The results are in: BlackBerry crushes iPhone, Android and Windows Phone in web browsing speeds!

By Bla1ze on 5 Feb 2014 06:14 pm EST

I know. A bit of an obvious statement right? Anyone who has used the BlackBerry 10 browser already knows this and we've been extolling the virtues of the BlackBerry browser since it started turning up on the HTML5 tests long ago.  Still though, there are some folks out there who keep banging the old drum and simply cannot believe the latest study put forth by New Relic that shows BlackBerry leading the pack when it comes to page load times.

The study shows the BlackBerry browser loading pages in 1.55 seconds while the closest competitors browser, Mobile Opera Mini 4.2, clocks in at 4.78 seconds. Needless to say, the acquisition of Torch Mobile was good thing for BlackBerry even if the people behind it are no longer with the company. BlackBerry may still have a lot of things to work on but the browser is top notch.

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The results are in: BlackBerry crushes iPhone, Android and Windows Phone in web browsing speeds!



Now we need to get this information out to the average consumer. It's no good if only we enthusiasts are aware of it.

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Not gonna make a huge difference to most iphone or android users. They're still gonna say BlackBerry sucks that they still don't have all the popular apps and etc lol.

I agree it won't change the minds of the masses. But all we need is a small percentage and then those can help spread the word.

Every little bit helps, in the last month I've gotten two people to use my old Z10 as a trial for a week. Both loved it and when got got their own

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I've done that too. I convinced already 4 to switch and 10 more have just ordered new Z30.

Great product we all know!

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Since I'm one of the very few among my friends promoting BB 10 I m getting some of my existing friends to upgrade to BB 10. Since I ve been following RIM /BlackBerry from 2010 through the news, websites and course CrackBerry they come to me for their concerns, questions and help. One buddy went from the bold 9900 to the q10 and loves it! The other is on the 9800 torch waiting for his contract to end to upgrade either to the q10 or maybe a newer physical keyboard or heck even a slider one!

i highly doubt this will change the minds of most people. firstly, "there's an app for that" applies to lots of sites out there, and i doubt most people more about mobile browsing than they do having more of the popular apps natively on their platform.

It's so funny what you say. All my friends post from mobile site instead of their iOS or Android apps to FB and other social media. Yet everyone screams "apps, apps apps". So I guess the QUALITY of the Apps don't matter?

I can do all things I need to do on the QUALITY apps that I do have. For example my Facebook posts or edits or tags ALWAYS say posted from the BlackBerry 10 app. NEVER "from fb mobile"

But I guess 25% functional app is better than a 10% functional mobile browsers right? Enjoy your mobile device experience my Drive and iOS friends

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the thing about facebook for android and ios is that they post as "mobile", not facebook for ios or android anymore. so your friends may not be posting from the mobile browser but from the facebook apps.

So you're saying that browser speed isn't relevant because there's apps? Wow, good argument. So let me guess, having the best keyboard doesn't matter either because phones have speech to text? C'Mon man, get a grip.

Via The BlackBerry Z10 Experience.

@BB30000 - i'm not saying it is irrelevant; i'm saying this isn't something that will change the minds of the average person when they are deciding which platform to go with.

Totally agree. Yes BlackBerry 10 from day one has the best virtual keyboard, fastest browser, best universal hub for all incoming messages, most modern OS with best security, made for multitasking and all gestured based. No physical buttons to navigate.

But it's lacking in the ecosystem for most users and it's reputation is tarnished. Everyone I know says bec is going bankrupt and etc. This kind of reputation hurts BlackBerry with the average consumer. I'm glad their BB 10 is developing very maturely with all these updates.

My 83 year old mom asked my brother and I why we are buying phones from a company that is going bankrupt so yes the general media consensus is not in our favour.

The problem is it isn't just their reputation that is tarnished. But their actual business model, because in fact they are slowly going Bankrupt.

@naturalblue you are wrong! WHEN They DO post from from their devices it shows what app they used such "Facebook app for android" or "for Facebook app for iPhone" or twitter or any other SM. For that matter third party apps for any of the SM.

Also keep in mind most of us use other platforms other than BlackBerry for testing our own apps we have on other platforms, so first hand knowledge here.

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@edriss - it's been so long since ios and android posts said which platform their post came from; they just say mobile now. i use android and ios, so first hand knowledge here also. you maybe need to do more frequent and better testing

Haha, just just cause your application doesn't show it, it doesn't mean it is not there. Thanks for your advice, but I'll take from people who know what they are talking about. Goof....

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Don't know about that. Many Android fans only care about the fastest. That's why Android is more of a spec race.

@naturalblue Do you have anything better to do than show up on cb and disagree with people? You have never posted a positive reply, ever and dumb, stupid things. Are you 11 years old?

You can have the fasted hardware but software with memory holes and it becomes useless hardware. Kinda like a Ferrari with low grade gasoline. No point! Goof...

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the reason i show up here and my replies don't appear to be positive is because, although i do like blackberry, i do not agree with their most recent decisions. i will not mindlessly follow a company. you talk about "software with memory holes" - even if that were true, that was the whole point of my statements; the average joe doesn't care about these so-called advantages of what blackberry has to offer. they want to be able to play flappy bird without having to jump through hoops (sideloading android apks).
i wouldn't sink to your level of name-calling, but if blackberry did take the advice of some of us "goofs" a few years back, they wouldn't be in the position they are in now.

So the average Joe has a mind of a child wanting to play a idiotic game rather then have a great mobile experience. Stick to Android Central AKA Malware Central.

Share it to social networks! Along with the other good things about BB10 people will read it and at least see a good title about the OS even if they don't read the entire article!

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Not that it matters. People only care about what is popular and "cool" stats don't mean anything anymore...

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Agreed, and it seems like they found out what they really suck at and it is in their control and blew it out of the water

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This would have been great news *4 years ago*. Too bad most consumers don't care any more. Today it's all about the apps where, apparently, quantity matters more than quality.

I know that 10.2.1 bridges the "app gap". But, until it is rolled out by all carriers and Google Play is included on BlackBerry devices, this is not really relevant to Android users who are willing to give the new BlackBerry phones a try.

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To those who keep blaming Mike L for the fall of BlackBerry - eat it! He had some awesome acquisitions in TAT, QNX, and Torch Mobile to name just a few. These acquisitions were key in developing the next generation BB10 OS. Look what we can now stand up and yell - We've got the best bloody browser! Wahoo!

This whole article about 'speed' means nothing.
BB STILL can not sell their cell phones except to a limited market.

Browser will always rule the mobile experience. At least for me. Apps fill gaps.

Remember, there is a Youtube app, because the browser on certain phones won't do it. And a lot of other apps, that just exist because of lacking browsers.
And these phones are quite popular.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

I agree. It seems like a high proportion of the apps on iOS and Android are just a less good interface for things that can be done better on the website (banking apps for example) .

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Nice for a browser that uses next to zero of HTML5 and CSS3, and doesn't use javascript, also compresses all data via BIS.
Yes these results are for BBOS 5.0 not BB10.

I was wondering if anyone else caught that.. Wonder why they wouldn't have something bit newer than 5.0....

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I often use my blackberry browser over my computer because it's so good. I also love desktop mode.

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Since using the BlackBerry browser, I can't stand the desktop browser... way to slow

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Absolutely, BlackBerry crushes everything. It is funny to think how our behavior changes based on expediency. I routinely use my Z10 for quick searching and everything from a communication perspective. I can't help but laugh at all the iPhone fans that break out the laptop to do something as easy as email. Slow and sure, we move forward.

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I don't even bother doing email on the laptop anymore, even though Thunderbird on Ubuntu is blazing fast and enjoyable. Q10 rocks on IMAP, and the Z10 does too.

Unless of course there's a huge spreadsheet attached or pages of PDF, that I want to save on my hard disk.

I just recently showed my Q and Z to a real estate agent, and he went "I can't believe how fast this phone is." Of course he had an S4. Where? Attached to his car charger. LOL. Not happy with the battery life, this dude. Recommended him the Z30, played the "BB10 amplified" video for him, now he's looking into getting one.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Wait till you get a computer is for ripping CD's. Windows 8 is brutal and the browser sucks compared to my extremely capable z30. Iphone users don't have a clue how much better the z30 is in all departments now. Problem is, they will never know.

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I can count the number of people laughing at you right now. Have a good boy sticker and go stand in the corner.

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What the heck is a good boy sticker anyway? Plus you said you were going to give me one yesterday and I haven't received it yet....

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I'm pretty sure he was talking about the browser being first...... you might want to read that again....

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Of course! I don't need apps for most web-based stuff because BlackBerry browser is awesome!

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The mobile market is app-driven, not browser-driven.

That could be why BlackBerry doesn't advertise the fact they have the best performing mobile browser. It's not something consumers seek and they could get mocked for doing so.

My buddy who is an iPhone user talked to me about BlackBerry Z30 today...he seriously consider it as he sees the things I do on a day to day basis...I always tease him...that iphone on a charge again...BlackBerry is boss...

Rocking the Z30 Regina SK Canada

Why doesn't the research include Chrome for mobile/tablet? They did in just about every other category. I wonder if BB10 would still be the fastest if Chrome was included... to be honest I can't discern the difference in speed between BB10 browser vs chrome on my Jelly Bean phone.

Also, the report says that IE10 is faster than Chrome... not in my personal experience...

I agree chrome is very fast.
Half the time my HTC beats my BlackBerry, half it's the opposite.

I do have Flash enabled though so advantage bb.

Plus chrome sometimes messes up some page formating and makes it hard to read.

Either way keep up the browser development, other companies aren't slowing down.

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I didn't notice a real difference in Chrome's performance - speed and efficiency - on my friend's Galaxy S4 compared to the Android's stock browser. As far as other browsers go, I have noticed that the times they were faster than BB10 was when it was a previously visited site. Even then, it was close and not consistently faster.

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Chrome is just brutal on a tablet. Slow, slow, slow. It is just a waste of time.

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Add to comment. IE simply blows chunks. It has got to be the only browser that gets slower with every iteration. It's the reason I use my Z10 to do my browsing.

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That Quick almost 3 times quicker then number 2 and you also working 40% more quicker whit blackberry 10 then number 2 platform (CES2014 5 days competition) So basicly you have a @ss kicking phone if you own a blackberry 10 smartphone. Right, Yes Right

Make it a z30 over the z10 if you can. Amazing power, stability and battery is unreal. Although the z10 is a good device.

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Web browser is truly great, deleted a lot of the Android apps because the browser was quicker to use.

I might have misunderstood the chart completely, but here it goes... (diplomatic approach)

BlackBerry 10 is not to be found anywhere on the page.

The chart indicates the load speed is for BlackBerry 5.0.

Torch Mobile was acquired by RIM and the first product from that acquisition was the WebKit based browser in OS 6.0 shipped with the Torch. So Torch Mobile has nothing to do with the browser listed.

So as far as I understand there is absolutely nothing to be pleased about: BB10 is not mentioned and a non-present browser (about 5½ years old), based on a very limited set of capabilities is faster.

Take a look for your self and post your finding and if you agree with me or with Bla1ze.

Maybe Bla1ze owns me a beer for correcting his article ;-)

PS: Also pls. remember that BB 5 either used BIS or BES and the web page was initially downloaded by the server (either at RIM or at the company). If the download time is meassured at the webserver, the speed (and potentially caching) of the servers would greatly benefit the BlackBerry numbers.

If you are referring to the BlackBerry Torch Smartphones - yes I have.

As a BlackBerry Elite Partner we received all device models present on the market, so I have used more or less all models since 780x. I mostly used the BB Torch 9800 before switching to Bold 9900 and never had the desire to go back to the Torch series.

Why do you ask btw?

The web browser says 5.0 which is the level of the BlackBerry 10 browser Mozilla/5.0. Though it was also used for late versions of BlackBerry OS as well because Torch switched BlackBerry over to webkit for BlackBerry 10 existed. You can view it though the useragent string yourself.

And he was asking about your Torch usage because anyone who has used a Torch would know it takes 3 days to load a webpage on those, or any other BlackBerry browser, before BlackBerry 10. There's no damn way a Torch is loading ANY webpage in 1.55 seconds even if it's an HTML page with nothing but text that says "This browser sucks!"

Hi Bla1ze,

If that is the case, the they should redo the graphics.
But I think you are right: The page hits meassured are from 2013, and I doubt that many BB 5.0 devices are alive today :-)

I assume you are talking about the user agent string when writing Mozilla/5.0.

Let's list the most common:

Mozilla/5.0 (BB10; Touch) AppleWebKit/537.35+ (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/ Mobile Safari/537.35+

IE 10:
Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 10.0; Windows NT 6.2; WOW64; Trident/6.0)

Chrome 32:
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.2; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/32.0.1700.107 Safari/537.36

Firefox 26:
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.2; WOW64; rv:26.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/26.0

So they all start with Mozilla/5.0. Why would the use the "5.0" for only BlackBerry 10 browser and not for anything else? (I know it is not for you to answer or defend - it's just strange).

Regarding the Torch: Oh yes - very slow.

PS: Beer is on me. Unfortunately BB Live is off this year, but I will catch you one day ;-)

Talking about BlackBerry Torch, I would say that 9810 was much faster in browsing than the 9800. I had the 9810 and a friend had a 9800 and we compared the speed. Og course this was a couple of years ago.

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The 9810 was indeed faster. Especially with OS 6.0 the 9800 was barely floating.

9800: Marvell PXA940 running at 624 MHz
9810: Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8655 1.2 GH

Clockspeed makes it approx 2x faster.
The new chipdesign *could* go make it better or worse.

That is very strange that they call it "Blackberry 5.0".

Never heard of a Blackberry 5.0 browser.

As you point out, a lot of user agent strings use Mozilla/5.0 because of idiotic browser sniffing scripts that like to see that.

The OS BAR file for the browser version that comes with OS has version "".

I concur. And that's only if the torch loaded the page. nine times out of ten it would timeout.

A Z30, USB to to go, throw the screen on my monitor, u have a phone that outclasses most pc's. How many phones can do that I wonder and at blistering speed?

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Obvious for BlackBerry fans, not for the rest of the world. They should really get the word out....when are you going to apply marketing department at Bb? lol

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Yeah I can't understand the chart either. The listings under BlackBerry use opera mini and BlackBerry on Opera still wasn't first place. ??????

Z10 on

And like every other competition that BlackBerry wins, it will mean nothing. I was in a wireless store the other day and noticed there was no Z30. I asked him why if it was constantly being rated the top of all smart phones then why not have any for sale. He agreed that the Z30 is the best phone followed by the Nokia Luma 1020 but because everyone wants an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy they don't even stock either of the two top phones in the market. It's a case where they did pretty much everything right with the software and hardware but they failed to tell people about it. Maybe there was no telling them anyway, their minds are made up and closed shut.
Posted using my top rated Z30!

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It will take time. Don't forget the majority of consumers have been overly laughing at BlackBerry while the media kept beating the BlackBerry death drum. It will take time for these people to stop laughing, and take another look at BlackBerry and bb10. It is happening. One consumer at a time. I have converted around 20 people approx. Now that we have the big apps like Netflix, Instagram etc it's a much easier choice.

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20 people ! Wow! I can't convince anyone to get one. I gave my z10 to my 15yr niece for xmas when I bought my Z30 and she loves it, but everyone is hating on me for using BlackBerry, and I live in Waterloo !


Agreed. I'd rather see more Lumias and Berries out there than a boring iDroid duopoly. Hope the market gets the mix right, so we see a bit more variety out there.

My mates Lumia 720 is not a super-specced high-end device, but an amazing little smartphone with a great camera. A more than good-enough device for most people. He would not swap for an iPhone. It's not just specs and speed, but also how you interact with it.

I prefer BB's Active Frames and WP8's Live Tiles (always open, always visible on the main screen) over boring icons and open app blocks or whatever they are called (Kitkat and iOS7).

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Love the BlackBerry 10 browser. I use it more than my desktop because it's faster haha.

Rest of the world doesn't know this so they're still remembering the days when the BlackBerry browser was the slowest and worst mobile browser ever.

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It would be nice if they could some day just give us the BB10 browser on our playbooks, or become a glass screen for our BB10 devices.

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Does the chart show that the browser is the fastest for all platforms or did I read it wrong?

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It actually does.

Don't get me wrong: I love using my BlackBerry and wishes all the best for BlackBerry, but let's be realistic. I seems weird that it should be the fastest of all existing platforms and browsers with such a huge margin.

OK - that settles it then :-)

The chart does not say anything about how it was meassured and what pages/sites were used, but luckily we are free to do out own tests.

I know some nice looking tests were performed against iPhone 5 and SGS4, but I don't recall BB10 to be at least 2x faster.

Do you have any links to side by side tests supporting your statement?

I watch with amusement how often the wife throws down the iPhone in frustration because the browser isn't so great. Surfing on Z30 is quicker than the laptop and that's a message worth getting out (are you listening Marketing team?)

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

Why don't you get her a z30. She may be mad at first, but 24 hours later you will be her hero again.

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Kevin's comment and others on the site tell you everything you need to know. If these so called tech journos actually used a BlackBerry 10 device, rather than just blindly bashing them, the result would be a different story.

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The "quick strike" section says BlackBerry 5.0. This looks like an OP fail for saying it's BB10 browser.

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Ah, saw more comments about agent string being 5.0. I can buy that.

Do the other browsers get broken down to versions?

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Browser may be fast but for me it just doesn't work well with a few sites I use for my profession. No biggie though.

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Browser is fast.. but mobile web browsing is almost obsolete thanks to a little thing called APPS

You could also say the need for dedicated apps is dwindling with the advances of mobile browsing speed and capabilities/support i.e. desktop level browsing (or better) from your phone. Mobile browsing is no where near obsolete. Mobile phones and the Internet being made obsolete by apps? Don't think so.

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While this is good news for you guys, realistically benchmarks mean nothing unless you see all the devices side by side, loading the same website at the same time. Not exactly something that the average consumer is going to do. That's why I don't put much faith in benchmarks.

The z10 when first released was shown head to head with iphone and Samsung browser speed. All things were set equal, and z10 won against both. But no one cared, and the media was quick to sweep it under the rug. But there is no hiding it forever. The word is getting out. BB10 is going to go viral in a year. You will see.

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I know one test is not a good representation, but regarding "execution speed" you can try MS Robo Hornet Pro:

Pls. note that the test crashed the BB10 browser until was released.

On an average laptop under Windows you are looking at 4-10 secs.
iPhone 5/5s takes (as far as I remember 47 secs)
Just did some tests with BB10 (times did vary quite a bit):
Z10: 108-118 secs
Z30: 78-138 secs
(Let's just keep the best score as it shows best case)

For this test BB Z10 is about 15x slower than my desktop browser and Z30 is about 10x slower. I tested using Chrome on a 2½ years old Thinkpad T510 running Windows 8 x64.

BB 10 devices (or any other) is at the present NOT a viable desktop replacement for me. For watching full, heavy desktop pages they are lagging, and unfortunately many sites does not detect BB10 as a mobile browser and serves a full desktop version instead of a mobile optimized version. iOS and Android are always served the mobile version of a site, so often BB10 is just dealing with a much harder task.

Hmmm... Interesting. My BB Z30 is a preproduction unit. Maybe they forgot to release the handbrake before shipping it ,-)

Anyone else tried with a Z30?

EDIT: My Z30 is actually a debug enabled version, meaning I can press "the secret keys" and submit a debug report directly to BlackBerry. If something crashes it also shows it by letting the LED flash in different colours indicating some logging is being performed. This might explain a degraded performance...

Not loading on my Q10 browser either. I'm using 10.2.1 official build.

Bad Request - Invalid URL
HTTP Error 400. The request URL is invalid.

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Just pulled the Q10 out of the dust and charged it.
Is running and could open the page.
Now updating to .1925 and will test again as soon as it is ready.

The issue I have these days with the BB10 browser is a very long pause before it starts loading the page.

I'm not sure what this is, there are few diagnostic features to monitor what is going on.

In general, Shaosoft's Evolution Browser does NOT have the same problem. I know he is doing ad blocking and also some sort of pre-compiling or caching of some things, javascript?

I wouldn't be surprised if the BB10 browser is just unoptimized for some popular web development frameworks or script types, or perhaps it is doing more stringent SSL cert checking or something. A lot of browsers ignore SSL errors these days. (Really stupid, but they probably do it because people "like" it better since it doesn't give them an "annoying" message that something is wrong with a site's security)

101 and change on Verizon Z10 STL100-4.
143 using Evolution Browser on Verizon Z10 STL100-4

~15 on Opera 12.16 desktop QC Xeon E5440 Win7-x64
7.8 on Firefox 24 same HW as above
8.3 on IE 11 same HW as above

And of course we would expect that a benchmark written by Microsoft would be tailored to make IE look good. ;)

Just ran this benchmark on my Z30. 11.79 seconds. 4g Z30STA100-2/ on the BlackBerry browser.

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Impressive and very surprising that it should be 7-10x faster than Z10. Nothing in the hardware would justify that number.

Anybody else tested with Z30?

This would kill it in a commercial side by side where two people are walking in the city and have to check a website to get some information before they get to a meeting or when they are asked. A question during a meeting; BlackBerry slyly used under the table!

Posted via my Q10, USA

Nice thing about BlackBerry 10 even the keyboard a Samsung dude was boasting about swift key lol got his ass rinsed in a typing battle vs a co worker with a BlackBerry 10 it was super funny!

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Apple and Google, you can keep your apps. The lightning fast BB10 browser is the real jewel!

Motorola V3xx --> Nokia E63 --> Nokia N900 --> Nokia N9 --> BlackBerry Z10

If we want BlackBerry to survive then we have to do our part which is to show the phone to people. I work in IT and when users can upgrade their phones they usually think of getting iphones or S4 but I show them Bb10 and my z10. I show them the hub and explain everything about it, after that I move to the browser and show them the list and they get really amazed, and lastly talk about z30 battery life and android apps.

This week we already have ordered 4 z30s and I already have converted 3 other users to Z30 from iphones and S4. The S4 user wanted note 3 but after I gave him a walk through of Z30, he is now selling his S4 on kijiji and will get Z30. This is his personal phone.

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Try telling that to an iPhone user... they are so in denial... BlackBerry for ever!

Posted using the best phone ever, the white Z10!

It's not just speed they can boast about. They can also boast about efficiency. Desktop mode is more reliable on BB10 than any other mobile browser I have used. Sites like consistently bring up the mobile version, making me have to scroll down to click on the desktop / full site link. Then, not everything functions properly on other browsers as consistently as BB10.

Too bad they didn't put the PlayBook browser in the list. That handles some websites more efficiently than BB10 (ie Facebook's full site).

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It is hard to use anything else for browsing after BlackBerry 10. I hope the next BlackBerry update comes with landscape mode in the home screen so I can turn my spare Z10 into a desktop computer

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Why aren't the devices listed alongside the browser version?

Does this infographic mean that the average BB10 Browser speed (mix of all BB10 devices using the browser) beats the average Opera Mobile 4.2 browser speed (average of all devices using browser)? What about device availability and use in areas of 2G/3G networks?

I would like to believe that the BB10 devices load webpages over 3x faster than than any other device I could find and put beside a BB10 device on the same network/wifi, but I wasn't born yesterday.

Sorry, I don't buy it. I've searched Youtube and have watched many browser comparison videos of the Z10 and Z30 vs Nexus 4/Galaxy 4/ Iphone 5, and I've never seen the BB10 device win a race by 3x. Results of flagship devices are usually fairly close.

The one thing I like about the safari browser is coincidentally what I like most about BB10 - the gestures. Swiping left or right to go forward or back to a page; tapping the top to scroll from the bottom of a Web page to the top.

I wish these features were in other browsers. It makes the experience faster.

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If you drag down from the top on bb10, a bar appears and if you press it like on ios the same thing happens! Little hard to find but helpful!

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Why do you need to convince anyone? Use what you like or what fits your needs and let others do the same. This crusade to convert people to the 'right path' blackberry is just ridiculous.

As I have posted at other times, I am impressed with the BB devices and especially with BB10 o/s10.2.1. People have watched me using my Z10 and because of the cover were not aware that it was a BB and when informed was totally amazed. Bla1ze ended the post by saying, "BlackBerry may still have a lot of things to work on but the browser is top notch." I have compared other devices to BB devices, especially my current Z10. I can see where the processor could be faster, but other than this, whatelse is needed to improve the BB10 series??????? This o/s is amazing. I do not hear Iphone or Android users speaking about the functionality of their devices, where as I am constantly showing them how I can get stuff done on my Z10. Yes android is good for gamers, but BB kicks behind with productivity, flow, ease of use, etc.
All I keep hearing Iphone and Android people speak about is apps, cool, but let's talk about the hardware, where can BB do better with the Z10??? what does Iphones or Android have hardware wise which out shine BB10. I don't see it even on sites where they compare devices only the processor stands out.

The Galaxy s4 has IR which is better because i can use it as a remote for my TV. Albeit, that's the only thing I use the damn thing for. So that is one thing.

CrackBerry, this is pretty simple to resolve. We know you guys have multiple devices, just run the tests yourself!

"BlackBerry may still have a lot of things to work on but the browser is top notch"
... "may" (?) ... they most definitely do!

And who doesn't have a lot to work on? BlackBerry is further ahead by miles in many areas. Just because sales are poor does not mean the product is bad.

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Sales: a direct reflection of marketing, a good product, and repeat sales on growing customer satisfaction.

Apple PowerMac G4 Mini
- great product with issues in acrylic structure led to bad customer satisfaction, then leading to poorer sales over 3 to 4 quarters (desktop pc industry).
- great service that lasted a long time, but over the years with faster networks (as specifically mentioned by several BB reps such as Vivek B), has no real benefit outside of BES for the average consumer and actually slows down transmission of data (BBM is starting to show a little lag even on WiFi for channels - test the Animated Gif channel for yourself). Furthermore providers HATED the fees to pass back to BB for this implementation & on a global feedback rejected continuing business with BB until a change in their devices was made. It didn't make sense because it didn't make dollars for BB's partners.

The Delorean (Back to the Future car)
- structurally very sound in terms of safety, but everthing else ... well you know the rest.

Basically I'm highlighting examples of how Sales IS a telling story of a product! ignoring poor sales and you'll be out of business. On your part not a very smart/nor challenging arguement.

BlackBerry NEEDS to make a lot of improvements ... spend 24hrs on these forums and you'll find over 20 examples what they CAN change!

how so???? I keep hearing some say this but they are not elaborating, what more should BB do to improve on their BB10 devices???? What are the Iphones and Android devices doing, which is so much better than BB10???


Here is your elaboration.

- read the forums in Z10, Q10 or on BB10 OS to see about 20 things BlackBerry CAN improve on!

- Give us the ability to collapse folders! (this was there in Browser Bookmarks in BBOS at the very least)
- Where is List view?! I don't want to see icons of pre-loaded content especially to those overlooking my shoulder (these are private to me and the half to full second it takes to read a bookmark name, anyone can figure out and know the bookmark icon of a preloaded page). Nothing to hide but would like the option for my privacy.
- Where is my option to SYNC bookmarks to the 3 largest desktop browser on the planet?!
(Chrome, Safari, and FireFox ... of course some still love Internet Explorer) I find it difficult since many of their browser based BAS access requires Internet Explorer that nobody in the development teams in BlackBerry NEVER thought of browser bookmark sync'ing!

- Too many oddities:
How come not ALL the native core apps allow for rotation in every screen?!??
(AppWorld doesn't)
How come Hub still in 10.2.1 has issues with dual icons for Whats'App (their using BB's API's here so the finger point goes to BB here not WhatsApp) ... also Evernote as well.
How come Hub still shows FaceBook, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp icons when I've specifically told The Hub to "Show in Separate Account Only"?! Sure I can change the order but its still clutters the menu of the Hub and this is the sort of perception that the end users see as a system still not setup right or too many teams are confused of the sole mantry of the OS. I STILL get notifications of WhatsApp in the Hub (which is required and works) BUT I should NEVER select on the notification in the Hub and view the message within, NOR should I see the notification in the Hub if I've told it NOT to do so.

Now do you see just a handful of improvements that BlackBerry NEES to do?!

Some more:
Why did it take So LONG for QNX Cloud to debut after more than a season with Mercedes, Petronas, and AMG in F1?!
Why is BlackBerry still not persuing potential clients for using this M2M EEM business? Since the announcement it's hush hush ... they've publicly announced a trial over 6mths ago as well so no excuse.

BlackBerry is still taking a LONG time to show results vs announcements. On the hardware side partnering with Foxconn was the RIGHT decision and the smartest move! I've stated specifically on these boards and forums for the past 2yrs that BlackBerry should've moved out their hardware division, specifically going with design internally, and having specific reps/teams of reps on the end of the production line doing OS installation & testing before shipping products - this was back when LG made a business announcement it was looking for partners so that LG could make the hardware (no dual branding). Don't believe me search my name with LG+CrackBerry+BlackBerry+Supa_Fly (or with Jagga).

BlackBerry still is spending too much time with BBM parity ... two months past first announcement. The competition eats up BB with misses like this, just like the major press (not just the blogs) and in this world of information with social sharing it's a bigger toll on BlackBerry than ever before. My advice to Mr. Chen ... whenever BlackBerry makes an announcement of a promise to deliver ... deliver it!
(In the book Dune there is a quote "A man's words and actions must agree!")

Get working with 3rd party accessory manufacturers on the cutting edge.
iPhones & Android:
- Can interface directly with several hundred cars on the market built in the last 10yrs!
(So what if BB10 has QNX - you cannot USE it beyond the smartphone, then it's not worth bragging about)
- Can interface with instruments (guitars+stomp boxes & midi keyboards, and soon digital drums) and play them through serious amplifiers or headsets!
- Can interface with blood pressure, heart rate, and other accurate monitors, not toys.
(again BB10 has QNX but doesn't do nothing with it beyond the smartphone)!

These are just some of the things that people WANT to use - not lip service about ownership of things nor the promise of the "internet of things" ... their DOING IT NOW and have been the past two years! BlackBerry is playing catchup ... and with so many employees 7000+ fired the past year I wonder if their not sweat-shop over working those that are left to get close. I commend all the staff at BlackBerry ... but it's the vision the direction that is having an issue - even under Mr. Chen! Business should NOT only be the focus, nor should the EEM for M2M for appliances and accessories by big corporations. It's as almost if BlackBerry has told their staff to STOP being human beings and what they enjoy to do in their personal life at the door until they leave.

Wow man hope you feel better after that. But seriously I love my z10 does more than most phones available. Of course there things that can be improved on. Still the best OS available. And it's only 1 years young

Vtecberry Z10

Truly and with atll that ranting he never answered my question. No matter who I speak with BB, Iphone or Android users no one can specifically state with regards to the device and operating system what it is exactly that Iphone or Androids do which BB10 is not or cannot do. Like I said earlier there can be an definite advancment of the processor. The issue of Apps is old and boring now. But other than this I don't see it and no one definitively and without ranting and drifiting away from my query point out exactly where BB10 is exactly lagging behing Iphone or Android with regard to device or o/s. Like you I am very happy and proud to be a BB user and of the BB10 especially with 10.2.1.


^ You obviously don't know how to read! I've directly and specifically answered your question which was "I keep hearing some say this but they are not elaborating, what more should BB do to improve on their BB10 devices?" Every point I've made they NEED and SHOULD do to improve BB10. It doesn't matter if you fail to recognize the value of my points, nor if you ask an iOS users (who've most likely never used a BB in their experience), or you choose to ignore my answer - the fact is I DID answer it. Their opinions, nor the advancement of the processor which was NOT part of our conversation - again you NEED to read - have nothing to do with this. I've not argued anything about apps beyond the core B10 one's in my post above yours - again not related at all. So you need to read and comprehend the rebuttal if you challenge one in the future. For now your reply immediately above is simply emotional, not factual nor based on my content of your original challenge

PS: I've owned a Z10 since launch week - have been back and forth between 3 android and 2 iPhones and have purchased 6 Z10's in total - past girlfriends, myself x3, and colleague.

LOL ... I've felt better before that post ... I just find it very odd how someone can claim they love their device and mobile OS of choice and have no clue about the performance of it and fail to see the issues about it.

Nice - and I agree with most of the comments that the BB browser is ... nice.

But it isn't awesome. It somehow looks like a product which is developed and supported by a group which isn't really in sync with the BB10 development.
I'm missing the support of the Q10 keyboard - No shortcuts to get to the bookmarks, switch the tabs etc.
Also going back one page would be so much nice (and more consistent with the usual BB10 behaviour), if you could use a swipe gesture.

So: Functionality: A++, Speed: A++, UI: D

The shortcuts are there. K is Bookmarks, H is history, P is previous T top, B bottom, space is scroll.

Posted via CB10

Thanks - I missed K, H and P.

I was only aware of the page navigation ones - and wouldn't survive without the space ;)
Still, I would like to have e.g. T for 'next tab' and X for 'close tab'
A typical use case of mine is to open the website of my preferred news magazine, open all interesting articles in tabs and reading them one after the other ...

Good to know but switching tabs, jumping down the bookmark icon list (say press K to get to bookmarks, then 1 for the first etc up to 9) is missing. And when they implement this ... is it for Q10/Q5 first while Z10/30 users wait in vain??

I don't think there is anything new here. BB10 has, and continues to smoke the iPhone for over a year. Of course, what makes it worse, is that the BB10 browser renders more content properly. Time to stop making excuses for Apple.

Posted via CB10

"Smoke" = "is faster"?

I agree with the rendeirng part. Real life fact is unfortunately that nearly all web pages are optimized and tested against iOS and Android due to the market dominance (just like the old IE dominanse days), so they will always show a working page anyway.

Don't get me wrong: I really don't care if either browser is a bit faster, but I choose to be very sceptical when a test turns our to be 2x-4x faster than competition. Especially when they use the same WebKit engine and hardware is not even bleading edge.

Well, it's not about a bit faster. It's about faster and better in terms of content. Surfing on the iPhone has always been a mediocre experience. Apple has known this from the beginning which is why they pushed the whole concept of Apps. It was a way to deal with an obvious weakness. Unfortunately, instead of using the time wisely to build a better browser, Apple sat on its butt and became increasing more dependent on Apps just for basic functionality. Here in lies the problem for Apple.

… or maybe Apple was clever and made room for developers to plug into iOS and make money on the platform.

A device, platform or any product is only as good as the complete package and ecosystem around it. There are plenty of example form the tech industry (OS2/Windows, Betamax/VHS to name a few) that "won" without being the best product from a tech or performance point of view.

Microsoft created Windows and built their partner and developer network for others to write apps, install systems etc. OS/2 was better at running Windows Apps that Windows 3.1x and 95, but IBM did not have the talent to get the product to the masses.

Apple has created a tremendous ecosystem around the iPhone: Apps, Movies, Music, Covers, sound speakers and all kinds of accessories.

Apple is nowhere in trouble due to the browser: They have the most attractive product available, a huge ecosystem, first priority for most developers and their customers adore the company.

The BlackBerry browser might be better than Safari on iOS, but the users never notices it, because all webpages are "optimized" for iOS and Android (read: Presents the content correctly).

BlackBerry spend huge amounts of money building the best mobile browser. Their goal was it had to be as good as a desktop browser, so "apps wasn’t nescessary". They still try to promote this by sponsoring development of tiny apps showing the mobile site (H&M is one example).

Even though BlackBerry is right, they are fighting the human "perception latency". It takes years and years to change the mind of customer. Users has been told via commercials that "there is an app for that" so that's what people are expecting.

BlackBerry survived several years on users not switching to other platforms and now they have to spend many years trying to win them over in a game vs iOS/Android, where the gap is far less than BB6/7 vs iOS/Android and at the same time the perception of BlackBerry is very, very poor: The ex-BlackBerry users only remembers BB OS and the only new knowledge they have is through the consistent bad media coverage.

So then, Apple purposely designed its platform so that it couldn't send an attachment properly, type quickly, access all your communications from a single spot, download and view PDFs/word docs/excel sheets, powerpoint slides effectively, just so developers could help out. Tin foil hat time.

Does RAM also have a factor in this? Last I knew is that the iphone 5 only has 1gb and BlackBerry has 2gb

On my awesome BlackBerry Z30

Weird. From top worst browser to tops.

Well, they did get slapped enough for having the worst browser.


Thanks for bringing us the good news, but please stop finishing your articles with the negative slant. You sound a bit like The Verge reporters or BGR. A compliment followed by a "but they suck" kind of attitude.

Posted via CB10

First in amount of time to load a web page, last in everything else that matters. I guess you have to take a win where you can get it.

Whatever that means. My z30 kicks the new iPhone in every aspect, except I cannot send my thumb print to the NSA.

Posted via CB10

It means you are irrelevant. I'm not knocking you for using the device, I am knocking you for acting like it has any staying power outside of the hardcore BB users. Bb10 will never take market share from Apple or Android.

Have you ever used BB10 for any decent amount of time? These devices are for the masses. Why are you acting like these things are football teams?

Posted via CB10

Yeah I use one every day. I support them and also carry one for work. I have had one before they were released to the public so I am pretty sure I am qualified to speak on it. I dont really understand your football team reference, doesn't make much sense.

And let us not forget the Reader option which filters out unwanted ads and makes reading the web pages a superb experience.

Posted via CB10

This is part of that lesson some people cannot seem to understand that it's not always specs that produce optimum user experience. It's important but not the deciding factor, it's software. No quad-cores here folks and look at that peformance.

Posted from BitPusher's Q10

This is why BlackBerry must start building their own PC's. Every time I use windows or Mac os it feels worse than using my mobile.

Posted via CB10

It's hard to convince people here in the US.. so much negative publicity or no publicity (in the retail stores).. They still look down on BBRY.. oh well, to each his own.

Posted via CB10

Well time for the US to pull their heads out of their asses. If you want the best device on the market you get a z30. If you want to be a part of a platform that is new, fresh and moving at break neck speeds, get a Z30. If you want to be an elite amongst your friends, get a z30. If you want to move with the massive crowd, but get no further than the crowd....well get an iphone, android, or wp8 phone. But hey, you will be on safe ground.....well at least until your buddy shows up first with a z30. Then you will be kicking your own ass.

Posted via CB10

Sweet, I feel a new slogan coming. "Are you important enough to own a blackberry".

Posted via CB10

Then how come every comparison review shows iPhone beating the Z10 by a little bit. I also lost in a race against a iPhone 5

Posted via CB10

Kevin. Bet you one of porche designs next phones that this doesn't even get reported on in mainstream media (cbc,ctv,fox,nbc). LoL

Damn makes me mad when they rip on BlackBerry over this stuff but don't do the opposite when BlackBerry proves it's better than apple or samsung

Posted via CB10

Love the browser so not surprised by the results. It's one of the best things about the bb10 experience.

This forum is full of some serious jokers!

Turn your phone into a desktop computer?

It's better than browsing on a full computer on what planet???

Do any of you own a modern computer with SSD and 24+ inch or bigger screen or were taking about single core celerons from 14 years ago?

Don't know if some of you are delusional or actually being serious!!

Posted via CB10

Might be because I tried viewing the source on my BB, but I don't see mobile safari or android chrome in the rankings at all..
Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Posted via CB10

The BlackBerry browser is fast; no doubt.

The problem that I have is that it does not yet run some content that I have no problems running with my Android device. An example is try playing a show without pulling your hair out. Another is web page formatting. This is goody too. My old iPhone had no problem handling websites.

I think BlackBerry still has compatibility bridges (oops, I said bridge) to cross.

Still lovin' the Z10 best though.


Problem is that nobody is testing their webpage against BB 10.
The mobile pages just has to work with Safari for iOS and Android stock browser - then 90%+ (at least) of the market is covered.

This is the same problem we had years ago when IE was dominant and HTML standards were ... well ... there was a lot to choose from and MS had their own ideas.

BB is very HTML5 compatible, but it does not really matter if the web pages are not and optimized to look correct on the other platforms.

I tried to find some, but gave up and emailed the company. Still waiting for an answer.

I'm not seeing this at all.

I just tried several sites on the my Z10, Nexus 5 and Nokia Lumia 521 and there wasn't a single site that loaded three times faster on the Z10. Not one. Actually, there wasn't a single site that the Z10 beat chrome on my Nexus 5. Makes me wonder what Android and Windows phone devices they were using for this test.

But in all honesty, let's say that BlackBerry 10's browser does load up sites 3 seconds faster. Who really cares? Speed isn't all that matters, what about features?

With Chrome on Android, I have zero ads (thanks to host-based ad blocking) and automatic bookmark/open tabs syncing among all my devices. I also flashed a user agent mod to where my browser NEVER loads the mobile version of websites. Sorry, but I'd honestly rather have those features I just listed than have a bare-bones browser that loads pages a few seconds faster.

Is anyone here actually that impatient that 3 seconds saved (if it were actually true) is worth dealing with a featureless browser?

What do you mean "host based ad blocking"?

Google banned AdBlock Plus from Google Play because it strikes at the heart of their business model since 95% of their revenue is from advertising sales. What Google-sanctioned Chrome-centric ad-blocking is this?

Rooted device? That's not an apples-to-apples comparison.

If you're doing ad-blocking at the network level with a web proxy, that's certainly not something that only benefits Android if you want to setup your own Squid proxy or something.

On 10.2.1 how to you change browser settings? I thought I was on desktop mode. But can't find how to toggle back and forth forth. Is there a reason to be on one then the other?

 BBZ10

With all the evidence pointing to a BlackBerry success story.

Another advertising tag line...

Let the customers justify their choices with a Q & A session.

Every time they come back with a reason you blow them out of the water with an immediate response.

' Why aren't you buying a BlackBerry? '

BlackBerry...Get it done

Posted via CB10

When I got my bb10 device first time, thought obviously might need another browser coming from my past blackberry browser experiences. Not anymore blackberry got it right on the browser. Wonderfully efficient cheers guys!!

Posted via CB10

+1. The browser is great for most purposes and I even though I have the evolution browser installed, I usually goes for the stock BB 10 browser.

But it is still not 2x-3x faster than #2...

The browswr is one of the few things I miss from my Z10 heh. Nice to see it being recognized again!

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Convinced my wife to get a Z10 the other day, she said at first she wanted an iPhone 4S but I told her to trust me. She's had the 10 for a week now and she loves the Z10 : )

Z30 St.Albert,AB

Hate to ruin the party but I just compared the browser reload times between my 5s and my Z10 and the 5s seems to beat the Z10 every single time so I don't know how they arrived at the numbers. That being said I still prefer to use my Z10 as a daily driver for all the other things that it does better than the 5s

It sure will.

But that does not tell you anything about load times or performance. It just a compatibility test like which they seems to loose to the Tizen 2 browser soon.

I ran the Robo Hornet Pro test on my Z10 3 times and it ranged from 168 to 245 for the total whatever that means then I ran the same test on my 5s and the range was between 32 and 48 so IDK if lower number is better or higher number is better.

In the time it took you to write your post you could have looked up your question on Google and found the answer.

Thx. for testing.

It's really no surprise: The Z10's hardware is about 1 year older than 5s and Apple has much more experience optimizing the OS and apps to their platform.

Z10 was never designed to be bleeding edge on specs. BlackBerry was very clear about it. They were going for the broad middle segment (just forgot to set their price point to that level too).

I think they misjudged the effect of having a flagship device with top specs: Maybe very few customers pays for it, but it will get a lot of attension on the numbers alone (storage, RAM, CPU freq, cam megapixels etc.). These numbers may be irellevant for the whole experience, but for any journalist and reader with little knowledge or experience the numbers are soooo easy to compare.

BlackBerry completely missed that...

At least us few BlackBerry users know that QNX based os has awesome potential and hopefully in the future we can all say told you so! Flicked and tapped from the amazing Z10

Posted via CB10 on my Z10(& i am luvin it!)

It's nice that there's positive News for BlackBerry, but the same "Study" states that IE10 is faster than Chrome in Windows environment.... Yeah right. Visit a site with more Java contents and Chrome crushes IE10 massivly. I notice it every day at work, where I am working with Java-intensive Websites (SAP Portal e.g.).
So, how reliable is this study really?

The BlackBerry browser with the BlackBerry keyboard; massive reasons why I choose BlackBerry.


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Posted on CB10 with the Q10

Why are these not in the public main streams?

Would be nice to get the word out to let people know that BlackBerry can be a serious competitor.

Because the numbers simply don't make sense.
Just ask your self: Is it really possible, that 1½ old hardware platform (Z10) can be 2x-3x faster than anything on the market?

Pls. remember that both Google, MS and Android has spend a huge amount of efforts and money trying to optimize their browser during the last 5(?) years? "Browser war" should ring a bell amongst most readers.

BlackBerry may not be the most popular phone in the united states anymore, but it is by far and away, the best. The definition of excellence in anything that they do.

Posted via CB10

I hate the web browsing experience on my android tablets after getting my Q10. They only thing they beat the almighty Q at is screen Real estate.

Posted via CB10 via the power of " Q "

No, it really doesn't because most websites don't recognize blackberry devices so they load the wrong versions of a web page! Try visiting a mobile banking or other mobile site and you will see countless issues (all mobile sites seem to be optimized for iphones or android orly!!)

Posted via CB10

I actually believe that the YouTube mobile site on my browser (Z10) is better than any YouTube app for any platform. The browser is that good. Even for regular desktop sites it's unbelievably good.

Posted via CB10

This would matter if people picked phones based on browsers or browser speeds. Real life experiences tell me they don't.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

The Z30 is a unbelievable phone and can't wait for mine to come in. For now Rocking a Z10 and it been working great! But the Z30 is where it's at.

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