BlackBerry Bridge updated to v2.1.0.34

BlackBerry Bridge updated to v2.1.0.34
By Bla1ze on 5 Nov 2012 04:10 pm EST

If you're having issues with the last build of BlackBerry Bridge such as duplicate text messages, you can now load up BlackBerry App World and grab a newer version. Most folks should see v2.1.0.34 available but if you're on an older device, it can vary starting at v2.1.0.32. Either way, the update is there and ready for download. Thanks, rroyy! 

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BlackBerry Bridge updated to v2.1.0.34


I have not had too many issue with the bridge, but I do hope this fixes other peoples issues, so they have enjoy the full bridge feature.

I also got an alert for a BlackBerry ID update today, went ahead and downloaded but don't notice any difference... Anybody else get this as well?

Interesting how I post first in the CrackBerry Forums regarding this but don't get the credit. Whatever..... BB10 FTW.

Happens to more than just you. My boyfriend has posted a few things here and on twitter and 20 minutes later when it hits CrackBerry Front Page there is no credit due. Whatever no biggie its how "some" CrackBerry "editors" roll lol

Boo hoo. No credit SHOULD be due. You want "credit" for reiterating something you read elsewhere?

Here's your credit:

Some 18 year old skid from Toronto read somewhere that there's a new version of BlackBerry Bridge out. Happy? you can now add this to your resume. Man... that sure adds credibility to the post...

1) It wasn't something I read anywhere. I happened to get lucky and refreshed my apps list at the right time. Also, to avoid posting old news, I checked to make sure I wasn't repeating someone else's story.
2) It's not that I wasn't given any credit that irked me (which has happened previously and I didn't say anything), it's that they gave someone else credit even though it's clear from the forums posts that he posted after I did.

Anyhow, I was just annoyed. I'm over it. BB10 FTW.

Very happy to see this update. I now have one instance for each text conversation instead of 30 instances of only one text conversation from over 3 years ago. #bb10believe!!

Updated bridge on unlocked Torch 9800 via on-device app store app, rebooted when prompted, and now stuck in an infinite reboot loop. BBSAK can't delete the bridge cod files, and safe boot does not work either. No time at the moment to search for what the next non destructive step might be, or to wipe and reload the OS. What should have been a straightforward update has turned into an annoying time-suck. You would think RIM could deploy the correct bridge versions per device through app world.

It may be a coincidence but after bridge update.I lost the ability to bridge the browser to my playbook. I get message that my provider (Cspire ) doesn't support it. 9930 on CDMA network.
I had my phone warranted and forgot to backup new phone. Anyone know how to get older version back?

I once had an Android but now I'm back.

I downloaded the new version of Bridge and now my bridged text messages don't work. I get a white screen that says "Not Found" in the upper left hand corner. Oddly enough, this is the same way it behaved when bridged texting first rolled out. Days later it just suddenly began to work. It was also laggy because I have several contacts that have been replicated over 1,000 times and the bridged text app tries to load all 5,000 + contacts and that would take a while. I have rebooted both devices several times and removed the devices from Bluetooth settings and paired them back, all to no avail. Checked the Bridge settings and "text messages" is checked off. Running on 9930. If I can get these irritations fixed and get the PlayBook to back up for the first time ever, I'll be a happy camper.

Installed the new bridge on my 9810, and currently I get constant OS error, freezing, and resets. Attempting to reinstall.....

Need help please. Can somebody show me how I can transfer file(s) from BB to my playbook and vice versa using the wifi. This is option is now doable with the new update of the Bridge. Thank you and wil appreciate very much any advise.

Blackberry 9380
Blackberry Playbook 64gb

Question: Is it just me or do others wish that a Bridge update will include the phone's volume buttons controlling the volume of the playbooks audio? How do we put that request in?

Haven't had a single issue others have been complaining about.

Haven't had reboot loops or "bricking", which isn't bricking, it's a JVM ISSUE. Loader.exe /nojvm will resolve it, just make sure you've got a recent backup handy to SELECTIVELY RESTORE things you only need.

This is fantastic, except for one major issue (well major for me).

Though I can technically respond to email from my Playbook via Bridge, in principle I cannot, as I cannot figure out to include my signature, which have been properly set up on my BlackBerry Bold, at the end of my emails. I have scoured the forums (this one and others) and have found many having the same issue with absolutely no replies.

Am I missing something really obvious here or is this a known issue?