BlackBerry 'C-Series' appears once again in some glorious photos

By Bla1ze on 18 Jun 2014 12:45 pm EDT

It's starting to look as though a small bevy of unreleased BlackBerry devices has been found. Earlier we saw the entry-level Kopi appear on eBay and now we're getting a really excellent look at what's more commonly referred to as the 'C-Series', Cafe, Americano or even though I hate to refer to it as this, the BlackBerry Z5. The device has been spotted many times now but this is the first time anyone has got up close with the device where the end result is some rather glorious images.

Based on the info posted over at VNExpress, the device has a 4.5-inch display, 1.5 GB of RAM, a 2100 mAh battery along with NFC and is running and incredibly old version of BlackBerry 10.2.1. It's nice to see, however you might not want to fall in love with it. The device was apparently scrapped long ago now and really, the only reason to be looking at is because the images of it are the best we've seen since the device was first rumored.

Personally, I kinda like it and if it had some better specs I'd scoop one up for sure. What do you folks think though? Good that it was scrapped or should BlackBerry consider bringing it back? After all, they could have Foxconn do it up, a deal that wasn't fully in place when the device was supposedly scrapped.

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BlackBerry 'C-Series' appears once again in some glorious photos


Hey well done! That didn't long to wrestle a shaded comment box for yourself.. You going to let Kevin keep his? You could turn his pink or something instead ;)

Hmm.. they've always been that way I think, unless I just see it cause I'm logged in. I don't often look at the site NOT logged in so I dunno lol. :)

Adam and kevin watch world cup matches and don't write articles these days. Poor BLA1ZE has to do their works ;))

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Lol In that case it's probably best you always cheer for Italy. Canada hasn't had a team in decades anyway so it's guilt free cheering for another country

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I am now much more proud to be italian Kevin ;-) Let's hope that the friday match will end with a win again! (Soooo lucky against UK :-P)

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Schland!!! And USA, but they don't have a chance to win the cup...sorry I wish they did.

"Classic" better be a Bold 

Oh oh... let's see if Quick has the stones to bring his mommy basement comment to that first :-)

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

Fear not guys, they scratched this project already lol.

I for one actually like this design. It sorta looks like the z30 but smaller

Unless you stole the decisions e and the email address is not yours.

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Really need some specs competitive to or better than xperia series...

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Why not slider like Torch???? You listening me!?????????

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Sadly, nobody seems to be listening.

Although, you should leave off the "like the torch" part. I really want another slider, but I wouldn't buy a BB10 Torch. Needs to have a much larger screen, and a less cramped keyboard.

Yeah, this thing looks like a poor man's Z10 in white. Better to have a Z3. Besides it's time to move forward to quad and octa-core phones.

It doesn't seem so real. If the OS is, then the battery indicator must be a bit longer than previous BlackBerry 10s, while it's not!

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Keep in mind that it was probably intended to be a lower cost phone sold in markets like India and Indonesia.

Remember Apple holds the patent on rounded corners, because Apple invented rounded corners (if you ask them they did that is) Apple could have sued Blackberry for copying their rounded corners.

This is more attractive than the Z3. At least in design.

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Great post I want that device now it looks so so good one of the best looking phones I have ever seen I hope blackberry drops this one I will buy it straight away.

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That battery looks bigger than the Z10 one. Anyway, it looks like it'll survive rough housing with my kids. Don't know that they should bring back that design, though.

They should have named it the BlackBerry iPhone lol

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Omg what is that? For 150$ you get good phone with good corners. This should cost 50 $ maximum.

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Why BlackBerry still not working on thin bezels which gives a better look and screen estate???

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Other than slightly smaller from factor, what advantage are we looking at over the Z3?

Let's not do the Samsung thing and flood the market with the same phone with a different color bezel than the last release.

Far too much unused space on the face. No need for such a thick white bezel. I want almost edge to edge screen!

Some say Samsung, some say iPhone. Definitely not BlackBerry.

The Z3 is a great style to build upon, imho. I think the Windermere or what we've seen of it, kinda mimics it.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

TBH this looks like someone photoshopped a BlackBerry logo, LED porthole and a grey 'extension' onto the bottom of an iPhone 4 image.

I think someone's being trolled.

Worse, that's an even more blatant copy of iPhone industrial design than what Samsung got embroiled into massive lawsuits with Apple over. NO WAY they could even think of trying to sell that without Apple going after them. (Well the only thing that would save them is BlackBerry's sales figures are microscopic compared to Samsung)

I think most people would already see the Z10 as an entry level device, so whatever device that would replace it in the Z series I think would be as low as they need to go.

The huge problem is that their pricing and projections are way off!

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Nice one... perfect for India and so on instead of z3 ;) I would release it... because it would be a son of the z10... for countries with low budget :)

I'd never buy it. They need to maximize the screen size. That thing is fugly compared to the competition if it were released today.

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Personally i like where they going with the z3 hopefully the z50 will be closer to z3 :)

White Z30!!

It would have been nice to have this on the market to coincide with the Q5. I've always thought that there should be two main lines, full-touch and qwerty, and one of each is developed, and then released, simultaneously. I think the "Z5" would have done very well. Much better than the Q5 did.

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Meh. I see a big waste of space with the screen. It's got a nice design though. I'll give it that.

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For me, i need a high end blackberry phone to use and compete with the other monsters like Z2, S5 & HTC 1

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My only issue is. The bezel is to thick. We're in a time of small bezels and seems that people like that. Besides that ok looking phone. The same as all the other touchscreens.

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Likely an internal development device more or less? That's my best guess.

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