BlackBerry Cake Roundup!!

BlackBerry Cake Roundup
By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Feb 2009 08:58 am EST
loading... read the headline right. After I saw our pals at bbcool post this cake pic yesterday, it reminded me I had a couple new cake shots sitting in my inbox waiting to hit the blogs! I'm not sure that I can think of a better way for anyone to pledge their allegiance to the folks in Waterloo (and confessing their CrackBerry Addiction?!) than by celebrating the once-a-year big day with a ginormous BlackBerry. TASTY!

BlackBerry Cake Roundup:

1. AT&T BlackBerry Curve Cake - featuring high res display and easy to type on keyboard
2. BlackBerry Bold Cake - CrackBerry member RealEstatePro 's 3G Bold was delicious
3. BlackBerry Storm - Skip the touchscreen, CB member nekele's Storm is ChocoRiffic!
4. Telus BlackBerry Curve - Ordered for a 19th birthday from Roxy Cakes, we're talking attention to detail on this BlackBerry. If you look close, it looks they have even unlocked all vendor themes and are running an AT&T theme on this one!

Anybody else doing up a BlackBerry cake for their birthday this year? If so, be sure to snap a picture and send it into editorial @!

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BlackBerry Cake Roundup!!


I'm definitely having a BB cake done by Roxy Cakes!
VERY detailed.

I like the ATT cake also.

I wonder how much did it cost for each cake?

I unlock the 9530 cdma verizon and it works with rogers.
The data,pin,email and phone calls all works.
There's the answer!

Feel free to ask any questions?