Install BlackBerry Bridge via Desktop Manager

By Adam Zeis on 19 May 2011 10:39 am EDT

BlackBerry Bridge

Update: It looks like RIM may have pulled this knowledge base article - we'll try to see what's up but for now it looks like the OTA soultion may still be the best bet.

If you're a BlackBerry PlayBook owner that hasn't yet installed BlackBerry Bridge for whatever reason, RIM has made the files available for installation via Desktop Manager. This means that AT&T users who still haven't jumped on the OTA download of the Bridge app can grab the software straight from the source and install to their device from a PC. AT&T still has no sign of making BlackBerry Bridge available to customers anytime soon, but at least users can still get the software through various methods. If you're worried about AT&T catching up with you for using this method - don't be. Hit the link below for more info.

Install BlackBerry Bridge using Desktop Manager
Install BlackBerry Bridge OTA to your device

Source: BerryReview

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Install BlackBerry Bridge via Desktop Manager


I have already done the work around that the forums offered, but this is another example of why Crackberry is the best BlackBerry site on the web! You guys rock!

i got it for my verizon unit ota just before purchasing my playbook. works great. wish it had the ability to save docs. the only real trouble is connecting the playbook using aVNC to my network via wifi. works within range of the computer, but not in any other location away from the computer. did the port forwarding no avail. that will make this complete. loving the playbook.

I've already installed it using the OTA but when I click on the "Install using Desktop Manager" link here's what comes up

We're sorry, but this document is not currently available.

Please try again later or refer to the suggestions below:

Verify that the web page address is correct.
Search for related content as documents may have moved.
Send an email to and provide details regarding which area of the web site you are trying to access, including the web page address.

either the link is wrong, or RIM pulled it.

can anyone get a bug on the phone line between RIM and AT&T ;)

It was nice of RIM to add a Check For Updates command in the new Bridge version. Once you get around the ATT block once, you should be good. My BB is on T-Mo, but since the 9000 was an ATT exclusive, they block me from getting the files in App World.

Hey Guys, I'm trying to get the BlackBerry Bridge on my 8520. Please get that link for the download to the DeskTop Manager =)

Nice tip,and i can only imagine the type of stunts AT&T would try to pull if T-mobile merged with them,its like sending all T-mobile users to hell

Workaround for Bridge was great; updated 9000 Bold to 5.0 and bridged after the down load... You guys are the best! buying cover from you... Thanks for making me happy!

the Linked "Install BlackBerry Bridge using Desktop Manager"

Is a deadlink (thanks rim).

Can you repost the jar/jad another way perhaps?!!

I have not been able to access the link to install Blackberry Bridge using desktop Manager. Can you provide another link or some other method to download the software to my pc desktop>

I had some trouble getting this setup on several different phones & playbooks so posting a summary of what worked for me between a Verizon 9650 & AT&T 9700 in case it helps anyone else:

For non-AT&T phones
* Swipe down from top from home screen to see PlayBook settings & select BlackberryBridge
* Use phone's camera to scan QR code to bring up BlackberryBridge software for phone in App World & install

For AT&T phones:
* Download applicable BlackberryBridge software depending on your OS:
- OS5:
- OS6:
* Install software & reboot phone
* If you see the BlackberryBridge icon you're ready to resume the pairing process explained in PlayBook Settings -> BlackberryBridge
* If you can't find the icon look in the downloads folder or search for the app & confirm it is installed by looking at the applications list
* If the OTA installs above don't work you can also try to install via Desktop Manager:
- Instructions:
- Download: this link worked for me ( but you can also just google ""

Pair your phone w/ the PlayBook using the QR code created by following the next steps of the instruction wizard in PlayBook Settings->BlackberryBridge
* If you have any trouble confirm Bluetooth is turned on for both the device & phone and/or reboot both devices
* Once paired it seems to work best to have the PlayBook initiate the connection request (via the paired device list in PlayBook Settings->BlackberryBridge) rather than initializing the connection from the phone, not sure why
* to use BBM via Bridge you also need to BBM update installed on your phone

thans man, it worked where every thing else failed, i am in a country where Appworld is still not supported but this helped me to install the bridge and finally synched it with my playbook i received month ago. However, still missing the BBM on playbook in spite of having the latest version of OS and framework on my playbook.

P.S. can i search for upgrade to BB Bridge using the desktop manager, is there any chance of blocking or some thing?