BlackBerry Case Review: Speck Products SeeThru Case and Holster for the BlackBerry Curve Series

By Gary Mazo on 14 Mar 2008 10:46 am EDT

Speck SeeThru Holster and Case

To Protect and Preserve (the original look)

OK,  You just got the BlackBerry Curve – one of the slimmest, coolest and hottest Smartphones on the planet. Depending on the model, you paid anywhere from $99.00 to $250 or more for it. You hold it in your hand and it feels so nice, thin and…..fragile. You don’t want to drop it, but we all drop our BlackBerry at some point.  So, you need a case to protect it…just in case (sorry about the pun). Luckily, there are lots of options at the Store.

One of the things I love about my 8320 is the color – I don’t necessarily want to mask or  cover that up in a case. Fortunately, I have a good option in the Speck Products SeeThru Case for the BlackBerry Curve 8300 series.

Here is the “Official Overview” of this case:

Speck Products SeeThru for BlackBerry 8300 Series - Protect your BlackBerry Curve and keep it slim and sleek! Get great protection and functionality with the SeeThru case and holster. SeeThru cases are made of translucent hard plastic to beautify and protect. 2-piece snap together SeeThru case includes screen protection and removable swivel holster.

  • great screen protection
  • removable swivel holster (belt clip)
  • full phone functionality while your phone is in the case
  • protects yet keeps a slim profile

Design and Function
SeeThre Side Profile The Speck SeeThru case is designed to snap over the BlackBerry, giving it a clear, hard outer shell. The case is totally see thru – as the name indicates. There are cutouts on the sides for the convenience keys and charging ports and on the top for the standby/mute key. 

Speck’s version of the Seethru case has plastic over the screen as well – to provide an added layer of protection. Included is a plastic swivel clip for attaching to your belt and securely holding your Blackberry.

I found that I had access to pretty much every button and key while the BlackBerry was in this case.  The screen protector did get in the way, just a little, when I went to press the trackball.  I also found that the convenience keys were a bit tricky to push and the mute key was very tricky to push when this case was put on the BlackBerry.

One thing I appreciated was being able to clearly see the nice Pale Gold color of my Curve through the case.  I also appreciated that little bulk was added by using this case.

The holster has a very minimalistic design, but it does hold the BlackBerry securely. Unfortunately, this holster/case combo does not contain a magnet to put the BlackBerry into "sleeper" mode when inserted into the holster. This means you can't utilize the BlackBerry Operating system's In Holster sound profile settings. It also means you will want to hold down the mute key for 2 seconds to manually put the phone into standby (save battery life and prevents accidental keyboard presses) when inserting into the holster.

Fit and Finish
The Speck SeeThru case fit perfectly onto the BlackBerry.  I did feel some “sharpness” around the cutouts of this case. Very important was that the camera lens was not obstructed nor were any of the keys on the front of the phone. There was no added glare by having the screen covered. One curious thing about the finish of this case was that there was a seam in the upper left hand corner of the case – sort of small square. This was in the area where the case seals together – so, my guess is that it was simply re-enforcement of the plastic.

Ready for Action
BlackBerry Curve Protection while Preserving the Original Look

This is a hard case. It seems like it would protect the Blackberry in a fall – but there is no padding, so I don’t’ know how the fall would be absorbed. What it did protect against were scratches and scuffs = both on the screen and on the device.

Overall Conclusions
This is a nice, inexpensive way to protect your BlackBerry and not lose any of the “luster” of the nice color. I happen to really like the feel of the rubberized sides on the new BlackBerry curve.  When using this case, I lose that for the feel of hard plastic.  It doesn’t add a lot of bulk which is a good thing and it preserves the general look of the device. If you simply want a hard “skin” for your BlackBerry, this could be a fine alternative for you.

Spec Holster Review Summary:
Speck Products SeeThru Case for the BlackBerry Curve


  • clear and seethru
  • offers hard case protection - no scratches or scuffs
  • cutouts are well designed
  • preserves original look of the BlackBerry


  • just enough bulk in the case to make the convenience keys and mute key hard to press
  • a magent for dust and fingerprints
  • no "sleeper" magnet in holster
More Info and Purchase the Speck Products SeeThru Case and Holster:

Reader comments

BlackBerry Case Review: Speck Products SeeThru Case and Holster for the BlackBerry Curve Series


I got this case for my curve. I bought it right from Speck so it was about $30 with shipping. When I got it the screen already had hairline scratches out of the box, which didn't make me that happy.
I used it for a two weeks or so and then decided to return it and just use the vinyl sleeve that came in the box with my phone.
But of course I actually went to return it the 30th day after I purchased the case (literally) and they just have a 30 day return policy...

So I would really think twice before getting a case like this one.

Had hairline scratched right out the box and the box was opened even though it was in a shipping package which tells me I got someone elses returned item. I am also seeing a very, very slight movement problem on the top right of my curve (the case connection where it says WiFi). Other than that it seems to be an excellent case. I'm sure if I dropped it that the case would just break because of how the plastic feels, but I'm sure the phone itself would not recieve any scratches from the drop. Not great, but good product.

I take it you made that purchase from Speck Products and not from

Just as an fyi... will never re-ship a returned product as "new".

Had this for my Curve for about 2 months now. I think it does the job of protecting the device. Compared to my friends who are using the leather case and the sleeve, my curve is in better shape. But the case on the other hand is very scratched up. But the scratches don't get in the way of functionality so I really don't mind. If you are a person like me who don't like to think about having to be careful with your phone, this case is a great solution.

While the case does fit well on the device and protect it well I was not happy with how EASILY the Speck case got scratched itself. I used the cover for about two weeks until I couldn't take it anymore because the case looked like I had taken it and scraped it on the ground-even though I had never dropped it.

FYI for anyone looking to buy this case- you can buy it from any T-Mobile retail store for 9.99 while it is listed for much more online.

So how does this compare to the Seidio clear case. I'm thinking about getting one for my black curve but not sure which one to get.

This one has screen protection and the seidio one doesn't. That's why i bought this. I'm very satisfied.

several weeks ago. It scratches very easily...too easily for my liking. Plus the holster does not have the sensor that puts your BB in stand by. I use it occasionally but I got the InvisibleShield for my Curve which I like much better.

After using this case for about a month, I have found that the screen protector itself is actually leaving little etch marks on my BB Curve's screen, ao be aware!!!

Bought this along with my BB Curve 8320 w/ T-Mobile and I must say, its great! Covers the ENTIRE Curve except the trackball and keyboard and of course dedicated buttons. Excellent protection and keeps the great appearence of the Curve even greater!

I bought one from the verizon store for 10 bucks. I like the case but the clip is trash. I walked five steps and my BB hit the floor the case split open and I have a huge scratch on the back. I'm just lucky the screen didn't get trashed.

I loved this case when I first got it. Protection of the screen was high on my list. What I was not expecting was the amount of junk that was trapped between the case and my screen. The junk was held there and when I took the case off today, I realized it had dug into the screen. SO the reason I purchased this product (Screen protection) actually caused screen damage.

YES, it scratches easily, I will give you that BUT, i accidently left my blackberry curve on top of my car and drove off, my phone flipped off the top of my car (going about 45 miles per hour) bounced off the trunk then bounced around on the road. YES the case was scratched alot, but it has NO cracks in it, and my phone is in PERFECT CONDITION!!!!!! Don't worry about the scratches, that is what you are buying the dang thing for. All I can say is that this case saved me about $500, what it would cost to replace my 6 week old blackberry. I say if you need protection, this is it!!!!!!

The only problem with this case is that it is designed for the AT&T and T-Mobile version of the Curve. It doesn't fit the Sprint & Verizon CDMA versions perfectly. The LED cutout is too high, and that corner of the case doesn't snap together.

Speck considers this a universal case for the Curves, but it's not the greatest fit if you have a Sprint or Verizon 8330.

Bought for $9.99 at T-Mo store. Using for a few months. Keep phone in my pocket (never us the poor clip). No scratches no problems (save a little hard to press the mute key). But why pay $20 or $30 when it sells for $10?


I bought this case at the T-mo store for ten dollars becasue that seemed like a good deal for screen protection and overall scratch protection. However, after about 6 weeks of using it, the case itself was very scratched up and some dust and dirt had found their way into the case, so it was time to retire it. I recently purchased a casemate smart skin case(available in the Crackberry store!)and have never looked back.

I bought this over the weekend for my Sprint 8330. I bought it mainly to prevent the small scratches that were beginning to appear on the back of my berry from it lying on the desk or table. I also liked the fact that the color of my berry is allowed to shine.

I've used skins and while they are ok, they don't allow you to slide the berry into your pocket and they pickup a lot of dust. They also cover the color, which I really like.

The speck is a tight fit, almost not wanting to close. I'm sure this is because I have the CDMA version. No big deal for me.
I've taken it off a few times to remove dust under the screen and to make sure that it is not scratching the lense. So far, so good. It doesn't wiggle - which is what caused scratches with the last plastic cover I used.

Also - one other great factor - it keeps makeup off of my lens. Ladies will enjoy this. Such a pain to wipe powder off of the lens everytime you hang up a call.

So, I paid $10 from T-Mobile. It scratches easily, but that is what I got it protect my berry from scratching and dirt.

I bought this case also from the t-mo store for my sprint 8330 and I couldn't get the darn thing to close!! It's just a little too small.

I love the hard plastic case for protection of my curve. It was only 10 dollars and is so sturdy.I love the sleek look of the phone and this a good way to keep it.

Other cases cover the Blackberry logo on the front of the device which I hate but this case is clear and it also covers the screen. You would be surprized how easy it is to scratch the screen.

My blackberry goes everywhere with me and has also fallen a few times. This case has protected my device tremendously. I just wish they made them in other colors.