BlackBerry Bridge receives update - now sits at v2.0.0.26

BlackBerry Bridge
By Michelle Haag on 27 Mar 2012 11:01 pm EDT
BlackBerry Bridge just received an update bringing it to v2.0.0.26. No change log, as usual, but regardless, you will definitely want to log in to App World and check for the update if you are a BlackBerry PlayBook owner. As we have seen in the past, PlayBook OS updates usually follow shortly behind Bridge updates, so you'll want to be ready for if (when?) that drops. You can snag the update for BlackBerry Bridge at the link below. If it's not showing for you yet you can try refreshing App World or just check back later.

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BlackBerry Bridge receives update - now sits at v2.0.0.26


OMG ... Rroyy has shut down all OTA's :( Nooo!!!!!!! How will i ever get my work around's now??

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I got it, refreshed app list, on Rogers in Toronto. Using bridge for a while as remote for logmein.Com, awesome! Ability to right click, drag lock, and even control my laptop as a bluetooth keyboard mouse!

The bridge has allowed me to impress all my friends, controlling all their bluetooth devices, computers and such, with pinpoint precision.

Still wondering how I can download and sideload bridge on some of my older blackberries, since I can use them as remotes. But these older BBs don't have a network connection because they are inactivated phones. I am installing apps on them using over the air JAD and Jar installs and my wifi connection. Appworld needs an active carrier net connection to let me access it. Anyone know how to get bridge and sideload using an installer like BBSAK?

Will not happen till the apps are written for QNX or they create a Java Runtime, which they considered.

But don't expect apps from handset until RIM writes natively

Getting it now. Hoping for exciting surprises. But with such a small incremental update I doubt it. Bug fixes most likely.

The incremental nature of the Bridge update need not imply that the corresponding PB OS update will be equally insignificant.

I believe from now on we will see only incremental updates as all is linked to the OS 2.0. Even the playbook OS update ..(if it comes) would also be incremental.. unless RIM plans to roll versions 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 before... OS 10. :)

I knew it! I knew the playbook was getting updated this week! Look for new bridge enhancement as well as some new home screen cusimuzation options along with printing to a printer and some new cedecs. Awesome!!!

You're referring to the Bridge update. BB-Bmore is referring to the PB OS update. Two very different things.

downloading it now, can't wait to try it when it's been downloaded! and yeah.. i hope the OS 2.0 will get updated soon as well, hopefully the new update will fix those problems:
- the sync & push "loop" --> battery hogs
- memory leak issue (perhaps due to the sync periods)
- boot up lags (the beta OS 2.0 seems to boot up twice faster than the official one, anyone feels that??)

I second that man. It's so freaking slow compared to the Beta. But maybe that's because the Beta was a bit pared down.

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Micheal Clewley mentioned a PB UPDATE on Twitter earlier today coming soon...nuttn like confirmation!

Would they do this before the earnings call on Thursday?

I was kinda hoping the PlayBook OS2 update would drop today. I'll keep pressing the update button. Looking forward to better memory management.

yeah true, better memory management, definitely need that! my PB always runs out of memory after 5-6 days if i don't switch it off, whilst compared to the beta OS 2.0 or even the previous 1.0, it NEVER ran out of memory for whatsoever, i can even show to my iFriends & Droid guys that look.. my PB, never dies coz of memory crashes! but not with this official 2.0 OS.. but well.. i hope RIM knows it and i can't wait to hit the update button when it's up!

Mine never gets shut off. It's been on since almost the OS 2.0 update and I don't have memory problems. The only memory problems I have seen are from bad apps. That isn't the OS's fault.

It says that i have the update available in yellow but i can't click update. there is no botton to update. and i have done alt r+s+t and restarted my phone

well, it's an incremental update, mostly just about bug fixes and some enhancements made under the hood and.. as always, you might wanna see the difference when the updated PB 2.0 is available for download, IMHO..

It's not showing up for me?!! It's still on. 25!!! Frustrated!! Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I don't have version 7.1 on my phone?

go to appworld, go to My World, then hit ALT RST until the appworld closes. let it settles for 15-30 secs then fire it up again. you'll see it.

Still not working. :( this might be farout but maybe the new playbook update will utilize the nfc feature that 7.1 brings to the table........well probably (in my dream world) be able to use our phones like a remote control for games!??? Connected apps! Wouldn't that be something.......well anyways still not updating or showing up for me.

I'm on 7.1 and it's there for me.. I ad to refresh applications on the upgraded avail apps window to get it to appear..

I on Rogers Canada in VanCity and have not seen it yet. I'm running Bridge Did the Alt RST in My World and only got an update for my weather app. Oh well, I'm using my 9810 still rockin' OS7.0.0.585 as a mouse for the PB and thrilled with BES sync between the phone and PB. All's great for BCMike.

And it has to with Adobe Air 3.2 and possibly an update to Flash player....

On the bright side it may improve the low memory slowness (with multiple apps open) and the slow boot-up....

Maybe not quite 2.1 but 2.0+ ;)

Nothing, nada, zilch.....NO bridge update for me. In Georgia, USA. I see that the version number for the update didn't go up that much, maybe it's not that significant .....oh well maybe sometime today it will find its way to my phone

Nothing for 7.0?? IF there is a PlayBook update, how will not having the Bridge update impact those of us still on 7.0? I will keep checking rroyy's site, but so far I don't see anything.

As mentioned above by rroyy, it's a 7.1 only update, meaning those of us with lower OS versions don't get it :/ Unfortunately, I don't get the benefits of this update either, I'd like to know the what the update includes at least.

Not on my phone yet - Alt RST, etc. Using QR code shows installed version .25, no other options but to delete.

Patience, twill come I'm sure...

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So, I installed the updated bridge this morning. When it finished installing it was connected briefly to my PC. I could move the PC mouse around. It didn't last long. It connected to the Playbook and I have yet to figure out how to reconnect it to the PC via Bluetooth.

Anyone else have a similar experience?

You could connect to the PC in the previous version as well, its also connects when it "wants" to. I found turning off the Bluetooth on the tablet makes it easier to connect to the PC.

rroyy is reporting no more OTAs as of today so ATT users will need to source another location for future Bridge updates going forward.

If you don't see the update at first when you get to App World, just refresh your application list. It should show up then. I've downloaded it for my 9930. The first change I've seen is the wifi problem with public wifi seems to be fixed. Now when trying to connect to a public wifi, a window opens to allow input of the wifi password.

Hi Guys, nothing is appearing in AppWorld under my World and can not seem to get the app to install the new version?!?!? Have I missed something here? BB 9800 os6. Iam not on AT&T

It is a simple fix to enable Bridge on AT&T. Thanks to rroyy. There is only one cod file that needs to be swapped out in order for things to work correctly. Obviously the easiest method is to find the provider the correct bridge proxy cod file.

One can use the old cod files and just strip out one file and replace it with their install version of BlackBerry Bridge. version downloads the following file:


But looking at the files from the version, the only file difference is that a open version of the bridge has the above file replaced with the following file below:


Anyhow can make a quick JAD file and then just install it via BBSAK.

Note: This is for people who knows how to tinker with COD files and can make a JAD file.

Good luck.

Okay...(don't understand any of that) so could someone do 'that vudu witchcraft bs' you just mentioned and post up a link. I know for one I would be very happy and i'm sure many other AT&T customers would as well.

but, this is a small update and maybe its not the end of the world to miss out on this one for now.

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