BlackBerry Bridge now appearing in BlackBerry App World

By Bla1ze on 19 Apr 2011 02:32 am EDT
BlackBerry Bridge

Considering the majority of folks have still yet to actually recieve their BlackBerry PlayBooks let us first say, there is seemingly some issues still with downloading BlackBerry Bridge from App World -- as in it's either not showing, showing as not supported or only installable via the online version of BlackBerry App World. If you see it there and are able to download it, then by all means -- go for it! I did, and currently have it installed on mine Rogers 9780 and got it there using the web version of App World and a few others have it up, and running on their PlayBooks.

That said, if it's still not showing for you or remains listed as unsupported like AT&T currently is remember, it's still the early morning right now (depending on timezone of course) so we'll have to wait and see how things turn out as the day progresses and we will certainly update the post as needed to make sure you all are aware of what's what.

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BlackBerry Bridge now appearing in BlackBerry App World


same her.. i've imported one to Denmark.
Don't think that RIM would block Bridge apps to us in Europe... hope we will get access to it this week

Same here, no support in Australia. Is there a way around this and some way to get it onto my phone?? Smart people out there give us help!!

Same here, no support in Australia. Is there a way around this and some way to get it onto my phone?? Smart people out there give us help!!

@scaramanga89 how did u pull that off? been trying to get one sent to me in UK but its been a problem. any tips?

You use third party companies. You have your parcel delivered to them in the US and they will ship to you any where in the world for a fee. I use ship2me but there are others, google them. Hope to get mine next week!! Just need support for BlackBerry Bridge!! Hope this helps.

Let hope big blue supports "bridging". They were the first (SBC before they were bought out) to offer BB's way back when and have made a lot of $$$ because of it.

Not for me either when I first tried at about 6:45 on my train. But, though it may have just been timing, I did an ALT-RST about 7:15 and it was DL-able.

Granted, I am not getting a PB right away, but wanted the Bridge app so when I go to a store to check it out, I can test the bridge function.

Flagship device in the US and no partnership with RIM's Bridge app? Making me slightly bummed for picking my PlayBook up in the morning.

It really doesn't matter.. the files have already been dumped and people are already loading it onto their AT&T devices. Just because you can't download it from App World doesn't mean you can't get it on your device. Just like anything else from App World -- all it takes is ONE person to dump the files and then everyone has it.

Can you please put up a post on how to do this. I know it sounds stupid but i've always used app world to put apps on my phone.

Please put up a step by step post of where and how to get the bridge on our phones (I assume using desktop manager). thanks.

not showing for Rogers in Canada either...can't wait to try it...after playing with the playbook...i am impressed so far...tested out the wifi file transfer...its awesome...

My understanding is that you press and hold the "alt" key on your BB and then press rst in order to force an AppWorld refresh.

That doesnt help if Bridge isnt even showing up in App world as is the case in Australia (or does it somehow??). Do you hit Alt rst when you first open App world or when you click on the application??

i have a t-mobile 9700, fired up app world and the bridge app was there, tried to download but it said my neither handset nor my carrier were supported, hooked it up to my laptop and went to the app world website and installed it from there smoothly.

Hey... I ran out and bought a playbook this morning.

Apparently, you need to have payments setup with your blackberry AppWorld account. You can find the support document by Googling blackberry kb25521.

As soon as I linked my account to pay-pal, it showed up, and was able to install!

Downloaded and installed fine on my storm 2 but it says I need to upgrade my BBM in order for it to work properly. Anyone else getting this?

I'm running the most recent version It only seems to tell me this when I go into the Bridge application on my phone and check for updates.

I'm hoping that the Beta Zone version is updated enough to work on this, can anyone confirm?

Can someone provide a download/ripped version link for us EU users who dont seem to be able to download it? My PB is coming from the US at end of this week!

I'm picking up my PlayBook in 37 minutes..and the app "is not supported for [my] carrier" which is weird because I'm on Rogers like Bla1ze.. :s bahhh, better work soon! Can't wait to play with it after my exams.. :D

No AT&T support? Seriously?

I was just about to head out and pick up a PB, but now I think I'll wait this out.

I really hope at&t doesn't mess over their customers again. But if they see it as a way to charge more money, I think they will try it.

I tried to download via App World and it showed up but I couldn't download it yet. So I tried to download it online and got: To download this item, please use App World on your device.

So I went back to App World and did the ALT-R-S-T and now it's downloading. :)

I'm on Verizon.

I am with Bell Mobility in Ontario and Blackberry Bridge on App World currently shows as "This application is not available on your device or for your carrier."

However, near the bottom of the screen it also shows "This application is not available right now - the availability will match the launch of Blackberry Playbook" which here in Ontario is in about 10 minutes at 7 am EDST.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that Bridge is up and downloadable in just a few minutes!!!

Got it online. Worked smooth as silk. That looks like the way to go. BTW I am on Bell in Ontario, too.

I know it's still early (7:14am here) but no support for AT&T is just ridiculous. HOW on earth can they do this seriously? I know they don't want us using the Bridge Browsing but it also takes away all the other great aspects. UGH, what a let down.

7:30 am eastern time and still no bridge download for att?

Alt+rst didn't make a difference. Time to go find otherways I guess.


Went to app world website, created BlackBerry ID, and was able to install Bridge on my 9530

Someone please post a link for us AT&T users??? I can't believe they screwed us like that.. Oh wait.. yes I can. :o(

Ok AT&T and RIM I'm on my way to Staples to get the Playbook. If I get back home and the bridge is not available, this is a major FAIL!

RIM I can't beleive you ever envisioned the Playbook withouth the Bridge. According to the globe article RIM thought about the Playbook as a way to view your balckberry info even before they thought of it as a tablet. How could you leave it to lame carriers to deliver this CRUCIAL software! And AT&T as soon as Verizon gets the Dakota I'm leaving you. I don't care if you get the Bridge up by 10am I'm still leaving, unforgivable to be foot dragging like this!

In UK, Storm1 9500, just went to BB World to see if Blackberry Bridge is available to download. Can't find it. This is the most important feature of the Playbook for anybody with a BB phone, and on Playbook launch day Blackberry Bridge is not up there loud and clear for all to see. I've just wasted half an hour looking for it. Even the Search function can't find it. Either I am missing something or RIM's marketing is abysmal.

The QR code works, but the Bridge page that loads is telling me that it is not supported by my phone or carrier.

Oh well, just as well the PB isn't available over here yet. I'm not buying one unless it works with my Storm 1, which by the way is on OS

I am picking one up during my lunch break and if it is not available when I get back I am going to have words with AT&T.

Wake up AT&T.

5ownload went live for Rogera in Ontario at 8:30am EST. Downloaded to both my 9800's. On my way to pick up my PlayBook

Did a search for bridge and found the bridge app and downloaded it on Verizon in US with my Storm 2. It runs, haven't paired it yet!

Shows as not available when I call up App World on my Storm 1, nor is Storm 1 listed as a supported device. Startup glitch or ...?

Got my playbook, can't get past bb ID agreement in setup, it won't load the agreement. Support can't answer the issue. Anyone else have this problem?

You might know I'd get it :(

Installed the Bridge on my Rogers 9700 and it says that BBM must be upgraded.

App World (online and OTA) show that BBM is at

There must be a BBM upgrade coming in the next 60 days.

Did the ALT RST and no problem. Now, waiting for the courier from Best Buy to arrive!!!! BB is Back!

I ordered my PlayBook online so don't have it yet but I did just today download and install the Blackberry Bridge (v OTA via Blackberry AppWolrld - it downloladed and installed without issue. Now all I need is a playbook - hope I don't regret ordering it online from Best Buy. Using Bold 9650 on Sprint USA.

got my 64 at 7 and downloaded 1690 (automatically) and had bridge working 5 mins later on my Bell Mobility Torch. I've been using it w our corporate BES Lotus Notes and my personal hotmail account all am. The only annoying thing is filing emails into folders. You have to use a scrolling list rather than also use keyboard short cuts. IT ALSO USES ALL THE BLACKBERRY TYPING SHORTCUTS (AUTOTEXT) ON THE BLACKBERRY. How cool is that? Too bad the PlayBook can't import them to use everywhere else.

alt r-s-t works! yay! now at the door rocking back and forth biting my nails, rubbing my ear and humming loudly

I have wasted HOURS trying to find the Blackberry Bridge. It shows online that it is available for my Storm 2 9550, but everytime I try to download it for my PlayBook, I get "This application is not available on your device or for your carrier.


Simple answer for Storm 1 it turns out - delete App World and reinstall, Bridge is now available for the 9530 on VZW and downloads in a snap. Haven't got PB yet so will see how it works.

im not ready to cross that bridge yet (don't have a playbook) but when i get one,im driving across that bridge 100mph

Further to my post above, I was able to download BB Bridge to the Storm 1 using the link given out in the other Bridge article yesterday. I emailed the link to my phone, clicked on the link, and ten minutes later it was on my Storm and operational.

Except for one thing, which is that I don't have a Playbook to bridge to. Yet!