BlackBerry Bridge gets updated with full BlackBerry 10 support

BlackBerry Bridge
By James Richardson on 20 Sep 2013 11:01 am EDT

All PlayBook owners can rejoice today as BlackBerry Bridge has been updated to version - bringing full support to BlackBerry 10 devices. Although long overdue, those of us that are still rocking our PlayBooks can now at least get the full features we were used to having on legacy devices.

These features include the use of BBM on the PlayBook (the perfect weekend for it) as well as using our BlackBerry 10 handset as a remote control - great for when the PlayBook is connected to the TV via HDMI. Being able to use the BlackBerry 10 devices cellular connection will be the most used feature - bringing the PlayBook back to life for many folk. 

The update is rolling out as we speak so if you can't see the new version just yet give it a bit of time and try again. 

Download BlackBerry Bridge for BlackBerry 10 smartphones

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BlackBerry Bridge gets updated with full BlackBerry 10 support



Beat me to it! I was thinking yay! in my head as I went to post and saw yours. Nice! Thanks BlackBerry!

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

This is quite the surprise! I might even dust off the PB for this but we'll see... it's been a while since it's seen then light of day

Posted via a Verizon Z10 on (pure) thru CB10. My channel: c0004f9bb

I just turned on my PB yesterday after 6 months installed the latest update to find the keyboard lag just got worse.

Does anyone know if AT&T still blocks us from using the bridge browser if we don't have a tethering or wifi hotspot plan added to our service?

Tried it. Not impressed. Interface is half-baked, and not responsive at all. My chat isn't even updated on the PB. They surely have a lot of bugs, yet still launched it. I'll wait for a proper one.

Posted via CB10

If you are right then BlackBerry once again has spit in the face of BlackBerry PlayBook users.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

It will never come. That is really the law time you will see any updates of any sort PlayBook related unless someone finally find a way to root it. Then BlackBerry will update but only to patch it.

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I agree and I really don't see why they're even bothering to devote resources to the PlayBook. I bought a 64gig at full retail and an more then happy to keep leaving it in my drawer.

They should be working on improving BB10, as well as developing new systems for the future, and not working on marginal updates for a nearly dead device.

Posted via a Verizon Z10 on (pure) thru CB10. My channel: c0004f9bb

Yours may be in a drawer, but I still use mine everyday. :)

Posted via CB10 ~ visit my portrait channel C0011B779

FFS I've read so many posts moaning about Bridge over the last few months and now Blackberry have finally done something about it and your still moaning - some people are just so negative!!

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Make this available on android tablets and ill be happy so I can bridge to my nexus. PlayBook is dead!

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I've never been so happy before ever.

Wait no. Getting married to my wife, birth of my two kids and then fully functioning BlackBerry bridge! Lol

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Haha reminds me of when Homer Simpson was recalling his greatest day ever. There was marrying Marge, then the day the beer tanker truck spilled and finally the day he found a penny while skipping church to watch football. Lol. This is seriously great news though and unexpected.

Posted from my incredible Z10

Lol pyre awesomeness.

However this new bridge really isn't gull support.
I only have access to bbm

Posted via CB10

Cheers to that. I need those features as well. I use them every day with my Bold 9900. When I go to the Z30 I will need them again. tisk tisk BBRY.

I honestly wasn't expecting this. Michael Clewley wasn't kidding when he told a twitter user that news was coming soon!

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Good to see BlackBerry keep promises they have started living up to their words n timelines. Marketing need a massive pish n needs traction now.

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Awe! I remember when updates to Bridge was followed by updates to our amazing PlayBooks. Oh the memories!!!!

I flick all my words on my amazing Z10

Oh, so it does count as tethering. Dammit...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Power off phone, remove the SIM so you are Wifi Only aka No Carrier and download Bridge that way. Shut down again, put your SIM back in, and all is well. App World will continue to ask you to "update" your Bridge app but don't. That is the "AT&T" version they're trying to push on you.

Yup. Obviously if the new REAL update has not been pushed out to you, then you would want to wait until that shows up in App World and then go through the SIM removal process. I probably should have mentioned before, delete the app first and foremost if you already have it via AT&T.

I didn't do any of that and all of my bridge function works, including the tethering

Posted via CB10

It works just fine for me doing it that way. Remove the app, reboot, and start from my first comment above beginning with "Power off..."

No, I meant initially. I tried your steps and it worked perfectly.


Posted via CB10

So, with this, I can use my playbook anywhere and get internet connection via the phone? This wouldn't be considered tethering by AT&T? Because they charge for tethering... If this is true, I might buy a playbook...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

No, tethering plan is still required for AT&T, unless rroyy can hook us up and he did with BBOS 7.

That would be correct, just use mobile hotspot option under network connections.

Now that being said at&t may want to charge for mobile hotspot service... you should ask them without giving u name and account just to play it safe, ya know.

Posted via CB10

You can only mobile hotspot on the 5GB DataPro plan or a family share data plan.

Sucks for people who have their own line and don't want to pay over $50 for a dataplan.

Boy this is going to make some people reeeaaaallllyyyy happy!
And c'mon lets be thankful and not start in with the 'finally' stuff . . .

Yeah, lol, racism is fine as long as their eyes are slanted! :-D

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Full functionality ?? BBM only is not full functionality. And remote control was already working.

Posted via CB10

BBM is not the only functional feature. If you want to access your files etc. go through your File Manger on Playbook and if you want to use internet just open your browser and start surfing.

I was going to ask the same question.

Where is Email? Where are Contacts? Where is Calendar? Memo?

I guess we accept scraps as wonderful!

I could see maybe adding SMS, but email contacts calendar are baked into the PlayBook OS now. I can't see them ever adding those again via bridge. My guess is that they were only ever made because the original PlayBook OS lacked those functions.

You do realize this was an article on Bridge for BB10. You cannot add SMS contacts in BBM for BB10. At least not that I have found and definitely not by hitting the BB key for options, cause there is not BB key.

Regardless, when I was using Bridge on my 9930, you still could not see SMS contacts that were in BBM on the PLaybook. You could see SMS contacts through the SMS dedicated bridge app on OS7. This is what people were hoping for.

You don't need email because your email would be sync'd anyway, except for maybe POP3? Same with Contacts and Calendar, sync'd. BB10 doesn't use Memo and there is no Remember app for the PB. Evernote would solve that though. Would be nice to have SMS again though.

I will say that BBRY should still bring a standalone BBM app for the PB for those who don't have a BB phone.

I like having email seperate. Used the email on my phone for work, and email on my PlayBook for personal.... kinda a poor man's BB Balance.

Well I don't really need this option as I have the LTE model and a plan for it 5 gb shared.

Nice to see BlackBerry has finally got their shite together and stopped pissing off customers and new ones and potential ones.

Now they new to Promote this again.

So when will BlackBerry bring bb10 to playbook????

Posted via CB10

No phone email access.
No phone contacts.
No phone calendar.
No phone call notification.

Not even close to what a legacy device does.

Sorry. Bad review and misleading.

Posted via CB10 on my Verizon Z10.

That was my point exactly. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they still support the PB, but far from full support lol.

Posted via CB10

I think this was released to pacify PlayBook owners with cross-platform BBM rolling out this weekend. Not the full functionality we were looking for, but at least it shows BlackBerry is willing to work with PlayBook owners.

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 & lovin' it!

SMS - Agreed, needed
Phone email access - Why? Activesync keeps your phone inline with your PB anyways.
Phone contacts - Mine are sync'd
Phone calendar - same as email access
Phone call notification - Ok... But seriously is it needed? I hope you can hear your phone.

No not the 100% solution we we're hoping for but at least a step in the right direction. No doubtlly it's connected to BBMX launch.

I really liked that before we were notified on the PlayBook of incoming phone calls because by the time I would get home from work, my 9900 would be almost dead so I would plug my phone in to charge, turn on bridge, then go about my business in other parts of the house and not have to worry about missing texts or phone calls I could access them all from the PlayBook.

It gives an option to those who use a "shared" PlayBook to see things from their BB10 device like user's with their legacy BBs. I for one still connect to a PlayBook from time to time with my work BBOS device and when my company eventually moves to BB10 devices I still want to have full bridge functionality. The 2 year old PlayBook still does everything I need it to with BBOS, I hope full support BB10 will come along.

funny, i laugh at all the quitters who gave up/sold their playbook because this function was lacking. if anything BBRY has taught you is to have PATIENCE.

It's still lacking. All they did was add BBM via bridge. Remote control and Internet browsing via bridge was already there.

This blog post is misleading.

I feel a pulse again. If this isn't a sign that this company is running on all cylinders, I don't know what is.

Keep it moving BB

Written on my Z10 CB app

Posted via CB10

BBM on Playbook will be nice, but I already had the remote control and ability to use cell-phone data connection, on the Playbook, already with my z10. Did I misunderstand the article?

Yes it's a bit slower. But the larger screen and keypad offset that for me.
Just because the PB is considered "old" by some doesn't mean it isn't still usable.
Can't hardly wait for the update to roll my way.

Posted via CB10

If anyone is still bashing their obsolete playbook, let me know and I'll buy them. I have some great uses for them.

Posted via CB10

"that are still rocking our PlayBooks can now at least get the full features we were used to having on legacy devices."

Needs to be corrected as misleading and incorrect. See my prior post.

Posted via CB10 on my Verizon Z10.

i remember you could use the bridge remote on laptops. it worked on my windows laptop, does/did it work on Mac?

Yes, this is not full functionality, but it is a good start... or maybe that is it?

Posted via Me on my Z

This really only added BBM, So it's not full compared to legacy devices, but it's a start. Lines up with the timing of tomorrow's BBM release on Android and iPhone.

Hopefully whatever they did to get bridged BBM going can be reused to open up SMS as well :)

Posted via CB10

I'm relatively new to the mobile computing space so this might be a dumb question. Why do I need SMS on my PlayBook if I now have BBM? Can you tell me the difference? With the release of cross platform, can't most folks use BBM?

Posted via CB10

let's hope so, but for now I only have 4 BBM contacts, replying to a text without leaving my PB was awesome.

Most folks can but not everyone will
People will still fall back to SMS if they don't know about it. In an ideal world everyone would use BBM instead =) But we don't live in an ideal world

e-mail on my phone and PB are synced
Contacts are Synced
Calendar is synced
Just sms is missing
I can hear my phone ring

yes, but depending on the e-mail provider, you can then delete the e-mail twice, once on each device -- not exactly in sync, if not all providers support IMAP or Exchange.

So, just having it on the phone, and using Bridge to access it from PlayBook, would still be useful.

Precisely. It is far from FULL. The reviewer needs to add an addendum and BB needs to add the missing features.

Multiperson chat option, that wasn't there before, nice. But still no group

Posted via CB10

It starting to be a trend, it seems. Let's hope it continues.

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on #IChooseBlackBerry10

Apparently the jury is still out on this update. Your fanboism is showing; Thorsten would be proud of you for ensuring his payday.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

Now if they would create an Emulator app so the Playbook would use BB10 apps on our BB10 devices. Would make up for no BB10 for the Playbook. Basically would allow for the Playbook to provide a larger screened BB10 device.

I'm not totally convinced RAM for the apps was the final problem. A bunch of the RAM is required for the Hub. I'd guess at least 1GB is dedicated to apps on BB10 with the rest being split up between apps, Hub, OS, etc. If they fully implemented BB10 on the Playbook, Hub and all, it probably wouldn't have had the resources to run even one app. So, BB10 probably could have run, just not run apps =) That's my theory anyway.

You are missing the point of an 'emulator'. All the Playbook does is to provide a larger screen (read - monitor). The processing is still on your phone. Think wireless monitor for your phone that has a touchpad.

Need a reverse bridge where Playbook acts as a track pad and keyboard for the BB10 phone!

I can have my full mobile computing on a big screen this way.

Please, someone build a Playbook BlueTooth Track Pad/Keyboard App for the BB10 phone.

Surprise, surprise, surprise. And a good one too!! Still using my PB but this might stop that itchy feeling to get another tablet.

The perfect reason to buy a PlayBook. I am SO going to buy one now. I was on the fence before, but this is the clincher.

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on #IChooseBlackBerry10

Too little, too late BlackBerry. This feature should have been there from day 1. Not 8 months down the line. 8 months is too long to have devices that don't work with each other

This is great... but my Z10 wont connect to my PB. Says my PB needs updated... Z10 -, PB - Any ideas?

Great news. It's so great to see all the recent updates - this one, z30, BBM across platforms (so hopefully can get some contacts back!!) native Evernote, and 10.2 next month.

Posted via CB10

That is awesome news. They are pulling up their weight. Such a confidence builder news. Made my day. Wooooow



One thousand times.... thank you BlackBerry.

Now will start using my PlayBook again :)

Okay. Pulled out my PlayBook and loaded the updated version of bridge on my Z10. Turned on the PlayBook and paired the two together. Anxiously waited....then opened the BlackBerry Bridge folder on my PlayBook only to suffer a bad case of Lunch Bag Letdown! Arrggghhhh...No text, email, contacts, etc...

Shut off my PlayBook and put it back on my shelf. Great thing I didn't have to line up for this.

Posted via CB10

Hula, God heard my prayer. Thank you. and thank you again. You made my day. James you are so smart to put this article here today. You have a good weekend. Thanks

WTF!? how is this full? with bbos7 i could view my sms, emails, calender and bbm all froom my playbook. this only allows bbm and u call it full? com'n CB....

Very nice! It's just been sitting on my desk since I got the Z10. We even gutted my wife's aside from games and gave it to the kids!

Posted via CB10

A positive step, but I'd love to get all of the phone features back as well. It was so handy during my commute to just pull the PlayBook out bridged to my old 8530 and have access to everything. Hopefully more updates are coming for Bridge.

I hope all the people who have been crying for the past few months see this. In the last week they have gave us almost every we asked for and made deadline on a 2 major releases.

Not bad for a company that you say doesn't care cause their going bankrupt

Posted via CB10

Not entirely true my friend. Sorry to say that you still cannot scroll through your pictures but have to open them one at a time. BBM is nice touch though.

Trusted Member Genius

Hell yeah... they heard our prayers....

Or they were just being bullies and where holding it to makes us suffer for a bit before laughing and returning it to us

Posted via CB10

Excellent! I wonder if this is opening the door for something else to come...

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

Oh man, so I guess that just leaves only the BB10 issue to complain about for the hundreds of PlayBook owners who come on here to "vent" about their 2+ year old tablet. Hoorah!!

Take that Samsung Galaxy Tab, where's your support?!?

Now all I need is for them to update the Android Runtime, Browser and if possible-the keyboard and I will be all set since I still use my PlayBook at least twice a week.

Would use it a LOT more if they updated those three things though.

Better late then never....

Posted via CB10

Wait....wheres everything else? only BBM has shown up...I mean I guess they had to do that, but seriously if it was just a phone update to give us BBM, why not the rest of the bbos features?

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

It is very nice to get #BBM on the PlayBook before those other devices this weekend :) I know we've had it for the legacy devices but we need to #keepmoving because #ICHOOSEBLACKBERRY10 :D

I'll be downloading it.

What I do really want is a way to control my Z10 remotely as it plays more video formats than the PlayBook.

The story title is misleading. Bridge already had remote control support for BlackBerry 10.

This update added BBM Chat. No BBM Groups or Channels.

If it was really full BlackBerry 10 support, it would have included email, SMS, and maybe even access to Remember (since legacy devices have access to Notes). Several features are still missing for "Full BlackBerry 10 Support".

One thing for sure, I'm very happy to have BBM back on my PlayBook.

Posted via CB10

Wish I read all the comments about functionality before getting myself all excited. Hopefully full functionality is coming

Posted via CB10

I couldn't be happier! Can't honestly understand all this complaining! I mean WE WERE LITERALLY BLEEDING FOR THIS! And now we just gonna hate! C'mon BlackBerry community!!!

An Amazing Z10 Black since Day one

I am glad to hear about the updated bridge, but I have agree, I would have titled it additional support instead of full support, it is lacking greatly from legacy...

Posted via CB10

I'm happy to hear about this. It made my day. Now I can start using my PlayBook and text on it while my z10 is charging up lol.

Posted via CB10

Love that BBM is back, but agree that it would be nice to have SMS back too. I used to do the same as an above poster mentioned where I'd plug my BB in to charge and keep Bridge going while I moved through the house. Or just nice to respond from the PB and then get back to reading a book with a single swipe, rather than picking up two devices.

BBM is home again, now return us our SMS!

Just BBM. It's a start. I use my PB almost everyday anyway without bridge. With BBM x-platform this will be most useful. I'd like to see my texts as well but I'm not going to expect sweeping changes after such a great month for announcements. BlackBerry is working hard to keep us moving. Be as negative as you want. I ain't listening. I love my underdogs. Cheers all around.

Maybe that guy who has the sig "where is my full bridge Mr. Heinz" can finally sleep at night.

Posted via CB10

Nope. The update is not fully functional BlackBerry Bridge for BlackBerry 10 smartphones and BlackBerry PlayBooks running BlackBerry Tablet OS 2.1. Failure encore.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

This is some great news! Pb update, then BB10 leak and now the unexpected.... okay, on overload now...

Edit: Okay, no overload yet as I haven't tested, but I did have remote control already... and now it's not actually full support? How misleading...

Posted via CB10

Still love my Playbook! I hope, they can get their act together and survive, I would really be heartbroken, if they didn't make it through these rough times!

Posted via CB10

So its not full bridge functionality, i still can't connect to email messages, sms, calender or contacts on my playbook when bridged to my phone?

So BlackBerry threw us a bone because of the launch to iOS and Android.

Though a fair attempt, this is by no means full functionality. We can only hope that the full access we had with OS 7 is on the way.

Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.

This is a great start! No doubt it's linked to the launch of BBM on Android and iOS.

I don't need email, contacts, and calendar as I already have those sync'd. Would they be nice to be in one place? Sure, but it's not necessary.

Phone notifications and texts would be nice. I think those are more than likely coming. What I would really like to see is text evolve to include MMS. Maybe that's why it's delayed? They are working out the MMS part.

If BlackBerry is truly working on a dummy tablet this could be the start of everything. They will use the Playbook as a proof of concept and build it out over the next 12 months. Adding features such as phone calls, email, messaging, etc. Then next year they launch the dummy tablet, extending the phone features to the larger screen without requiring a full OS. They said they won't support the Playbook with new features, but if the features are already built in, they just need to expand them. QNX can do distributed computing so it's possible the phone could take advantage of the processor and RAM on the Playbook, allowing BlackBerry to offload some of the phones processing to the tablet hardware.

I could just be crazy optimistic, but we may be seeing the start of something way bigger with this update!

No SMS or email capability?! I am not at home to try it out, but if SMS and email still don't work it is still a downgrade and a bust.

Posted via CB10

Awesome! Too bad I don't have a BBOS 10 device yet. Still I find this to be an encouraging sign.. Go BlackBerry!

Finally updating BlackBerry Bridge to fully support BlackBerry 10 smartphones does not erase the shoddy treatment that BlackBerry PlayBook owners have suffered since January 2013. I will download the update for BlackBerry Bridge later today to determine if full functionality has been restored.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

Man - I thought of BB users as harder to please. GIve them BBM and they think all is great. I am truly disappointed in BB. The update still does not come close to what we had.

I do want a dummy tablet. That is what would solve a lot of issues.

this article isn't really setting people's expectations right - this update gives you access to BBM only - clearly designed to tie in with the release of BBM for the other platforms so that playbook users don't feel left out if they have a blackberry phone. Good try Blackberry, but there is still a lot missing - please don't forget the texting and access to phone email and pim data next time.

Please correct the article for accuracy. We got one feature back. While I'm happy about that the article falsely implies that we got fill functionality back. It was a let down when I found it was just BBM.

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