BlackBerry Bridge on BlackBerry 10 - Dumbed down and not as useful

BlackBerry Bridge on BlackBerry 10 - Dumbed down and not as useful
By Bla1ze on 6 Feb 2013 05:17 pm EST

UPDATE - Shortly after we published this article, BlackBerry published their own article addressing the matter. In short, there is more updates coming to BlackBerry Bridge for BlackBerry 10 soon. You can read the full details via their post on the BlackBerry Blog.

For BlackBerry owners who are also BlackBerry PlayBook owners, one great combining feature was the option to use BlackBerry Bridge. Since it was released, BlackBerry Bridge has grown to be a really useful application that allows BBM, email, SMS, browsing and even shared file browsing between BlackBerry smartphones and BlackBerry tablets. With the release of BlackBerry 10 and ultimately the BlackBerry Z10, I can't help but feel a little robbed by its current implementation as it's severely lacking and feels quite a bit dumbed down -- and just downright not as useful now.

Yes, I know that's a pretty bold statement and, realistically, I have no idea what BlackBerry has in store further on down the road for BlackBerry Bridge on BlackBerry 10. With that in mind though, I can only draw conclusions from what I'm presented with today and right now many others have noticed these changes that are not for the better.

BlackBerry Bridge On BlackBerry OS

To highlight the differences, you only need look at the options BlackBerry OS has vs. BlackBerry 10 when using BlackBerry Bridge. As shown above, you get a whole folder full of Bridge applications to utilize on BlackBerry OS and below I've laid out what they all mean: 

  • BBM - Communicate virtually instantly with your BlackBerry Messenger contacts. It's everything you love about chatting with BBM, on your tablet.
  • Messages - Take advantage of the reading pane and larger screen on your tablet to work through your smartphone's inbox more quickly. Attach files from your tablet or smartphone, or save attachments to your smartphone for later use. Open the File Manager app on your tablet to access your saved files.
  • Calendar - Keep on top of your schedule at a glance with Day and Month views or a convenient split-screen view. 
  • Contacts - Connect with the people in your network through the Contacts app. Quickly jump to a contact to send an email, schedule a meeting, or start a BBM chat.
  • Tasks - Have a growing to-do list? Use the Tasks app to help you stay focused on important actions. 
  • Memos - Instead of jotting notes on scraps of paper that can be easily misplaced, use memos to keep your information organized and easy to find. 
  • Bridge Browser - Browse the Internet using your smartphone’s connection to the Internet. If your administrator allows corporate intranet browsing, you can also browse your organization's intranet.

With BlackBerry 10 most of what's shown above is no longer available or has been removed entirely. What remains is really cut down to the basics of what was previously offered, and that's a bit disturbing considering what was there was arguably one of the things that made the BlackBerry and BlackBerry PlayBook combo great.

BlackBerry Bridge on BlackBerry 10 - Dumbed down and not as useful

So what do you get included with BlackBerry Bridge on BlackBerry 10? Honestly, not a whole lot -- and that's part of the problem. On BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry Bridge is reduced to the basic functions and nothing more:

  • Internet Access - Use your smartphone's wireless connection with your tablet if a Wi-Fi connection isn't available for your PlayBook applications.
  • Files - View files saved on your smartphone from your tablet using the File Manager app.
  • Remote Control - Use your smartphone as a wireless mouse and keyboard for your tablet.
  • Bridge Browser for corporate browsing - If your smartphone is associated with a work account, use this app on your tablet to access your companies intranet.

That's a fair bit of functionality removed and right now, there is no full on explanation as to why it was removed or if any of it will eventually return. The information just isn't there to know where BlackBerry is going to take BlackBerry Bridge.

Kevin smash!

    As Kevin mentioned in his 'How I'd like to see BlackBerry 10 come to the BlackBerry PlayBook' article, there is no clear vision given as to what BlackBerry 10 will actually look like on the PlayBook so we'll just have to wait and see if any of those functions come back.

    In the meantime, If you're a PlayBook owner looking to grab a BlackBerry Z10 I don't think this lack of BlackBerry Bridge functionality is a show stopper by any means. I do believe however; that you should be aware of the limits that are now in place.

    Hopefully, BlackBerry is looking into bringing them back or creating new compelling functions that make use of BlackBerry Bridge because there is certainly room to make it better.

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    BlackBerry Bridge on BlackBerry 10 - Dumbed down and not as useful


    Oh, I'm in the same boat. The Bridge is THE reason I went with a PlayBook. Great feature! For example, I use the News program on my 9930 every day and was excited when I opened the news reader on the PlayBook and it brought in all my feeds.

    Dear BlackBerry, Ltd: Please finish Bridge integration as soon as practical. And please fill in anything that is missing in BB10 from BBOS7 as my upgrade won't feel like a partial downgrade.

    Thank you for making this statement. I agree that anything from OS7 missing in BB10 should be filled immediately because that seems to be the only reason why I may not purchase 3 BB10 devices right away in March.

    As far as I can tell, there is no place to keep persistent icons for beweather or similar. There are some other features missing that may be added back soon.

    I don't think the News program is tied to Bridge, but rather your BBID... (a guess on my part based on using the PlayBook version and not needing to Bridge to get the sync)

    Oh! I didn't know what. Just figured it was the bridge. Either way, it was pleasant surprise how well it worked.

    I just would hope BB10 continues the tradition!

    Off topic, is it me or everybody else who has a PB seeing Thor had broken his promise? The original roadmap is to release BB10 to PB around February 2013, after the release of full touch Z10 and before the Q10, then why they are now saying the BB10 will be at PB later this year? Am I seeing the RIP RIM in BlackBerry? Or this is marketing strategy? They are making sure that all the PB owner to upgrade their phone to Z10 or Q10 before they release BB10 xperience to PB? What a shame to the new BlackBerry if they could not make this promise. :-(

    I don't see it as a broken promise. After all, I still have a perfectly working PlayBook and 9930. My plan to give the Q10 some time to come out, BB10 to get a round of updates or two and when BB10 is available for the tablet, I'll give a Q10 very serious consideration. But again, I've got a working, productive setup so I'm not in a panic.

    That's true, which is why we shouldn't expect OS 10 on the PlayBook until the Fall, Summer at the earliest. It seems BlackBerry's tablet is just an afterthought.

    There is no excuse for removing functionality from BlackBerry Bridge. It wreaks of a lack of commitment and understanding on the part of the development team. I suspect management had a hand in this fiasco and truthfully cannot fathom how Thorsten did not recognise the significance.

    Thats pretty crappy, i like putting my phone on the charger when i get home and just using the playbook.

    That's half the reason to have one for me! I probably wont use my playbook as much if I have to keep switching back and forth with my z10. Hopefully BB will address this sooner than later!

    Once i get home, i plug my 9900 to BEDSIDE mode and use my playbook all around the house - absolutely LOVE this feature.

    I kind of see myself buying the Z10, but will keep my 9900 for a while until it is safe to let go...

    Bold 9900 & PlayBook 64GB Wifi

    Was considering getting the z10 but I really think that the 9900 is just better for now; until all/most bugs are fixed anyway

    i found that after the 2.1 update, i didn't use bridge as much because the pim apps on the playbook were pretty good. i found - until i got an LTE playbook - that it was more useful to use my phone as a hotspot providing access to the playbook.

    i think with qnx on both phone and playbook, there will be some very cool - even killer - stuff coming down the road.

    keep the faith, BB10, FTW!

    a little off topic but for those wanting the drop test. i found this link

    It is what it is. still no worse then any other phone, pretty much anybody i see with an Iphone or samsung has a cracked screen as well

    I love using bridge with BBOS. It has to be one of the best features of the playbook. Its sad to hear the current state, but I doubt Blackberry will leave it as is forever. I'd bet it will be updated 'soon' ;)

    Yeah that's too bad. Well with all Thorstens talk about a total mobile computing platform, I'm sure we won't be disappointed in the future.

    i'm glad you guys, (CBerry), are again listening to your members,,, bringing up the concerns we/you have about bridging & the PlayBook in general, is a great testament to having a hand, (more than just a finger), on the pulse & validity of the views posted here & elsewhere on CrackBerry,,, & not being afraid to tell the painful truth garners mucho respecto amigo,,, BRAVO,,, & judging from the comments i've seen, not addressing this issue may hinder, or @ least postpone for some, Z10 sales when it hits the States,,, so i would be inclined to think BBRY is under a bit of timelined pressure to get this fixed...


    If BB10 ends up on the playbook, the only thing you will need you phone for is the data connection. No need for pretty much anything else.

    Internet Access and Remote Control are the only Bridge features that I usually make use of, so this will work for me...

    Careful, this depends on what you are doing with remote control. If you are using Citrix or RDP, you need the ability to right-click and drag and drop. Unless I am missing something, you cannot do this with the current release.

    That said, I'm going to cut BlackBerry some slack too. For example, would anyone put resources into the BBM link when native BBM for PlayBook is (hopefully!)on the to-do list? And as for the right-click issue above, I'll have to remember to keep my keyboard or a bluetooth mouse with me when I'm away from the office. No big.

    Not being able to access the email and calendar on the smartphone by using the Playbook seems to me to be a big omission. While I don't have a Playbook, due to finances and now lack of availability, those were two of the big selling features of the Playbook. There is a lot of other stuff that I can't name off right now.

    That said I don't think any current Playbook owners should avoid getting a BB10 device. The omissions are just annoyances that mean you have to pick up your phone to check some things.

    Does the Z10 have a wifi hot spot capacity? Could be a good way for a developer to make some money with an app that takes the place of bridge or wifi.

    The review and specs indicate it can be a hotspot for 8 devices. Given that, I am less concerned about the Bridge issue.

    It was the first thing I noticed, and I'm VERY sad about this, using the playbook , bbming texting was awesome and a great feature. Huge mistake of BlackBerry to take away the Bridge functionality.

    Between this and the apparent fact that BB10 won't work very well on the Playbook anyway, I find my interest in the BB10 phones sharply reduced. I _love_ the functionality of the Playbook with my 9900 Bold.

    I'd cheerfully look at a new Playbook with a 2 gig or greater CPU to take advantage of the BB10 OS...but if RIM/Blackberry is backing out of supporting the current mutually supporting Blackberry/Playbook ecosystem, I may not be sticking around. I suggest that if the company formerly known as RIM wants to keep many of its current fans, they had better start making some serious plans and announcements to get Bridge working with the new phones. As an early adopter of the Playbook, I'm getting very tired of having to accept 'whatever...whenever' as the only answer to plans for the PB.

    Amen! This is what has me just a tad fed up right now. There is no eta, no answers, no plans ..nothing. Friends I talked into getting a PLAYBOOK still ask me when its getting BBM. I have ran out of answers. I feel like a liar.

    Disappointed to hear this. Haven't got my Z10 yet. Seems like the missing the functions are pretty basic ones as well. Hope to at least see some love for bridge on a update coming soon even if we don't get a playbook update.

    Thank you for the Info Bla1ze.
    Maybe you write us a Post about the changes in BB10 regarding BIS. What we get and what we loose.
    Kevin post in the Forum that he want to do this, but i think he is not in the right position to do this. ;-) ( i am kidding) But the Forum is screaming for such a post. The last was more confusing People. Or do you Guys didnt have the proper Infos about the Tech behind new BB10 at this Moment?

    That is quite a disappointment. I've been a BlackBerry phone user for years and, when it came available, chose the PlayBook over the iPad or an Android tablet largely because of the tethering capability.
    I expect to buy a Q10 the first day AT&T makes it available and when BBOS 10 comes to PlayBook, I fully expect tethering to be available. I'll be one mighty unhappy former BB user if it's not.

    The tethering IS already there. It's all the other stuff that is gone, e.g. Mail, SMS, calendar and address book

    Wow that is sad. I was anxious about getting the Z10 but between this and the lack of support for Outlook, i am definitely going to pass. Probably will use my upgrade towards a 9930

    At first read, i was thinking GTFOH!!!! but now that I think about it, All my email accounts are configured on my playbook, I use the remote control feature when connected to my TV, and I don't really chat via my playbook because BBM doesn't show groups. Even though its missing right now, it kinda sucks to not have it. I would prefer it to be an option. I just hope everyone realizes this is a process, and BB10 as awesome as it may be, can still be considered to be in its infancy.

    There has to be a PB bridge update coming. This is a major bug for me now. I frequently sit and watch those late night CB HQ web sessions and read my texts and BBM's via bridge.
    I can live without but as an LTE owner, I waited sooooo long to get the bridged texts and BBM that it's a major bummer now that it's gone.

    Come on update....hurry up!!

    When I had a BlackBerry, the internet, remote and files were the only thing I used bridge for personally. And even then, that was sparingly. Once PlayBook had its own email, calendar and contacts, I didn't bother bridging. BBM was an oddity I used once or twice to try out but never did after that

    Well. To each his own. I don't see the sense of duplicating my info on both PB and bb. Plus a tablet is more family use than personal. I woundnt want my work nor my personal emails on my PlayBook. Anyone using it having access to them all the time. That's the point of having bb bridge, or so I thought. Rim/blackberry, new name same old stupid way of doing things. They must always make 1 step forward then shoot themselves in the leg and take 2 back. Its just sad. If they didn't have any improvements to make, just leave it alone.

    Agree with everything. Tablet is family use and as it is passed on it would be nice to automatically mold to the user. No duplication of information in the tablet and yet have a large arsenal of functionality in your pocket.

    the thing is that some of the email accounts like aol won't work without wi-fi connection and the only way to look thorough emails without going to website was opening you email box via the bridge

    I agree this feature being left out of the z10 and playbook connection is crap. Bb betrer bring this feawback. Or else...

    Also, anyone having problems existing out of angry birds on the z10?

    Can anyone tell me if the "View on PlayBook" option is still available on Z10as it was on last-gen phones? I loved looking at an article on my Torch and wanting to read it larger on my PlayBook. All I had to do was press the BlackBerry button and then select View on PlayBook. Awesome feature.

    For security reasons, I want to keep all my data on a single device (9550). Bridge is the critical piece for me and I am on the waiting list with our corporate rep at Verizon for a Z10 but I won't be pulling the trigger on that unless I can continue using my PlayBook as I am now.

    I'm holding on to hope that this capability will be worked out by the time the Z10 hit sprint. If not i will be keeping my curve touch for a while longer.

    yeah was trying it out today and got that, its alike a kick in the sack. but on the other hand there is something that I don't think even you Kevin was expecting with the Z10. Forums thread very soon, well as soon as the vid I just uploaded to youtube finishes. you will be pleased.

    I too was an early adopter of the PB and will hold off the new Q10 until the Bridge issue is fixed. I'm still really PO that there is no option to auto sync between the Bold and the PB. Sometimes you just don't want to turn on the phone but want to check calenders and emailed docs.

    I use the bridge between a 9900 and the PlayBook. I have no other internet access at home. I personally use my PlayBook primarily as a web browser, saving the cost of cable/fios internet and no wifi hotspot charges. $79 a month covers all my phone and internet costs. Yes, I AM that cheap and I will probably milk my 9900 for all its worth.

    That's not being cheap. That's being smart with your money. If you have the right data plan, you can save thousands by doing what you do versus having separate Internet, home phone, cell plan. I HAD a bold 9900 until 2 days ago so I know exactly the utility you had with that combo.

    I suspect BB has something special up their sleeve with the Playbook so I'm cutting them lots of slack until the BB10 OS makes it way into the Playbook. Hopefully people will realize Blackberry needs to fine tune the BB10 OS first on the z10 then the q10 before diverting energy and resources away to the Playbook. IMO of course.

    I'm hoping you're right about them having something up their sleeves. I'm glad that this topic is finally being covered on the website, but I'm disappointed in the news they're reporting. After the lack of any news at all concerning the PlayBook during the launch of BB10, some of what I'd feared has come true. I guess it could be worse, and I actually expected bridge not to work at all with the Z10 until the PlayBook got BB10. Bridge is now a huge part of why I love my phone and my tablet and wouldn't consider switching platforms. I really really hope they wow us soon and show the other platforms what they're missing out on.

    It makes sense, I mean We are talking about a new OS (BB10) with an old one (OS 2.1), I suppose that all the lost functionality will be back when the playbook gets BB10.

    C'mon devs!!!!

    A simple TeamViewer type remote desktop app would be a straightforward enough stopgap surely?

    I think I was more surprised than anything else when I paired my PlayBook to my new Z10. All of a sudden, functions that I used had gone away. I have had to work around a few things but there are three elements ts that I miss the most.

    1. The presenter mode for power point presentations. I used that a lot and found it very effective for keeping people engaged as I wasn't stuck to pushing keys on a laptop.
    2. I didn't have my work emails on my PlayBook. It was my form of Balance. I had my work email on my phone and my personal account on the PlayBook. I turned my phone off at night so it meant I would only get personal emails (for the most part) while I was home. Now all accounts have to be on my PlayBook.
    3. I can no longer get text and BBM on my PlayBook.

    I hope this is something that can be included in future updates. While it isn't taking away from my thrill of using the Z10, it is always nice to build on, rather than diminish, elements that used to exist.

    The presenter mode is still there for power point presentations. You can easily move forward and backwards through the slides remotely with a Z 10.

    Since I read about this lack in the Z10 I've been trying to avoid using my bridge. It's not difficult - but still look forward to BlackBerry getting this functional ASAP.

    This is so disapointing, what to do now. I use the bridge with my 9900 so extensivley, it has changed my life. We don't have internet at home either. This is a game changer. Would be nice if Blackberry would say something regarding this issue. I assume it is an issue with the different operating systems working together and when the 10 comes to playbook all will be well?

    IM NOT SURPRISED. Until BB10 hit the playbook, functions are lacking. It is a new OS after all, not something they needed to rush. They should give a road map about adding it back when BB10 hits the Playbook. This lack of information about this concern is....concerning!

    Nothing more than a rushed out product and no time to put all the features back in.

    As the great Thor would say.

    "Coming Soon"..

    Totally gutted to loose these items, BBM, SMS and e-mail were in hourly use.

    Why cant they tell us whats happening and if it will return?

    The PlayBook is an integral part of my business day and I can't believe for one second these are permanent omissions. Could BlackBerry really be that short sighted to dumb the Bridge function down to the point of being virtually useless? I'm willing to bet that we'll see all of the functionality return in various updates or within the BB10 update. If not, I'll be absolutely livid! Thank God I kept my trusty 9900 running for just such cock-ups.

    Well, that stinks! What the heck is going on? They gave us all these great features and then take them back? I hope they rectify this by the time I have a Z10 in my hands.

    From my Playbook to you

    Might not be a complete loss for those getting a new Z10...once you can tether that's most important. Many will be busy playing with their new BB anyway. It was the major reason for grabbing a playbook I agree as that's what got me sold on the playbook initially... but with the Z10 I'm fine. Those who still have the OS 7 devices will hurt most I guess... 9900 and the playbook were good times..

    A part of me feels like BB just doesn't give a damn about PB or OS 7 devices right now, which is completely understandable seeing how much they have riding on the Z10 and the Q10. Whatever future they have in store for the PB or BB7 devices, I just really hope they make all OSs bulletproof. Neither my PB or my 9810 are aging very well software wise.

    Look at me with an OS7.1 device and no custom LED selection that is native. BB needs to bypass carriers and ensure software updates for 3 years from date of release. Your comment hits the nail on the head.

    The last I heard, BlackBerry said they would be committed to OS7 for "at least" 2 years after the BB10 launch. Makes sense as they intend to keep selling some OS7 devices at a reduced price for the foreseeable future.

    i was so looking forward to the new ways they had integrated the two pieces just to find at text file waiting in the folder i was pissed! but im over it now ;)

    ya i think its safe to assume they didnt bother bridges playbook 2.1 to BB10. and will jus wait for BB10 on the playbook before making the connection. Many RIM people have stated its all hands on deck for BB10, even BB07 legacy is being ignored completely at the moment. This is when the reality of the size of Blackberrys company comes into view

    As disappointing as this is to hear, Bla1ze, and CB Nation, I think we're all forgetting a very crucial thing here: There hasn't been an update on the PlayBook side since BB10 launched. Granted, most bridge functionality was added on the handset side with BBOS, and theoretically BlackBerry could have baked these features into BB10 on the Z10 before launch, but I'd wait until the PlayBook receives its next update before completely freaking out. The PlayBook is running on QNX but the PBOS and BB10 aren't the same and who knows if BlackBerry even took the time to look at Bridge functionality when they were finalizing BB10.

    And honestly, with the way that the PlayBook was received by the public, BlackBerry probably figured it wasn't a top priority for them for launch. Either way, I still have to wait until March so it doesn't really bother me.

    Seriously tired of this nonsense. No one knows how long we have to wait for BB10 on Playbook. There is nothing to look forward to with BB tablets cause we understand phones are the focus and the money makers. So we are stuck with a half dead OS, 2/3 dead app store and apps.

    S4 coming out in March, new Iphone in June? Google releasing key-lime later on this year but for sure we know they will release and of course iOS 7.

    Not to mention all of the other tablets that are coming out. Cheeze even Coby can make multiple tablets

    It bothers me to no end that people complain about waiting 2 years for BB10 like it's a disaster or something. 2 years to get a brand new, from the ground up OS to market is pretty spectacular if you ask me. It took Google 7 years to develop and launch Android. I used to know how long it took Apple to come to market with iOS too but I've misplaced that info but it was certainly longer than 2 years! Remember BlackBerry started with a clean sheet of paper just like Google and Apple and what they've been able to achieve in 2 years is pretty spectacular.

    Blaize / Kevin - Don't turn green! Did you reach out to BlackBerry for an explanation? Maybe it has something to do with the coming release of the BB10 upgrade for the PlayBook.

    You may see a whole lot more goodness, then ever before, and then you too will need to apologize to BB.

    If this is your best job at cheer leading, then maybe we should invite Georgia to fill in for a bit while you take a long deserved vacation.

    It's all explained in this Blackberry blog post, guess it didn't get published before you hit post.

    "We are also planning to bring BBM and other applications as part of a future update later this year. Our work is not done, and we will keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible between BlackBerry 10 devices, and beyond. I can’t wait to share with you more updates on how BlackBerry Bridge will continue to evolve in the future!"

    There go those words again "later this year"

    =we have plans to make plans about a plan but not any time soon.

    I was looking for more functionality, not less. Like the ability to use the PlayBook as a bluetooth speakerphone. When I am home my 9810 stays in my pocket, only coming out for calls and stupid Whatsapp messages.

    I am hoping they release the BB10 OS for the Playbook and restore or enhance the "old" functionality. I was suprised when I brought home my Z10 and bridged it for the first time.

    I have faith in BlackBerry and the new OS/Z10 is an amazing step forward in comparison to the older OS.

    I am even more excited about the platform since I got the phone yesterday and cannot wait to see what they have in store for us moving forward!

    Could this problem be possibly from the playbook not having the update yet? Wasn't the playbook in line to get the BB10 operating system sometime soon?

    That does suck, but I bet it won't be fixed until BB10 is released for PlayBook. what I really want though is ability to view phone screen from PlayBook... for all those apps that PlayBook will never support over bridge, like WhatsApp.

    BlackBerry roadmap says that BlackBerry 10 for PlayBook will come mid February 2013. After the launch/sale of the Z10 and before the sale of Q10. And now during interview to BB they are saying that BB10 for PlayBook will come later this year, what a shame to BB. Thor must keep his promise, otherwise a lot of consumer will be disappointed. All I see on why they are holding it is to make us playbook owners to buy first the Z10 and that's marketing, a sad marketing for us PB owner. They are making sure that we upgrade first to Z10 and or to Q10 before they release BB10 to PlayBook. Haay...

    Sorry buddy but Thor never promised anything other than PLAYBOOK will get BLACKBERRY10. That leaked roadmap you speak of was an internal document not a public promise.

    I really hope "later this year" doesn't end up being Q1/Q2 2014. Tablet technology is moving way too fast for this. I know its all hands on deck for the Z10/Q10 but BB still should have reserved a small group of people to continue work on the next PB update. Its gonna be very hard for BB to sell the PB 6-9 months from now no matter how good the update is.

    Why would they go backwards? It doesn't make sense and is a bit disappointing. I love BB but their integration and ecosystem roll out could have been a lot better given how much time they had

    I stuck to my phone's native messages and calendar so this will be a problem for me when I hopefully get my Z10 next week.
    However, I think that this should be read in conjunction with Kevin's article about BB10 for the PlayBook. I think that it is unlikely that we will get or need a full BB10 for the PlayBook, more like a BB10 Lite which could also involve a reduced functionality for Bridge. I think that we may have to wait now until that PlayBook update is released.

    Luckily the only function i currently use with bridge is the remote control....ha tv in bedroom controlled by playbook, remoted by my new Z10 in bed.

    This is Blackberry (former RIM) as usual. They are used to releasing a higher numbered version of software with LESS features as the previous one. Desktop Manager comes to mind.

    A few months later they'll add the missing items one by one.

    I really love BB Bridge with the Playbook. I guess I'll have to hold on to my Bold a little bit longer.

    Wow. Since I've been using a fully functional Bridge since the PB was introduced, this is not only a disappointment, but means I have lost one of the main weapons I have been promoting within our IT Dept on why they need to rapidly adopt the BB 10. How can BB think that they can come out with a major step forward and afford to take ANY steps backward. Especially, with ALL of the extra time they had to "get it right at launch". As for a years plus of patience, and taking away functionality that separates them from iOS and android is stunning.

    If they are not going to fix this, and quickly..attention all developers...made it, any I/we will PAY for it! And I thought I was mad about the "sometime in March" for the US. Now this...

    Funny ... would not all the exec's at Blackberry use the PB and bridge themselves ? or maybe they do not and therefore are not particularly concerned. I am not in business and have only used the bridge when the PB did not have a native e-mail system. I suppose it would be useful but if the other tablets do not have a similar capacity and since the PB was not a big seller perhaps Blackberry feels that the software adjustments are not worth the costs.

    At first, I was ready to get pissed, but I have found that almost everywhere I go in Nor Cal there is free wi-fi now. I find that I am not "bridging" as much as I used to. So that being said, I would hope this is just a temporary situation. If not, Blackberry is really shooting themselves in the foot.

    This is bad news indeed and potentially “a show stopper“ for me. Let's just hope that this feature will be restored or improved sooner rather than later. I don't understand what they are thinking. This was a major factor for me to buy PB. In fact, I was hoping that they will improve the bridge even more with the new OS. Thanks for raising the issue. The message should be heard loud and clear.

    This is not acceptable. BB Bridge is essential for me. Often my 9780 is in my pocket or in the charging stand and I'm using it as an internet access point.

    I'm a playbook user since the very first hour and was also more or less patiently waiting for the eagerly anticipated OS 2.1. The current version is ok.

    I really like the BB10 and the z10 but I'm expecting a "working" OS this time!!
    Why on earth can't Blackberry make sure to have fully compatible devices especially when BB10 originated from the PB's OS.

    I need fully functional devices NOW and not sometime in the future.

    Last chance Blackberry!

    Guys, I don't think BB isn't aware of this, I just think the 2 aren't compatible yet. 1 of 2 things are happening, because they are just to smart to make an oversight like this, either they are working on BB10 for Playbook in order to make it compatible with the Z10 OR and it pains me to say this, but business is business, they're building ANOTHER tablet.

    Possibly they are not wasting time on it because they have a new system in development. Such as having the 2devices using the same bbid sync over the cloud. Calenders synced messages bbm etc

    Possibly they are not wasting time on it because they have a new system in development. Such as having the 2devices using the same bbid sync over the cloud. Calenders synced messages bbm etc

    The only way I can see native BBM working properly on the playbook is to be simultaneously cloud synced.

    i guess the unrest in BBLand has trickled up as the update would indicate,,, thanks CB Nation for rattling the BlackBerry bush...


    Here is a thought: We know that BlackBerry 10 OS is going to be released on PlayBook. Maybe after that upgrade, the Playbook will start behaving as it was with previous bridge.

    I mean, maybe the bridge is not really limited, it's full features will be revealed when it's paired with Playbook running BB 10 OS.

    I am sad about this news. Very disappointed.
    I have a BB curve 8900 for 3 years now and it works perfectly with my Playbook. I love the features. In fact, I bought the Playbook especially for it' s communication abilities through Bridge. I also convinced my sister to buy a Playbook especially for Bridge. She did buy the Playbook and is very happy with it and with Bridge.

    These last two years I did not buy a new BB because I just choose to wait for the BB10. I saw iphone 4, 4S and 5 hitting the market as well as android phones. I saw Blackberry going down in popularity really fast, but still I have kept my old curve 8900. No one could convince me to buy either an Iphone or Android phone. I just want Blackberry. I just want a Z10.
    I am a Blackberry lover and I follow all BB news on

    So this news about Bridge and Z10 is totally disappointing. For two years I've wait for BB10 and kept going on with my old BB curve. It's old and slow but it works perfectly. Everyday I go to work with the curve and the Playbook.

    I live in Aruba. I don' t know yet when the Z10 will be available here. I was very anxious to buy the Z10, but now with this Bridge news, I am not sure. I strongly feel Blackberry just let it's clients that are using Bridge, down.

    Greetings from Aruba.

    << Quote from Scootnyiner>> " I use the bridge between a 9900 and the PlayBook. I have no other internet access at home. I personally use my PlayBook primarily as a web browser, saving the cost of cable/fios internet and no wifi hotspot charges. $79 a month covers all my phone and internet costs. Yes, I AM that cheap and I will probably milk my 9900 for all its worth." >>>


    I have to pay AT&T $50.00 a month for 5GB of data just to tether my Torch-9810 to my PlayBook, AT&T requires one to buy that package. My wireless service which includes 3 lines coast $180.00 a month.

    I use very little data on the PlayBook. I think this is an injustice on the part of AT&T!

    I also have my internet service with AT&T, coast $47.00 per month.

    I may change carriers; contract up in two 2 months!!!


    I don't think this is bad news for PlayBook types at all... In fact I think it is GOOD news. It means that most of that functionality (including BBM) is coming to the PlayBook natively. Why would they bother with Bridge if the PlayBook will have BBM and can use the Z10 hotspot? Bluetooth Bridge was a poor substitute for a wifi version and having native apps on the PlayBook makes even more sense. The ones that DO make sense (remote control for instance) are there. I don't see it as bad news at all - as long as they don't mean Dec 31st, 2013 for the updates.

    And which BBM ID would you use if you have a native BBM on your playbook and on your Z10? The elegance of Blackberry Bridge is that I had one ID on two devices with different form factors. I could the device that was most appropriate at a given time. This new Bridge is just about useless for me and I've used remote control for presentations. I get how that adds value but what about all the other stuff I used it for? Gone! This is not good news. This is very bad news, for me.

    the can was already open,,, they just put a big giant light on it, to their credit,,, they heard, they listened, they acted...


    It was my understanding form what I have read that BB is building a new PlayBook table with the 10 operating system, maby they will have an app that with cause the 10-OS to work with the older version PlayBook.

    I went from a Torch-9800 with the 6-OS to the Torch 9810 with the 7-OS both worked fine on my PlayBook with the Bridge, I think the Bridge for the 7-OS was upgraded.

    I am sure that all will be fine!

    i use my playbook daily and the bridge with my 9900 is awesome. BBM text phone call notifications i love it all. The best part of the playbook is the bridge. I just purchased my z10 and just found out about this and it totally sucks. I realty hope BB figures this out and sends an update soon. I think my playbook will be gathering dust until then

    The points have been made above. I can't fathom how Blackberry could think the existing, die hard user, those with a Blackberry and a Playbook wouldn't feel somehow jilted by this decision? Chasing the iPhone user at the detriment of the core user just doesn't make sense.

    This proverb is apropos: The hunter who chases two rabbits catches neither one.

    Hey Blackberry, how about you make your existing customers happy before chasing those that have already declared a preference for something else..

    As I'm from the UK I'm a tad annoyed that it has taken a week almost for BlackBerry to release any official word on this as I may have held off upgrading from my 9900. Though personally I don't think this should have even been an issue as owners had a right to expect everything they could do already to be available to them with their new phone.

    A query I would have is when they update the PlayBook and those with BB10 potentially getting the functionality back, what is going to happen to those using OS6/7 will they lose the functionality they presently enjoy?

    I'm hoping the apps have gone because they haven't been developed - because you won't need them anymore! BB10 on the PlayBook should sync your BBMs, memos, calendar, emails and notes over the cloud.

    The only thing we need bridge for is seeing files on our phone, using the phone as a remote control and sharing the internet connection - and those features have survived!

    I'd personally like to see those functions back and better than before. Another thing I'd like added to the bridge function is the ability to open apps from the phone and the apps on the tablet using the phone's data. I'd like to see the the apps from the phone showing in the PB when bridge as well. Just throwing my 2 cents of ideas out there. This is BB10 with new and innovative ideas after all.

    hold on, have i read this right? Has the ability to surf the web via the phones internet connection been lost?
    If it has this sounds like a concession to the networks to me.

    Didn't read through all the comments, but I always thought bridge is a redundant feature for BB10.
    As long as:
    - everything is synched in the cloud (that's what BBID is for)
    - also BBM is available on the PB
    In that case, we don't need the bridge features that now are missing.
    Could that be the BB service they will be offering for monthly payment to replace the BIS fees?

    Largely this is due to a) BES10 and Balance and b) ActiveSync support on the PlayBook: RIM, at least for business customers, no longer needs to offer a way to get BES services on the device via a handset, and end-users can use EAS, IMAP or similar on the PlayBook.

    When the PB was launched, Bridge really felt like a hack to get BES and BBID-related services on a second device when RIM's entire ecosystem was predicated on one-device-one-user. It evolved into something more useful, but that was originally all it was supposed to do.

    Now we have Balance to do much of the same, and the PlayBook has native PIM apps at the same time as a BB handset. 90% of what you needed Bridge for isn't necessary.

    That said, I don't see BBM on the PlayBook, and the Bridge for SMS and notifications was handy. It would be good to get those back (and see BBM go multi-device) but I would not hold my breath for PIM apps, not with BES10 and Balance.

    I want to be able to Bridge my 9810 to my Z10 to use the keyboard and trackpad on the 9810 as a remote control for the Z10... if the PlayBook is the "Bridge Client" and the BBOS7 device is a "Bridge Server" right now it looks like the Z10 can only be a "Bridge Server", but I want it to be able to act as a Bridge Client.

    This will be especially useful when the Z10 is plugged into a HDMI-enabled monitor or projector, where it becomes impractical to control the Z10 directly with the cable plugged in (depending on the length of the HDMI cable)

    Umm once again the time frame commitment was "later this year". This is to be polite, horses**t. I purchased a Z10 for the wife, now she doesn't want it for the lack of bridge features, and let me tell Rimm, I have been holding out for the Q10 myself, but I will not be purchasing one until the Bridge feature is restored, and what anyone should expect, improved.

    They should do a DUAL boot. One running the existing OS for the playbook, and another for BB10 while they work out the kinks.

    I said it in reply to another post, but I continue to be mystified as to why a supposed upgrade in OS has led to so many losses in functionality.

    Why did they do that? The Bridge is one of the main reasons I bought the Playbook. Silly idea. I hope it's only temporary.

    Maybe it's because of bb10 os is based on qnx? That the bbm.bars on both devices crash together?? If you think about it, bb10 os is based on the tablet os. I have blackberry 9900 with the playbook its a great combination! i hope this will be the same when bb10 comes to the netherlands in march!

    Read the blog people, the one crackberry linked to when they (blackberry) published the article.

    I'm NOT disappointed and I haven't used all of the bridge functionality, so it wouldn't be a bummer to me if the Q10 had less functionality via bridge with the playbook I have. :)

    This is a pretty disappointing turn of events. I use my email, calender, txt and bbm ALL THE TIME over bridge. It is in fact one of the things that makes the two devices work so well together. I rarely use the remote. I've never had any desire to set up my email or calenders on the playbook because I didn't want duplicate notifications for emails on both devices and have to go through the trouble of deleting them in both places. This was not an intelligent move by Blackberry. I may upgrade to a 9900 instead and use that until the end of days.

    folks..we are on the wrong page..having waiting years for BB to come to the party the Z10 has been a HUGE dissapointment to say the least not to mention the BB playbook. THE Z10 has no direct USB sync tooutylook contacts and tasks - like ALL other BB via desktop manager...thus a huge issue.. no skype..come i handed mine back and taken an iphone5 - seamless sync outlook contacts task whats app and skype all there no waiting for promises etc etc.. The BB playbook and Z10 via BRIDGE is another movie altogther..who know where BB is going...

    HUGE dissapointment to say the least not to mention the BB playbook. THE Z10 has no direct USB sync to outlook contacts and tasks - like ALL other BB via desktop manager...thus a huge issue.. no skype..come i handed mine back and taken an iphone5 - seamless sync outlook contacts task whats app and skype all there no waiting for promises etc etc.. The BB playbook and Z10 via BRIDGE is another movie altogther..who know where BB is going...

    I need sms on the playbook. I would hate the to have to always put down the playbook to pick up the z10 just to read and respond to txts. Also I like the feature of caller I'd.

    Blackberry bridge for z10 big dissappointment hopefully there will be ugrades soon to the way it was. Otherwise waste of money buying playbook

    Pre-Ordered a white z10 from Verizon, but I wont even be able to activate the phone and use it if the bridge isn't brought up to current bridge capabilities as the torch touch and playbook pairing. Very excited about the new phone and will probably just switch out to the q10 once that comes out. FIX or UPDATE the bridge features ASAP PLEASE.

    Got my Z10 today, and Blackberry Bridge vanished from the Playbook screen and I can't re-download it. it says this item is not supported for your device. Help?

    Well, I got my WHITE Z10 a couple days ago. And the Bridge is useless. So the phone is sitting on my desk NOT ACTIVATED, No OUTLOOK sync (have read there is, but hooked up the phone to the comp with the updated comp software and no Organizer sync). I do like the HUB and the keyboard is much nicer than the Torch Touch. I do play with it and it is very nice phone, Thought at the very least the Verizon version of Skype would be on the phone, NOPE! Hard to believe that only (3) issues would render this phone useless for me - Bridge is Lacking, Outlook Sync (mainly Calender), and no Skype (I have Verizon Skype on my Torch, for some reason I never considered Verizon having (1) device that doesn't have their version of Skype).

    Have a feeling BlackBerry does not care, Even so I am a BlackBerry fan and utilize the phone (Torch Touch)/bridge combination to keep my business moving forward, I would only handicap myself right now to switch to the Z10. But the Z10 is a beautiful phone and very good functionality. Just lacking for people who use the phone for work.

    Well if I can't bridge the z10 I really can't get one. And that is disappointing

    Use my playbook for work when traveling (I travel 49 weeks per year ) If for some reason I can't get access to the corporate network when I am in the field I can bridge and have email access. I have excel spreadsheets that have to be sent to corporate, no bridge no spreadsheet

    I have had the Z10 for several months now and just today picked up a 16G Playbook. It's my first tablet experience. The bridge hooked up seemlessly and gives me access to the Z10 music and photo files. The remote control of the PB screen using the Z10 as a mouse is quite functional and useful. I understand that these "features" may seem lame to experienced PB users, but for me and for now the synergy between the two devices is all I need. I do expect PB software upgrades will better integrate the PB and Z10 down the road.

    I had my Z10 for a week and several disappointments. The Blackberry Bridge as described above, not the same when I had my Blackberry Torch. And the biggest disappointment is that you can't sync your Outlook contacts & calendar like how you use to. Blackberry says they are working on it, but they should have had this before they released it

    For me, this is totally, totally lame.

    BB Bridge MADE the PlayBook. It's poor functionality when combined with a Z10 is exceedingly poor. When you combine the inability to sync Outlook calendar and contacts dbases in BB Link (the most lame software ever released), and I find myself wondering why I persist with BlackBerry....

    Throw in how difficult it is to persuade the Z10 to even allow the set up of a bog standard pop3 email account on Vodafone, and so far I'm very unimpressed by BB10. All they've done is nearly catch up with the iphone. They're still behind it for my money.

    I totally agree. I am still don't understand why they haven't fixed the syncing issue with Outlook calendar & contacts, what taking them so long. I really make you think if the next phone going to be BB

    Iphone ? LOL where have you been ?
    Every Android Smartphone Device is surpassed , superseded , the IPHONE. I mean seriously dude.
    The Nexus 4 makes the Iphone 4 and 4s look OLD and the Iphone 5 just now has come to par with it, barely.
    Then there is the HTC One , The Samsung S4 , The soon to be released Moto X....ALL of them make the Iphone 5 look dated. Why do you think APPLE pushed out IOS 7? so fast.

    The Iphone. *shakes head* some people are still stuck in the past.

    IMO, the greatest value of the PlayBook when it launched was that it would bridge with my BB9900 and I didn't need an additional data plan when WiFi wasn't available. (Althugh AT&T tried to force that) Now that I have the Z10, without this ability, the PlayBook is not as useful to me and that is a major disappointment. If this doesn't get corrected, then I don't want or need the PlayBook. And definitely would not be inerested in a future tablet. The PlayBook is a stay-at-home device at this point. I wouldn't be as aggravated if they had not promised it. I might have held onto my 9900 longer.

    I just found out about this issue and haven't looked farther into it, but this is very concerning. In order to have the latest BB Smart Phone (capabilities) I have to give up my bridge functionality which is one major thing that sets BB phones and tablets apart from the others. Or I have to keep using last years phones until they break and then are no longer available. I'm not a business leader but even I can figure out this is a very bad move.

    I actually phoned Blackberry support AFTER I ordered the Z10 from AT&T. I specifically wanted to get the Z10 so I could bridge between the 2 for a side business. I thought that was going to be seemless but alas to my dismay there will be NO support for Playbook and no upgrades to the PlayBook OS. I was so looking forward to having the Z10 for this purpose. I will be trading the Z10 for a new Torch (I have one already) and make that the main line and then upgrade my current Torch next month. I'm content with having a Torch for now this way I will be able to bridge and will have to decide what I want to upgrade to. I will do my research before I upgrade.

    One of the last existing BB Supporters..