit circle.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry is messed up. They clearly are not in the hardware business. They are moving to the Internet business. Mark my words, they will screw up QNX in automotive just like the phone. BlackBerry management are the worst!

Posted via CB10

I would like to comment here. I want to write a lot of stuff and make a bunch of mistakes so that I can use the cursor wheel and make a lot of corrections. In doing so I will be able to offer my two cents.

Works great!

Posted via CB10

The curse circle on 10.0 annoyed me because it was difficult to select text at the edges. Definitely better in 10.1.

Posted via CB10

Interesting question. I guess creating such a product would almost be an admission that BB10's gesture paradigm is a failure. I can't help but see a lot of the Z10's frustrations remedied with a trackpad though.

Posted via CB10

While the circle has been improved for 10.1, selecting blocks of text hasn't. Try and select blocks of text in a text message to try and re-order it. It's frustrating. The keyboard pops up and hides at its own will, copy/paste is fiddly...

My 9800 was much better at this.

I agree 100%, and admit that improvements to the software so the keyboard appears and disappears more 'intelligently' can fix SOME of the issues, but not all.

I say let it go. There is quite a bit we as Z users had to give up including the keyboard shortcuts. I speed dial is a bit of work. To my point though everything we ever wanted in BlackBerry is now here. Now they just need to work the old goodies back.

Posted via CB10

After I saw the Track Pad app this made me think why did you ask for such a major change from us dedicated BlackBerry users ? Missed that survey !! Get the track pad back on to the keyboard, make the Cursor ball pop up more consistently because it is not. The cursor ball does not pop up consistently when I tap the screen to edit text, those annoying blue dots pop up and allows me to only high lite my text.

Posted via CB10

I hear you can get a 9900 with track pad, decent battery and real programs and good support. Just a thought.

...and I can get them on ebay for $200 and BlackBerry gets no revenue at all and no future and goes bankrupt. I see what a great attitude that is for BlackBerry fans and BlackBerry to have!

The educating first time users is exactly what they need to do. Videos don't cut it. In words of Confucious, “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

Too bad BlackBerry has done a piss poor job so far in educating folks. That's should be a part of their marketing scheme.

please add the virtual track pad , I am using the Track pad editor works ok but this should be added to the Z10 and Q10 keyboard in the 10.2 OS update. Have the user have the ability to turn on the track pad for the keyboard in the Drop down swipe menu. In this menu you should have access to Setting , Bluetooth , Alarm , Rotational , WiFi , Notification and now add Virtual Track Pad. This would be awesome and Blackberry would get positive response from loyal Virtual and QWERTY keyboard users. Blackberry you have the best keyboard this will only enhance it .... Keep Moving

I didn't think the track pad was that important, until I really started to pay attention to how much I use it. It might be gone in BB10 (which from a marketing perspective was probably a mistake -- lost differentiation), and it probably not coming back, but Blackberry seems to understand the need for accurate cursor control and text manipulation.

Here's my suggestion (at least on keyboard devices): <ALT>+touch. That would bring up a cursor that can be manipulated on screen through touch gestures, WITH REDUCED GAIN. That is, a large movement of the finger equals a small movement on the cursor. Presto! A virtual touchpad.

I think too many BlackBerry owners are overlooking this fact: even though it's called BlackBerry 10, its basically like BlackBerry 1.0 because it's the first of its kind for this OS.

Posted via CB10 Z10

You would be completely ignoring the fact that Blackberry has over a decade of experience along with research and development. You can say that about iPhone. You can say that about Android. But, you can't say that about Blackberry. They've tossed away just about all of this experience, research, and development in an effort to chase down less mature OS's and for the wrong reasons.

They were right to change the name. Research is NOT in motion at Blackberry LIMITED.

Please BlackBerry - DO NOT MAKE A VIRTUAL TRACK PAD - or any kind of track pad for BlackBerry 10, ever. Please. Stick to the decision to use gestures for UI navigation.

Posted via CB10

I am noticing to copy and edit text the cursor ball does not come up consistently. So if I want to insert or edit a text the cursor ball is awesome but I am noticing more frequently the two blue balls pop up and only allows me to high lite a complete area to cut and paste very very annoying. That's where the track pad was a dream. I was a Witch with my 9900 and track pad to cut and paste and edit. I think 10.2 OS update should allow the track pad option in the drop down menu where you select Wifi and Rotational. If you select Track Pad the phone still should function as if it did not have the track pad but would be an added user friendly feature to the peek and flow.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry 10 is better without any form of track pad. Get over the track pad already.

It's super easy.

Posted via CB10

The only buttons, on any BlackBerry 10 phone, should be the keyboard and the usual side and top buttons. NO NEED for ANY FORM of track pad for heaven's sake. Seriously. No weird virtual track pad is necessary at all. It would be lame.

Posted via CB10

Good thing you're not the one in charge of what BlackBerry does or doesn't do. Track pad will make the z10 fly, easy to copy paste, highlight, scroll thru text etc etc

Posted via CB10

Um, just a wee suggestion: instead of posting three separate posts in a row, GO BACK to the first one and click the tiny "edit" button and try COPYING and PASTING the latter two of your posts together into the first one:


After you get up off the floor from the fetal position / sobbing, then come back and tell me just how excellent that cut and paste editing on your Z10 is. When you get fed up and tromp over to your desktop computer because doing it on your Z10 is too frustrating, then you'll understand.

Don't take my snide attitude personally, but your tone is a bit "absolute" and let's just say it doesn't bring out the best in me.

Don't fret the naysayers. Some like to be stuck in the past. If those folks were in charge we'd still have the wheel on the side of the device because "nothing could be more accurate than a wheel".

As soon as they develop the full-touch-screen software that can be as good as a trackpad, take it out. Even apple and google with their BILLIONS OF DOLLARS can't outdo the TrackPad, and why should BlackBerry with apparent contempt for its customers and outright hostility to usability want to do it?

The 10.1 text navigation is amazing! Much better than before and navigation is a breeze. The up, down, left, right is very clever. Two things however:

1) highlighting text to copy and paste is still an issue and can be frustrating as it's still not exact and messes up many times.

2) that's said, BlackBerry should take the "wheel" concept for text and really modify it. With in the "wheel" why not have copy, paste, copy all and clear options that fade in when a selection is made...BlackBerry can play one this. thanks

Posted via CB10

I have the answer! Glue a track pad on the phones. Problem solved.
I use the track pad on my 9930 all the time and think I will miss when I upgrade

I don't really miss it. I have owned the Z10 for a few months and really have grown accustomed to the gesture-based OS. The problem is editing text and copying and pasting is usually a nightmare, but perhaps a trackpad is not required to fix these issues.

I am not sure I understand the issue. The new phone is so simple to use and it was a seemless transition. I saw a 13 year old girl today get a new BlackBerry Q10 and she was in heaven.

It is an amazing device hands down. Every update will seem like Christmas.

Awesome job Blackberry. All our friends and family are upgrading to the BlackBerry 10 OS.

They did an amazing job!


BB10 has its short comings, but they did do a pretty good job with the device and catching up to current standards. :)

I got to thinking that even though Apple management stated that a smaller tablet was a bad idea, eventually they saw that consumers wanted 7" tablets, that 7" was a good form factor, and that other 7" tablets were doing well in the marketplace. Eventually Apple released the iPad Mini and it has been a success for Apple without impacting too severely on the full-sized iPad sales.

I don't like what had to happen at Apple for that change to come, but in the end, consumers got their iPad Mini, and Apple got a new successful product. So, never say never.

Does BlackBerry hold patents on the trackpad they used in the BB7 devices? If not, well, maybe Samsung will just get a bit bored and see if they can't lure more BB fans to Android.

NO TRACK PAD, I beg BlackBerry to never make another track pad, virtual or otherwise after this 9720 device.

Never ever again for track pads.

Posted via CB10

Why? No one is suggesting trackpads should be mandatory on all devices?

Wait a second... do you work for Apple and you realize that if BlackBerry brings out a full touchscreen device with their new market-leading virtual keyboard AND a hardware TrackPad that BlackBerry's lead over Apple as a mobile communications device will be even greater?

Are you lobbying so hard against the TrackPad because you KNOW it's superior and want Apple and Android to win?

Makes you think...

There is NO NEED FOR A TRACK PAD ON BlackBerry 10.

People who believe they need one are being ridiculous. Seriously ridiculous.

Posted via CB10

The only real use cases I see for one is editing text and copying and pasting. I have come pretty close to tossing my Z10 against a wall due to frustration.

They should make a track pad, a track wheel, and a track ball because there are still people who need that. They should also sell a mouse peripheral too. Psyche.


Posted via CB10

I'll agree with you once editing text on a touchscreen becomes as efficient as a trackpad. I still have sweet memories of typing on my Bold 9930. The touchscreen + trackpad duo was phenomenal and can hardly be improved.

That's the problem. It will never be as efficient because you are hiding part of the screen with your hand by using the touchscreen.

Yeah real funny. I bet you'll be really laughing when the next iphone has a finger print reader and blackberries won't have anything to match when a trackpad could have been used for that.

The current text editing feature is horrible. Let me give one of many examples where I wanted to toss this phone against the wall just because of the horrible implementation..

I'm typing a response in the comment section of some site (might be Crackberry), quite a long one. I wanted to edit it and as I'm going through the long, drawn out multitap motions (which is an exercise in pain in itself), the circle gets close to the lower left corner. I just needed to get ONE line lower. The section of the circle I would hit is right over the back button.

Can you guess what I hit?? If not, it was the back button.

The entire comment is lost. Gone. Kaput! Good bye. See you.. never!

It's not about the users getting used to the text editor. It's about Heins admitting that the text editing function is not only flawed but inefficient and ineffective. That's the reality. Change is good but not in this instance.

But let's not dwell on complaints. Lets dwell on solutions.

1) Admit the current text editing feature is not good
2) LISTEN to users who have better ideas (trying to edit and can't get the cursor to place properly as I type this)
3) Consider a software trackpad (check out Trackpad Editor in BlackBerry World)

Why a software trackpad? Because it's the perfect bridge for us coming from a more developed system (OS7).

Dont tell us that we should just get used to it. Dont define the frustration as a learning curve. This is not a learning curve issue. This is an issue of bad implementation. It's fine for people who don't do much typing. It's easy to gloss over. It's horrible for someone like me who needs to communicate constantly on the go.

And no, I don't need to downgrade to OS7. I need a SMARTER Q10 experience!!

Posted via CB10

On another note, in OS7, they made a smart decision to put an extra step between in front of the option to "Delete Prior".

Why ignore that obvious wisdom and place the trash tight to the mark all read or extra options?

Seriously, they need to stop defining these problems as learning curve or whatever. It's simply BAD IMPLEMENTATION.

I am not an iPhone user. Heins is not Steve Jobs. You cant get up on stage and BS me about clear flaws. Let's nip that in the bud right now.

Posted via CB10

Good stuff, I love to read real-life usage like this. This is the type of feedback BlackBerry needs. Hopefully the end users won't always have to act as the quality assurance team. :\

I have never had any issues with selecting, editing, copying or pasting text on my BB10 phone. Human error is what it is. Get used to it.

Software track pad my arse. Sorry. Not gonna happen.

What is your problem? No one is suggesting that all devices must have a trackpad, why do you think your or BlackBerry's future will be endangered by someone else using a trackpad? Do you think a trackpad is "lazy" an the OS will cease to improve in the text editing / insertion point navigation area?

Why deny others what you don't want unless you think others having what they want means that you can't also have what you want. Do you think that is the case?

I'm not the one who has a problem. Track pad = yesterday's technology. Move with the times. Millions of iOS and Android sales prove that the typical consumer doesn't care about track pads.

That's so stupid.. just beyond stupid.

The wheel is yesterday's technology too. Do we throw that away? How about the pulley? That's yesterday's technology. I can point out a million things that are yesterday's technology. But, they're around for a reason. Why?


You don't throw away SMART solutions with an excuse that it's "yesterday's technology". THAT IS STUPID. That is a low-IQ response.

The question is NOT, what's new versus what's old. The question IS which is BETTER? Which is SMARTER?

The fact is, the trackpad IS the SMARTER technology. The trackpad is the more utilitarian option. The trackpad is BETTER than the current scheme. As much arrogance as you display on the issue, the FACT is, we all know, if you had the option, you would be using the trackpad. Get used to that reality.

And millions of iPhone and Android sales don't prove anything. That's another low-IQ determination. Give it a rest.

Thanks for your personal attack. Low IQ? Millions of sales don't prove anything? Are you serious? Tell everyone where BlackBerry's valuation is compared to iOS and Samsung. Go ahead.

I have an option for the use of a track pad. It's in OS6/7 devices. I couldn't wait to kick those to the curb.

Your personal need for a track pad does nothing for BlackBerry. Absolutely not one thing... except go back in time.

Lay off the personal attacks. You embarrass yourself.

I never said YOU were low-IQ (no matter how many times you prove it). I said your determination was low-IQ. I said your comments were STUPID. I don't need to attack the person.

Your reference to millions of iOS or Android phones is being used to determine the need for a trackpad. That's a STUPID assumption on YOUR part. The trackpad is the least of their concerns in comparison to other OSs. Did you ever hear of something called CONTENT? Probably but you'd rather not talk about that because it does nothing for your low-IQ... determination. Blackberry's valuation has NOTHING to do with the trackpad, specifically.

On another note, clearly you aren't paying attention to OTHER people and you aren't listening or even comprehending anything written here by me or others.

It's not about the trackpad specifically. The trackpad is just a SMARTER solution compared to the current scheme. But, be it far from you to know the difference between SMART and dumb. Change is just good! There are so many GREAT ideas that don't include a trackpad. But, because you're ok with your do-nothing lifestyle, we're supposed to be ok as well! It doesn't work that way!

You're talking about going back in time.. WHY? That's nonsensical along with the rest of your thoughts, ideas, determinations, and conclusions. It's about moving forward in a SMART way. I know that's being read by blind eyes which sucks but other people get it and they're more important.

While you sit back and fingerbang your wannabe iDroid, playing games and begging for entertainment apps like Netflix and Instagram, the rest of us are looking for solutions to problems... sorry... SMART solutions to problems. And, you'll be the first to jump on Crackberry thanking Blackberry for the options that WE, myself and others, have the brains and common sense to ask for.

People like me make the experience better for people like you. You like your Blackberry because of ME and others like ME. The BB10 experience will get better because of US, not you.

You're part of the "Change is Good" crowd, like iSheep, follwing and never leading. I have a change for you to try. Get a glass of water. Throw some rat poison in it. Then, tell me that change is good. Maybe, this ONE time, you might grasp the concept that change is NOT always good.

The only thing embarrassing is that you're here fighting for status quo when things can be better for ALL. What do you win by having less options? Why are you afraid of less options?

I don't use Instagram but I still sent that letter and twitter because OTHER people use it. It's not about me. It's about ALL of us. Stop being a selfish prick (now I'm attacking you).