BlackBerry bumps Nokia for a spot in the top 5 for Q3

By Adam Zeis on 26 Oct 2012 04:00 pm EDT

IDC Q3 2012

The IDC has released their Q3 2012 report for the top smartphone vendors and Research In Motion has picked up the number three spot. Sitting behind only Apple and Samsung, RIM bumped Nokia out of the top-5 for the first time since 2004. RIM shipped 7.7 million units in Q3 of 2012 and trailed Apple with 26.9 million and Samsung with 56.3 million. 

While BlackBerry 10 isn't due out for another few months, RIM should be able to stay in the running thanks to it's global sales and over 80 million subscribers. Both ZTE and HTC are hanging in close with 7.5 and 7.3 million units respectively. 

Source: IDC 

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BlackBerry bumps Nokia for a spot in the top 5 for Q3


Positive news for RIM ? That only means the general media wont report on it !
Hate how the media is so biased against BlackBerry and RIM.

Let the comeback begin !

While I'm sure RIM will make a comeback, don't expect it to begin now and don't expect these numbers to hold true through Q4. Nokia is in dire straights, but Windows 8 combined with a really great product in the Lumia 920 should be enough to garner at least a few sales in Q4 and Q1 when the phone goes multi-carrier in the USA and Canada.

All this says is that BlackBerry customers [read: us] are still a pretty loyal bunch and aren't ditching our Berrys in droves like some media outlets would have the public believe. While this is good news and its certainly easier to mount a comeback with 80 million users then it is to start from scratch, there wasn't really anything to spectacular launched in Q3 other then the iPhone 5 towards the end of the quarter and it is pretty ho hum.

Q4 however has some heavyweight contenders including top end HTCs, The Galaxy Note II, Nokia Lumia 920, Sony Xperia TL co-branded with a blockbuster movie, Nexus 4 etc...

Plus, if BB 10 does launch towards the end of Q1 next year don't expect to see any positive uptake in the numbers from RIM until summer time at the earliest. But it's a long race and it's only just beginning as only 1 in 7 people have a smart phone so there's plenty of room left for growth.

Hmm I wonder how iBGR is going to spin this?

I encourage everyone to go to iBGR and link this article in the comments of every article...ya know just cuz

I Bleed Black & Berry

Its not solely BGR who has questionable reporting on RIM; Engadget also falls into this category as well.

despite every negatives and delays.. Damn RIM your a BEAST...!!! GO RIM and GO SAN FRANCISCO " GIANTS "

Wow, no new flagship phones for over a year and still #3..

And i know this is worldwide, not US, but still the way the media spins it, you would think RIM wouldn't even be on this list, lol..

RIM is strong in Africa with Smart Phones. The future is in Smart Phones and that's the only thing RIM makes. Thus why RIM is in a better position for a comeback then Nokia

Now for the reality.... HTC and ZTE damn close to RIM... All the more reason for BB 10 to be out by the year end...
PLEASE RIM.... bring it out so all 80M users can buy it in one go... Would that not be awesome?

BGR's spin on the subject.

"Samsung in the third quarter led all shipments with 56.3 million units for a 31% share of the market, while iPhone shipments totaled 26.9 million units for a 15% share. Research in Motion (RIMM) continued its fall with smartphone shipments of 7.7 million units, down from 11.8 million in 2011, for a 4.3% market share."


And in 4 months the RIM share will be going gangbusters! Lets see how many phones ship this time next year. I just wish I had a boatload of money to drop into their stock because you KNOW it's gotta go nowhere but up.

While I do most certainly agree with you that RIM is poised for a rise from the ashes, I would not expect it to be as fast as you are predicting. the first phone may still be more then 4 months away and even by this time next year don't expect RIM to be competing head to head with Apple for market share. The fall was slow and the climb will be slower.

Fortunately it's a marathon and not a Sprint so that's alright. But if you're buying stock be prepared to hold it for some time before you make anything near the profits you're dreaming about. Plus, if BB 10 isn't what the market wants next year, then you will be very wrong about the only direction the stock can go. Love the enthusiasm, but I just hope that it is just that and not your actual expectations as to how things will turn out next year. It's real life business brawling and RIM is up against giants.

Guys dont get me wrong.. m a blackberry user(bold 9000), but i feel sorry for nokia.. they have lost their way very badly.. even worst then RIM(compared to last few yrs). Nokia makes beautiful devices n have brilliant hardware.. nokia related apps like maps n camera, but they made a big mistake in takin windows operating system. I said it a yr back on launch on lumia series n u say it now.. they would have been much better if they choice to go android way. i jus hope they either make their own operatin system n stick wid it like RIM has done.. or go android way.

Android would not have been any better for Nokia then it would have been for RIM.

Nokia's most recent numbers and their dramatic plummet from their "burning platform" prove it.

Nokia sold More N9s and 808s in Q3 then it sold Lumias. 2.9 million Lumias vs 3.1 Symbian and MeeGo phones.

So the burning platform is still refusing to sink and holding it's own better then the rescue vessel.

But that's the thing. Nokia also sold 77 million Asha phones that all have squircle iconography and Nokia Sans font that share a distinct family resemblance with Symbian and MeeGo. Windows Phone feels alien by comparison to the hundreds of millions of feature phone users Nokia used to convert to Smart Phone users. Nokia's path was clear.

RIM gets it. In house is better then being an OEM and RIM chose the hard road but that will pay off for thme in the long run. Nokia management chose to leap off their burning platform but left all their factory workers, software engineers and customers behind to wait for a different rescue ship. That ship was the SS Google and Nokia paid the price for abandoning it's customers. But Nokia should have kept their OS in house

Nokia will be dead soon enough. Teaming up with Microsoft for windows phone won't matter. 95% have never seen a windows phone let alone anyone who actually owns one. The platform will bomb just like windows 8 will. History proves it time and time again.

Nokia may make great phones but putting all hopes for Microsoft to save them was a huge mistake. One less competitor for RIM to worry about soon enough.

Think Microsoft pissed off what little customers they did having making your windows 7 phone not being able to upgrade to 8.

RIM is still picking up steam on such a old outdated platform. Wait till 10 finally hits the streets.


Sent from my playbook. Crackberry addict by choice.

You have all said what my thoughts are on this news!

May the RIMpire prosper!!!

God, I can't wait for BB10 to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to wait until July before I can upgrade. Grrr!!!

Dedicated CrackBerry user!!!!

2x 9810's and 2x PlayBooks (32GB and 16GB)

Such news must bring a smile to Thor's face, not to mention the RIM staff. Keep it coming RIM!

Nokia had to use somebody elses OS. Symbian was good but now dead/dying. At least RIM recognised this in BBOS 6/7 and acquired QNX and is building a new OS from scratch.
Nokia didn't have the balls/foresight/ability to do this.
Do not compare RIM with Nokia.

RIM gonna be at te Top, in'sha'Allah


BB 9780 white os 6

BB Playbook 32gb os

The main thing I can read here is that there is still 40% of "others" ... and that's probably the first target RIM will have in the near future. No frontal fight with appl and samsung (too expensive), "no aggression" against MS (this is my take), but instead benefit of the "others" fragmentation and weakness. I'll look at this particular figure in the future.

Of course, I can't refrain stating the #3 spot is not that bad for a "dying" company.

dont get too excited
im a long time BlakBerry user too
but the last good Blackberry device for me is the 9700
after that OS 6, OS 7, OS7.1 just have too many troubles and bug that arent fixed yet to make it a good reliable bussiness phone.

and from what i see , Nokia and BlackBerry are on the decline but luckilly Nokia decline more
thus making the BlackBerry the #3

so that s nothing to brag about
they are both declining year by year

about Blackberry 10 ?
i wont hope too much, as my experience with RIM service is not that good
they dont respond for Bugs complains
and their devices has lots of manufacturing defects.

i'm not being a troll, i'm just stating the facts.

its funny to see people so happy and proud but they actually dont know that RIM is on the decline.
and for what i can see it will still be declining next year.

The combination of the 9900 and OS7.1 is the best phone I have ever used. Stable and works great. Never have any problems. Perfect business phone and all my other co-workers who have moved to that phone agree.

You choose to focus on the negative, but it is not like Rim scraped into 5th place at the expense of Nokia, they were in 3rd place ahead of companies that were selling Android devices.

The facts are that legacy bbos devices are holding their own sufficiently well that there is every reason for optimism that they will be able to complete the transition to BB10 successfully and arrest their current decline.

You probably never did a selective restore, carrying over old data from so many previous devices and all.

It happened to me the same way and wasn't impressed until I finally decided to wipe and individually restore what I needed. Now it's fast, stable, better than my 9700 was before all that clutter took over.

Try it. Desktop manager allows for a custom (selective) backup and restore.

Crackberries so high on crack they don't realize how bad they playing catch up! Even Heinz interview with the BBC when he was asked if by the time BB10 launches it will be outdated he looked like he was ready to cry! RIM needs a wakeup call BB10 should of been released a year ago how long will you wait for BB11 two three four years???

You must have nothing to do but troll on other people's parades. If we're all on crack, what are you doing here with us? Sucks to be you.

BB10 should have been ready a year ago but the QNX OS is infinitely expandable and upgradeable. It's the nature of the beast. QNX is all about multi core processing. Processes are handled by the micro kernel. Any process, any software, any UI, any OS will run on QNX. QNX itself will be around forever.

This is very nice to see, even though some still shout about further decline, it's not happening as quick as the trolls would like.... BB is a very strong brand that choose a difficult road, and with Thor steering the ship, I am confident a recovery is assured. For those still wishing death and bad things to RIM, I get it. But I LOVE my 9860 and my 64G PB. I travel a lot and carry a few phones, for me, no other product can do what BB does. That's not a fanboy statement, it's a well researched point of view. So, thanks for the sentiment and congrats RIM for bucking the trend. I only have 55 employees, but they all will have BB 10 on release. I for one, look forward to BB's communications ability and deep integration in a modern platform with an updated UI..... I am waiting with my cheque book for the release date..... I never looked forward to spending money more !!!

+1=56 . . . where do I apply? I'll handle Louisiana for you!

Keep it simple - good news is good. This is good news.

LOVE my 9900/7.1 and would be absolutely excited if my next phone was a 99000 or a 10900 with 8.0.

BB10 makes it all the more exciting. LEAP!

What I find ironic is that Nokia sold/shipped less phones with new phones and advertising than RIM with phones with are at least a year old and no ads that we can see, really. Look, both RIM and Nokia are in the same spot, their once popular OS is no longer popular and they are moving to a different platform. They are also competing in a market where their competition are very diversified.

The difference is RIM is transitioning to their own OS while Nokia is going with an existing OS but made by another company.

At this point, both are struggling and we are not sure which path was the right decision but I personally have more respect for RIM for going their own way than adopting an external OS. They will not be at the mercy of another company and are in more control of their destiny than Nokia at this point.