BlackBerry Bridge updated to version

BlackBerry Bridge
By Adam Zeis on 15 Sep 2011 09:39 am EDT

BlackBerry Bridge has again been updated and now sits at version No word on what's new or changed this time around, so if you come across anything fancy then let us know. Previous releases have tweaked things up a bit and made the app a bit smoother all around, so hopefully this does more of the same. This could also be a good sign that a PlayBook software update is on the way as well, since the last few Bridge updates were closely followed by a new PlayBook OS (but don't hold us to that). BlackBerry Bridge can be updated via BlackBerry App World.

More information/download of BlackBerry Bridge

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BlackBerry Bridge updated to version


AT&T are a bunch of Fargin Cork Soakers! I will bust their bells! Seriously I had enough of it when they tether warning came up called up support asked for a manager and cussed. I told them they might as well replace their logo with an Apple.

Rroyy where would we all be without you. Your downloads are fast and we could never thank you enough!

This is available for AT&T "guys" via the App World. I just did a manual refresh in My World and was offered the upgrade.

Yes, but if you use BB Bridge from AT&T phone App World, u will blocked for Browser. Use the OTA if u're on AT&T.

[A Proud Bold 9650 user]

i'm on att. went ot my world and, as suggested above, did a reset (alt r-s-t) and the new bridge update appeared. downloaded it and it works just fine!

Here are the OTA'S via @rr_yy Sir Roy A.
BlackBerry Bridge v1.0.6.5 OTAs: OS5 - OS6 - OS7 - BES;


This time i'll wait for feedback before upgrading... hope they're not taking away some of the goodies we got on last update - Sure hope this preparing for the BIG 2.0 QNX update!!!

I hope this means a PB update will be out before Saturday. I would be even more awesome if it is 2.0.

Not first:)

Man, I couldn't have picked a better time to get my Playbook. I thought Bridge was good yesterday, now its so much better.

Hi @Tigerr,

Alex from RIM here. It’s great to hear that you’re having an awesome time so far with your new PlayBook. We recently published a post on our Inside BlackBerry Help Blog providing five tips to help PlayBook users get the most out of the BlackBerry Bridge app ( Check it out when you get a chance and enjoy your new PlayBook!

Alex, RIM Social Media Team

Can anyone confirm apps still use the data connection from your BlackBerry and not need a wifi connection. Hoping that wasn't a glitch last update. Thanks.

I had problems with YouTubes, but that could be AT&T sniffing my connection for Flash.

Again AT&T a bunch of Fargin Cork Soakers. I think they power their facility with babies tears.

why some people is saying that bridge do not work
with AT&T i never have any problems with it
i have been able to connect since day one

Because things like the Bridge Browser would be missing and not being able to update apps (like the weather apps) weren't available through Bridge with AT&T. Its not that it didn't work, it was that it was restricted.

I'm not sure if that is still the case. Getting the new version to find out. If so, then I'll just go back to an old version of Bridge.

I am on AT&T those bunch of Fargin Cork Soakers!

If I download BB Bridge via BB App World and use it my PlayBook says I need a tethering plan. (If I had a tethering plan why would I use bridge? :P)

So I download the BB Bridge via the OTA link so those Fargin Cork Soakers won't know and WALA! Bridge is Operational!

Now only if RIM could make it run better than a 1200bps modem.

I switched from AT&T to sprint and got rid of my blackberry.... tired of RIM taking way to long to "try" and keep up with the big dogs.... Got and Android now and love it... after 5 blackberries I though the switch would be hard, but it wasn't RIM you need to get you're Sh*$ together..... I have a playbook that is pretty much useless... anyone want one for a cheap price????

Dissapointing? Just because it does not have Angry Birds and Skype and a fart app does not make it useless or dissapointing... Next time you say something is worthless, useless, or dissapointing make a supportive statement to your opinion, otherwise it will be certainly a waste of time for me and others reading your comment.

Dude... Chill out.. the guy doesn't like his device and is dissappointed at the amount of apps and lack of support from big vendors (im+, skype, Netflix, ereaders, twitter, IM apps, etc etc.)

They are allowed to be dissappointed.. I am... BUt i have other tablets to play with as well.. But its annoying defending this tablet to other people when its missing sooooo much.

Considering this is a BlackBerry site I think you will find a lot of "Frankly I don't give 2 sh!ts" about Android around here.

You will find plenty of friends here though...

So run along now lil Troll! Don't make me go get the HOSE OUT!

Who are you trying to kid, your on crackberry for God's sake. If you think you've given up Blackberry you are clearly kidding yourself.

and Android sh*t phones with absolutely no cachet at all. Just go back to your Android site little boy.

Still won't connect if I disable the "Automatically connect to Playbook" option in the device properties on my Torch 9810 :(
Am I the only one experiencing this or is anyone else having this issue as well?

Just tried to download the Bridge App through the web Appworld and it says the website is undergoing maitenance.

Hmmmm, what else is happening?!

Jumping around in eager anticipation. I wonder if they will announce OS 2 today together with earnings results.

Did anyone test to see if the new Citrix Receiver works through the bridge in this new version? Wishful thinkging.


The stock market is always forward looking, not present or past.

Just like although the current quarter results are important, even more important is the next quarter forecast.

Thanks to rroyy for the ota links!!! Didn't have to monkey with AT&T or refreshing appworld to get it :)

bridge works a lot faster and the layout, when creating an email, replying or forwarding, has been changed. Looks great

From what I can tell this upgrade added the following (to BB OS7):

1. Bridge Icon next to wifi and signal icons
2. Bridge menu option in Networks and Connections
3. Bridge section on the Service Status screen

The connection to the PB does seem to be a little faster, when loading the calendar especially. The events are already populated instead having the lag time that it used to.

Still no SMS or MMS integration in to the messages
Still no ability to view/play/download music or video files through the Bridge Files

I am a huge BlackBerry fan, I own a Torch 9800, and the PlayBook of course, but I'm in the financial industry, and the word is said that RIM may have missed Tablet sales estimates, and that Earnings may have dropped last quarter for the first time in 9 years. If that's true, the stock will definitely plunge later today. (I hope it doesn't, but that's the rumor right now in the market)

BTW I downloaded the BlackBerry Bridge update without any problem earlier today, as many already said, I wish it's preparing us for the BIG os update we are expecting for our beloved PlayBook.

I hope the news isn't too bad, I think we're all hoping for postive news on the 9900/9930 sales.I don't think RIM ever reports sales so missing sales estimates will not come out of the call.

Sorry this isn't really directed at you but I teach MBAs in a top 10 Bschool and I can tell you most people in that industry don't know what the hell they are talking about probably more than 50% pf the time. Sad but true.

agreed, the internet really exposes how ignorant and misinformed people are. It's all about reporting a big story whether true or not.
It's huge day for RIM, at a minimum they need to meet the street expectation which I think is around $4.5B in sales and 11.5M smartphone shipped.
I've heard Playbook's will be less than planned around 500K shipped was hoping closer to 1M given that they shipped 500K in North America in Q1 and the rest of the world shipments start in Q2.
We shall see, in few hours

Earnings report looking not good,
Only 200,000 PlayBooks shipped (It means that they missed estimates by a lot)
Earnings dropped last quarter,
and right now the stock is down 18.25% in after-hours trading. (at 5:01 ET)

But I'm an ignorant, right?
I was just stating some FACTS that just happened to be confirmed at the earnings call (Unfortunately),

The good news is that BlackBerry7 devices seem to be selling very good, and next quarter should be a lot better for RIM, I repeat, you don't need to attack me, since I am a huge BlackBerry fan, and I am a little bit sad with the disappointing PlayBook's sales.

Next quarter is going to be RIM's most important of it's existence, let's hope for better performance next quarter. 4.2B in Revenue is still huge.

I love trolls, they are so ridiculous. They feel soo bad leaving bb, they need to scream it out here....keep em comin' looks like I am the only one seeing a slow down in speed on the the bridge. The is where YMMV comes into play.

Oh well, still lovin' my PlayBook. It always gets the look when we go out.

hold up is anyone else missing BBM i think that means theres going to be native BBM SUPERSOON!!!!!!fingers crossed

With the recent $150 off from Staples (until tomorrow) and the $100 back from RIM (until next Thursday), there should be a small spike in PB sales... I know I bought two and know several people that have taken advantage of the discounts. It may not be as high in the dollars per sale picture, but the total number shipped will look better :)

Hello all, did not see any one else say this (if i missed it, sorry for the repost), but with the new bridge I again have access to the sd card on my T-Mo 9700 os6. More importantly i can password protect my phone again, my PlayBook can finally unlock it and connect ( i had to take the password off my phone the day i bought the PlayBook to get bridge to work). i can still use the data connection via bluetooth for all apps except the App Store, a feature i use ALL the time. Keep it up RIM, and thank you CrackBerry for the tip on the bridge update.

Trying to download bridge but the OTA links shown here aren't working, I need it for OS7. FYI, for those who don't know, bridge did get updated in AW for ATT, but they figured out how to cripple the bridge browser so you get a nasty little "u can't do this without paying for our tether" message. I am now without computer access for a few days so if anyone has a working OS7 OTA link I would be very grateful, as I am currently without bridge:(