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BlackBerry CEO goes on another BlackBerry 10 media blitz, read the highlights

Thorsten Heins
By Adam Zeis on 20 Nov 2012 01:40 pm EST

BlackBerry 10 is the final stretch now. After a few delays, things are on track for a solid launch in 2013. RIM has locked down a date for a global launch event at the end of January, so it's full steam ahead now as the finishing touches are put on the new OS and the BlackBerry 10 platform. RIM CEO Thorsten Heins had another round of interviews with various media outlets and let everyone know that things are moving along on pace and BlackBerry 10 will be ready to go in 2013.  

Heins hasn't hidden the fact that RIM needs to succeed with BlackBerry 10. They've taken things at full blast since the announcement of the new platform and haven't looked back since. As Heins told Wired, "We owned the mistakes we made. We took responsibility and changed stuff." BlackBerry 10 is being built from the ground up on the QNX platform. BlackBerry 10 will not replace the original BlackBerry OS, as that will still supported for some time. Dubbed a "mobile computing platform", Heins says BlackBerry 10 will soon replace even your laptop. "You will not carry a laptop within three to five years." he told the New York Times.

As things go forward, RIM is still pushing developers with worldwide hackathons and events in which to populate BlackBerry App World. Their developers have responded in great numbes so far, but at the same, Heins notes that it's not all about the ecosystem. While RIM want's to have plenty of high-caliber apps at launch, they are also looking to localize content. "The tactic we are deploying is by country and by region ... We are aiming to have the most important 200 to 400 apps available."  Heins said in an interview with Reuters

Thorsten also knows that fighting back against the likes of Apple and Google won't be an easy task with BlackBerry 10. He previously said there is no reason RIM can't hold the number three spot in mobile, and when speaking with Cnet went on to say:

A lot of respect for what those others are doing. They have great engineers, they have great designers, too, but there is OSes out there that are five years old, there is OSes out there are are starting to fragment. So we feel we have a pretty good shot at it. But it will be a competitive domain, make no mistake about it. 

With only around ten weeks until RIM's launch event, you can be sure that everyone is hard at work making sure that BlackBerry 10 is everything it can be and more. There is no room for RIM to slouch at this point and in just under a year at the helm or RIM, Thorsten Heins has been all about getting things done.

Ultimately it will be the consumers that say yay or nay to BlackBerry 10. Of course we already love BlackBerry 10, but until the public gets a hold of it there is no way of knowing just how well it will do. "We still have to prove ourselves. The final verdict is with the consumer and the enterprise customer." Heins told Wired. 



Heins will also be on the upcoming episode of "On the Verge." It tapes tonight, and should be available to stream shortly thereafter.


Every time this man speaks my ears perk up like my cat when I open a can of tuna. Can't wait for BB10.


He has hit the ground running and not let up. The culture at RIM is undergoing a 'paradigm shift '!


Yes same here cant wait to get the limited edition model :D haha the alpha B flies right now cant wait to see official


Yes same here cant wait to get the limited edition model :D haha the alpha B flies right now cant wait to see official


10 weeks isn't far away!


I believe everything Hiens says. He is doing his job and doing it well.


* BlackBerry by choice *
Ya know what's funny? Every time I hear anyone anywhere say they "believe everything someone says" I scoff at them for being so mindless. (Don't flame me yet)

I also believe everything that he says. He is in it to win it.


What's also nice to see, as we move closer to BB10, is the amount of people who are now standing up against blatantly biased and poorly written "journalism".

See the comments on an article from Gizmodo for an example

Before, when trash such as this hit the internet, no one would be coming to defend RIM. Now that is starting to change. And that change, I believe, is a direct result of the inspiration and leadership that Thorsten displays. In short, he has managed to rejuvenate the company; refocus it; and in so doing, given RIM supporters something to TRULY look forward to.

This is not to say that RIM is now on rosy streak with all of the problems of the past being gone, but it is to say where once there was only pessimism and embarrassment; there is now hope and pride in what's about to be released.


I have never been embarrassed to own a Blackberry, what the others offer never appealed to me but the new OS and device do appeal to me and I can't wait until I can put one in my hand.

Blackberry by choice!

BlackBerry Torch 9860 and PlayBook


by Ninety-9
"Looks no stupider than someone taking a pic on an Android, Apple, or Win Phone. Also, it looks a hell of a lot less stupid than someone taking pictures on an Apple iPad.

Giz, no caption for you.

Edit: and for the record. To anyone who goes somewhere and PLANS to take pictures. Buy a goddamn real camera."

by Robbiecda


It's much less stupid than an Apple fan taking a picture on an iPad in portrait mode, so no. At least they're holding it properly."

by typeset
"really? you are really reaching here"

Looks like the plan backfired. It seems people who write for tech blogs expect everyone to eat their *)&*&# and just agree to it. They also seem to forget some people are still able to think.


Unfortunately, their plan didn't backfire, it did exactly what they wanted - get people riled up enough to comment, then come back and read all the other comments, which means greater page views and greater ad revenue. Their blatant use of RIM bashing and Apple fanboyism to get eyeballs is why I stopped reading Gizmodo every day about 6 months ago.


You nailed it. I simply will not click on those articles that are trolling for clicks anymore. Many of these guys built their tech blogs writing outrageously biased and torqued articles not just about RIM, but the negative RIM story took that technique to a whole new level over the last year. Unfortunately BlackBerry people are very active on these sites and we would rush to defend and correct and try to set the story straight. These guys saw the click count on an outrageously negative story would be very high, so hey
Do it again, and again, and.....
The only way to shut that down is to put those articles, bloggers and sites on IGNORE, and only give your precious clicks to those articles that promote a balanced view. 2 cents


Yeah I don't bother clicking on those links. They just want the hits.


Gizmodo has constantly been bashing RIM.
I think they will do anything just to get back to apples good side ever since the whole ihpone4 being lost at the bar.


Yah you should see on BGR. There is definitely a shift in that as well. From the writers to the comments.


Complicated for the typical consumer. What makes iOS so appealing to the masses is its simplicity. I personally don't like iOS but so many people do.


Thanks for all the tie-ins, Adam. Great article. Thor has really grown into the job quickly. And continues to learn and adapt.


I really like how well Heins handles the media: being upfront with past mistakes and future challenges but still showing tremendous confidence and endeavour for his company.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~


"Make no mistake about it", I'm excited for BB10


Can get a 9930 for $19 on a black friday sale, anybody want to tell me I'd be stupid to take it? Always wanted to try a BB but am beginning to think that the 10 might cost more than I can handle at launch . . thoughts here?


Can't go wrong for $19. Dive in! Welcome!


A few months ago I was at the point where I needed a new phone. I also wanted to try BlackBerry. I decided to go for the Bold 9900 and paid full price for it (I will not be locked into a contract). That was one of the best decisions I have made. I will be buying a BB10 when they come out and use both. For $19 go for it. I hope you become a long time BlackBerry user as I have become.


Thor is doing an awsome job. So excited for BB10 !!!!I will definately be in line or preordering. Just ordered my playbook. Lucky enough to get a great deal as thet "temporarily" run out. I am as giddy as a school giral about BB10, no wait.......yes giddy. BlackBerry by choice!


Thor is just doing an awesome job. Another day of shares rising:

Keep it all up team, go BB10!


It is good news that the RIM CEO is pinning down the entry for BB10 phones. The stock market seems to like the news too. Only a few months ago RIMM stock was in the high USD6's dollars. Today the stock is in the mid 9.50's. If you have faith in RIMM and have a few dollars to 'risk', now is the time to buy some stocks. IMO, RIMM is still under priced.


+1. I managed to find cash to invest and seeing now positive gains despite an intial loss. The stock will go back up, RIM just needs to get the confidence back in the investing world. BB10 will do that.


People are following the stock upwards now.
This one is a 20 Bagger. Huge Big Block Trades happening.
75% of the shares are locked up. The crap is starting to get squeezed out of the shorts.
Shorts will be paying $100.00 per share to buy them back in 6 months.

When this stock is $50 .... people will say, " I should have bought some when it was $10" .... it always happens this way.


I've been saying that I should have bought it at $6.50. I wanted to but wasnt sure how.


The more blitzes, the better. And fuck gizmodo's bashing. The root is gonna give them a piece of his mind.