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BlackBerry Bridge updated to v2.0.0.30 - Fixes predictive text issues

BlackBerry Bridge
By Michelle Haag on 30 Apr 2012 07:57 pm EDT
If you're a BlackBerry PlayBook and smartphone owner you'll be happy to hear that BlackBerry Bridge has just received an update to v2.0.0.30. The change log is short on this one listing only a fix for predictive text issues on PlayBook OS 2.0.1, but I know some of you out there have been anxiously waiting for this to be resolved. Now, as we all know, a Bridge update is usually followed close behind by a PlayBook OS update but whether or not that's the case this time around, I guess time will tell.

The update should be available for most of you in BlackBerry App World, but if not you can try refreshing with ALT+R,S,T or just sit tight and wait for it to be pushed to your device.

More information/download BlackBerry Bridge
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OTAs and BES installer upped (AT&T ready!) upped! Forum thread:


I can't thank you enough for your work


Although I'm a Sprint customer, I thank you for your work here as well. I've told plenty of people about what you do for all the AT&T users out there that are in need and they are forever grateful. I tip my hat to you sir. :)


Roy you are awesome. I just made a donation and would hope everyone who benefits from Roy's generosity does the same.


I didn't have to use appworld. I'll make sure your Site is bookmarked ln my blackberry. PEACE.


Thank you rroyy. Without you, all of us, AT&T victims would be lost!


forgot to say first rroyy :P



Just battery pulled after updating Twitter and Screen Grabber!!!


Instead of pulling the battery try pressing left alt, right shift and right delete on your bb. See what happens


Thanks again to Sir Roy, boo yah. RIM - yah should have noticed the error before you released 2.0.1! Not cool.


Well there goes my hope for a playbook update. I imagine it would be higher than. 30 if we were getting an OS update as well. I really hope I'm wrong :/


Sweet. Very happy again now.


It's Baaaaak, good job RIM :)


I got a playbook os update last night. Only 3MB so I wouldn't expect much. Still showing as so not sure what changed.


yeah mine too, only for 2MB here. seems there's something to do with minor improvements, hopefully for the PIM & email features and stability..

but yeah, this BB bridge comes up right AFTER the playbook update.

bring it on RIM, bring the OS 2.1 SOON!!!


Yes I got a 1mb update last week. It's nothing more than something that was missing or got deleted. It has nothing to do with the bridge update. Don't get your hopes up for 2.1 js


Yeah I got a 6mb update last week ... 2 apps were deposited which aren't actually available for Australia:

Slacker radio

I've kept Podcast, but lost slacker Radio when I tried to install the notified version update.


Great to see predictive text back!


Downloaded the update originally but change to the rroy one since it works on att. New to playbook so not sure about tethering charges and all that.


I found that if alt-r-s-t doesn't work, scanning the QR code seems to help. Open the link above in your desktop browser (or go to

Either the update will be available right away or the option to download will appear. If it's the download option, clicking on the dl button will force app world to refresh the list of installed apps on your device. Exiting and reopening app world should reveal the new update.

That is, of course, if you can't wait for it to be pushed to your device.


I had the update downloaded, just needed the one to work on att.


I meant to say "Open the link above in the blog post in your desk top browser to get the QR code (or go to"


got it downloaded, i'm on AT&T and looking to be able to bridge with PlayBook so i don't have to pay tethering charges. new to PlayBook and not sure how that works at all. i have to update through App World already, tried to download from rroy's site but had an error. deleted the "official" app and downloaded rroy's link. not sure if that one works for AT&T Bold 9900 on official OS7 AT&T latest release.


Forgive my density, but when and where did the predictive text problem appear? If I'm using my 9900 to keyboard my Playbook, I never lost the 9900's spell check or auto text. The predictive text, OTOH, has always been sort of comes-and-goes and it remains so even after this bridge update.


On my 9930 when the update isn't present in AppWorld, My World, I just hit menu, choose refresh applications and when reloaded it's there. Has worked every time for me.


I wonder if this also fixes the issue that i have been having with the PlayBook fighting with the phone to predict things. Sometimes it is funny to watch, but other times it is very annoying.

Glad to see them improve!


Now if only they fix the issue relating predictive texting and Sheets to Go...


Took the update yesterday morning but now my Storm2 has crashed three times in 24hrs while bridged to Playbook. Help please? Posted this in forum also.


Been looking for Bridge update for 10 days now, finally getting it now. Great, really missed the Predictive Text, will be happy to have it back.

Paul G
via Playbook