BlackBerry Bridge for BlackBerry 10 updated to v3.3.0.25

By Bla1ze on 6 Dec 2013 07:29 pm EST

If you've been sitting back wondering when or even if BlackBerry Bridge would see another update then wonder no more. For BlackBerry 10 users making use of a BlackBerry PlayBook, the app has now jumped into v3.3.0.25 and covers a few small bug fixes as outlined through the change log in BlackBerry World.

This release addresses two known issues:

  • BlackBerry PlayBook might not send or receive BBM messages after updating BBM
  • Media Card doesn't appear in BlackBerry PlayBook File Manager

If I had to take a guess, I'd say there is likely more than those two bug fixes corrected in the app but those are the two major ones at play here. The update is live in BlackBerry World so go ahead and grab it using the link below.

Download BlackBerry Bridge for BlackBerry 10 smartphones

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BlackBerry Bridge for BlackBerry 10 updated to v3.3.0.25


are you crazyyyy?? Tell him Kevin, Tell him that he is crazy and that BBRY should focus on just BB10 and screw the fans who bought it when Ketchup Heinz told us that it was going to have it.

Damn these kids, they know nothing about BBRY

Well that's one good way to put it to use.
I liked my PlayBook so much when I first got it that I was able to get about 5 of my friends to buy them too. (I did not pay full price thankfully)

The problem I have had with it is Web browsing, it would consistently not load the web pages/sites etc. I would have to hit reload 4 or 5 times and it kinda gets on your nerves. Lol.

I looked at your link looks like a good place.

Take care.

Jude 1:24-25

24 Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy,

25 To the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen.

Can't think of a reason I'd stop using it. Even the Z30 screen isn't large enough for what I use my PB for. IMO. Still rockin my PBs and loving it.

Usage at home has dropped about 25%.

And then I go to a meeting without my laptop and it's all normal. :)

Don't know if it's just me but since the last update of the OS for the PlayBook I have the feeling it has become slower and laggy.

That is why that I have decreased the use of the PlayBook.

Still think it's useful, although I do miss having less apps than on the Ipad.

Posted via CB10

This is what I have thought too. I have been much more productive with the Surface Pro that I bought in July...

The Surface Pro is a full PC (I'd love one of those beasts!). Don't think it can be compared to the PB.

Posted via CB10

Use mine every day. A lot easier to read stuff while lying on my sofa than using laptop and also better than on Z10 since larger.

Posted via CB10

Yeah reading ebooks is fine on the BlackBerry Z10 but reading PDFs requires the BlackBerry PlayBook for readability. If the BlackBerry PlayBook connected to the monitor or television via microHDMI would scale so as to adopt the output device resolution my notebook computer cum desktop computer replacement would be collecting dust. It is unfortunate BlackBerry engineering team cheaped out on the RAM at a time when RAM chips were incredibly inexpensive so they could have offered 2GB RAM for the 32GB tablet and 4GB RAM for the 64GB tablet. But history is not quite the same as our dreams.

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I use mine on a daily basis! The games available for both devices work better on the PlayBook.

Role-playing resource channel The Bard's Brew: C00347F03

Just fired it up with the latest OS.
The video and picture quality is the best.

Posted via CB10

I use mine regularly as well. Love the Pacemaker app on it, even though it could stand to have some updates. I also like browsing the web on it - still a great Web browser plus, there are third party browsers that are also excellent. Lastly, it's good for gaming and YouTube.

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My wife and I use our PBs daily, even after having the Z10 and Q10 since release. We love our PBs!

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How bout bbm groups? Is that working now? They should bring it, including channels :)

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Something tells me it would be easier to port the android version to the PlayBook than get those working via Bridge heh...

Using mine right now. I'll admit that I only use Bridge occasionally, but it's still nice to see updates.

Of course! I'm still using my PB because the UI is still my personal benchmark. No other tablet is able to beat the multitasking capabilities of Playbook. The really weak point of the Blackberry OS is the lack of a state-of-the-art webbrowser! That's it!

Posted via CB10

Recently I've found the native browser more responsive than Oragami and that's not saying a ton.

Compared to my Q10's speed, the PB feels so sluggish now.

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I love updates, but what I would really like to see is an unlocked Android run time like on 10.2.1 for the PlayBook.

Posted via CB10

I had a problem with the new text message notifications not disappearing on the playbook even though message was read. This update seems to have fixed it. Keep the updates coming BlackBerry, well done!

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Get serious people. PlayBook is dead. I have one, and have been a proud user since they were released. But come on, what does a PlayBook really offer? Does it offer a better experience than an android or apple device? doesn't. Get real and move on. It's dead.

Posted via CB10

My buddy had his iPad stolen so I let him borrow my PlayBook. At first he was hesitant but now loves it and won't give it back! He said that he had no idea a tablet could be so useful...

Posted via CB10

Seriously. You're talking shit.
Explain your point before I waste my time with your stupid comment

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Mine is connected to our corporate BES10 and I haven't needed to bring my notebook home for the on-call technical support I provide for the clients I cover since installing Remote Desktop for PlayBook.

I don't know if I could accomplish the same so effortlessly with any other tablet.

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Welcome to the world we face soon.

Prosumer devices vs the toys. I know the toys are not useless, but they do have trouble dealing with just this.

They cant even into get into the Oval Office

BB until it is not CDN

Wont mind an ipad but would probably be doing the thing iI normally do on my pb. And got no cash flow at the moment.. So stuck with my pb for the time being.

Plus love the rubberish feel of the pb. Can't beat that unless there's a leather tablet out there.

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Sweeeeet. Playbook is still a solid preformer. I wish they update the keyboard n blu tooth, still very slow to connect to z30 but a perfect pair wit my 9900 n beats pill speakers.

Haven't been able to open spreadsheet from my Z10 on the playbook for a while

Until this update fixed that .

Exellent keep it coming

BlackBerry Z10

Still love the PlayBook, but my Z30 is so perfect that I don't use tablets or laptops nearly as much!


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All these updates to the Bridge app make me hope that we may see a new BlackBerry Tablet at some point in the future. I'm not saying it's a realistic hope, but... still...

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Really; how hard would it be for BlackBerry to just upgrade the PlayBook guts, and keep everything else the same? The die costs would be minimal, therefore production costs would be very minimal. Almost everyone likes the footprint/feel, so why not passify some of the folks clamoring for this?

It would at least round-out the ecosystem, and shut the mouths of the 'others'.

Happy they are finally giving the PlayBook some love... Its only a matter of time before we see BB10 on the tablet

Posted via BB-Z10. OS 10.2.1.

But why not bridge to other tablets too, or give us playbook 2. Or at least give BBM proper to pb 1.

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I know the playbook is a good 4 yrs old and other tablets have implemented a few of it's features but i still haven't seen them include an hdmi output which is a big plus for me as well as using your phone's dataplan through bridging, so I'm sticking with mine until it croaks. And when it does someday I may even end up getting another if they are still on the market...the only gripe I have with it is the checkerboarding on some sites ( particularly facebook), and that a lot of the free apps I have now ask for a fee for upgrades.

Posted via CB10

Not sure why you think the PlayBook is four years old. It was released April 2011, which doesn't even make it three years old.

Still can't get bbm channels to work on my pb with this update.

Swiped on my zedberry via CB10

Yes, it seems to reflect the Hub view, more or less, which also doesn't include channels for some annoying reason.

It's always funny...

Someone don't use a playbook or anything other, and think he is the standard of the world.
Or why asking? Is anyone using the playbook?
I'm happy with the bug fix release and I'm happy with my playbook.
A fast and Handy Device for traveling around with much more battery power then my z10

Many friends of mine are buying playbook after they saw my one.
Because its cheap, it's powerful and do what it should :x



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+1 people who don't have a playbook or don't know how to get the full experience from it should just keep it shut. Why would anyone comment on something they have no interest in. These are the same people that Slag off android trolls.
A lot of people use the PlayBook daily and don't need any other tablet with a load of crapps on it.
Thor and BlackBerry at the Time made a stupid decision to split their ecosystem and get out of tablets because bad marketing and rushing out the os. Still, people loved it and it has a large following.
Perhaps the the new management seen the back lash and have realised the potential of having an ecosystem because consumers often buy the same brand tablet as their phone and no phone and tablet combination works better than blackberries until bb10 broke it.
Where better to revive this than with the existing tablet and build from there.
People may post in these discussions " the PlayBook is dead, forget it " maybe your car is dead, I don't know or care so I don't bother commenting on it.
Worth pointing some facts out though...since declaring eol, there's been an os update, bridge has bbm working, then text working and now the hub has been seen working albeit limited. Chen has yet to declare blackberries future in tablet market and at BB Jam comments were made that they are not finished with it yet. What is dead and boring to the point of tedium are "forget it and move on"comments!
What is needed here is someone with some clout from blackberry to give some official comment on their intentions and stop everyone guessing and speculating.

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I use my pb every day with the Z30. If it died I would buy something else but it seems to have years left in it yet so I'm very happy with it for now

Posted via CB10

Strange, this update didn't appear in BlackBerry World for me til I clicked on the link in the article. Anyway, any update is a good update

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That's something I'm hoping gets resolved in future bb10 updates. Some update notifications still don't get pushed to your phone.

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I still use my 32GB PB all the time. I love the size as I travel quite a bit and to be able to connect to the Internet while on the road. I also have an iPad that was supplied by my employer but my PB is still my go to device most of the time.

Posted on my BlackBerry PlayBook

My only regret with my PlayBook is that I only have a 16GB. Lol.

Still using it lots - when I can get it away from the kids. Should never have downloaded those kids movies!

Very happy to still see it getting updates.

Posted via CB10

Glad to see the ongoing updates because I miss the days of my PB and Bold working together for my work. Keep them coming.

Posted via CB10

Since the last bridge update my PowerPoint crashes then won't restart until I reboot PB. This update did not fix it and I am worried. I use Bridge to give presentations constantly. It might be a PB issue & not Bridge. It happened in the middle of a presentation this week. Not good. Anyone else have this?

Posted via CB10

Let's help spread the word around for BlackBerry 10 being amazing

And if they can have third place with a decent amount of users, I would be very happy with a small but profitable community base and that's when they can release a new bb10 tablet for the prosumer market

How does my game plan sound?

White Rogers Z10 10.2 Dark Theme

I use my 4G LTE PlayBook every day. Just today my daughter and I were playing Asphalt 7 on the Z10 and the 4G LTE PlayBook over Wi-Fi. There's way too much life left in PlayBooks. Four Play is awesome and darn near identical to Foursquare, Retroarch and Mupen64 Plus BB keep things interesting, and I find new sideloads all the time through the debug token method (yes, on the PlayBook). I wouldn't sell mine.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

Now I need to find out about debug tokens and the PlayBook. That's one positive thing I can say about the pb, you just keep finding things you didn't realise it could do which amaze you.
I think a lot of negativity I'd from people not fully exploring it before dismissing it.

Posted via CB10

keep it comin' BB,,, get all the legacy functions workin' in "10" & you'll have a kick-ass combo,,, again.. :-)

When tether from my phone to the playbook my Internet connection drops A LOT. I have disconnect and reconnect my Q10. I didn't have this problem ever with my 9900.

Posted via CB10

Got the Q10 rocking with the PB everyday to work. Nobody knows what it is or why the intuitive swipes make it come alive which makes it extra special to me. Any update from BlackBerry is good news. Bridge makes the PlayBook "new" again. Can you think of an "old" tablet getting this kind of support?

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I admit, I practically shelved my PlayBook after I got a Z. The gutted BlackBerry Bridge was a killer for me.

Now that's it's back, I find it better than ever. Keep the updates coming!

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I love my PlayBook. A couple months back I bought a Nexus 7 to see about the hype. (my wife did not ever care to try it) I used it for 3 weeks and took it back. Seriously it had nothing on my/our 32gb PB's. I would like to see BlackBerry get Facebook on the PB updated. Keep things rolling. Us die hards have faith in you Mr Chen. Turn this thing around! There is no other mobile OS for this family.

Via my wondrous Z10 ( still love my BlackBerry Bold 9900 tho)

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