BlackBerry Case Tip: Use your BlackBerry Bold 9780/9700 OtterBox Commuter Case w/ the BlackBerry 8700 Leather Holster

By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Dec 2010 12:44 pm EST

One of the most popular case/skin options for the BlackBerry Bold 9780 and 9700 is the OtterBox Commuter Series. And there's good reason for this. The Commuter Series case is rugged and durable and provides a ton of protection for the Bold 9780 and/or 9700, yet still feels good in the hand. While it does add a little bulk to the phone, the comfort and feel for everyday use is still there. It's really hard to say anything bad about this case for the 9780/9700.

The biggest downfall for people who use the the Commuter Series case on their Bold 9780 or Bold 9700 is that there is no good leather holster option for the phone. With the Commuter case installed, the phone becomes too big for the standard Bold 9780/9700 leather holster or pouch, which a lot of people love to use. However, that's not actually the case! Check out the video above and you'll see our CrackBerry solution to this problem. It turns out the good 'ole OEM Leather BlackBerry Pouch for the 87xx series works GREAT with the Bold 9780/9700 OtterBox Commuter case. It fits perfectly and the sleeper magnet functionality works too (the sleeper magent puts the phone into standby automatically and enables the in-holster sound profile settings). Pretty awesome, hey? You can grab both the OtterBox Commuter for the 9780/9700 and 8700 Leather holster at the links below from And for all the Canadians in the crowd, don't forget to check our new Canada store!

OtterBox Commuter Case for the BlackBerry Bold 9780/9700
BlackBerry Leather Pouch for the BlackBerry 87xx

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BlackBerry Case Tip: Use your BlackBerry Bold 9780/9700 OtterBox Commuter Case w/ the BlackBerry 8700 Leather Holster


Not being able to use a holster with a skin has always driven me insane, this is a genius solution! Anything similar for the Torch?

I have been using the leather case my 9700 came with, and my 9700 with the commuter fits great. The first week or two it was really tight, but now it fits snuggly and I can easily remove it with one hand and I never have to worry about it slipping out on its own. Just my experience.

"The first week or two it was really tight, but now it fits snuggly and I can easily remove it with one hand and I never have to worry about it slipping out on its own. Just my experience"

that's what she said!

Actually what 'she said' (bare with me, I'm roughly translating this from French to English), basically means 'like throwing a hot dog down a hall way' ... :(

I actually used this same case back in the day with my old Helio Ocean... They didn't make cases for it and this one worked. I'm actually using a Bold 9000 horizontal holster right now with my naked Tour. It fits better and is easier to use than the actual OEM Tour case! I previously used this same case with my 8330 Curve while also using an OEM silicone case at the same time and it worked great. It was a little snug the first day or so but streched out nicely.

A phone case and a holster? Am I the only one who thinks this is a little overboard? Whatever happened to style over sensibility? I mean, what's the look you're going for? Middle management at Initec? I might get a holster when I'm 50 and balding and I don't care what I look like anymore.....might. Until that day, I'm gonna continue to avoid the blue tooths and the holsters. I'm taking a stand against sensible!!!

That's what I'm saying...two cases, come on. No offense to anyone but if I see someone with and otter box AND a leather holster on their belt I’m thinking you’re a low level suit straight from Initech as well.

And I think the both of yall are cruisin for a blackberry bruisin...I don't have the money to get my phone replaced at the drop of a hat if something were to break. I will protect my berry anyway I see fit...and plus the holster is mainly for battery saving purposes.

What works for one don't work for all. I have already replaced my screen because of the sudden stop that a floor creates. I started using a ISkin on my 8900. I love fit and the protection it gives my phone. I am a field engineer and need my phone with me and my pockets are not an option. My wife has a 9000 and the leather belt holster was the final piece of my puzzle. It fits perfectly and the auto off works. Overkill for some but it works for me. During work there is plenty of protection and it's easily within reach and after work I'm holster free and still protected from the floor.

Now this is an interesting story for first, with my bad eyes, I wasn't sure I read it right; 8700???...THEN, my thought was; THE 8700 IS GETTING OS6???!!! WHAT???...BUT its cool that this works well. I wonder if I can buy JUST the pouch SOMEWHERE

The 9630/9650 as well as the 9700 leather cases works as well. The 9700 will be a little tight but the 9630/9650 works like a jewel. The case has to be the one that comes standard with the 9630 device. Good tip kevin.

Stay tuned for that. Lots of positive feedback here and I do have lots of BlackBerry devices and cases and holsters, so will do some more of these comparisons up over the next little bit. I'm sure there are some ideal solutions for the Torch and others too.

BOLD? 8700? Wasn't the 87xx series called the Electron? Not Bold? Still pretty cool that an old case can still be rocked in todays times! But for$20 thats around the same price for any of the newer ones? If not cheaper.

A case in a case? Why would anyone want to do something like this

And if the OtterBox is supposed be the de facto best protection what is the purpose of supplementing it with another case?

The otterbox does pretty much diddly for the screen, and if your like my wife, and the kitchen sink goes into your purse, you end up scratching the shit out of your screen, regardless of the otterbox.

Then in that case (no pun intended) throw a screen protector on it and call it a night.

The idea of two cases to protect a phone is just really fucking stupid, no matter how it gets justified.

I use the issued holster with mine in my otterbox, I don't use my holster at work, I wanna keep it in otterbox in case I drop it, but when I get home I use holster n don't wanna keep pulling otterbox off. Only thing is I had to stretch hell out of it.

I protect my 9700 with otterbox commuter and defender. when i use my commuter, i use holster for Bold 9000. with commuter attach, it fit on it. before onyx, i usually use the bold 9000 holster for 8900 and silicon case, now i can use the same holster with my 9700 and commuter..

A few people have asked why someone would use a case and a holster together... I think its pretty obvious that they want to protect the phone from drops and have an easy way to carry the phone without it being in a pocket. I personally don't do this (anymore) but one of my biggest selling points for the Blackberry is having a holster that automatically puts the phone to sleep and has different holster functions. I prefer a hard plastic holster that allows easy one-handed use. I also find that I don't feel the phone vibrate or hear it ring if its in a pocket... I also don't have to hit the sleep button everytime I use or stop using the phone (nor do I have to worry about pocket dialing!). I love getting a message and having the phone open direct to that message as soon as I take it out of the holster.

Exactly the same reason I rock the Commuter/8700 holster combo. I'm not sure if it's because it's so streamlined, or sexy, but I found myself holding the 9700 like it was a china doll. I was always worried that I'd drop it the moment it was out of the holster.

The added 'heft' of the Commuter case is exactly what I need to know that my BB is solid in my hand. If I do drop it, I know that the extra protection afforded by the silicone and hard plastic will protect my BB.

Not sure why some like amazinggraceless are hating on people who choose to protect and carry their BBs how they want to. Just because someone doesn't agree with your sense of style/protection, doesn't give you leave to call them an idiot.

Would the case for the 8300 series work in this application? It's a little bigger too, since the old Curve was heftier than the newer Berrys. (We upgraded to 8500 series, so I'm not sure how size compares to the new Bolds). The reason I ask is, my hubby's new 8530 doesn't fit well into his 8310 case -- it rattles around too much and he keeps doing that "hip dialing" thing (not butt dialing since it's on his hip, but same principle) since it doesn't completely go to sleep. So I bought him a holster to fit the 8530 and he won't need his old holster; if he agrees to part with it, I'd be glad to send it to someone who can use it, just pay postage. Let me know.

Same here lol, I've been using the Bold 9000 case as well too. It's worked well for me so far, but I might try the 8700 case out eventually.

This is so funny, I use case-mate barely there case on my 8900, and about 3 days ago decided to slip it in my old 8310 case that came with the phone, it's a perfect fit ! Love it !

Brilliant idea, I'm now using the dead 9000 case and fits perfectly. Even gone ahead and cancelled the £6.99 a month insurance. Funny, I had my 9700 in the commuter for a week but with the defender keyboard cover on as well, as soon as I take it off I dropped it, thankfully fell flat in the leather pouch so no corner damages.

You would think Blackberry would just get on the stick and make cases available for phones and allow for the use of a skin or cover. I had the same problem with my 8100. I found the Motorla RIZR case fit the phone perfectly with the skin.

FYI - the Bold 9000 case works really well too - my 9000 holster doesn't seem as snug as the one you have in the video

I've been using it with the 9700 + Commuter case and now i use it with the 9800 + Commuter Case

Agree with the TOUR case. Been using it for months and it's the most modern holster/case combo that I've found to work.

Are you really serious. What a way to push/sell old stock that's not selling. Give me a break. I have otterbox with stock case that came with my 9700 with no problems. Save your money.

i'm sorry but i just think all otterbox cases look like sh|t

i understand if someone thinks they look "ok", but someone needs a style guide if they think an otterbox is actually an attractive looking case.

wow old news...I posted a while ago about my 9700 and exceptionally well in a 9000 stock leather case...

Some people have jobs that are pretty bad on phones. I'm a police officer, and everyone at my dept has their phones in an otter box. The Sgts and higher ups are issued BBs and otterbox cases. They work! I've had to fight, jump and run after suspects, and work in dirty dusty conditions...I never worry about hurting my BB. Off duty I would like to be able to carry my phone in a holster that puts it into sleep mode. Holsters are for carrying otterboxes (cases) are for protection...using the 2 together, perfectly fine. Sorry if it doesn't meet some peoples "fashon standards! LoL

Its NOT 2 cases to protect the phone as much as one to protect and one to carry. I use a 9000 case with the 9700 in an Otter box. It works well. I now need a better solution for my Torch.

BTW does anyone kind of secretly giggle when you see an iphone with a shattered screen? It doesn't happen like that to BBs.

Great tip, managed to order an original OEM 8700 holster for £12 (around $19) should be arriving in next day or so.