The BlackBerry browser will now let us view Instagram photos - at last!

By James Richardson on 2 Nov 2012 07:17 pm EDT

If you are on team BlackBerry you are probably jealous of your Android and iOS friends posting photos to their social networking sites via Instagram. And many of us BlackBerry users are also jealous that we do not have the Instagram app on our BlackBerry smartphones - let's hope that is resolved with BlackBerry 10.

What has been just as frustrating is the fact that when a buddy does post an Instagram picture and you try to view it from your BlackBerry browser it has just been a mess with much of the photo cut off. But not anymore!

It has now been fixed and now we can view Instagram images good and proper as seen above with my two day old moustache for Movember. What, you haven't donated yet. Click here to find out about our MO-bile Nations team. We need your support to raise awareness for mens health and you can also look forward to some rather silly photos of us in the coming weeks!

But back to Instagram. While the fix is not perfect, (we want the app) it is a vast improvement so whoever put the BlackBerry browser in the special fixing machine (or made the tweaks at Instagram to make it work), I applaud you.

Now bring on BlackBerry 10 and a' Built For BlackBerry' Instagram app - PLEASE!

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The BlackBerry browser will now let us view Instagram photos - at last!


The title of this post should really be "Instagram now supports blackberry browser"

Nothing has changed overnight in your phone's browser.. instagram has updated something in their code that changed the way it displayed..

Great news James. It may be worth indicating in which OS this got fixed. Or is this something that was jigged from RIM's end?

I've been viewing instagram photos for a while with a work around I thought of. I figured others were on to it as well, but I will share.

Do the following steps from your blackberry. (I think this only works for OS6.0 or higher)
Find the persons instagram username. Go to enter their username in the search box. When their account comes up go to it. Under their profile picture you should see some clickable buttons, RSS will be one of them, copy this link. Open Social Feeds, add new feed, paste that copied URL there, menu + save. Boom! Now you can view their photos. I have a couple of friends saved as favorites so I'm notified whenever they post a new pic.

Let me know if this works for you!

great but it should work regardless, instagram's website for some reason or another now works on the bb browser.

now if they'd go about making an app,that would please some people in the bb community, otherwise instagram's involvement with blackberry users is zilch.

That's cool.

It seems this would have come from Instagram's side, since even as of the last BB OS7.1 update my browser was still cropping images.. then, from one day to the next things suddenly render differently without any further software updates from RIM...

Instagram is no huge deal to me personally.. but the fact that Instagram cares about what they're hearing from BB users enough to adjust it to render correctly for Blackberries is a good sign for future app relations and apps caring about BB again.. Either way, at the very least it's further confirmation that Instagram will def be supported by BB10.

BB OS7 will continue to be supported past the intro of BB10, so there should be a launch of Instagram for BB OS7 prior to BB10 to show that developers are backing BlackBerry still. It also doesn't have to be just Instagram, the new update to LinkedIn should also be promoted since now it is up to par with iOS' app and Android. BTW What kind of name is Android?

keep in mind it could be due to the convenience of the new html 5 rendering that app developers would much rather use. this could be the cause of the 'lack of support' on the old java based bb OS

Well halle-f*ing*lujah. About time. I defend RIM left, right, and centre, but this has always been ridiculous. I'd love to say thank you, but something that should have never been an issue isn't really worthy of my praises.

Uh, why would I be jealous of others having instagram?? No interest in using it just because it's now "cool" to make your photos look crappy...

I don't think I ever had a problem with this.

I'll never understand the huge desire for instagram though (or any photo filter).

As I have always said, Instagram is taking photos that polaroid, fujifilm, kodak, etc. have spent decades trying NOT to take.

Poor me.... Still on OS5.... Still can't view email.... Someone please rush BB10. I feel like I'm stuck in the dark ages... #patientlywaiting

and?? you've have had plenty of opportunity to move on with OS and BB since. I'm pretty sure RIM has moved on with the times as well with OS 6 and OS 7 while bb10 is an overhaul, I'm pretty sure you'd get some some problems with the technology on earlier versions of iOS, android and WM so I don't really get your complaint.

It'll be here soon enough anyways...

Support RIM, get a BlackBerry 7 smartphone. Waiting will keep you from enjoying most things because you'll always be waiting.