BlackBerry Bridge v2.0.0.25 now available in BlackBerry App World

BlackBerry Bridge
By Bla1ze on 20 Feb 2012 06:21 pm EST

To go along with the release of PlayBook OS 2.0 we're all going to need a new BlackBerry Bridge update and although we heard that update may have been delayed to coincide with the release of PlayBook OS 2.0 to help avoid folks from trying to use features not compatible with their PlayBook, it looks like some folks never got the memo. The original rumored release date of the 20th has stuck and BlackBerry Bridge v2.0.0.25 is now appearing in BlackBerry App World. Go ahead and fire up App World, if it's there -- grab it. If not, sit tight, it'll show up soon.

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BlackBerry Bridge v2.0.0.25 now available in BlackBerry App World


Downloading now in Argentina, still cant belive ist available for us (argentinians) so soon. Good work RIM.

Confirmed, shows up on Rogers in Canada. Had to update appworld, reboot, refresh a few times. Finally showed up! I am now using it to type this on my Torch 9810. And yes it works on Playbook OS 1.08 the last official release!

By the way, hold ALT on keyboard while dragging on bridge trackpad to SCROLL webpages.

Oh yeah, also downloading Asphalt and Modern Combat. Thanks crackberry for spreading the news! Wouldn't have known otherwise, not showing up in features apps even. Playbook users feeling the love tonight! :-)

Playbook OS 1.08.6067
Torch 9810

Oh F yeah! If ever we wanted confirmation, this is as good as the CEO himself saying ready, set, go!
Open app word, hold alt + press r, s, t and there it is! :) oh happy day before the next happy day.
Boldly sent from my 9930

Update: typing this on my 9930 right now onto the PlayBook. Remote control works right now on the current official PlayBook build! :)

Wow, wow, wow! I can't believe I am typing this into my PlayBook using my 9900 Keyboard. I am so stoked!!!

nope, im not even running the beta on the playbook. it works great. except i cant figure out how to scroll down the page it gets stuck st the edges...

I hit the url on my pc and it says 1.0.7....

I check for update on blackberry bridge app itself...says you have the latest....AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH

No luck....still seeing 1.0.7....DAMN i guess the servers in Australia are lagging behind....

I hate you RIM....just kidding...please bridge to my blackberry.....

Just delete the current version and reboot. Install latest one from appworld and reboot. Cheers

nope.. the down under is catching up! just tried to update, but yeah, no update notification on the app world. then i hit ALT+RST, the appworld closed for a while and i opened it again, voila... i've just installed this bridge 2.0 right on my bold 9900!

come on RIM, HIT IT, playbook OS 2.0, come to papa...


Thank you very much. Refresh worked for me as well. Really appreciate the post. Now have to wake up at 4:01 am and press the software update on PB. Yeah!!!! Finally dreams are coming true :)

I am in Australia. I just refreshed my list and got the upgrade notification. Upgrading now.

Confirmed here in the UK as well! Downloading now. So thats Asphalt 6 and Modern Warfare free and now BB Bridge 2.0 in the past 30 mins, great night so far!

Also anyone else besides me see this post drop everything and hit "Check for Updates" just incase RIM released them at the same time like they had mentioned?

Just saw that Works pretty good. Have a little bit of trouble swiping up to switch apps, but it could be me getting used to how it works.

im on AT@T and get the bridge updates from, now im patiently waiting for it to be posted on that site to download to my Bold 9900....

oh wow! I'm actually typing this piece using BlackBerry remote feature, so can't wait for OS2.0 tomorrow morning...

guys, make sure you do not try new bridge functionality till OS2.0 is also installed :) They wanted to delay Bridge update to 21-Feb also for that purpose.

Downloading now in Saudi Arabia , still cant believe list available for us so soon, too . Good work RIM

LOVE U RIM ««« we are still waiting for arabic keyboard later on OS2.0

And there is no available update for the playbook OS

It was there for me, but wouldn't let me download, and then I rebooted and it didn't show up as an update at all! Am I too much of a nerd if I'm panicky right now?

Same thing happening for me. Contemplating deleting bridge, rebooting my phone and then seeing what happens.

you need to press ALT + rst inside your app world. then it will refresh the list. if after a while the refresh takes too long, just make a soft reboot hold a couple of second ALT + SHIFT + DEL or pull out oyur battery.
once rebooted, go again to app world and you should see a refresh automatically.

Same here. I deleted it and am waiting for it to reboot. That should force it to download the latest version.

If all else fails. Delete the app and re-install... It will force it to re-install the updated version. Worked like a charm for me.

So excited!!! C'mon os 2.0!!! Writing this using the remote control feature on torch 9860!!! So cool!!!

The heck I still don't have it here in ottawa, ontario, canada...
Maybe the torch 9810 is being left out again...

Downloaded and installed in Vancouver on Telus!
Remote works on ! Can't wait for the Playbook Update..

Hmm looks like it was pulled from my UK server. Was showing update available in app world, but no option to upgrade when clicked on it. Now it has no update available in app world. 2 battery pulls/ alt -rst's no joy. Check for updates within bridge shows I have the latest... maybe the volume of downloads?

Not yet available here in T.O.!! Checked App World..nada. Did the old "CTRL R S T" thing...says "Upgrade Available", but nothing happens when BB Bridge is selected.

Anyone else in the GTA seeing the same?

OK... OK (pant...drule..) Breath.... Sooon my precious.... Soon we will have it. Soon it will be ours - Two point 'O' will come to us and it will be ours...

Hey Bla1ze, it will be great if you can post change log here in the post also.
Btw it says copy paste works now in Bridge apps :)

Open AppWorld and hold Alt and press R S T...

If that doesn't work for you just delete the App and when you re-install the update will take its place.

Sweet!! Thanks Bla1ze. Was just reading my RSS and guess whatI saw ... Works gotta hold on for just a few minutes ... just updated mine to version

In Australia Perth btw and for us it's already 21/02/2012 ... Patiently Can't wait for OS 2 to drop.

remote works like a charm. says bbm version is not bridge compatible. i wonder if that will be an update too?
nevermind. battery pull fixed it all.

If you mean the remote control feature. Once you are bridged go to your bluetooth connections (where it shows the paired device) on your phone and you'll see the use remote control button. You should be good after that :)

I would be lying if I said I didn't just navigate here and type out this message using my playbook and 9930 as a tandem dream team!! This is better then I expected!!! Can't wait to get up early for 2.0!!!

Too cool. The remote feature is better than I thought it would be. Typed this post on my Torch 9850. Fantastic!

Most of the Bridge 2.0 features will work on the current, non beta build of the PlayBook OS. Also make sure you select "show on home screen" to put the remote icon on your bb home screen.

Remote is incredible. Playbook is hooked up to my tv via hdmi. I am on my couch using it as a huge playbook! The only thing I am having trouble with at the moment is scrolling down on a web page.

Scrolling is working good for me, just need to use two fingers instead of 1.

I'm having an issue with the presenter feature. If I go into my photos, I can use the Next button, but the previous botton isn't working. Minor issue, but hopefully it gets straightened out.

here in Belgium, after a reset Alt + rst ... new version was avalaible. thanks for the notification!

Good things come to those who wait. Who knows, it might be loading 3.0 for you. lol... jk... Hope it solved your issue though!

Ya baby this is so sweet typing this on my 9900 to my playbook. Loving it . I'm going to be up all night just playing with bridge.

downloading now..... I'm excited - its feeling a bit like being a little kid on xmas eve....

now, as long as PC OS2 comes out tomorrow, and they finally get UMA onto the 9900 I'll be ecstatic

Got mine :)

Update : typing with the remote typing feature now which is a go with this new version of bridge!!

Its working. For those not seeing the upgrade. You can delete the current version that you have, reboot & then go back into app world. If you dont see the new version you might have to refresh the app list & then it should show up.

Took me a few times to get it but its finally working on my 9900 on TELUS.

Thinking that RIM will release 2.0 a few hours early to show just a little love to PB owners.

I am on Panama and I just download this update and is awesome, the phone transform to a keyboard and a mouse at the same time, can't wais to OS 2.0

I have OS1.0.8 in the tablet and i can use the remote capabilities of the BlackBerry Bridge 2.0, fantastic! works great :D

fantastic! works brilliantly

now I can much more easily show my presentations using 'sheet to go' via an hdmi projector - just press P & N to go back & forward

wow wow wow

Hi @BigAl_BB9900,

Alex from RIM here. Thanks for all of the positive feedback and I love to see the excitement! Since you’re making the most of the new BlackBerry Bridge app, I recommend checking out this video ( that highlights the new BlackBerry Bridge features in PlayBook 2.0. It really shows off the power of your smartphone and tablet working together, including the ability to use your phone’s keyboard as a wireless remote control for your PlayBook.


Alex, RIM Social Media Team

Remote WORKS on OS 1.0... Loving this.... Im not sleeping tonight.....LOL. GOOOOOOOOO RIM. Good Job guys. I appreciate the work you guys are doing over there at RIM...

Wow, this is just amazing... Way to knock it out of the park!! Can't wait for the full update. All this was written from my phone from the pb!! :D

am in Panama and the new bridge is way to awesome, totally love it, now I just need OS 2.0 xD and the pair could be perfect but people the 3.2 mbs of the bridge are totally worth, if you still don't got this update what the hell are you waiting?????
This awesome update is recommend to all the people that really love their playbooks

I'm typing this from my BB phone using the remote feature!! Awesome!! You can left, right and middle click as well. Also, you can press and hold the trackpad to use drag lock for moving and dropping content. This is wicked!!! Not to mention presenter mode.

when i try to use remote it keeps telling me :Error:there is already an active HID session in another application
please disconnect from the session and try again.
i don't know what that means

Downloading it right now! I´m in Mérida, Mexico. It´s carnival time in here, so I´m gonna party all night long till i get the 2.0 OS !!

I downloaded this from (because I'm on AT&T). After I installed it, I rebooted my phone.
As soon as my phone started I got a white screen that says App Error and my phone shut down and it won't started up again.

Any help would be appreciated (did 3 battery pulls so far to no avail).

I have a 9700 running


EDIT: My phone magically started working again without me touching it :) Loving the new remote feature!!

Did you know that the remote feature works with PB OS 1..6067?
I was surprised and it is awesome!


I just saw Some one mentioning it earlier .
Nerver mind ( but it still awesome)

For those on 7.1 make sure you download the right bridge if doing OTA, my icon would not show and then noticed RROYY reposted a 7.1 version. That dude Rocks!

Refresh worked for me to get 2.0 and remote control also works well. I am typing this on my 9810. Now I want 9900 with beautiful keyboard !

Sweeeeeet... the normal browser now works with bridge. No more bridge browser needed. I cannot wait for 4:01 am.


Also typed on my BB 9860

The remote wasn't working for me until I rebooted my playbook. But after that it's working like a charm. Just that update is so cool CAN'T WAIT for official 2.0!

It's like the day I brought the PB home from BestBuy. This remote control is going to keep me going for hours.
Anyone else notice the revamped bridge icons.

mine did as well, but to be completely honest, I never used it anyways. I always used the regular browser.

OMG this is working great! This is what I've been waiting for. Man when 2.0 drop its on like Dunky Kong!!
But you're right the bridge browser disappeared.

Torch 9800 Tmobile UK. Crackberry owner since '04

i'm so upset, could only happen to me i downloaded the update after having to delete the app the to force the upgrade... i click blackberry bridge 2.0 on my torch and poof it rebooted and on a constant reboot cycle ever since. trying to resurrect it but its bricked! fuming... at least im under warranty still so will have to wait for tmobile to send me out a new phone but they dont stock 9800 anymore :-(

I want to kiss my cat! Downloading. Long live rim. Now plug the os2 for playbook and I' send you
some hot caribbean weather.... come on....

Please help: downloaded the new Bridge and now my 9900 "hangs" when trying to turn bridge "on". Can't pair it with my Pbook. Using OS

I'm having the same problem.. tried rebooting, deleting and re-installing bridge.. nothing works.. can't re-pair..

Also having an issue on, It looks like our 9900 OS might be the issue.

No one else seems to really be having issues with Bridge except us and there have been a number of updates to our phones since .74 leaked. This leads me to think that our OS doesn't support the new Bridge app.

I'm going to try an OS update tomorrow and see if that solves the issue.

love the scrolling, and definitely love the typing from my 9900, blackberry bridge is now awesome. Love it.

Ill join the club. Here in okinawa japan the update has dropped. I am now going to bed and i hope that os2 is available when i wake up tonight.

Very cool. Typing this on my Torch 9850, which makes a great screen for remote controlling the PlayBook. Gonna try the control functions for the media player, to see if I can chill on the sofa and control the PB connected to my TV.

One more nite...then 2.0!

Edit: Remote Control works perfectly with the video player. Xcelent!

Thanks for wonderful technology that will make me more productive. Thanks for the insight that you have given to rim. Thanks for your patience that you bestowed upon me to wait and thanks for the coming soon OS2. Let the fun begin. In Jesus name!

Soooo impressed with the new features so far....I had to post this on my facebook page:

RIM released a long awaited update to the Bridge can now control your Playbook remotely from your BB phone...WAY TO GO RIM!!! Now, after tomorrow's release of the new Playbook OS2, you will be able to download and use many Android apps on Playbook, among other awesome features!!! Poor Apple users...while I can hook up my Playbook's HDMI 1080p connection and watch the latest movie I downloaded to my 50" plasma tv and control EVERYTHING with my BB can sit and watch Canadian Netflix on your 9.8" iPad, as Apple controls everything you do. Moooooooooo..... hehehe. :)

This is so awesome! My parents (who are visiting me, not me living on their basement or anything weird like that) think I am crazy. I'm giddy, kind of bouncing in my seat. Well, maybe a bit more than 'kind of'. Can't wait for the 2.0 to complete the pair.

trying to get it from rroyy. it starts to download then the screen goes blank. Hit the return and have to start over. Got A 907 error.

what can i do?

I can't stop playing with this amazing feature that no other devices can do, besides my tether, Mirror BBM, and upcoming 2.0 update.
Apple... I CAN'T HEAR YOUUUUU !!!!!!!
Mia / 9810 / PB16G and counting.

I just found out that (on non-touch screen BlackBerries) you can preform the same gestures with the track pad as you could with your finger on the screen of the playbook.

For example, on my 9700, if you move the cursor to the bottom of the screen (or any other edge) you can hold the alt key, then click the track pad to preform the needed action. So, if you moved the cursor to the bottom of the screen (app running), the cursor turns to a upward arrow, hold alt and click, it takes you to the home screen.

Confirmed on "app menus" (top) and scrolling apps sideways.

You can also hold the track pad button down over an app (home screen) and swipe up to close.

Downloading OS 2 for the PlayBook in Chicago, Illinois, USA. @ 4:00 am :) I have AT&T and had problems downloading the new bridge version, however, I was able to download and install it from: using my phone's browser and it seems to be working the way its supposed to.

Ahh I was hoping you could control the volume and switch tracks using your phone buttons instead of having to navigate..

I updated to OS 2.0, and i must say it was way overdue. I also updated the blackberry bridge on my torch 9800. How do i control my playbook with the bridge update?
can someone fill me in?