BlackBerry Bridge not available on AT&T... AT&T Blocking It Due to Free Tethering via BlackBerry Bridge?!

By Adam Zeis on 19 Apr 2011 09:18 am EDT

BlackBerry Bridge AT&T

*Update*: While BlackBerry Bridge may not be officially available from App World for AT&T users, you can check this post for a workaround and OTA download. Once installed, AT&T can't stop you. What the hell AT&T?! Lots of us will still buy Tethering plans. At least let us use the Bridge too!

Much like many others I anxiously awoke this morning eager to try out BlackBerry Bridge on my PlayBook. I fired up BlackBerry App World, scanned the barcode on my device and was shocked to see that the app was listed as "not supported on your device or carrrier". I instantly cruised to the webstore to check things out. I'm using an unlocked Bold 9780 on AT&T but that shouldn't change anything. Well to my extreme surprise, App World lists BlackBerry Bridge as supported on all carriers except AT&T. Woah. Not really the greatest news to get PlayBook launch day started.

So what's the deal AT&T? Why can't us AT&T users have the BlackBerry Bridge?? Is the the free tethering?? Hopefully this is a mixup that will be worked out ASAP (Kevin has a feeling it isn't a mixup...), so we'll report back if anything new pops up. For now sound off in the comments and express to AT&T that they NEED to allow the BlackBerry Bridge!

BlackBerry Bridge in App World

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BlackBerry Bridge not available on AT&T... AT&T Blocking It Due to Free Tethering via BlackBerry Bridge?!


Can't get this to work, bitly says it's not found. Can I have a hint, please?

*Edit* Oh. Nevermind. Sorry, and thank you.

THANK YOU, rroyy. You have done a GREAT service to us AT&T users. I can't believe...(yes, actually I can)....that AT&T would block the most important value feature on the Playbook. But, extra $$ per user is a very compelling reason for them to do it.
i was "stuck" having to use AT&T when I wanted my Torch. Next time hopefully I will have a choice.
But for many of us, I want to THANK YOU again for the link.

I installed Bridge on my Playbook and was able to use Bridge Browser without issue. My bet is AT&T wants that function removed because they want to charge for tethering. I do not think it is a RIM issue.

Im on T-Mobile with an unlocked Torch.

how did you use your data on tmobile on unlock torch from att?i cant seems to use my data on my tmobile network with unlock torch from att.

RIM can call it "Bridge" or whatever they want, but it is tethering plain and simple, no matter how you look at it. Doesn't surprise me one bit.

Actually it's not. INternet usage via bridge is not seen as tethering by the carrier. You can, however, tether separately to any bluetooth-enabled phone that supports it.

Actually, your wrong. Internet Tethering dials into the carrier's network, bridge is mirroring the internet that is already on the phone. Just like you can pick up your phone and go on the internet, its the same way, just a bigger screen. When you pick up your phone and go on the internet, it does not dial in to the network, your already connected. The same Plan you are already paying for is what your using. I have used it myself and the internet pops up, without asking you to connect, unlike when i use the internet tethering option which prompts you twice about charges may be applied.

You are correct! It is not tethering. It is more like a remote desktop and I know they do not ban that.

Someone needs to take them to court and get this evil
cellphone service provider laid out once and for all.

I will never go to AT&T and until people wake up and
see what they are doing and drop them like a hot potato
they will continue to put the screws to their customers!
Its not like they are broke and need every red cent.

Hit AT&T where is hurts! The bottom line!


If the bridge isn't available, the device is useless to me.

It be nice if RIM and/or AT&T made a public statement, but I don't see that happening any time soon.

Leave them now as I don't think things will change and a message needs to be sent loud and clear.

Folks have had enough of their crap!

It would be wise for the other good providers to run ads pointing this out and inviting/welcoming new customers from ATT.


Someone better make this right, without the Bridge App, a HUGE portion of the functionality that made the PlayBook different is gone!

AT&T and/or RIM, fix this now!!!

on Verizon ALT R-S-T to update App World. I wasn't available, it did not say it wasn't supported for Verizon. Big difference.

Wow, that sucks! I was going to run out and get one at lunch too, guess that won't be happening until AT&T and RIM get this sorted. Not the way to launch an otherwise great device...

Geez, I love watching giant corporations have slapfights. They needed to get their crap together on this. It's bad enough AT&T blocked the native Maps program so they could shove their crappy pay to play solution down the throat of a Torch user, and now this? Holy crap. Where's Mikey L?

"It's not fair! You can't do that, it's just not fair!!"

It wasn't working an hour ago, but I restarted my phone & its available for Verizon customers
& I'm running a BlackBerry Tour & its available for me so don't be such cry babies - just reboot your phone or do that alt+r+s+t thing & it will be available for VERIZON 'cause I just downladed it ;) :p

This is definitely going to be a show stopper for many people. My company was planning to order about 100 of these but we are AT&T and if the bridge feature does not work this is going to kill that idea.

The OTA link in the first reply installed perfectly on my AT&T 9800. Much props to the person or persons who got all that set in motion so quickly.

I firmly believe RIM withheld this information. There is no way that the app is listed as not supported by AT&T in AppWorld without RIM knowing about this issue.

Well, I just got off the phone with RIM support. They told me that AT&T doesn't support the BlackBerry Bridge (we know that already) and there is no time frame for that to change. In other words, sorry, but you can't use the PlayBook as it was designed.

Looks like my AT&T service will be coming to an end, and my PlayBook, which hasn't even arrived yet, will be returned. What an unbelievable joke this has turned out to be. Furious doesn't even begin to describe how I feel right now.

If I were you I'd get the Bridge app using alternate methods, keep the PlayBook, then switch to another carrier at the first convenient opportunity.

I'm still amazed how badly the US carriers are screwing you guys. I always thought Canadian carriers were evil, but sounds like we have it good up here, especially since Wind/Mobilicity joined the party.

I have downloaded the app via CrackBerry, and am now awaiting the delivery of my PlayBook. I'm just tired of this ordeal...

- Me: I can't wait for the PlayBook. I'm so excited.
- RIM: It's delayed. Punch in the face.

- Me: I placed my pre-order with Staples.
- RIM: We don't care that our resellers are screwing up the pre-orders left and right. Punch in the face.

- Me: It's almost here and the reviews are out!
- RIM: We sent buggy, unfinished PlayBooks to reviewers. Punch in the face.

- Me: It's launch day!
- RIM: Bridge isn't available for those of you on AT&T, and BBM isn't available at all. Punch in the face.


My face hurts.

I think its a wide spread issue on appworld. it shows on my telus bb but cant download it either.

Update: you have to refresh appworld. works fine now!!

Does this also effect carrier locked phones when downloading from App World?
Also does anyone have a download link for OS5?

Blackberry Bridge "this application is not available on your device of for your carrier" at 9:50 am Eastern. RIM and Cell phone carriers need to get this resolved to avoid a very embarrassing roll out for the loyal Blackberry users who bought the device for communications !

i could not get the icon too but when on the link above and got it to dl and install on my 9800 now everything is working fine i am with telus!!!

So much for the bravado and boasts of "and there is nothing the carriers can do to stop it".

I wondered all along how long it would be until a carrier pushed a service book prohibiting the app unless you payed the $10-$25 tablet connection sharing fee. Guess with the ability to approve and deny application within appworld they don't even need to do that.

I'm with Sprint & not even getting a Playbook but this kinda crap pees me off, I'm calling ATT & getting all my non ATT friends to call as well (ATT won't know we aren't with ATT of course)

I am a loyal Canadian RIM user and I feel very upset that RIM and ROGERS did not get their act together before the launch. I guess this is why we do not have a NHL hockey team in Hamilton !!! ( Thought I would throw Canada and Hockey into my Bridge Rant ! )

Why do folks still use the evil AT&T?

They limit you to 2 gigs.
They want to charge more for phone upgrades.
The are attempting to purchase T-Mobile, a cheaper solution
to control more of the market so they can charge you even more.

But yet BB has the exclusive ATT Torch with them..

Folks, in including BB need to wake up and
drop AT&T. There are just plain evil.


Hey AT&T, it's NOT tethering if I'm paying for my BB data plan and I'm staying within my limits! Don't go for the bad press. This will hit the Twittersphere and blacken some eyes (no pun intended).

Problem solved! THANK YOU! Followed the link using my Newsfeeds app (RSS Crackberry feed of course!) and immediately downloaded BB Bridge to my AT&T Torch 9800. One minute of consternation, done!

I'm surprised nobody has said that this is due to ATT's closeness to Apple and could be done as a way to get back in Apple's good graces for the iPhone5.

Will this worked on a leaked OS? I'm w/ TMo and it says the download is not available for my carrier.

what if you pay for tethering already? Shouldn't you be able to use Bridge then - come on ATT think through this one before you go a totally block it.

Tethering is separate from Bridge. If you tether, you can get Internet access, but not Mail/Cal/Notes etc. With Bridge, you get mail, cal, notes, tasks, etc, but not tethering. So none of the other internet apps work, but you still get mail.

I've done a couple hard-resets, and it's showing "...not available on your device or for your carrier." I'm on VZW with a 9650 running OS6. I wouldn't be surprised if VZW were blocking this too, but...well...

At first I was going to wait for a 3/4G version of the Playbook, then seeing the Blackberry Bridge app with the browser feature that was posted on the site I had planned on running out and picking up my Playbook after class today. After reading that ATT is trying their hardest to block this function I am going to wait and see if they throw charges at it before I buy it. Charging for something that ALL other carriers get free is a HUGE turn off. I have decided that IF they do charge I will just not purchase a Playbook at all. Without the bridge I don't get my e-mail, calender, BBM (yes not yet but RIM will fix this)and so on. What is the point of owning both when I have to use both seperatly when those with other carries do not.

I balme ATT here, not RIM. This is just pure BS, if I had another option and this plays out like I think it is going I would switch carriers in a heart beat. ATT is suppose to be the "biggest and the best" or so they claim and I would agree to an extent. I have been a valiad customer for a long time, but this would be the breaking point for me. When $$ is far more important than customer satisfaction it is time to rethink your business model.

Thumbs up, for the money hungry douche bag, at&t. Everyone else doesn't seem to mind, except at&t. I pray this att-mobile merger never happens.

I have a Bold 9000 on Rogers with OS version 5, and I see the following message when trying to download blackberry bridge:

"This application is not available on your device or for your carrier."

What gives?

AT&T also charges a tether fee if you have the Atrix and laptop dock. As someone said earlier, you're not tethering when you connect the two together.

after reading this........ i might not buy a playbook........ and might cancel my 12yr old acct with at&t......... screw at&t

ATT is the reason why I skipped on the Original iPhone as my 1st smartphone. Glad I got a BB on Alltel/VZW and found Crackberry. My PB will arrrive tomorrow, and Bridge is installed on 9650 and ready for the UPS man. WINNING!


This is one example why i don't want T-mobile to merge with AT&T,because sooner or latter down the line,they will be pulling similar bs like this with us

I have ATT and a Torch and except for the Bridge Browser, it all works great. I downloaded from the Crackberry link onto my Torch.

Well, Bridge Files only shows me folders (no files) but I was not expecting that functionality anyway so I can wait until it is fixed. Mail, calendar, contacts, notes all work perfectly with the bridge.

I downloaded the work around Bridge and it worked on and off since 4/23. Called Blackberry support tonight and they told me it is not supported by ATT. I asked how long and I was told 2 months.

You would think that Blackberry and RIM would have worked this out before the anouncement.

I am going to return it after the business trip I am on if this is really true.

Does anyone know differently?


1. It appears that AT&T MAY be muddling around with Service Books to disable Bridge access.
2. If you are on a BES (which is why you might want Bridge access in the first place), your BES Admin serves you Service Books, not AT&T.
3. Therefore, I'm suspecting that BIS users are having difficulty with Bridge, while some BES users are not. Whether or not you are having difficulty as a BES user would depend on how often your BES admin is updating the service books on your BES.

I am on AT&T (Torch) and on a BES. I have Bridge working on my PB flawlessly. Everything works, including Bridge Files. I've reset both the PB and the Torch several times, and its come back up every time. No problems. Bridge Browser works too. I know it's Bridge Browser because my stupid corporate firewall intercepts half my websites.

So are you on BES and still having problems with Brdge? What version of BB OS are you running and what version of PB OS are you running?

My Torch is running 6.0 Bundle 2342, and my PB is running 1.0.3 Bundle 1868, and the latest Bridge software.