BlackBerry Case Tip: BlackBerry Bold 9000 Leather Holster works with the Bold 9930 / 9900 Hard and Soft Shell Case!

By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Aug 2011 12:34 pm EDT

BlackBerry Bold 9000 Holster w/ BlackBerry Bold 9900 in BlackBerry Hard Shell Case

The BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 Soft Shell Case and BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 Hard Shell Case are proving to be best sellers for the new touchscreen Bold. One of the questions we've been getting asked a lot is whether or not the holster that ships with the new Bold will still fit the phone if you put one of these cases on it. And while the answer to that question is no, the stock 9930/9900 holster won't fit the phone with a hard or soft shell case installed, there is a work around.

I asked our e-commerce team to dig around the accessories warehouse and do some testing, and they found that the BlackBerry Bold 9000 Leather Holster will nicely fit and work with the BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 when either a hard shell or soft shell case is installed. This includes the sleeper functionality! (Take note - the Bold 9000 Koskin holster didn't fit, but the Bold 9000 Leather Holster did). You can check out more pictures below to see it from every angle. So if you want to holster your BlackBerry-cased Bold 9930 / 9900, just look for that BlackBerry Bold 9000 Leather Holster. Gotta love it when a plan comes together!

Bold 9000 Holster and 9930/9900 Cases from

More Photos of the BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 w/ Hard Shell Case in BlackBerry Bold 9000 Leather Holster

BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 w/ Hard Shell Case in BlackBerry Bold 9000 Leather Holster

BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 w/ Hard Shell Case in BlackBerry Bold 9000 Leather Holster

BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 w/ Hard Shell Case in BlackBerry Bold 9000 Leather Holster

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BlackBerry Case Tip: BlackBerry Bold 9000 Leather Holster works with the Bold 9930 / 9900 Hard and Soft Shell Case!


Thanks for the suggestion, it would be better if you show pictures with the blackberry 99XX on the holder with the soft and hard shell cases on. =)

Also, it would be great if you have a bundle offering both products for those interested.

Not sure what you mean? That IS a Bold 9900 in the photo with the Hard Shell Case on it, put into the Bold 9000 Holster. I guess that case is so good it almost looks like there's no case installed, but there is (just look at the camera cut out).

I chuckled when I saw that comment as well! I have to agree with you Kev: that case is fantastic! I had to take a really good look and how I knew the phone was in the case: I didnt see that glistening bezel, It was covered. But first up i was thinking, where is the shell?

Hehe. All good. Firing up my video camera right now to finish up my review of the Hard Shell Case.  With the textured back and BB logo filled in with the silvery chrome, it is pretty stealthy looking.

thanks for the legwork CB i have been looking for an answer to this question now i know what to buy thanks

Canada store is currently run separately from our main store (separate warehouse based in Canada, different purchasing partners for inventory, etc.) so prices can vary between Canada and main store.

Great to know! FYI...I just went into the CrackBerry accessory site and pulled up the 9000 case. When I chose the 9930 the following warning appears " ! This product doesn't work with your Bold 9930." This is a great tip and if others don't read this article first, they may not know this case will work for them.

Thanks. Yes, I will let the accessory team know to update that compatibility, and also per the comment above, maybe get it in there as a bundled suggestion. I just couldn't wait to blog the good news!

A couple of thoughts/comments.....

1) Kevin, great post. this is some great intel for the troops here!

2) This is great to know. I used to be a Otter Commuter case dude for my 9650. Then I switched to holster as I was sort of prepping myself for getting a 9930 (haven't yet) and wanted that to be seen in it's naked glory. But now I am both. Holster at work, during the days, and then Otter on the weekends when I don't want to toss a full holster in pocket (doesn't clip as well to shorts).

3) That hard shell case for the 9930....had me fooled. Didn't realize there was a case on until I looked at the cam cutout. I like the look of that. And even the white/grey one too. Not sure what I will do when I finally go 9930. Likely OEM holster for a while and then figure things out......

Hi Kevin,

quick question, do you have to put the phone facing backwards? Is there enough protection on the back (inside) of the holster for the screen?


judging by the shape of the holster, it looks like you can only put the phone in facing backwards. It doesn't look like it fill it facing forward or else he would have shown a view of that.

So whats the deal for 9900 users in Ireland!. Picked up mine last week and no holster! - Just the pocket pouch - which has been shown to damage the screen! Anyone else not get their holster??

Just realised that the screen scratching problem is with the holster. I wonder if RIM realised this at a later point and then stopped shipping the holster and the pouch instead.

> ...screen scratching problem is with the holster...

So is this why the Bold 9900 is on holster "backwards"?

(Don't laugh, this is actually the usual way I attach my smartphones too, to protect the screen)

For what it's worth, the 9900/9930 Case-Mate Barely There Case, along with the BlackBerry 9900/9930 leather holster purchased from the CrackBerry store works too. It's a little snug, but after a week of use the holster loosens up a bit and now slides in and out relatively easily. For some reason, I feel like the holster that came with the actual phone is a little tighter than the one I bought from CrackBerry and, thus, doesn't work as well with the Case-Mate Barely There Case.

Thanks you i have been looking everywhere for a answer to this question. i really like the 9900 Leather case purchased separably since the one that it came with is loaded with problems. I only want to have to adjust to grabbing phone one way when i am at work or out on the town. I tried the defender but it is to large for my small hands. Anyways. I had a 9700 with the barely there case and was in the 9700 oem case that the phone came with but back at that time they had elastic on the sides. That worked great. Now that i got a 9900 i have been searching for the perfect combination. I really hope this combo works. Thanks for this great post.

Does anyone know if the Otterbox Commuter case will work with the Bold 9000 leather holster? Now that would be cool...I know it was asked already but maybe somebody at Crackberry could try it and let us know?

Saw this the other day, ordered it, received today. This is the best phone and best carry arrangement ever ! thanks for the great work !

I ordered the 9000 holster from Amazon, the picture in the description looks like the one reviewed here, however when I got it, it looks like the koskin holster. The leather holster has a cupped bottom with no openings. The holster I received has an opening on both of the bottom corners akin to the koskin holster. Fake leather ... real leather I don't care as long as it works! The holster I got works with my 9930 with Otterbox Commuter case! Fits well and the sleeper magnets work perfectly!

For those of us who prefer a horizontal style case, has anyone found a leather case that will fit the 9900/9930 and hard shell case like the Bold 9000 leather case (vertical) above? I do realize the 9000 case above could be turned horizontally, but now use a horizontal case on my BB and like it better.

Ok, I've read almost all the comments and I'm super confuse. I've been looking for a case for my BB Bold 9900 with Hard Shell. Can some one recomending me where to get one case that fit comfortably mi BB?

Rene it....doing it.
Great idea!!
It does sit backwards with the screen facing inside, but thats ok, better protection.
Turning it around is too tight.

Thanks Crackberry