BlackBerry cancels Q2 2014 earnings conference call and webcast

By Bla1ze on 25 Sep 2013 07:15 pm EDT

If you were preparing to tun into the BlackBerry Q2 2014 earnings call and webcast on Friday, you'll have to adjust plans accordingly. BlackBerry has now announced the conference call and webcast have been canceled though results will still be made available on Friday, September 27 at 7:00 a.m.

In light of the letter of intent agreement between BlackBerry and Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited that was signed and announced on Monday, September 23, BlackBerry has cancelled its second quarter earnings conference call and webcast that had previously been scheduled for Friday, September 27 at 8:00 a.m. The company will publish further details regarding its second quarter results in the Management's Discussion and Analysis and consolidated financial statements, to be filed next week.

Although the reasoning is there, it's sure to upset some investors due to the fact the company is still public for the time being. If you're looking for the full press release, you'll find it below.

Press Release

BlackBerry Financial Results to be Released at Approximately 7:00 am Eastern on Friday, September 27

Company Cancels Conference Call Due to Previously Announced Letter of Intent

WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - September 25, 2013) - BlackBerry® Limited (NASDAQ: BBRY)(TSX: BB) today announced that it will release its complete second quarter financial results on Friday, September 27 at 7:00 a.m.

In light of the letter of intent agreement between BlackBerry and Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited that was signed and announced on Monday, September 23, BlackBerry has cancelled its second quarter earnings conference call and webcast that had previously been scheduled for Friday, September 27 at 8:00 a.m. The company will publish further details regarding its second quarter results in the Management's Discussion and Analysis and consolidated financial statements, to be filed next week.

About BlackBerry

A global leader in wireless innovation, BlackBerry® revolutionized the mobile industry when it was introduced in 1999. Today, BlackBerry aims to inspire the success of our millions of customers around the world by continuously pushing the boundaries of mobile experiences. Founded in 1984 and based in Waterloo, Ontario, BlackBerry operates offices in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. BlackBerry is listed on the NASDAQ Stock Market (NASDAQ: BBRY) and the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: BB). For more information, visit

BlackBerry and related trademarks, names and logos are the property of BlackBerry Limited and are registered and/or used in the U.S. and countries around the world. All other marks are the property of their respective owners. BlackBerry is not responsible for any third-party products or services.

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BlackBerry cancels Q2 2014 earnings conference call and webcast



Well, this only means BlackBerry is playing all possible cards to help with the privatization process.... if they can get away with not having to disclose financial details for now, so be it... I get it, now let's just get this over with and start focusing on continuing innovation!!

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Further proof that BlackBerry and Fairfax Financial have been colluding for months. Where is FinTrac and the Ontario Securities Commission?

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

The perfect way for Thor to avoid hard questions that would have come during the call.

The guy sure knows how to play his cards right.

This is ridiculous... as a public company they should be ashamed of them selves.

Thor is a tool.

Posted via CB10

I'm starting to wonder if they've actually killed Thor. He hasn't shown his face in s long time.

Fable Publishing: C0012255F

He's busy, they paid his $60millions bonus for dragging BlackBerry to the floor and selling in cents and he's swimming into them.

No reason for FinTrak or OSC to be involved. Don't you think Prem is smart enough to follow the rules?

Posted via CB10 on Z10

Thor is smert enough and did everything he could to please his employer and cash the 60miliiols bonus for selling the company: brought the stock value to peanuts so that the employer could privatize the company cheaply.

Wow! It's that bd huh? That's crazy, I have never heard of a company cancelling their Earnings call.

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To a point, but the investors who could take the company private don't want to feel like they are investing in a worthless, poorly run company. They want a return on their investment, so there needs to be belief in a brighter future.

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no one, but the certain classes people that think it's cool to post first or in his case his way to make it not look as obvisious to say first... No one cares, and this site was so much better years ago when the internet trolls hadn't taken over this site and started posting first....

Why can't you guys just leave a comment regarding the article and not even mention the word first or any other meaning that can be construed as being the first person to actually respond intelligently to an article.

At this point, I think it's because it's so effective at pissing you off. When will you people learn? Exactly what impact does it have on your life, for someone to post a "first" comment. Get a fucking grip. And a clue. I've seen more attention paid to it this week, than I've seen in quite a while. It's NOT going away. Post YOUR insightful comment and move on!

Why can't you leave a comment about the article? All I've seen you post about this particular topic is pissing and moaning. About a 'first'.

And oh yeah: the learning keyboard you enjoy is causing you to come across as even more of a crank. It's: classless.

Posted via CB10

U just said 'first' like a million times lol relax, its just a post, I don't see why some1 has to get upset about itO_o sm1 DID piss in ur

Posted via Z10STL100-3/

Ah he has a hate on for 'firsts' which is harmless.

RIM destroying wealth through ineptitude seems to be ok though. Whatever.

Posted via CB10

Guys guys guys...Chill. LOL it's just a forum... and the trolls won't go away. Now getting back to the subject. If you are pissed or content with Blackberry there's a very easy way to show it. Pissed: Jump ship and do not support blackberry... Content: Buy a BB10 device and stick around. That's all. Nothing we state here is going to change Blackberry's agenda. Only market perception will. So hit "em where it hurts. Market value.

Oh! and vent out on Crackberry of course.

Or release BBM for Android at the same time and hope nobody notices the quarterly results...

Seriously though, the phones and OS are great, people who have them are mostly crazy about them, and the Z30 looks even better. If BlackBerry didn't aim for the stars, the company may be in better shape, and ignored instead of crucified by the media.

Posted via CB10

Or announce that BBM will no longer be going cross-platform due to Heins not being satisfied with the performance.

(Kidding. Apologies to those who own a PlayBook)

Hilarious. You forgot one thing, they're always late and will withdraw cancelling it and blame someone else

Android o wait, you mean; ads, spyware, mallware, viruses, trackers and other stuff I don't need. O and 3rd party apps full with ads, because you can't buy anything in Europe ghehe! Unless you have a credit-card. Unlike BlackBerry and iOS who are two ROCK-SOLID hearth-touching OS'es.

Posted via Potato 3000

Dear lord... Should I remind you that BB app store has 47,000 apps made by a single developer? Why hating another OS when yours is really fucked up?

Thorstein Heins doesn't want to get ripped by the shareholders so he goes into hiding and isn't even at BlackBerry jam Asia either. Well the executive group is sure earning their money...not.

CB10 - Z10 -

He'll be on one of their three private jets. Planning on how to use his 50+mil with the other c suite execs who get a combined 85 mil.

Laughing at his employees searching for jobs on their play books.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 Oreo

Can you believe Frank Boulben gets paid $800k/year for the terrible job he's done not even including bonuses and his golden parachute. I'd rather save regular employees salaries. Much more useful.

CB10 - Z10 -

I think he was never given the money to spend on a decent advertising campaign, they really worked hard to protect and preserve their cash. WAY conservative and hopeful that their reputation would do the work, and it did, they just didn't see how messed up it was.


Why make excuses for him? Soon to be rich n retired with stolen lucre and the best someone can post is: he didn't get the funding?.

At the CSuite level they made decisions around inventory that results in almost 1B$ in writedowns ... basically valued as worthless.

He was part of that decision. And these same decison-makers funded a marketing strategy based on... expertise?. Knowledge?. Experience?. Frank is guilty of two poor decisions (that I care to explore at the moment) as is the rest of the executive and Board. Destruction of wealth.

Posted via CB10

Hey since they are throwing money around I'll do something useful. I'll sweep their parking lot for a million. I guess I would be earning my money too easily because of empty parking spaces from all the lay offs. Can't believe these clowns
They are paid for making this awesome company crumble.

Posted via CB10

Conversation that was overheard at a swanky steak house.*

Boulben: Hey Thor, do you think we should be putting more money into our commercials?

Heins: Nah, we told everyone to sell like hell. That's free marketing.

Boulben: So what should we do with our marketing budget?

Heins: Let's blow it on some jets. This company's going down. Might as well milk what we've got.

Boulben: But you're the CEO. Shouldn't you try to do something to save the company?

Heins: Nah, I've got a fat pay day comin' up. The sooner this company goes down the sooner I get my money.

Boulben: When you took over as CEO, the stock price was $16. Now it's at $8. How are you going to answer to the media during the earnings call?

Heins: Let's just cancel it.

Boulben: Well done!

Heins: Get Watsa on the phone for me....

Watsa: Hello.

Heins: Watsaaaaaap!

Watsa: I told you not to call me that.

Heins: Ya, ya. I promised to get to stock price way down so you and your boys and buy us up for cheap.

Watsa: You did real good. You will be rewarded handsomely.

Heins: Better be at least another $50 mill. Anyway, see you at the strip club tonight?

Watsa: You bet.

*(Names used and scenario are purely fictitious. Any resemblance to real life persons and events are purely coincidental.)

While they're at it, Alicia Keys could probably go as well. What did she do besides tweet from her iPhone and run a few workshops?

Posted via CB10

Makes me sick knowing how much they will get paid to sack thousands while doing a pathetic job themselves smdh

Posted via CB10

It's sitting in a drawer collecting dust. I'm using my new iPhone 5c. If someone like me, who has always been a huge BlackBerry supporter and user, has already given up on the Q10... There's a reason why the company sank, and it has nothing to do with the media. The Q10 was a glitchy, inferior product (my browser stopped working twice, requiring a full system reset/erase among other things). BlackBerry has consistently made abysmal decisions over the last couple of years (shockingly bad) - anyone enjoying their new cross-platform BBM? That's it, rant over. I'm enjoying my new iPhone (and yes, it can just get things done, too).

Really? You just said "It's sitting in a drawer collecting dust." Does that mean the dust claimed it? <chuckling>

Why give it away when you could sell it and get her a 5c? I'm sure there's buyers.

Sent from the future on my QNX® powered BlackBerry® Z10

I don't see your way of thinking... Do you think they're gonna share next quarters earnings thoughts, or how they plan to beat Apple and Google considering it's all irrelevant? #FacePalm

A leader doesn't 'beat' anyone a leader is there to lead. To show everyone how stuff is done, not to make decisions because they like them but because it needs to be done. BlackBerry leads, 1% has them, we are the 1%. And all the others are just another brick in the wall.

Posted via Potato 3000

Yah Wtf. Why bail on the earnings call?

Maybe things are really bad. Just convinced my sister in law to get the s4 instead of the z10. If BlackBerry continues downward apps support is gonna tank over the duration of her contract.

Luckily I love bb10 over my s3 and ios

Posted via CB10

Haha, it's quiet funny. I've a BB Torch2 OS7.1. Try that. No apps, but he wait a minute... A BlackBerry Torch is a phone not a Tablet or PC,MAC. But I know everyone sees their smart-phone as a computer, well IT'S NOT. Anyways, this; BlackBerry; works for me. I've an Android tablet and it's nothing but ads, ads, ads, ads, fakes, mallware, spyware, trackers, cookies, and other crap I don't want on my BUSINESS phones.

Posted via Potato 3000

PIty. With 10.2 she'd have been able to download most Android apps and still have the benefit of BB10.

Google Play...
The forums here...

Funny how side loading is looked down upon by the Android community, yet they all talk about rooting and modding.

Sent from the future on my QNX® powered BlackBerry® Z10

Rooting and modding to customize the LOOK of the phone not download apps and games from Google Play.....

Dont be silly, every droid Rom i have used comes with a bunch of apps (except the lite ones) Including apps found in app store as paid... swift keys by default sure no piracy there

I've got lots of apps on my z10. The ones I use/like the least are Netflix and instagram. Android apps will improve shortly with 10.2/jellybean, but I prefer native apps and have plenty for my needs.

Posted from my incredible Z10

so if i buy Instagram and Netflix in google play store at full ;) price, then side load it.
would that be stealing too?

Yup. All those paying BB10 Netflix customers that side loaded Netflix owe them millions of 0 dollars for stealing their free app and not paying the nothing Netflix charges for it.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z10

I forgot to mention that it's OK for these same BlackBerry users to watch Netflix on their laptops though.

The thing is: Netflix movie streams magically cost Netflix more money if they go to a BlackBerry phone than if they go to a PC, or iPhone, or Android phone, DVD player, or Smart TV. They have to send BlackBerry phones "special BlackBerry data" that costs more than "regular data" (don't let the fact the data streams are identical fool you!)

And the zero support you get for Netflix on a BlackBerry also magically costs Netflix more than the actual support you get on any other platform.


Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z10

I guess that's why there's so many 'Top Paid Android Apps and Games' torrents on The Pirate Bay - unethical BlackBerry sideloaders.

Posted via CB10

There are many orders of magnitude more pirate APKs that are side loaded onto Android phones than BB10 phones.

80 percent of all smartphones in the world are Android. You can side load APK files on Android phones as well (and you don't have to convert them to bars first either).

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z10

Thor, just couldn't face the shareholders. That would a been one of the toughest. Mornings of his life. Yikes.

Posted via CB10

I don't think so. It's about public perception and limit the brand damage. Better to say nothing than further air out your dirty laundry for everyone to see

Shareholders are not on the call as far as I know. Results have generally been released and there is a sale process taking place. It seems to me there is no need to talk to analysts. After all any forward looking comments are not appropriate in the current context.

Posted via CB10

Of course shareholders can be on the call. In fact anyone with a phone can be on the call as it is a public company. In practice analysts take over because they are in business to be right in front of the company to form and sell their opinions. And as long as it is a public company they *should* (but don't have to) have quarterly conference calls. But let me reiterate what I said immediately following the offer to take BlackBerry private so we can infer why the call was cancelled:

"The patents and other intangible assets were not written down (materially) otherwise that would have been announced as an additional source of losses in Friday's earnings pre-announcement. But I've been wrong before when it comes to what BlackBerry must announce and when they actually get around to announcing it. If, however, there does turn out to be a large write-down of intangible assets between now and when they report officially there is something very fishy going on.

The board should not, in good faith, recommend shareholders accept an offer that comes in below the value of the net cash and assets that they have been claiming are there this whole time - their fundamental fiduciary duty is to get a fair value or else say no. The only way that directors can justify the low bid we see here as being "fair value" is if they start writing things down retroactively to make the numbers work. If that happens then you will know the fix is in (in which case directors would be opening themselves up to personal liability). Unless, of course, the massive inventory writedown was pushed through this quarter to achieve the same effect. It will be interesting to see all the numbers on Friday and how strongly the board pushes for accepting a $9 offer."

But now the call is cancelled. I wonder what it is that they don't want to talk about? Oh, I don't know... maybe how they can justify accepting a low offer. I'm guessing their case is pretty weak. I would not want to be affiliated in any way with that board right now. At least they are smart enough to not expose themselves to any more personal liabilities than necessary. And that's just with the status quo. If things have changed and the loss turns out to be bigger than what was pre-reported because of a write-down of intangibles... Ouch! Someone is in serious trouble.

They're still releasing results with an update on the info just not the conference call and Web cast.

Posted via CB10

The report itself is required by regulators, and is still being released Friday morning. The conference call and webcast are NOT legal requirements.

Because they have stuff to talk about. TH would be incinerated alive if he attends the conference, knowing that people know how many millions he is going to make out of this.

Posted via CB10

Just like Elop, and every other CEO who was ever in their position.

Get over it.

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You're assuming he gets fired as CEO. He doesn't get that golden parachute just because this deal goes through. That's only if he is ousted by Prem.

Posted via CB10

I think it said they would release the report next week, likely Monday since that is the true end of the quarter?


BBRY's quarter ended at the end of August. It just takes about a month to reconcile all the results to tell us what the results were as August 31.

Excellent analysis as usual Thunderbuck. This is good news for the shareholders as well but they are still out for a pound of flesh.

If they highly publicize a bad report it will not be good for capitalization and would likely lead to a lesser offer than what was in the LOI.

Posted via CB10

err that's a bit backwards thinking, this isn't the `norm`, so therefore if anything more people will look than before. also see this extra post that's not really positive? if theyd held conf then it wouldn't of happened.

Saying anything about the $9 per share sale is good for investors shows how little grasp people have.

Thanks, but I wasn't defending them for this decision, exactly. I'm still not nuts about this deal. I get why they've chosen to cancel, and as I observed they're within their rights. That doesn't mean I have to be happy with them for hiding from shareholders.

Man, I was waiting to hear the fireworks on Friday.

Yeah I was expecting it to get messy.

Fairfax hasn't bought the company yet. The shareholders should at least get the opportunity to ask questions about their investment.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Hey shareholders! Yes, you there...about that earnings call, it's going to go...

Nah, FU!

Posted via CB10

Saving his face after questionable decisions about last week and a disastrous Bbm launch fail. He has no answer so that's what he does. Media would be right to criticize BlackBerry for this decision as they are still a public company and need to answer it's shareholders.

Posted via Z10

What more could they say? Any move they make right now is not going to be a good one. Until something positive comes out of BlackBerry Ltd, it's not going to get better.

They could have elaborated on the recent fails (bbm launch) and maybe a little more about what they plan to do during the time regarding the recent deal.

Posted via Z10

Fraud is a dangerous state and Thorsten knows he'd be liable. The shareholders should storm BlackBerry HQ and string-up these criminals and their co-conspirators. Jam the 911 telephone lines beforehand so nobody can call the police. Tattoo the criminals.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

More disappointing news (yawn)... given the stock sell-off this week it would be almost laughable if Fairfax did buy BB at $9 a share. I expect the initial buyout to fail on finance now and BB be sold to another for more, yes more, if BB gets its head out its ass and completes the cross-platform launch coupled with a successful 10.2 roll-out globally. I for one will be buying two Z30s! BUT if BB fails on cross platform and 10.2 smooth roll-out then I a lifelong BB customer and current stock holder have to admit I will take the loss and move on when the time comes.

Fairfax already has 10% of the shares. And BlackBerry has enough cash to cover another 50%. So he only really needs between $1 and $2 billion to buy it outright.

Get a couple of existing investors to join his group and he'll need less.

Given that BlackBerry patents are probably worth $9 a share I doubt he'll have much trouble raising finance.

I assume the story about him not having finance allowed someone somewhere to make money manipulating the stock. Their last chance to talk it down before it goes private.

He cannot use all their capital in buying the company if they intend to be an ongoing concern. Some guesses have their cash burn this quarter at 500 million dollars. That doesnt stop the day Prem and the "consortium" get the keys to the front door. They have to leave some cash for ongoing operations. The alternative is to use the cash and borrow money for the ongoing operations (not the least of which might be Thor's 50 million) unlikely in their current condition

Given the staff cuts the burn through must be significantly reduced.

And the cash remains in the company. The key is to continue generating cash, which again given the staffing cuts shouldn't be a problem even at the current sales volumes.

If you look at the numbers released last Friday, despite woeful sales, operations wise they really didn't perform that badly. It was the massive write down that caused the huge loss. A write down that leaves them with 2 million up to date phones they can give away once they're private. They've essentially valued a $1 billion dollar asset as $0.

When they sell those phones - even at a minimal value - they'll declare a profit. If they can use the phones as bait to attract people to the Z30, they could do very nicely.

Not that we'd know once they're private of course.

The company cannot buy itself, so it is actually the other way around. The more cash then company has on hand, the more money would need to be raised in a deal.

That being said, there is the concept in M&A to leverage the assets of a company to be acquired (leveraged buy-out), but this is not how it works.

Posted via CB10

Naturally you have to first arrange financing for the full amount. But the cash represents an asset and I would imagine could be used as collateral.

The implication being that he only has to find value to the sum of $1 or $2 billion in BlackBerry to provide collateral for the remaining amount required. Even a conservative estimate of IP asset value exceeds that amount and that doesn't take into account other aspects of the business.

My point being that I wouldn't have thought it would be too difficult to borrow the cash to buy given the real value of the company is probably around $20-$30 a share (assuming they get their costs sorted), and $9 a share is a steal.

I don't care about earnings calls, I just want bb10 to continue and for there to be more bb10 phones! If going private helps this them so be it.

Posted via CB10

This is total BS. They don't want to answer the obvious questions about the timing of the earnings warning and half baked buyout announcement by Prem Watsa.

I guarantee that this further tanks the stock and if Prem drops his offer to $8/share I am going to be the lead in a lawsuit against Fairfax and Blackberry and Blackberry's board. This is unfathomable.

He has already offered $9 and the board accepted subject to due diligence. The only reason for him to pull out of the current agreement (which is what would be needed), is if that diligence turns up data that doesn't match reported data.

Seems unlikely. I think we're getting $9 a share. There's a good opportunity to average down while you can,

For all those who lost on BBRY I feel terrible for you and am praying for you and your families. On a side note didn't they say the report was going to be bad just before bbm came out? So messes up love all my BlackBerry devices and so does my gf, she's as fanatical about em as me and keeps asking "is there gonna be a BlackBerry 10 slider? " and I tell her "in time baby in time".. Idk kinda a random post just upset about the recent events and BlackBerry 10 not blowing up in the us like it should have if we didn't have to do all the marketing for rim(bbry).. BlackBerry ftw...

Posted via my DizBerryZ10 (8830,9330,9500,9550,9930,PlayBook)

I'm writing this with tears in my eyes. I really don't want to lose my BlackBerry. I would be phoneless. I can't be phoneless. I can't use Android or iPhone. Windows phone is a skeptical maybe. Definitely can't go back to a feature phone. I really hope my worry is in vain and everything will be looking up come 2014.

Posted via CB10

Your phone will still work if they go private. It doesn't initiate a self destruction sequence..

CB10 - Z10 -

Lol. I know that. But do you know for if the new owners will keep the company going or just sell off patents and assets and close shop? I don't know that. My current BlackBerry will work until my kids break it or I lose it but what if BlackBerry phones are no longer being sold? What then?

Posted via CB10

Too funny, R. Field! Thanks for the comic relief. I'm right there with SilkySunshine: I'd hate to lose my Blackberry (even though it seems like I'm the only person in Maine using one). :-) Sad to hear the mixed reviews on the Q10; had hoped for better. I LOVED my 9900 - damn near perfection.

8310, 9700, 9900, Z10, 16GB PlayBook, 64GB PlayBook

If there were no BlackBerry I would probably go with windows phone, android apps are a mess and Iphones are too restrictive and don't offer any extras (NFC, expandable memory, ect,ect.)

Posted via CB10

Makes sense. Why have a conference call about earnings when they may be bought out. Last weeks news has let everyone know what is going on.

Posted via CB10

Not if you're a shareholder. The board and the chief executives should explain to the owners (still) their actions, decisions and whatever transpired since the last earnings call and their outlook should the deal fell through. BlackBerry is still a public company owned by the shareholders before Fairfax completes the deal (unless the deal is to be completed this Friday).

Financial results will be released, this is a requirement, the conference call is not.

I expected this, keeps the drama, which is not logical or rational away from the business of this deal, smart move actually from BlackBerry.

And since when has the average shareholder of say a few thousand shares been allowed to ask the executive questions on an earnings call?

All shareholders will be sent a letter to vote on the deal, contact investor relations with BlackBerry for information before hand. The sticks are yours and its your responsibility to ask questions.

Posted via CB10

Well done. This is the kind of savvy, classy move that has kept BlackBerry at the forefront of the industry.

Agreed. They couldn't execute anything right to sell the new platform and phones, but they sure can execute flawlessly their Plan B (or was it always the Plan A or the only plan for the turnaround) to steal the company for the inner circle buddies at a great price. Now shareholders won't have a chance to question the board why they rushed to accept the only bid if there are no other bids on offer. Since there is no risk of a hostile take over, they should have waited and turn it down if there are no competing bids. Corporate sales should be ramping up now that most are back from summer vacation. This quarter (September to November) can be the turning point of the turnaround but now we'll never know.

I expected this and as a shareholder nor do I care to hear what they have to say. I do not need an explanation of every little detail that just happened as it won't change a thing.

If another bid comes in then we will know this was a low ball offer if not... fair deal IMO. I mean what more do you want? The market has spoken

I wasn't looking to get rich and will lose a bit of money if this deal goes through. I knew I was taking a chance when I bought the shares and was prepared that they wouldn't pay off.

Overall I'm more concerned that BlackBerry moves forward and continues on in way that keeps people employed in Canada and I will always use there products as long as they are available.

Posted via Z10

They're already getting their private company game faces on, I kind of like this move. Now writers of doom and gloom and short sellers will have to work a little more for their meal. Or just start blatantly making stuff up, looking at you CNN.

Good move, no need to talk to the media or field questions. .
Whatever TH says is no good anyway, I hope they release a statement that he is stepping down

Smart move, enough with the greedy ones that caused this whole situation.

Best solution out there. I have 25 years experience as 50percent IT, 50 percent finance, this is the best product on the market, hands down.

First fire Frank, this is the worst marketing job I have seen ever!!!!!!!!

Secondly, figure a way not to pay out TH. He doesn't deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go private, Fairfax, you guys have it right!

Yes, I will certainly switch to Z30, from 9900, even if it means a more costly, uncompressed data plan.

One caveat, DO what you promise, when you promise it.

Sent from PlayBook, bought on day one.

I wouldn't fire him for the duration of the clause its cheaper to keep him, He wont be responsible to shareholders (multitude of ppl) anymore but to Fairfax/PW essentially their minion at the top...

That is starting to get old. It seems to me that the earnings report will be right on schedule they just aren't doing it live.

This company is getting very shady with how they do business. They show no respect for the customer, or the shareholder. At least Mike and Jim would have a call and talk for 50 minutes without saying anything. Heins can't even do that. And ti think everyone thought he would be the savior of BlackBerry. I hope some other company puts in a higher bid and tells Watsa, Mike, and every active executive to take a home. This carnival ride needs to be ended.

Posted via CB10

So you would rather have the CEO just feed you BS for an hour then for Thorsten to just be quiet and let the numbers speak for themselves? I would rather not be fed BS. If they have nothing important to say then so be it. And the carnival ride will end with going private which is what Watsa wants. (woah tongue twister) Unless you are suggesting another company wants to take BB private then sure hey go for it.

Good news. I'm pretty sure wall street was planning on using the event to manipulate the stock price as usual. Id much rather an uneventful path until going private. Btw, i own way too much of the stock.

Posted via CB10

I don't blame them. They are releasing what they have to. I'm looking forward to a leaner, meaner BlackBerry.

Posted via Microwave Oven

In light of recent events I no longer wish to purchase another BlackBerry device. Unlike BlackBerry, I will answer questions as to why. These people suck. BlackBerry had more to say to the iOS and Android crowd over their failure to produce a F*ING app than they do to the Loyal and Faithful.

Posted via CB10 w/ the Z10

But why do you need an explanation? You already have BBM

Perhaps the message to the 1.1 million idiots who installed the leak, was 'Buy a Fucking BlackBerry'

Sent from the future on my QNX® powered BlackBerry® Z10

I bought an effing Playbook. Still waiting for BBM, Netflix, and some update to the native apps. This company, which I really like is currently indefensible.

What did you expect them to say? The earnings calls are mostly just going over the finances. They are publishing that anyway so you actually have to read it this time. If they have something of importance to say then they will say it.

It's not an expectation on my part for them to say anything. I expect them, however, to answer questions. I can only assume, at this point, they have no positive message to communicate. People, such as myself, who've invested time and money into their products are losing faith for good reason. They make a habit of disappointing, and now they can't sell their phones. Their current agenda is ugly. Pathetic.

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And to further put things into perspective, more than 9 million new iPhones sold in the first 72 hours. BlackBerry looks more than pathetic right now.

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So go buy one. Why bother if your perspective is to compare them to a company that has a large fan base, has a huge marketing budget and then only puts out one new phone a year. BlackBerry has a small fanbase and put out 4 new phones and another on the way. How many have they sold in total of just new phones? It may not be 9 million but it isn't 0 like so many claim. Forget answering your questions. I think many of us fans have already made up our minds anyway. What is some BS they feed us going to do? Make us feel better?

My Z10 is under contract for another year and a half, so I'm not about to "go buy one" today. Regardless, I don't understand your point. You really didn't make one.

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My points are clear. You can't compare the two because they are very different and the market is very different. As for my other point let me repeat: What is some BS they feed us going to do? Make us feel better?

I personally dont care if they make million's or dont but hope everything works out for them.Really isnt that all that really matter's

After what the media has done thus far ,for Blackberry has not done them any good.Im glad i wont hear about them through wall street .Im not a share-holder and if you have spare money to invest in stocks you can also afford to take a chance of losing it too.Yes ill agree it suck's but isnt that the game there playing. Im just a consumer of the blackberry and hope it stay's around ,im on a 3yr contract and im sure ill be fine for that after that time if i need to switch i would have to say id go window's only because that what i use at home and work.

People peeing and whining about BlackBerry's "poor management" are usually the ones barely able to manage their own lives...

So far, BlackBerry's CEO is executing rather well, despite the awkward circumstances he's been handed. He's been shit on more than a toilet.

BlackBerry products are generally equal or superior in overall build quality than any Apple product, far superior to anything Samsung puts together, and is basically in the same boat as all the other niche players. Great products dwarfed by giants exploiting the masses ignorance of technology, which the developers then follow because that's where the money goes. You could almost compare this to the European explorers selling trinkets to the American natives in exchange for valuable goods.

Not surprised. People will whine about this especially shareholders. It's helping to drive home the importance of the offer from Fairfax. I've got my popcorn ready. This could get interesting.

Ummm, there would be no BlackBerry if there weren't shareholders...I own about 1/300000 of the company with my 1700 shares. I DESERVE SOME RESPECT AND COMPASSION!

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Chill, I own shares too. The conference calls are all about satisfying the bulls###ers (analysts), not answering shareholder concerns. There will be a vote on the offer eventually and if no other offers have been put on the table before then, the hard question for you will be whether to vote for $9 or to vote for the toilet because I guarantee that if this offer is rejected, that is where the share price will be. PS, I think $9 sucks too, but I don’t believe any of the conspiracy theories floating around.

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Does this mean we don't get to see Heins and Frank in front of the firing squad? I was really looking forward to that.

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I bet they want to wait for BBM to ( launched first to bring some good news. Which means they have no other good news!

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Hey BlackBerry, huge fan here, former shareholder as well.

Embarrassed to see this level of disregard for all the BlackBerry Investors. Even the smallest stake holder is part owner of the company. It is the obligation, and should be at the forefront of the ceo's mind, to answer to investors and to create, or at least try to create, some shareholder value.

If mgmt has dropped the ball as we've come to expect, at least have the respect to come out and tell us.

I love my Z10 and I wish very much to see the company succeed. If Prem is successful in his bid (it's starting to look as though this was BlackBerry's plan from the beginning), then I wish him all the best in turning this company around.

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Good points. It is their obligation to shareholder to create shareholder value and talk to their shareholders. For what it's worth though, I don't think there is much to say right now. If anything they dropped the ball on that the last few earnings calls where it would make more sense as they pushed forward.

All these years, I've always thought BlackBerry has been "too nice" about stuff.

Then they announce the bad news last Friday, get an offer to be bought on Monday after the stock plummets, and then they cancel the call today...BlackBerry might not be as "nice" as I thought they were. And believe it or not, I kind of like that. It shows that they're still capable of making good business decisions, even if it p1sses people off.

Better, we read the results not listen to BS.

No good would have come from a verbal report.
It would only add fuel to the fire of those 'analysts' want BB to go away.

The SEC filings will directly address the mandated issues.

Watch out! Blackberry has activated the Super Duper QNX.....Not your ordinary Anti-takeover measure, specially designed to block ALL Hostile / Terrorist Takeover Attempts. Stay tuned for more drama and happy endings. Years from now Super Duper QNX will be required reading for all astute MBA students

Cbc just flashed on the bottom of their news network " BlackBerry cancels conference call due to Q2 results" the media is so brutal to this company like the other day when they announced the z30 and cbc and global both showed pics of the 9880 on the post mortem of " bbry" one of the main causes of death will be brutal marketing.

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Cowards...I hope they realize shareholders get to vote on the proposed deal. Why don't they work on getting a better deal instead of giving up?

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So the only question left is how do I join Prem's buyout consortium with say a $945 investment stake? (that's 105 shares, right? Lol)

Why are people shocked...of course its bad they already pre-released.

I am glad CNBC can now focus its bashing on another company. Who will it be FB ? AAPL ?

I am glad these guys are going underground

+1 agreed on a good note a friend of mine that own's a iphone ...ya i know but it is his first cell phone .lol said he was at a big toronto maple leafs game and saw comercials on the big screen of BB going cross platform

Well I guess if you aren't going to take any questions, there isn't much point in having a conference call. And you certainly aren't going to take any questions when you are in the middle of buyout negotiations. So I guess this makes sense. We will still have all the relevant information in the press release. At least enough information for us amateurs. And then the full 10-Q will come out as well. You will all have all the information you want. There just won't be any questions answered, which would almost certainly be about the future. And BBRY isn't going to talk about that.