BlackBerry Case Study - a look at the BlackBerry Solution in health care (video)

By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Feb 2011 08:57 am EST

You have to love the video activity from RIM these days... last week we saw a new youtube video showing the awesomeness of BlackBerry Messenger as a tool for dating (via the powerful BBM Flirt), and this week it's a BlackBerry Case Study looking at how BlackBerry Smartphones are improving one-to-one patient care at UPMC Mercy Hospital. It's an interesting video - definitely worth checking out. And with the upcoming release of the BlackBerry PlayBook I'm sure we'll see the benefits of BlackBerry extend even further into health care (they've already shown off a couple of medical apps for it). 

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BlackBerry Case Study - a look at the BlackBerry Solution in health care (video)


That's truly amazing. Take it from someone who spent time in and out of hospital with neck surgery. This would of made things faster in my opinion. Good ad for RIM.

Wow, showing how blackberry can make things much more meticulous with the trackpad.

an ipad/iphone would be better suited for something like this. a full blown app integrated into their system.

christ this video is worthless.

Hey bud, in business iPad = fail what's the Nurse going to do with the iPad when they get to the patient and have to push the bed???? Do you want the nurse to carry a little iPady back back around.

The whole iPad for business stuff is retarded. No one wants to carry something that big around with them.

You iPad apple zombies are total idiots, and what's worse you don't even know it. Pathetic.

PS they likely don't use iPhones because they have patient records on them, so you need security another FAIL for Apple.

did anyone notice they were using bolds the whole time and then at the end they all had a torch at the end?

I noticed that too... Wired... I know for the fact MOST hospitals, banks and military services even in third world countries use BlackBerry phones so, I wouldn't say this ad is staged, but it looks like staged :)

With HIPAA, those things must be using encryption and they all have password locks. They don't show the staff taking the time to enter the passwords and then wait for the blackberry to unlock and decrypt for use. Nor do they show the users waiting for the phone to reboot because some app locked up the Blackberry. Oh, and they must be using wifi, becuase cell reception in hospitals is usually garbage.

What is really keeping the blackberry from working as smooth as an iPhone? Hardware or Software? I would like to see them throw some serious hardware at the OS 6 just to see if it could be as fluid as an iPhone.

First of all as you mentioned the security aspect of the BlackBerry namely encryption. Something your iPhone doens't offer.

"Oh, they must be using wifi, because cell receptions in hospitals is usually garbage"

Do tell what would your awesome performing iPhone be using?  Does it not need Wi-Fi becasue it has access to some super secret cellular data network BlackBerry smartphones don't have access too?

I never understood why haters of blackberry even sign up for a site like CrackBerry. Oh well, it is usually the ones that don't understand the technology, assume that the businesses' setup always function like a consumers' signal/connection. Sort of like the people who believe everything they hear on the news.

Anyways, this is great to see. I know it is not always working as smooth as it looks in the commercial, but hopefully we can get to a point soon that it will.

Just once I'd like for people to step back and look at the bigger picture. There is nothing in that video that shows the BB platform doing anything that another platform couldn't do in the same instance. Sure, it's a good commercial for RIM and their platform, but only an idiot would watch that video and say "That's amazing, BB can do all this stuff." Don't be naive, other platforms can work the same way and in some cases better.

This video is a very good ad for BB to pitch to a hospital, but it would be silly for anyone to think that nothing else out there can do the same thing. Gimme a break.

Just for once? I've never read anything from you that doesn't involve you typing as hard as you can, to anyone that will read it, that BB can't do anything another platform can't.

Are you really here to save us from our naivety? Thank you for caring!

Maybe you need to take a good look at reality. Sure, other platforms are capable of doing this, MAYBE even better, but the reality is, the platform of choice is BlackBerry.

Just accept it.

I might be ignorant here - but is there any other platform that has anything as good as BES, which is probably being used here?

After switching from a BB 9700 to my new iphone i cant say that i miss BB and the screen on the iphone blows bb outta the water. not to mention my iphone never freezes something my bb would constantly do

I have to agree that the freezing is extremely annoying. Thankfully, OS 6.448 is stable enough for what I do on my phone.

Glad you're enjoying your iPhone.