BlackBerry Bridge updated to v1.0.0.93

By Bla1ze on 6 Jun 2011 09:38 pm EDT
BlackBerry Bridge updated to v1.0.0.93

Although we're still waiting for a BlackBerry Playbook update to roll out, we now have something that will presumably go along with that update. BlackBerry Bridge v1.0.0.93 is now available for download and is said to basically just contain some fixes to address the overall speed when using BlackBerry Bridge with the BlackBerry PlayBook. As of right now, it's still filtering through BlackBerry App World so you might not be seeing it. If not, you can refresh App World or just hit up the link below and grab the OTA. This file is for BlackBerry 6 users only, a version for OS 5 will be up shortly. Thanks, @rr_yy & @theiexplorers

BlackBerry Bridge v1.0.0.93 for OS 6
BlackBerry Bridge v1.0.0.93 for OS 5
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BlackBerry Bridge updated to v1.0.0.93


installed it on my phone and now my bridge browser is functional, im on Telus in canada . posted from my bridge browser

I'm still not seeing it in my App World yet, I restarted my phone but it still isn't there yet but probably will be tomorrow morning.

Agreed with above. Bridge browser works actually quite good.....Remarkably good compared to before. Overall seems like it was a "work out some of the kinks" update which is just fine with me. Posting on the Bridge browser using my 9800 which was unheard of before 15 min ago.

Yup. Bridge Browser is now working. It used to hang all the time especially once you clicked on a link from say the Yahoo home page. It works great now. Thanks RIM!

i dont see any improvements with this version of bridge over the last. bridge browser always worked, and bbm still crashes 4 out of every 5 times you try to launch it.

I have never had problems with BBM so cannot comment. However my Bridge Browser has always been garbage. It is running reasonable fast now.

Running a Torch on Bell with .534

browser is MUCH better! I worry a little that as it improves more and more apps are opened up to bridge that other carriers will start acting like ATT

never had issues with bbm. happy as hell that the browser is actually working and hasnt once asked me to save a page. i'm using a torch (.576) with Rogers in canada.

just installed new version and I'm still having issues with not seeing my messages when in bridge mode. Everything else works perfectly, just cannot get to see my messages. I just get a blank white screen it goes away and comes back....a infinite cycle.

I would like to thank the folks at for helping us out with the Bridge downloads. I'm on AT&T and I would not have this application were it not for Crackberry. To describe the connection between the Playbook and whatever Blackberry smartphones we're using as tethering isn't exactly accurate. I think it is as the name implies, a bridge between the two devices. Being able to view our e-mail on the larger screen will help some of us whose vision will deteriorate due to aging. Why AT&T still blocks this application is a mystery to me. It only works on Blackberry smartphones and it could benefit many people.

This solves the internet speed issue and now my bridge browser works perfect, I am actually replying using the bridge browser, I am on Bell canada Torch .576

Bridge is now at level awesome, while I would still like to see native email, this update appears to be huge! I notice right out of the gate with this version installed on my phone bridge is much more stable now. Bridge apps launch much more quickly and smoother than they ever have. Anyone who says the bridge browser was working before.....working and working so you can actually use it, are two different things. Bridge browser has always worked just very, very laggy. I can confirm this is fixed with this update of bridge. I did nothing to my playbook just upgraded bridge and noticed it right out of the gate. Great job RIM and thank you! Would love to see the Password Keeper on my BB be able to come through the bridge as well.

P.s. If everyone compalined to their carriers about not offering unlimited data plans and all carriers did, then bridge would not be an issue. Thank you Sprint for keeping my data unlimited! While I left them for at&t for a breif time (because I think the Torch ROCKS!) they need to learn one thing.....Don't mess with something that just works and works well, bridge came out and is the best consept I have seen in a while. I could of dealt with the slow data speeds I was getting on your network but you blocked Blackberry (you know the guys who's devices you were the first to launch a number of years ago). Just sad and discusting that At&t is doing this to their customers, I left on that principle alone!

bridge browser works extremely welll, postin using the bridge browser and to be honest all the time i ve used the tethering to surf whenever i wanted to.but now bridge is soo much better. way to go rim... now all we need is those long awaited goodies you promised us....(read - native email, android app players, ,spell check.....) someone please make an ebook reader where we can sideload epub files....

i hope this solves my BBM problem as i never got it working. all what i got is a white screen and green circle rotating. i'm going to try it now

Fixing the brower be more usable during bridge is great , however; That’s all for these updates? I was hoping for more such as:

-Major CODEC compatibility (I’d like to see an app that adds codecs too if possible like K-lite)
-Bridge doesn’t detect media files stored in my phone. It’d be nice if they added the ability to transfer/copy files back and forth as well.
-Bridge doesn’t Copy/Paste in email
-Can’t see/send sms/mms messages
-Needs Swype
-Universal Search like OS6/7
-Turn-by-Turn voice guided GPS (I’d even be willing to pay for an App that can save the maps and updates on the PB as well)
-Blackberry App world needs a back button in the MY WORLD in order to go back to the original page you were last at.
-Spell Checker & add to Dictionary option like my phone.
-File managing for my apps and bookmarks. Be able to rename my bookmarks and arrange them in folders like Windows)
– That “Dot” in Android that easily helps you fix mispelled or change words.
-Native Email, Calendar, BBM App
– USB hosting to connect external devices like printers, Digital cameras and external Hard drives.
-Camera Zoom when using the video camera
Camera needs to shoot pictures quicker- feels sluggish to take pics
-Yahoo Messenger, Skype and OoVoO- what good is the front facing cam if you can’t put it to good use!

On a different note- Here’s a few accessories/Apps I’d like to see:
-A Dock that has full size USB, HDMI and possibly SDHC in addition to the MicroUSB. That way you can actually have better use for it than the rapid charging one they currently sell.
-a dock that lets you connect multiple devices to the PB via wifi/Bluetooth such as a printer, camera, or hard drive.

too bad my playbook bluetooth is not turning on for about 2 weeks now. tried everything and still not working, even on my bb9700 when i turn on the bt, the bt icon is not showing up.

907 COD Error here when I tried to download the OS 5 update, I can't catch a break when it comes to the Bridge it seems. It does seem that the original version I was able to install is still there so at least I have that.

UPDATE: After trying a couple of times it FINALLY went went thru! Not sure why it takes a few times to download but whatever, as long as I have it.

I have a Bold 9700 on AT&T, and the Bridge Browser never really functioned for me. Once I upgraded to this, it was like night and day! The Bridge Browser works great now, the way I had envisioned it working when I first bought the Playbook.

I loaded this as soon as I saw it last night, and I must say that the sound on a call while bridged is far better.

I need some help. I am one of the AT&T "victims". Previously I had the Bridge installed on my Curve 3G and was able to connect with mt PB. But after I installed the new "upgrade" to the Bridge (v. OS6 Ota) it simply stopped appearing at all.
Using the Desktop Manager I tried to see what I could do and saw that the two versions appeared installed at the same time (I had falsely thought that this new one would be just an "upgrade" and apparently it is not). I must have done something wrong, for now, when I look at it in the AppWord it appears as uninstalled and each time I try to install it again, either with the OTA system or throught the Desktop Manager it does not let me properly install it and therefore all my connection with the PB through the Bluetooth does not take place.
can anybody give me some idea? Some help? Some ways to go around this "prohibition" from the S.O.B. from AT&T, please?

I have used Bridge Browser a few times. Here is my "problem:" I try to go to to check my email when I am using the Bridge rather than wifi...and it continually directs me to (aol in Canada?) I can find no way at all to get to aol. Am I missing something?

Actually now my bridge browser on T-Mobile is working faster that the browser on Ipad 2 with 3G (when no wifi). And the good point is that I do not have to pay for 3G plan extra :)
Also the mails and other bridge components are working with much better performance almost like if they are native apps. Well done RIM!!

Thank you Crackberry for giving us AT&T customers these updates OTA. I will seriously consider not renewing my contract with them in a few months if they don't lift this ban. Thanks for helping me be able to use this cool feature on my playbook!!

I'm not sure if it's from installing the new version of the Bridge app on my phone (VZW 9650), or installing the new PB OS, but my BBM is no longer available through bridge on my PB.