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BlackBerry still actively working on PlayBook OS updates, Bridge update now available

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BlackBerry Bridge for BlackBerry 10 updated to v3.3.0.25

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BlackBerry Bridge gets updated with full BlackBerry 10 support

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BlackBerry Bridge for BlackBerry 10 updated to v3.0.9.8

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FlyCraft gets updated for BlackBerry 10 and the PlayBook - More features for Herbie

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Twitter for BlackBerry gets a small update to version

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BlackBerry Bridge on BlackBerry 10 - Dumbed down and not as useful

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BlackBerry Bridge application updated to version 3.0 in BlackBerry World

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*Updated* Whatsapp not free for life as we first thought

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LinkedIn for BlackBerry smartphones updated to version 2.1

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Foursquare updated to version 5.5.8 for BlackBerry smartphones

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Files and Folders for PlayBook updated to v6.0 - Adds built-in streaming media player, bug fixes and more!

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Blaq for the BlackBerry PlayBook gets an update to version 1.8.5

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BlackBerry App World updated to version

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Evernote for BlackBerry smartphones updated with bug fixes

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BlackBerry Bridge updated to v2.1.0.34

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Brain Cube Reloaded updated for BlackBerry smartphones with a 3rd episode

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BlackBerry Bridge v2.1 brings text messages to the BlackBerry PlayBook

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Hands on with the native email app in PlayBook OS 2.1 - Portrait style

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BlackBerry Bridge now available for download

BlackBerry Bridge updated to version

By Jared DiPane on 20 Dec 2011 10:50 am EST
BlackBerry Bridge

BlackBerry Bridge has been updated today to version fixing issues where it would not allow users to add a new tablet. While this update may seem small, we know that previously a BlackBerry PlayBook OS update is linked with a BlackBerry Bridge update, so keep your eyes on your PlayBook for an update, and be sure to let us know!

More information / download of BlackBerry Bridge



AT&T users don't use this one, go to the PlayBook forum and get rroyy's OTA version.


Fingers crossed for an early Christmas present from RIM (playbook os update). I know the big one is coming in February, but with every small os1 update they do, my playbook does get better and better... So keep it coming RIM.


Once os 2 is out, all I want is mobile hotspot for my 9900!


There is a leaked version of the 9900 OS where you have mobile hotspot. Have it installed and works flawless!


It said it fixes a bug with the "Add New Device" button on some devices not showing up. I hardly believe that this update will lead to a PB update.

The update went from to which signals a minor bug fix in the software. If there was a major change to the software to accomodate an update to the playbook OS, they would have bumped up the software version to 1.0.8.x at the very least.


I wish they would fix the notification icons not syncing properly.


I hope a new PB update is coming soon and I hope it comes with A2DP!


the newest beta already has it.


A2DP, A2DP, A2DP.....please


It allows you to stream music over Bluetooth.


Perhaps you've heard of Google?


Perhaps you could have answered his/her question without the attitude.


AugustArborists, why not download if you're on AT&T??? Ive got my 9700 on AT&T and just started downloading it. Does rroyy have something different than


osbornje : depending of your data plan, At&T may charge you for using bridge, likely you use tethering (while for others operators you don't pay for extra data over your PHONE actual data plan). This is made by the special distribution of bridge delivered by them. You can avoid this with the rroyy OTA.

Sory if my English makes this confusing but in most cases I'd say : do not update, use rroyy (and check the forum, there are numerous threads about it).


Did they drop just now? i had an alert to update but now its gone. i'm at and when app world gave me the option, now it says i have latest version as does the "check update" feature in bridge app...


I am seeing the same problem here in the UK on O2.


Same problem here. Got the notification from app world. But when I tried to do the update, I'm told that is the latest. I'm in Indonesia on Indosat.


Looks like this bridge update also fixes a known issue with the cursor disappearing while bridging email.

We might get another small update before OS2, as RIM is working on a number of known issues. Me ... I think it is downright thoughtful of RIM to be planning the release of OS2 for my birthday ...


Bridge never worked other than browser on before for me, now everything works great.


I had issues with BBM, after installing this update on my Bold 9900, BBM and the rest of the bridge functions are now working decently. There is still too much lag in general when updating content on the PB. For example a new email will come up on the BB but not show on the PB with out closing the app and reopening it.


I got the notice, and now it's disabled to download on AT&T for Torch 9800. Did RIM pull it?


I suggest AT&T customers to contact and harrass AT&T until they finally give customers full access.


This might explain the strange 2mb playbook OS update that I got yesterday. It updated my OS but the build number didn't change and it was only 2mb.


After the update the icon disappeared. Already pulled out battery. Deleted and reinstalled. No icons are hidden and did universal search. From the App World I can see the application is installed. Any suggestions?


My icon is gone too on my Bold 9700. What the hell? Frustrating.


Hi, the same thing happened to me on my 9700. I called RIM, said after a couple of checks to call carrier.

I went to from BB > Applications > OTA Archive> Select Blackberry Bridge for your OS and download and install. This worked like a charm.

I'm pretty sure the new release does something to strip the home screen icon. RIM says they don't have any reports of this happening :()

PS - This downgrade does NOT appear in your App World list of installed apps...oh well.


thanks. i've been struggling with this for 2hrs. i chose the update for os 6.0 and it now works


Thomas, just follow bfalk instructions below. By the way I also read your comment in the AppWorld forum.


Hi, the same thing happened to me. I called RIM, said after a couple of checks to call carrier.

I went to from BB > Applications > OTA Archive> Select Blackberry Bridge for your OS and download and install. This worked like a charm.

I'm pretty sure the new release does something to strip the home screen icon. RIM says they don't have any reports of this happening :()

PS - This downgrade does NOT appear in your App World list of installed apps...oh well.



Your solution works. I have expanded you instructions in case others want to use them. Please make corrections or add comments if you find necessary.

1) Delete version This might not be necessary but I did just in case.
2) From Blackberry Browser navigate to
3) Select "Applications" from the several options that appear.
4) Select "OTA Archive (old versions)" which is located at the top of the page
5) Select "Blackberry Bridge v. (OS???)" where ??? is your operating system (ie. OS5, OS6 or OS7)
6) Select "download"

7) Say THANK YOU to bfalk. :)


THANK YOU too, juanchy! Your clear instructions really helped!


You are welcome Thomas. As expected there are a bunch of people in the Blackberry App World forum with the same problem. However if you have made a comment before, you will not be able to add or edit your comment. I already had made a comment about the disappearing icon so I cannot relay the solution. Hopefully someone in this forum can go into the App World and pass on the temporary solution until RIM has a new update.


THANK YOU, bfalk. Your directions are the only thing that actually worked!


9900 and Playbook with OS2 .6whatever. All working great! Update went fine...everything reconnected by itself. Bridge working flawlessly. I get audio notification of new emails on my Playbook while it is sleeping. Bridge reconnects with playbook automatically when I come home. This is GREAT!


My torch 9800 isn't showing the update, I'm stuck at :( rebooting now, hopefully it shows up...


Update not showing up on my VZW 9930 either.