BlackBerry Bridge for BlackBerry 10 updated to v3.0.9.8

By Bla1ze on 1 Mar 2013 02:28 pm EST

If you're rocking a BlackBerry Z10 and using a BlackBerry PlayBook over BlackBerry Bridge, you'll want to hit up BlackBerry World. The latest release of BlackBerry Bridge has now landed and is available for download. Sadly, it still doesn't bring it on par with the BlackBerry OS version but it does have some bug fixes for barcode pairing, which was a problem for some folks out there. You can update from within BlackBerry World or click the link below.

Download BlackBerry Bridge from BlackBerry World

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BlackBerry Bridge for BlackBerry 10 updated to v3.0.9.8


You do realize the deficiencies with BlackBerry Bridge lay on the side of BlackBerry OS 10.0 not with the software currently running, BlackBerry Tablet OS 2.1, on the BlackBerry PlayBook, right? The mere fact the developers have not brought the full-featured BlackBerry Bridge experience to users of the BlackBerry Z10 points to trouble within Team BlackBerry. Between crippled BlackBerry Bridge and terrible email management configuration on BlackBerry OS 10 my belief in BlackBerry's resurgence remains shaky. Tea BlackBerry has until March 30th to address these vital features.

in the Playbook discussion board, I have started a thread about this. No noticable changes, but as Bla1ze said, communication/bar code fixes

Everytime I try and download anything in BB World I get the "An error has occurred...." :S

Restarted Z10 and still won't download. Keeps saying download pending with no name.

Updated app not working at all for me. Error with install. I've deleted and re-installed twice with the same result.

I hope Bridge for the Z10 will be working as well as it does for my 9550 by the time I can buy one here in the States. I know there aren't many of us out there but I wouldn't buy a Z10 if I can't make full use of the Bridge functions I have now. With my current setup, my laptop has become a desktop.

Agreed. Like yourself, I have assigned my notebook computer to the role of desktop computer while my BlackBerry PlayBook with BlackBerry Bold 9700/9780 was my mobile office / notebook computer replacement. With my BlackBerry Z10 I have lost much of the benefit of the tablet and smartphone combination. Team BlackBerry needs to address this deficiency immediately.

Crackberry should just stop posting anything Playbook related until the BB10 is released. A part of me feels like BB won't bother with the PB unless they see excellent sales figures/profits from the Z10/Q10.

It gives an error "BlackBerry Bridge didn't install correctly. You can delete the app and download it again from BlackBerry World", i have tried it twice and no luck.

Z10 w/

Ditto to the Bridge restoration.

Also proper BB-style light/sound notifications must come to BB10.

I doubt we're alone in thinking the Z10-PB combo is a step backwards.

Just pre-ordered my Z10 from Verizon, white. OOooooo
<cough> Now the problem, I NEED the bridge to work as it does with my torch touch. I rely heavily on that ability, not to mention I convert more and more ipad and kindle users to the playbook then I would have ever expected with just my demo of what I can accomplish with the bridge setup.

Please Hurry, get my device on the 30th.