BlackBerry CEO "absolutely not happy" with OS upgrade cycles through carriers

BlackBerry OS Updates
By Simon Sage on 15 Jul 2013 07:31 pm EDT

As a part of our chat with BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins following this year's annual general meeting, we touched on what's going on with Z10 and Q10 OS updates, in particular those that should be rolling out through American carriers. The day before, AT&T finally got around to sending out 10.1 out to Z10 owners, but we're still waiting on Verizon. Thorsten said he was "absolutely not happy" with how long it was taking for OS updates to get to end-users, and explained a bit about how they're working with carriers and how the internal thinking at BlackBerry is changing. 

"We're trying to work with all of our carriers, specifically in the US, to speed this process up. They're willing to engage, but the process is the process. When my team talks about 10.1, 10.2, I always remind them of, 'You know what's in, but these guys out there don't even have it yet.' We tend to get ahead of the curve ourselves and think this is what BlackBerry 10 really is, and then customers even don't have it in their hands. We will continue to push that as strong as we can, because I'm not satisfied with these cycle times of new updates."

Leading up to the launch of BlackBerry 10, the company was more optimistic that it would be better in control of pushing out OS updates to consumers, since the radio code (that works with carriers) is contained in the OS separately from everything else on the device, and can be updated independently of each other. The dream was that once the radio code was approved, the carriers would be more lenient on allowing BlackBerry to push out the rest of the handheld code that more immediately impacts users and not the network. Unfortunately, carriers look at the device as a whole package, and are apparently just as concerned with the other stuff on the device as well. This does make some sense, given that the carrier is often the first point of customer support when a user runs into issues (the smartest users go right to our forums of course!).

This attitude change ties back to a lot of the talk at the AGM about cultivating a workplace of efficiency to ensure these great features hit the public as soon as possible. I was reminded of a time a few years ago when a RIM employee took my Bold 9900 without saying anything, checked the version number on the software, and said "I'm sorry." With any luck and a few quarters of growth, this issue will be a thing of the past. Of course, Thorsten made a very good point about why service providers need to do so much testing. 

"They let a whole new platform onto their networks, whole new products. Nobody knows what they're going to do on the carrier's side, so they're testing themselves thoroughly. The network is their asset. The quality of their connectivity is their asset. We have to be sympathetic with this as well, but I hope and I'm optimistic that going forward, when they learn about the stability the platform, this will improve quite substantially."

On the whole, that paints a pretty optimistic picture for future BlackBerry 10 updates, and explains why we're in the situation we're in currently, but really, the only thing left for us to do is wait to see if the situation actually improves. When all else fails, you can cram in 10.1 on your own. 

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BlackBerry CEO "absolutely not happy" with OS upgrade cycles through carriers



Why doesn't BlackBerry just change link to allow users to install latest version from their desktop??? If this is such a serious problem there are other work arounds

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I imagine there are contractual issues between Blackberry and carriers that prevent Blackberry from circumnavigating carrier testing.

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Fair enough, but if that were a real issue with the networks, then an OS leak would not/should not be able to connect to the wireless network.

It's just another method of carrier control, and BlackBerry doesn't have the clout that say, Apple does to ensure that updates are pushed out simultaneously for all.


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Maybe BB then is the source of all these OS leaks! Try to get them out to customers so they can at least upgrade and bypass carrier delays. Well, maybe that isn't the case but it may be the reason they don't seem to crack down on it. You never really see leaks like this with other OS's (okay, Android yes depending on the make but not Windows Phone and not iOS to the same degree).

The problem is installing leaked OSs is fine if its a personal phone, a lot of people however have company issued blackberries tied to BES. Installing a leaked OS really isn't an option.

Not that i physically can't get away with it, but it definately undermines the spirt of our security policy.

How's this for pushing...I'm switching to TMO. when I'm asked why, I will absolutely be telling them that the only reason I'm leaving Verizon is because of the lack of OS updates.

They won't care, but it's all I can do. Verizon is helping to kill my BBRY stock....

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Apple is the only one. Even WP8 and Android users are stuck with whatever their OEM has; although Androids can root and put custom ROMs. As Bla1ze said, Apple is the exception to the rule.

That is interesting but I think the real issue here is too many leaks from BlackBerry. If I knew that every "leak" coming out of BlackBerry was a pretty stable OS I'd just update myself (thus getting around the carriers) the reason I don't update myself is that some leaks are not stable.

BlackBerry doesn't have to officially post a new OS, if they just took care to post good OSes power Crack berry users (the only ones who care) would have the latest OS. Many regular users don't really care.

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I bought the Z10 i april(Holland) .It was new out here,stores ,didn't want to sell it here,probkems they said.
But i bought the version10.1.0.1090.
I didn't know what it ment,but it was the latest version.
In June came an update, to
But there were a lot of warnings with it, RIM wouldn't help you anymore if you did this update, I waited a long time, and took it.
Everything went wrong, small problems .
Then there came an update to,(7mb more)the same!!!!
I thought i didn't got it at once? Strange!
Now it's working fine(fingers crossed) .

Not one word out of his mouth instills confidence. I can't imagine tell a group of customers or shareholders that "the process is the process". He must be a really smart guy.

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Could not have agreed more. And it all was pretty much a dance around. Why is the process not the process with iOS?!?!

Step it up if you want to be relevant, and I hope they do because I really like this OS.

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Fucking them. Yeah. Like that.

Hey Thor... buy Wind Mobile and become a carrier. Fuck! Do I need to do your job?!?.

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Do what he's doing-- tell the execs/managers that they better fix the carrier relationships or lose their jobs. One strategy could be legal-- threaten action for not partnering in good faith or some such legal argument. That should be a good motivator. No more slacking off.. obviously the carriers are one of a couple major obstacles to sales.

If the process is broken...

I don't see the BB10 platform being anymore unified than the BBOS platform or Android. A year from now Carrier's will most likely stop pushing out updates for the Z10 and Q10 devices... in three years we will have devices on a wide range of BB10 and it later versions.

Not sure how that will go over with users or developers. If I'm stuck on 10.4 and 11.2 is out, will the same app run on both?

Though the PlayBook sets a poor precedent, there should/shall only be two versions of the OS: one for full touch; one for qwerty.

One should be aware that PlayBook 2.1 will work on any of the new devices. The PlayBook got buggered because BlackBerry chose to implement the "Hub" which is a resource intensive suite of processes that its 1G of RAM couldn't adequately handle.

However, there is something to be gained by BlackBerry should they choose to follow the traditional route of planned obsolescence: handset sales to those who want the latest and greatest a la every device manufacturer in the market.

I can see the update paperwork in the support area on Verizon and how to install but don't have permission. This has been that way for over 2 weeks. Ugh Damn you Verizon.

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In fairness to Heins, the process is the same for Android and Windows Phone handsets. Especially Android. Ask any Verizon Android owner about software updates. As much as I hate the carriers, it is their network, so we play by their rules, no matter how stupid or inconvenient.

Wow I wish everyone else understood this like you. I am tired of seeing people bitching about os updates and blaming blackberry. Get on the case of your provider and tell them to hurry up. The whole rebooting thing would have been solved if the carriers got their act together, not blackberry.

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This is the same thing with big name apps from the likes of the Instagrams, Netflixs, Skypes of the world. Of course BlackBerry would have them on their platform if they could but the devs control the fate of BlackBerry not BlackBerry itself.

In the case of Android I think the device makers are equally at fault for not pushing out updates. I have a Galaxy Tab tablet, a WiFi only tablet and it took Samsung 9 months to push out ICS. There wasn't even a carrier in the loop to interfere with the update!

+10000 Not sure why BlackBerry is always being singled out for this process. Only manufacturer that operates different is Apple.

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Why should we have to play by carrier rules? It certainly isn't like that with wired Internet providers. They may control modem firmware, because it directly affects their network, but they have no business controlling what OS or OS version I'm running.

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@Dukun Not sure comparing Wireless Operators to Cable Operators is Apple to Apples (no pun intended). Bear in mind that Wireless operators have a vested interest in what device you use as they sell them to you, and also wish to make sure the device will play nice with their Network. I do think there is some legitimacy to Carriers carefully testing new devices, but it's way out of hand compared to Europe. I just wish the Carriers would ease up and use a little common sense.

Because there is a big difference between wired Internet providers and cellular service providers. Cellular service providers are working with way less bandwidth than do wired Internet providers. Additionally, cellular service providers own the network on which the service is carried (or at least when you are talking about the major service providers in North America). While wired Internet providers frequently own the portion of the network that takes you from your computer to the larger Internet, there are also many situations where they don't. Cellular providers also have to make sure that a brand new spiffy OS doesn't have bugs that affect service for everyone else. The irony is that when the brand new spiffy OS was iOS, it definitely affected the service of others but instead of banning that phone or postponing the release, they just sucked it up and rolled with it. Seems ridiculous for them to be so freaking nitpicky now.

Thanks for that info Xmasberry. I understand the ownership and legal classification is different between the two. I guess my little frustrated statement reflects my opinion that the legal classification should not be different, that we should have the same rights and protections, and that the wireless carriers should act more like "dumb" pipelines whose bandwidth we rent.

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Thanks for the reply. I totally agree with them easing up, like being more lenient with the rest of the OS after the radio code is approved as was mentioned. Or folks in the US could move to support another underdog, T-Mobile. Those of us with T-Mobile got our update pretty quickly!

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If we all have to play by the rules and theres nothing a manufacturer could do, how come Apple does it, Google does it for nexus devices, Samgung is looking into a way of releasing updates without the carrier and even Firefox OS will do it.

I think that Apple gets away with it because the iPhone is so enormously popular. They can get special deals. Now Google, on the other hand, doesn't get the benefit of the doubt. If you recall, the Nexus 4 doesn't have LTE, largely because the carriers. The one thing I can say about the carriers is that they are consistent. They screw consumer and manufacturer alike.

He thinks he is not happy. He has no clue where the customer is at on the scale of happiness concerming him and Verizon.

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His job depends on the success of the company. You can switch to a different platform when you want. You really don't think he has a clue? Holy f!

I'm sure he does. Verizon is notorious for being late on updates. They are the worst, and it's probably why the iPhone first went to att

say what now? Ive had my Z10 since feb 5th, and dont recall waiting any length of time for the first 2 major updates. Maybe we were a day or two behind the UK in product launches and updates but it was insignificant.

The US is MONTHS behind, they're the ones who are justifiably pissed.

Yup. Months behind. The greatest, most technologically advanced nation on Earth.

That's what collusion looks like folks. When it finally is discovered and broadcast this collusion will make the ebook price fixing look quite a bit less of a deal.

NSA: edit as you see fit. It's about freedom.

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Most technologically advanced, huh? Allow me to call BS. Regarding mobile tech and infrastructure you are years off - sorry but it's the sad truth.

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Yep. The US is falling behind. The only thing that seems to be moving the US marginally forward is left over inertia which is steadily losing momentum. If one were to extrapolate what has been going on in Washington, there is a political faction that wants to move the US to 1913 (but maintaining automobile culture).

I got 10.1 in late May or early June. I'm on Bell network in Canada. American BlackBerry users have been been completely SHAFTED by Apple/Google crazed/manipulated carriers since the get go!!!

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Hahaha. I can see now how that saying is becoming a joke. The tools seem to come with the updates. People need updates on this young tool or else it really is just a toy.

I haven't even bothered asking Verizon about the updates anymore, I feel there is no point with the leaks around. They are si simple, and if I worked at Verizon, I would show the customer exactly how to do it, regardless of what the bosses think. The problem is not enough people use Crackberry, if they did there would be no more problems. So long as the leaks keep coming that is.

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon |

Canadian carriers are not pushing OS updates ever!!! I've encountered over 5 people in the last month bitching how the blackberry 10 phones suck. I check their OS and they have the 10.0.9 that was released in February.

Of course bell/telus/rogers are at and unless your technology savvy then your not going to manually check for this. Wtf????

Posted via CB10 on Z10_10.1.0.4543

Sure? Even my WIND Z got updated right on the BlackBerry Conference date. All the Canadian carriers, and their sub brands, Koodo, Virgin all got updated at the same time.

If you don't know how to check manually for an update that's not BlackBerry's problem. Your first sentence is utter garbage.... EVER?

LOL! That remind me of my first ever game I bought by myself when I was a kid. Star Wars TIE Fighter. 12 floppy disks lol. Or was it 8 floppy disks? Windows 3.1. Lol.

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BBRY needs to play hard ball. Either speed up the process or tell the carriers they will add a beta release check box that will let non-carrier passed OS updates to install. This slow updating will cripple any chance BB has in the USA.

I don't get its. The Google Nexus updates are pushed by Google ASAP. Let's cut the bull and red tape and not let carriers choke out BlackBerry. Make the Z10 and Q10 nexus type devices and push.

I'm on 10.1 (canadian) un believable that some are still on 10.0 with 10.2 around the corner.


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As far as I am concerned, the current carrier based upgrade cycle time has severely deteriorated the BlackBerry brand in the US.

But what is Thor going to do about it? BlackBerry has absolutely no leverage or credibility with carriers. Last Q sub losses and the recent price drops indicate there may be a glut of BlackBerry 10 devices collecting dust in carrier inventories.

I am one of the approximately 30% (!) of CrackBerry Z10 owners who have suffered for months with random reboots. Only recently has this confidence sapping behavior been cleared up. (by installing a leak! because I could no longer wait for my carrier to)

Why does BlackBerry insist on changing by doing things the way they always have? If they are serious about staying in the hardware business, they need to reevaluate how they support the hardware they sell. The current model is failing.

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I don't think they intend to stay in the device biz much longer... 'Ole Thor here is just towing the line until they're ready to make an announcement.

Sadly they don't have the resources but They need to take an apple approach to os updates, in one way or another. This alone would be a big step for bb10 as an os.

Sounds like another BBRY excuse. It's not matter of if "he" is happy or not. Everybody is unhappy about it, but what matters is "what is he actually doing about it", besides complaining about it. There was nothing new about this, and BBRY/he knew about it for quite sometime. Yet, we do not hear any specific actions taken, or even plans contemplated. In the meantime, Apple (yes I know, they are not controlled by carries) and Android vendors still running full steam ahead without much carrier problem (seems like), leaving BBRY in dust. Why oh why?

Though some android manufacturers are successful, there users face the same problems. Look at the HTC One for instance. While the rest of the globe is on 4.2.2, here in the U.S are still in 4.1. It's not a blackberry thing, it is a U.S. thing.

People refuse to see this. They'd rather just complain and blame BB. If Samsung, HTC, Motorola, etc don't have the muscle to circumvent the carriers, what makes anyone think BB can? Common sense needs to prevail at some point! Haha...

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I disagree. BlackBerry cannot afford to go the Android route simply because BB10 is in its infancy and those updates are crucial to the platform's success. Things like missing functionality and bug fixes to fine tune the OS should come at the earliest.

In comparison a jump from Android 4.1 to 4.2 is negligible because they already have all the core functions set.

The only noticeable difference for the end user might just be some added bonus features and new looks.

They should pressure the carriers to release the updates sooner or get permission to release them directly.

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So let's see: First he's not happy with the U.S. launch, now he's not happy with the Carrier OS update rollout.

Hmm... This is starting to sound like circle jerk talk. I wonder what he won't be happy with next.

You're right! How could I have forgotten that classic?!

If I were always so unhappy as a CEO, I'd resign and post my resume on Career Builder.

Just wait... It's coming...

This week's episode of "What Thorsten Heins is Unhappy With Now?";

Featuring Alicia Keyes, Robert Downey Jr. and David Hasselhoff as Thorsten Heins...

Basically what he said was we can't do sh## about it because we are powerless when it comes to the carriers

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You my friend, might as well wait for a10, it's supposed to have 10.2. You've waited this long after all.

Posted via CB10 using my flick-ity keyboard :D.

If I had the cash for an A10 at the carrier's retail price, I would have that device in my hands. I am not in a contract and refuse to renew else I lose my data plan. Needless to say, I am waiting for Z10 to have the features of 10.2 before I make an off-contract purchase. Time will tell if I have patience.

Ummm? While everyone is playing "temple run" blackberry world! Has a app of temple run photos? LOL that's a joke! Its things like that! That's killing the new promotion for the new! BB10 platform! And your average consumer isn't downloading and installing a beta version of a operating system in a 600 dollar phone? And side loading apps? That drains battery life! And take up all the GB so you can't even have that many apps? What's going on? I live in the tri state area and your not winning over the consumers you need to take the number one spot! And you fire the guy who created the HUB?? Listen I love my Z10! And I've installed and there's not a reliable DDPB installer for side loading! So that leaves the average consumer lost! Come on blackberry? How our we struggling for the 3rd spot! How is the new BB10 platform going to save the day? When the carriers don't believe in the product and there selling the phone? Extremely lame! Instead of making tons of phones like A10 Q5 Z6 K2????? With unstable! Platforms how about just making a stable OS! Of 10.2 and release a stable version. And get the popular apps! That the average consumer loves! Is candy crush that hard to make for BB10? LOL! Really?

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Not only did he say nothing meaningful, CB is days late reporting on this meaningless non statement. Was CB holding onto this nugget in favor of game app articles because the issue of untimely OS roll-outs is a minor issue among the CB. users??? WTF???

OK. Bitching accomplished.

Has CB reached out to the US carriers for their take on these delays. I know several users have - myself included - but I'd be curious to hear verizon officially state their case, knowing it would be published.

When the majority of your customer base uses Apple phones, you listen when the company makes demands.


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The amount of customers has nothing to do with it. It has been that way since the first iPhone contract with Cingular AT&T before there were any apple users. Apple had leverage no one else had. Unfortunately, they still do. All other manufacture contacts with carriers are just like BB's, carrier controls the updates. That's just the US industry. Apple has always been treated different and I, for one, hate it...

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And a perfect example (according to the rumours) is that Vodafone UK could launch 4G but are waiting for the launch of them iPhone 5s things

Posted Using CB10 - Z10 "-2" on the Vodafone UK Network

BBRY != Apple, c'mon man. I probably should have been more clear though... the US market for BBRY goes through... yadda yadda yadda... you know the rest. BBRY is no longer in the position to be dictating to the US Carriers.

The OS should have a built in super-notifier: "You've never backed up your device with BlackBerry Link!"; "You haven't updated your device software!"... the device should know that the basic maintenance functions aren't being done and notify the user. No, those notifications should not be frequent, and no, they should not be something you can turn off completely. Since you can't really avoid using iTunes if you have an iPhone, iTunes constantly notifies you that there is an OS update. On Android, people are so desperate for stability updates that the problem takes care of itself... and Google just shoves app updates out by the dozens, and "don't auto update" is, I believe, opt out, isn't it?

I have had both phones and I can say it is the exact same experience for me. I found out about both updates from a friend or notification a couple days after the release.

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Yes! The only two friends of mine that have blackberries didn't even know about how awesome the backing up and stuff was. Seriously, I have to show them 5 year old text messages for them to believe me.

So is he actually gonna do something? Because telling us to wait longer is what we were already doing. These articles are kinda pointless, they're beginning to seem more lile `pick me ups' opposed to actual bb updates. All im saying is tell us something we dont know.

Verizon get your act together! We are the time Verizon rolls it out we'll have the 10.2!

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BlackBerry LINKS Doesn't support leaked OS!!! install and your own risk! Hahahahahahah that's not going to win the consumers you need to stay relevant! Lackberry links is really bad! Or side load a android app? That just means go buy androids!!! who's coming up with this stuff. Over there??? There's no stable DDPB installers to support your side load plan! Your losing!! get it together!

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Shareholders do not care what Verizon is doing, they care about what BlackBerry is doing and it looks like BlackBerry is not doing anything. I AM FURIOUS. I wish I would have never bought this Z10.

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We hear your frustration and are listening. But keep in mind they are doing something about the situation whether or not the results are showing. The carriers are selling your phone, doesn't matter which brand. It's like your boss is the one giving you the paycheck. You can push them and keep on asking for a raise, it'll help but at the end of its their decision. Unfortunately, no one's a stranger to slow updates. Ahem, LG, promised my update 3 years ago.

I know it's hard to wait but they are trying. They did make ALL Canadian carriers release 10.1 at the exact same time. Unfortunately, the USA market is much different. I know it's hard to ask, but just a little more patience, it'll be here. ATT, TMobile are super close or got them.

First you said "We" then you said "They".

So are you a part of "Them" or a member of "Us".

Confused? Get in line...

We I mean us. My bad. I would really check my grammar but I'm soon lazzzyyyy. I'm procrastinating with CrackBerry right now.

BlackBerry needs to sell their phones unlocked and have those unlocked phones always update to the most recent OS version.

If carriers don't want to support the phone, BlackBerry should.

They need time to load in the NSA spyware.

Snowden said one US telecom is helping the gov spy, how much you wanna bet it's Verizon?

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Every release should have a 15 day threshold. If no legitimate objection in those 15 days... 16th day it goes live. whether they like it or not. 15 days is just a random number and specific number that works for both sides could be agreed upon. But would hopefully speed up the process.

I know why Verizon's so slow with the update! They have to install the NSA software on it and are having trouble.
But jokes aside, just a wee bit more patience, it'll be here.

Buy an LG Nexus 4 from Google Play and Google provide direct OTA updates. This doesn't upset the carriers.
BlackBerry could allow the radio file to be pushed via the carriers only. Come on, they've all tested the devices!!

Posted from The Force wielding tap-dancing mouse on secret pantless missions (hiding in Jaydee's backseat) :p

Exactly, there are ways to get this done. And at the end of the day if the carriers won't so it BlackBerry needs to. This is the kiss of death, half your customers in a major market running what amounts to a beta release of your OS. It's a joke. There was a fairly major upgrade just days after the z10s release. Some customers in the US don't even have that.

Posted via my Zed (not Zee) 10

Verizon is killing the z10 by not updating it. I'm pissed. Thinking of dumping them and taking my $200/m elsewhere. Plus I am sick of CDMA.

Actually your z10 is not really CDMA. LTE is a GSM based technology. But I agree Verizon is killing the z10.

Posted via CB10

You do know that the VZW Z10 has CDMA and GSM/UMTS/LTE radios in it. So, yes it is CDMA too.

Posted via CB10

Not a lawyer... but I don't see why you wouldn't have a case to get that fee waved. There are PLENTY of users having the same issues so its not like they can say... It must be a bad phone.. we'll swap it for a refurb... After you do this 10 times maybe they'll open their eyes.

Sorry... but I don't subscribe to what the carriers say. how come the rest of the world has it and not the American carriers? You mean to say that the rest of the world is not new to the platform? That they don't care about QOS, that they don't care about their network? All bull...

Posted via CB10

If 10.1 isn't working for Verizon they SHOULD jump to 10.2. Right now I have no issues with my phone and I don't want any, just to have the latest OS version in my phone. I can survive a bit more without Skype and frankly I could hold out for cross platform BBM if it comes with a stable OS that allows my Z to be all it can be.

But of course, the fact that OSs launch on time everywhere else in the world except the US is further proof that TH and his team have no clue what they're doing and the carriers are completely absolved of blame.

Oh, in case you didn't realise, that was sarcasm.

Why BlackBerry OS updates are always have something to do with the carriers? what about the BlackBerry 10 devices holders out side of the American? I guess they have to step up in order that users of all areas, of all carriers could reach out to the latest OS updates as soon as they can!!!

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Verizon Nexus updates take the longest to come out. On the other hand I just got a Verizon Q10 two days ago (my first BlackBerry...finally I am really happy with a phone! ) and it came with 10.1.

Posted via CB10

That's the problem. BB10 is turning into Android and if they don't fix this problem they will have bigger problems. The 10.1 update should have come out no later than the release date of the Q10.

Posted via CB10

Aww, good thing HE isn't happy about it, because nobody else is either. Except Samsung and Apple of course.

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Couldn't it be possible that the US carriers are doing it purposely? Just look at how they have little or no marketing for BlackBerry products.

SILENCE!!! For I have spoken...

Of course that's the crux of the matter.
It would be quite reasonable to assume that;
1. They have been testing BB10 for a long time.
2. They found that BB10 devices were rushed out, half baked, full of serious bugs and missing some core features etc.
3. if they would sell those, they would only be inundated with returns and warranty claims etc.
4. Therefore, they found no reason to promote BB10.
5. They try to be nice to BBRY, rather than saying that they would not be interested in selling the BB10 devices.

I mean, com'n, they are obviously sabotaging the BB, not preparing their stores and all that. Writing on the wall for a long time, and BBRY knew it.

As stated... this really sucks for devs.. SOME are loosing sales to maybe half the US market. I'm dealing with pissed off users crying about missing features and yes.. reboots.

Odd this news pops up the day I said screw it and started updating phones with the latest leak. One user actually returned his phone to Verizon because all the new phones they are selling come with 10.1 preloaded.

I think it comes down to CRAPWARE.. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mo, and X.. like to bake their BS apps into the OS.. and if BB is allowed to just bypass this they will loose a few pennies to those who actually (get suckered into) use VZ/AT&T Nav, AppsCenter, this, that, and that too..

End of the day.. AT&T and Verizon could care less about BB and Android.. iPhone is where the moneys at..

Guess if BB10 fails... carriers will be to blame and BBRY could sue. Hell they have a case right now IF carriers have had the OS's and are blocking the release.

I see at so: if a phone isn't working properly on the carriers network, then the average consumer is going to complain about the phone company, not the carrier. So BlackBerry is going to make darn sure the pushed OS is good on each network.

If the carrier would let BlackBerry bypass their testing (or at least shorten it) then the carrier shouldn't have anything to worry about since most consumers would hold BlackBerry accountable if thinks weren't up to par.

But alas, this is 'Merica (insert obnoxious voice of your choice) and the carriers do as they see fit...even if it would save them time and money.

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why not push it via BB Link instead? If waiting for carrier to push the update, you are going to lose your customer!

Ummmmmm? USA releases phones that's complete! With the latest operating systems! With the latest apps! Ummmm the U.S buys phones that work! Where not use to downloading Google Chrome putting pop up ads that don't come off the hard drive! Tried Downloading a DDPB and got pop up ads! That hide in my hard drive on my laptop! to update our own phones while losing all our info! And contacts and spending hundreds on phones that have to be updated weekly? Where use to buying phones! That work!! If there really serious about selling phones In the US! Try real commercials not one commercial a month! And try having a stable! OS! I mean who cares about BBM in a Bentley??? Or miss keys?? You mean to tell me? You could get BBM in a drop bentley! But you can't get a native app of instagram? And a native app of twitter the supports vine? You release a brand new version of Facebook 10.2 or a leak of 10.2 but? You have to side load blackberry world?? Why make cheaper versions of the Q10 and Z10? Instead of making these two phones the biggest! Who our you targeting teenagers? Without instagram? Or vine for twitter! No native app of Google maps?? If you have a product that's boss! In The states! Then you get rich over night! FACT! But are you selling a second rate idea! Trying to strike it big? A10? Q5? Why?? BB10 platform is not stable! Z10's are not stable! Q10 and Z10's don't support the playbook! What are you guys doing? Your killing your selves! Your own moves makes you guys look! Like you don't know what your doing! And your experimenting with consumers! is this why the U.S was the last to get the Z10 and Q10 and updates? Your confusing your fan base! And your not winning new consumers!with unstable platforms and tons of phones!that might not be around at the end of the day! The average consumer isn't a developer! They don't. Buy phones cause there familiar with coding! They just want a phone that works! Is it that hard to understand that?

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Horrible grammar however this post should be required reading for ALL BBRY Product Managers.

Y'know... after you fire the current useless batch and do some recruiting.

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I think if BlackBerry can do what Google did, ad separate out their updates in to services and have it downloaded through BlackBerry World that would speed up the process to end users. Perhaps anything that could effect the cellular radio goes through carrier approval?

Either way the carrier system is broken and simply put just dumb! I think the solution is go around the carriers through BlackBerry World and let the end users have their updates timely. BB wins and users win, the carriers are simply out of the equation!

That's my 2 cents, I think Google did a good thing for their users by doing this.

I've said this before and I'll say it again... F U C K the carriers!! If BlackBerry wants to do something different then have the carriers deal with the radio code and "push" the OS updates through other means, ie "BlackBerry approved and tested leaks" if the stupid carriers don't want to play ball. It's a freaking mess...

He's not happy and neither are the customers. I pray this improves greatly in the near future.

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This look to be a politically correct justification.

If carriers are saying that they want to run thru a complete OS testing because they are the first that customer contact when they have issue, well that could make senses.
But that also mean that when thousand of customers are complaining because they've got issue with their devices, and that most of these issues are addressed is an available OS update,
...well if they really care they should have rushed out the various testings and quickly rolled it out.

If that is really true that they want to check and approved OS update because they are the firsts that customers contact when they've got issue with the device/OS then why do they allow Apple to roll out their OS updates without any advise to carriers.

The facts are that today they prefer selling iPhone (or android). When someone come to their store and request a BlackBerry device they are still pushing against that and trying to sell what they want.
When customers finally bought the BlackBerry device he (she) want they just don't care much, awaiting that they come back to fix issue with their devices..
With no OS updates rolled out ...the way to solve the issue is: to replace the BlackBerry device by what they originally wanted to sell; and iPhone or a Samsung

My experiences shows that in general Carriers are just arrogant, selling what they want, charging indecent extra fees every where they could, doing everything they could to attach you to their services.

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Got a feeling from what he said that US carriers are concerned BlackBerry is too close to death to come up with a workable phone or OS so they tested them inside out. Does not bode well. Self-fulfilling prophecy.

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Just curious, does this happen with other companies? I don't go to other sites besides ones with BlackBerry content. Too me, I'm guessing that the top two control this somehow? I can understand it to an extent, but this just seems crazy now.

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Never understood how BlackBerry has this issue but Apple can launch an iOS update across all carriers without this issue.

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No shame on blackberry for not understanding the consumers market In the states! Androids sell like hot cakes! And the Q5 is not going to stop people from buying a 50 dollar iphone4 for instagram and vine! And u.s carriers have. Nothing to do with how horrible blackberry links is!! Links should have the os updates! Links doesn't even support leaked os! Is that the carriers fault? NO your experimenting at the consumers cost! The average consumer is not a developer! And with the caution tag on the leaks! Don't expect that to attract people to buy into leaks! Install and your own risk? If you break your phone it's not our fault?? Really? then who's at fault? The consumer for trying to make. A 600 dollar phone work better? It was a unstable idea and trying to compete makes it look more unstable! Why blame the carriers? Would you sell a product that might not work properly! Out of your store? It's going to be hard selling a 3 world product in the modern world! It moves fast in the states! And Blackbery knows this!this is why the excuses are coming! This is why their firing everybody! Its a bad case of damage control! And there pushing more phones? Without fixing the new ones they have? WHY? Q5? A10? how about a reliable bridge for playbook! Why experiment with consumers with 10.2? How about a stable version available in blackberry links! How about links backing up a leak? New phones? Putting the cart before the horse!

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I have these cell providers. I think upgrades need to come from blackberry itself. The creator needs to provide the support not some secondhand cell provider that tells me that they have no clue how to use or setup my phone. Sorry had some issues that could be avoided.

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I am very pleased at how quickly Rogers has been pushing out updates from BlackBerry. I can't believe I just said I was pleased with Rogers...

ROGERS????? I've never heard of them! And the average consumer hasn't either! NY/NJ manhattan! California! Was these geographics. considered when this BB10 project started? Don't get me wrong! I love my Z10! That's not my issue! My issue is nobody else does! My friends! Are not going to take a brand new phone and hook it to links! And wait 2hours for a backup!or take a developers approach! And download a leak unstable operating system! Or even think of side loading android apps! The average consumer is not taking that route! us Blackbery lovers our! The average consumer is going to buy a android and call it a day! The average consumer is gong to use a iphone with there ipad and mac! I'm using a Z10 running a leak! And the Average consumer that there targeting has no idea what that even means! They just see a commercial and buy the latest product and carriers provide the hottest new products blackberry doesn't understand this? What are they doing? I could fix this issue over night! And I wouldn't need to show case BBM in a drop top bentley to do it! News flash the average consumer doesn't drive a drop top Bentley the teens your targeting won't need BBM in there. Bentley and Alicia Keys is soo 90's and maybe you should tell her to stop twittering from her iPhone! Maybe she's doing that cause VINE! Is the new thing for celebs! And who uses bing as a standard search engine? I could fix this issue over night! Common sense could Fix this issue over night! Try selling phones for the real world!

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I would like to know what contractual terms are stopping Blackberry from distributing updates through link. I mean, apps get updated with our going through carriers so why can't other parts of the phones's OS be?!

Yeah I think Blackberry should just continue leaking the OS if the carriers refuses to be efficient.

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Really?! REALLLY??! Only NOW does he say this ... after protecting them about "critical testing" just 3mths prior about the USA delayed launch of the Q10?!

Heins ... stop the LIP service and 'messages' ... its time to NUT UP big man! I still have faith he's the right guy for the job ... he's accomplished a LOT!

But Heins needs to STOP playing the business man ... the prep school boy ... he's gotta get MAD! He's gotta get his heart into BB - not just his pocket book ... I want him to be ANGRY about the hate, the bullcrap half stepping game ... just like all the fans are!!

We've done our part! We've blogged, defended the brand against impossible odds and the haters, we've purchased our BB10 devices (some of us 4 times over such as myself!!), we've encouraged others to go for the brand EVEN if they seemed disenfranchised against the change! Heins and the executive team ... its time for YOUR PART! Right now I'd excuse ONLY the LEGAL executive because he POUNCED when his area of business for BlackBerry was challenged and he sent shock waves in the industry notifying the competition 'when it comes to legal matters, Apple is not the only one with competent lawyers and we have BALLS too!"

The other executives need to stand fast! Lay down the ramparts. Get 'er DONE! plain and simple!

PS: Sorry guys I'm no longer going to just simply drink the grape drink kool-aid anymore ... I'm sick of the medicine being hidden behind it. I want the REAL Juice ... not the DRINK!

I have a Z10 on AT&T! My girlfriend goes to get the white version of the Z10! She's in the store in manhattan ready to buy!! And they tell her? AT&T doesn't have the white version? How come all the carriers don't have the same phones? Your confusing your fan base! You guys our all over the place! Confusing the average consumer!

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The fact that the white Z10's were a Verizon exclusive was made known before the US release of the Z10s. AT&T was the first American carrier to get the Z10 and Verizon got an exclusive color but a later release date.

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great article Simon. The article provides a lot of information. For those of you that don't speak Blackberry, here's the translation.

"We will continue to support the US carriers. We don't care about the user base, or the developers. It's business as usual, while we run the company into the ground."

On a side note, just had a conversation with a friend on the train. Her blackberry was used so much that she had no side buttons. Her favorite app is BBM, which she uses to talk to people all over the world. Today she told me she was getting an iphone, and that's not the sad part. The sad part was that I had no reason to defend blackberry anymore. A part of me died today.

Damn. That sucks. Is she planning to use BBM once it goes cross-platform? Once BBM opens up how many others will jump from BB handsets??

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BlackBerry can't do what apple does. That's why they are blackberry and that's why they continue to do the same old stuff. What's the definition of insanity again? Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. This company needs a buy out. And everyone needs to be fired and then bbry products will sell again.

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If BlackBerry made a stand and released 10.1 OTA even if it broke some kind of contract with Verizon they would get SOOO much free, positive press. I think it's worth paying whatever it costs to violate the terms of the contract because they could market themselves in a similar way to T-Mobile... a rebel in a good way. Then they could make some kick ass commercials and AC/DC's Back in Black would fit perfectly.... just some fantasy booking on my part.

Note to BBRY Board of Directors and TH: if the carriers are forcing you to play by the existing equation and you are losing, you have to change the equation if you want to survive. Get a system in place in Waterloo to TALK to your customers (yea, just like Apple and Lenovo), and broaden your pool of beta-testers STAT.

On a final note, which I will repeat in other comments, the Board of Directors should be required to use BBRY Apple and Samsung devices to see what the competition is and should be forced to to do their own device and software upgrades, as well as try to trouble shoot any problems that arise, so they can see what the "end user" experience s like for BBRY devices and across competing platforms. I doubt any of them are working with buggy Z10's or Q10's at the moment. If they are still using legacy RIMM devices they should be required to also carry and actively use a Z10 or Q10 or be removed from the Board. While that's a pretty bold statement, they need to experience what customers are experiencing.

This OS lag is really on BlackBerry because they should be giving these updates to the carriers to test way in advance so they can be pushed out on time.. I understand they want to come out with a solid OS, but it should not be taking this long to come out with it... way overdue.. ridiculous!

Is there any way that a third party could implement an OTA "app" to install a leak? If so, BlackBerry couldn't be blamed with contract violation, we Verizon users would have current software (many would even pay something to do the upgrade), and thus would put lots if pressure on Verizon to get their official releases out much faster!

Even though it is relatively easy to install a leak, the vast majority of users are either too nontechnical or afraid to do the leak installs, but I'm sure if there was an easy way to do it OTA - particularly if people tested it and reported good results - lots of those people would jump to do it. What would you pay for an OTA leak nstall?

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Blackberry desktop is stable! And fine! That's why there making new blackberry 7 phones! BlackBerry links! Was the way to go! You should've been able to plug your playbook! Into links! And update it to BB10 from links! Links should be able to update any blackberry! To BB10
And should've pushed out updates for BB10! Links was the way to bridge the gaps! From BB7 to BB10!! But some how? Links was the worst thing to ever happen to blackberry I mean did you guys even test this stuff! Before release? Or? Are you leaving it up to us? With comments like: if you install a leak and break your phone it's not our fault! LoL! Did you guys test BB10 out in the fastest country's and citys? UK, New york,japan,california,
??? Or are you leaving that up to us also? Links is where blackberry fixes this update issue? bridging the gaps! Between classic Blackberry7 and BB10 instead of planning escape routes! For when you totally fail! Failure is not a option! There's consumers out there who actually believed in you and BB10 and stabilizing links is the only option! You could fix all the new issues and old issues with links!

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It's amazing.

Everyone is taking about the is marked... how important is it...
So many features are available there and not here in germany.
Many apps, movies in BlackBerry world.

But the Germany carrier o2 Vodafone, are much faster then the soooooooo important us markets.

Is it so difficult, to bring the phones and his OS in a good balanced way all over the world to the customers?

Many things in Germany not working, us marked have to wait for the OS upgrades..

That's suck :)

Sayu Smiles - artouse, action, bubblegum, Horror -Novel coming soon

BlackBerry's quality of service is going down! Thor shouldn't be giving any more excuses after breaking the playbook's promise. I'm not happy until BlackBerry get a new CEO

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Get a life. Should he have allowed an OS to be released for a device when the device couldn't handle it? What would your opinion be then?

Oh. Wait. I know. Fire him! Get a clue.

The CEO is long overdue!!! He has nothing more to offer, but just excuses. He should go.

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At&t and verizon are just operators wanted to sell apple because I'm sure they get more discount on them if they sale more and because apple is expensive every discount on sale is huge payback.

So why wanted to sell a blackberry or S4. I'm sure the market is in some way the same as in europe only that apple is just get a warning here in Europe because the were pushing operators. These days apple losing ground very quick here.

So what intrest have they to sell BB. Non.. It's a fine market you have there in the us.

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Sigh... Claro (carrier) in PR we are still on 10. 0.10.85. But they have a reputation of not only being extremely slow with their updates, but also having the worst customer service. So complaining to them is wasted time usually. Leaks basically is the fastest way to deal with this lazy carriers. So until this gets settled... leaks it is.

Verizon is an a$$ Hole mm had this phone for 3 months without being able to Skype. My regrets goes to the MD!

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You need to work on "LINKS" and BB10 and forget new phones! Z10 and Q10 is how you save the company! And when I open links on my laptop! BlackBerry desktop opens up? And shows my Z10. BUT??? Desktop doesn't support!BB10??? And what's with over a hour for a backup process?? There should be 2 BB10 platforms! One that supports the Q and the Z! And one to support playbooks! And the 9900 and 9930! And there should be a way to upload! BB10 os to a torch! And what about a T10 a torch version of BB10 why aren't you guys focusing on your strong points. Stop jumping out the Window! Over unstable ideas! Links is how you save the company! And make sense of all of what your doing! I don't own a playbook but there's still BB7 devices being used in my household! And I believe in the Z10! I think the platform could take the number one spot based on the new platform and hub!and how do you fire the guy who invented the hub? The phone has only been out for only months? Not years! Now do you see why the iphone hasn't drastically changed over 8 years! Learn from that! Its hard to get comfortable with all your changes! And Z10 and Q10 needs specific attention! There's no need for Q5 and A10 if your first 2 are struggling!

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Had to stop reading some of the comments. Some people are just so dense. Read and comprehend not only the blog, but the entire picture.

Wow, if we have this many passionate BlackBerry lovers complaining this way, it really makes me think that the white flag is just over the horizon. To think that all of these concerns could have been so easy to avoid? It really only makes me think of one word. "Tired"

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Does anyone else have the software update release? That's the latest one I got from Telus about 2 months back now, maybe even less.

Great, basically a bunch of incompetents in charge of updates... (the carriers)

I really hope BlackBerry just starts leaking OSes itself.

If i were to wait for my carrier, O2 UK to push out any updates, they would arrive late or never if it is not a big update.... And they are not even the worst perfoemer...

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If I were the carriers I wouldn't let BlackBerry just push anything they wanted out to phones that I had to support. I mean, they shipped the phones with firmware that made them reboot all the time, why would I trust them to do things right? On the other hand, that same firmware apparently passed whatever it is that the carriers call 'testing'. So, it seems there's plenty of incompetence on both sides.

Just look at apple... to incompetent to properly support ms exchange and too stupid to write a working lock screen, yet they get away with whatever they want to do.

Testing only goes so far - so it can easily overlook reboots. In addition, some people had none.
In the end, the carrier can test absolutely nothing - they can see if the device works in principle and that's it.

On the bother hand, the quicker BlackBerry can push out updates the easier it can be to fix problems. Build im some fixes, test internally - push out to a small group, then a bigger group.

Just look at how many updates you get on Windows - or Linux for that matter. In fact, if BlackBerry could update things themselves, they could push out more incremental updates too - i.e. core OS on one occasion, phone app on another.

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I think that BlackBerry should utilise the power of the modular OS. Release non radio file updates via BlackBerry world and then let the carriers test radio file changes.
Everyone is happy. I would say make os updated via link but that would be painful and link still needs copious work

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Look at it like this. At least with bb10 we can install leaked OSs that the crap carriers are not releasing in a timely manner. When I used windows phone installing leaked OSs was not a good option and when you could it was very difficult. I sat for months with a buggy outdated OS because TMO decided it wasn't there newest device so it was important anymore. Your carrier hasn't released it yet, install the leaked version.

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It is strange how none of the manufacturers have taken carriers to task for the competitive advantage they have given to Apple.

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Here is a job for the European Commission.

The issue is quite simply that for some reason politicians are quite happy to kiss up to the bully... non idea why, corruption? I would not be surprised...

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He is not happy? we are all not happy with his leadership. He first lie to 2.5M Playbook users afterwards he abandon support.... and he is not happy? please...

Basic features like low light camera s/w adjustment, efficiency in battery use etc should have been incorporated in the 1st version itself ESPECIALLY when BB has delayed its release by 1 whole year. This is bullshit excuse from Heins. The Z10 should have carried atleast a 2000 mamp battery. The last thing the selected BB10 Z10 users should have had was a bad battery performance.

"but the process is the process." only for BB. Apple, Google and Microsoft seams don't have any process. I'm tired of all lame excuses from Thor and BB.
All the weekend the BBM Channels not working properly... No 10.1 release, no PlayBook update. This no longer a serious company.

Strange situation for you guys in the states. I bought my z10 unlocked in the UK and updated to 10.1 via Wi Fi straight out of the box.

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Why do I have to update OTA?
With my laptop I get new updates via the internet and can let them run whenever I want
And my laptop also has a SIM - card in it and also runs on the 3G network. And no carrier can do anything about it whatsoever.. .

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Why did ATT or Verizon for that matter even bother to carry the new Blackberry BB10 phones. Sprint hasn’t so much as brought out an BB10 phone to market either. ATT has only released one single OS update for BB10 since they got the product and Verizon is not much better. Meanwhile the rest of the world is getting timely regular BB10 OS updates that are required to run the latest apps and get better performance out of BB10.

Everyone knows that Verizon, ATT, and Sprint are locked up with Apple under large purchase contracts to sell billions of dollars of iPhones and iOS devices or they owe Apple the money even if they don’t sell them.

Sprint owes Apple over $14 billion in iOS sales, Verizon owes Apple $23.5 billion worth of iPhones in 2013 – more than double what they sold last year. ATT owes Apple billions in locked in iOS sales as well.

Does anyone really think these above mentioned US cellular carriers are going to be pushing any other smart phone ecosystems no matter how good they are or what the customer wants if they owe Apple so much in locked in sales? They would be stupid otherwise.

If anything the consumers need to realized that they are being duped into buying Apple not because it is better but because of all the marketing dollars behind it based of Apple sticking it to the cellular companies.