BlackBerry Bridge updated to v1.0.5.6

By Michelle Haag on 23 Aug 2011 09:03 pm EDT

BlackBerry Bridge

Reports are rolling in that BlackBerry Bridge has updated to v1.0.5.6 and is available for download via BlackBerry App World. If you're not seeing it yet, you can try refreshing your app list by pressing Alt+R,S,T and if that doesn't work, you may just have to wait a bit for it to get to you. Let us know if you notice any changes in the comments below, and thanks to everyone that sent this in!

Also, there was rumor earlier today that the BlackBerry PlayBook may see an update in the next few days, and that's looking even more promising since BlackBerry Bridge typically gets an update right before the PlayBook.

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BlackBerry Bridge updated to v1.0.5.6


Blackberry Bridge is acting stupid for me today but i have not received the update yet. Hopefully we will get a playbook update in the next few days.

His site is working ok for me. Gonna hit him with a few bucks for being on top of this stuff and being so helpful!

That is exactly what i was thinking when i saw this. It is definitely good news. Blaze said on twitter that he has been seeing rumours for an August 26th playbook update. Nothing is for sure of course.

Messages and BBM already faster with this version. Bridge browser still somewhat slow. Bridged to 9930 may have better performance than older BB's also.

Now we have something to look forward to...
But i doubt that the next playbook update will be the BIG 2.0.
But you really never know with rim.

Excellent news - still waiting for it to show on my AppWorld side normally doesn't take this long but its a global update. So I SHOULD Be very patient.

Thanks for the links, updated Bridge for 6.0 on my 9800 along with PlayBook update and Bridge Browser working fine.

I need info on how the alt + r,s,t works in the new app world beta ... Coz when you start typing it opens up the search bar and starts searching ??? Any help would be welcome

It works with 3.0 just open app world and while holding down alt type r, s and t. The app should close, when you open it again the update will be there, it was for me...

It doesn't work on the home screen !! It opens up the search bar & types - 34( into it....however I tried from my world login screen & it worked :) thanks to all

In Appworld 3.0 all I have to do now is a normal Refresh from the list in My World. (I.e. Just pressing the BB button and selecting Refresh List). All my updates show up after that.

I don't know if it's just me, but BRIDGE BROSWERR IS SO FAST.
I have it connected with my bold 9780 on rogers.
I also use the tethering on my playbook and tethering was always fast but this is crazy. I think bridge browser caught up a heck of a lot thanks to this update.

nothing new in this. maybe the os update will show the difference. anybody else noticing that since v1.0.49 in bridge files u can no longer access ur sd card. it was there in earlier builds. cant see why they removed it.

I have it now. My contacts now work where they weren't before, and I can still access the SD card and open pics from it. This is from a 9630.

I have no problem with this. Am able to access sd card and even view pics on sd card. Really no noticeable change in update.

I had the same problems, but solved it after I going inside AppWorld to delete the olde bridge. Reboot when asked, then go to the OTA download link and install it.

Cool, there is a bridge ICON on my Bold 9900 home screen just under the Network icon where it says H+

I am now getting "BBM end user license agreement not accepted on your device" on Playbook BBM. Is there fix for this?

Facebook update is also on the way, hopefully it will fix the recently problems which started with Facebook. I see it in the Recently Updated apps list, even though update is not yet available. Definitely PB OS update is around the corner.

I downloaded the update to my Torch 9800, now the icon won't show up on my phone and my Playbook won't connect to my device.

To answer your question, yes they do. I had to go into App World and delete Blackberry Bridge and reinstall it to get it to work. If you continue to use the over the air version of the Bridge, it may only be a matter of time before AT&T detects it and starts charging you for it.

just noticed the first fix:
on PlayBook the Calendar now displays hours correct formatted as 24-hrs and not AM/PM - so it'sn in sync with my Torch.

i am glad to see updates, but so far every time i have updated i have lost some sort of function. i think that i will wait for the big os and bridge update before doing anything as i just have my PB and 9700 working well together

Well currently the Bridge I'm using works great with my Playbook, everything works fine so I hate to update without knowing more about this update. I'm on a 9700 & the last OS 5. Guess I'll wait a little while to see what people are saying other than "downloading now." And of course, like so many others, I'll need the OTA because AT&T is stupid.

Wonder why your still on os 5? Os 6 is fun it does have a memory leak on the at&t official release but its manageable. But like you I need the ota because at&t sucks

I never updated to 6 because I'm totally happy with 5, I like the amount of memory I have left with OS5, it runs smooth for me and figured that why mess with something that was working good for me. I know others like OS 6 but until I upgrade to the 9900, I'll be happy with my 9700 & OS 5.

i did a bettery pull on my 9800 and then it showed up. heres hoping for a playbook os update!!

****update : bbm connect and refresh seem much faster now

I've done several battery pulls and the app still doesn't show up. In App World, it is showing that I have it installed, but the app isn't showing up on my home screen and I can't connect my Playbook.

After multiple battery pulls, turning bluetooth and bridge off an on, and playbook restarts with the new bridge bridge functionality is gone.....


No problems loading the Bridge update, speed seems a little better. Just finished loading an 80MB OS update, seems to just be some minor fixes prior to a larger OS update.

so has "check for updates" from within Bridge on your handset worked for anyone? i finally went OTA (AT&T can suckit) but i thought that the check for update menu item would eliminate that issue. I'm hoping my 9900 will just have Bridge installed so I can update via AW without any ATT interference (cuz it's their business what screen i wanna see MY BBM/Calendar/Messages/etc or surf on?)