BlackBerry Builder program kicks off for developers

BlackBerry Builder
By Simon Sage on 15 Apr 2013 12:48 pm EDT

BlackBerry has reimagined their developer certification program in a new format called BlackBerry Builder. Developers can become certified for either web or native app development by completing an exam which ensures they're familiar with the documentation and know how to put those resources to good use.

What does anyone get out of this certification? For now, the only thing is access to an exclusive job board where employers can access pre-screened, certified BlackBerry developers, though more perks are being planned.  

One can expect that becoming a BlackBerry Builder will help getting Built for BlackBerry designation in BlackBerry World

The BlackBerry certification program had hit a slight bump in the summer of 2011, but has since continued to provide all types of designations. For example, there are also certifications available for BlackBerry supportenterprise solutionssales, and administration.  

Developers interested in becoming BlackBerry Builders can find more information at the link below. Just keep in mind it costs $150 to take the exam. Any takers?

Learn more about the BlackBerry Builder program here!


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BlackBerry Builder program kicks off for developers


Android doesn't offer you exposure and possibility of a career(job), that's what the $150 is for, not just to develop for bb10.

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Look at the certification options from every other big company: CompTIA, Oracle, Microsoft, Apple, etc. Go check out the prices, and come back when you find one that's less than $150.

This isn't to develop for bb10, it's to get contacts from BlackBerry to develop apps for another company etc.

You guys seem to be misreading the article.

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It's certification. It's an exam that presumably evaluates just how well you know the BB dev environment.

Certs are controversial in IT, but they actually do make a difference in getting jobs and contracts. I got hired into the department where I work on the strength of my Microsoft certs.

Ya that's kind what I was trying to say. It will help get you contracts/work. I think they thought it was to develop for blackberry world.

Not every certification program guarantees a job, but it sure does look good on the resume for someone who has it rather than someone who doesn't.

Keep in mind this $150 is designed for developers to find work. If you're a solo developer, and you need to get your name out there, this is one way to do it. One contract would easily pay for that $150.

BlackBerry has their reasons for charging so high a cost. Hell entrance exams for universities aren't free as well. Why the hate lol?

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And if self employed or this is used to 'upgrade' to a better job it is likely tax deductible. In Canada at least.

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$150 to be certified as a developer for a "dead company" (not my words), isn't exactly going to jive with many people. I'd understand there are some administration costs, but seriously? $150 is even more expensive than my drivers license test!

I would love to see this added into BlackBerry World showing the developers certification. This would show the app was developed by a compitent and knowledgable person.

+1. This would make the certification valuable.
I'm game. An University extension course in Basic SQL costs $600.

Hopefully it means there will be less garbage ports and half functioning games on the market. No one is fooled when BlackBerry says it has added 30,000 apps in seven weeks. 29,985 of those apps are useless or children's games.

Loves the Z10

I think you got mixed up with an iphone and all it's fat sounds / animal noises and "kid games"

Not being free weeds out the "tire kickers" and the "wannabes". It's not cheap to get your Cisco certification -- that's why only people who are committed to it will pay for it. AND, it actually means something.

As someone who hires I.T. subcontractors, I immediately shred any resume that has mostly "free" certifications on it (without any REAL experience to back it up).

Anyone need a little cheese?

Seriously, is $150 going to break anyone who is a professional in that field? Many professionals write competency tests because they are proud of their accomplishments and want confirmation from peers. I have a few professional certification's that cost close to that in renewal fee's each year.
Here is a pretty standard example;

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Android is free for a reason. The small fee will definitely weed out the people that are not quite ready for prime time

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I agree about the professional certifications. Fortunately my company pays the yearly $250 fees. If you want clients to think you are serious and committed this is one way to demonstrate it. You will lose out to people that have what you don't have.

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An interesting idea, but as far as I can tell there wouldn't be any advantage for me personally by obtaining this, because I don't generally seek contracts to create BlackBerry Apps for others.

You've got a point; very, very few retail customers would care unless you were producing an app for a particular technical specialty.

Still, certification can open up some surprising doors.

I think it is well worth it for me. I've done contact development work and any leg up you can get to show you're competent for the job helps work the selection process.

Plus, if I remember correctly, it will also boat you up in the app submission queue.

I'll probably do it but not for another couple of months. Need a lot more study and practice first to make sure when I spend $150 on it, it does actually result in the certification rather than a failure.

So annoying when people keep saying blackberry is a dead company! Ok so we will stick with android and iphone! So we have no choice no other OS could be established! Ok douchbags keep dreaming! It's called having choices! Keep bashing you will see ios go down slowly! And android just full of glitches and bugs!

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The $150 "fee" is to cover the Prometric testing for the certification. I would like to get a better idea what is needed to qualify (sample questions, practice tests). Mainly for fun and to make sure I really know the environment.

Consumers who don't read tech blogs like crackberry wouldn't even give a hoot. An app is an app, as long as it works, why care anyways?

I'll wait till the first wave of developers write the exam to see how it is like before I jump on board.

Some people obviously have no clue what professional certifications cost. Heck, 12 years ago, I paid $125 each for 6 exams from Microsoft to get my MCSE (which expired after a few years lol)