BlackBerry Bridge application updated to version 3.0 in BlackBerry World

Update:  As it turns out this version is available for BlackBerry 10 devices as well

BlackBerry Bridge Update v3.0
By Zach Gilbert on 29 Jan 2013 05:25 pm EST

BlackBerry Bridge, the application that allows you to connect your BlackBerry smartphone to your BlackBerry PlayBook, has been updated to version 3.0 via BlackBerry World. Updates to BlackBerry Bridge have historically meant that a PlayBook OS update is coming. While we don’t have any confirmation that a PlayBook update is in the pipes, this update may have some new features in it anyway. If you aren’t seeing the update on your BlackBerry, try the trusty ALT then “R-S-T” trick, or wait about 24 hours for the servers to propagate.

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BlackBerry Bridge application updated to version 3.0 in BlackBerry World


Prob to get ready for BB10 on playbook (just guessing).... Would be totally awesome if one of the surprises from RIM tomorrow was the BB10 playbook update.... Maybe I'm dreaming :)

LOL! Let me dream with you!! Hope to see BB10 on my Playbook to tomorrow!!!! That will be a hell of a surprise from RIM!!!

This update is probably needed to bring the legacy OSes up to par with BB10 (in terms of Bridge functionality), I don't see a reason to update what's likely already baked into the software at launch.

Not everyone is going to care about bridge functionality due to having no interest in a playbook so I expect that they will continue to keep the bridge app as a standalone download going forward.

and rroyy is still waiting for RIM ((= OTAs will on be and official Bridge thread as soon as RIM let me make 'em :) (It says OS7+ for update but start to think that it's BB10 only. Lets wait and see)

That was my thought too, kind of a huge jump as far as versions go and not have something in store for us later.
I don't know what I would do with out my berries!

I've been more excited about OS10 coming to the playbook and hopefully some new features with Bridge. I can't wait to get more info and finally some released updates.

Anyone noticed anything different in the Bridge app itself? I haven't been able to download it yet personally.

BB10 on playbook?!?!?!

We all know Bridge updates and playbook updates are highly correlated, and why would RIM still be working on updating OS 2.1? BB10book!

I just downloaded it on a dev alpha but it won't install for some reason. Anyone else having this issue?

Seems like it say available for os 5 and up to me but the funny thing is only people with a bb10 have been able to download it much for you and your CAPS!!!!

I have a feeling it will only be available for download tomorrow and also nothing tells us that BB10 for the PB will be here tomorrow. So, lets not get carried away, or we will be bound to be disappointed.

Have you seen the screen capture where you can configure what you share ?
That's awesome if they bring data sharing between apps you've installed on your phone and playbook ! (But it seems like this means BB10 playbook or am I wrong, it's not like we could share data between app on playbook 2.1 and Z10)

If a PBOS to BB10 is released and us LTE owners are left hanging on for our carriers again, I'm gonna go postal, I swear!!

I REALLY hope this carrier approving updates thing is DONE with BB10

But but but my friends at RIM said PlayBooks won't get BB10 for another 8 months? BAHAhahahahaha!!!

RIM is showing love to the loyal WATCH!!!

If it's available for both BB10 dev testing devices, and BlackBerry smartphones... Then maybe we will see a beta release of BB10 for the PlayBook including enhanced bridge functionality? #BlackBerrybychoice

of course BB10 would have to work with the Playbooks and Appworld needs to change into Blackberry World, so how could there not be an update?

Just installed on bb10 alpha b and it works fine. I think this update might be just to ensure the new phones will have a version to connect to the playbooks. Thing is that this bridge only gives acces to internet, files, browser and remote control. I dont see bbm, txt etc...prob wont be there till the playbooks receive bb10 down the road.

Is this update only available for blackberry smartphones running os7+ ?
I have no update available on my BB Bold 9780 running os6...
One can always hope for a surprise but I thought RIM was pretty clear on the matter of Playbook getting the upgrade to BB10 weeks to months after the release of the BB10 phones...
But hey... I'll be crossing my fingers too, haha :D

Maaan... I'm trying not to get my hopes up for a PB update to BB10.... but it's getting awfully hard with each passing minute... :(

I want to know this myself.

I mean, this hasn't been the case with 2.x updates. But I can imagine such a drastic OS update like going to BB 10 would/could cause problems. I would imagine they did some improvement to the Android environment.

Anyhow, any apps paid for from BB World you can just download and install again if needed. Sideloads may have to be redone. I honestly don't know the answer to your question...just thinking through things logically.

I didn't mean reloading. I thought I had read that OS10 was not going to support an Android player. There goes most of the apps I use on the PB.

I hope it's for blackberry link. A new desktop application allowing blackberry bridge to "officially" control a PC would be a game changer.

Nothing here in Southern Illinois either! App world showing V3!!! Deleted V2, did a QR scan, it downloaded V2!! This sucks!

My world even show the splat, sorry Spark, that I have an upgrade. Nothing shows an upgrade is available!

Just got an error message saying that the update is not available for my device (9650). Hmmm. BBWorld's web version has been a headache all night.

I'll wait for the update to bug me via the inbox. I'm NOT going to give myself high hopes when it's not fully available everywhere! lol

Its available just not to legacy devices...this is a bridge update for Z10 and dev alpha hope for os 5-7 sorry about your luck and yes i feel like shit too..

CrackBerry should have changed the title. I got my first clue when i saw the file size was only 868kb thats because its the qnx version. This is what happens when you have one store supporting 0s5-7 playbook2.1 and bb10 a clusterfuckkk

Still seeing BB bridge version in Blackberry App World on Bell Mobility for my carrier. Even if we get a bridge update overnight or tomorrow, you won't see a PB update to BB10 for awhile. Let's get the Z10 out the door and running before we start pushing other devices.


“Think highly of yourself, because the world will take you at your own estimate.”

I love how no one knows what is coming. For Apple, everybody had every damn thing published way ahead of time.

I know what s not coming and its OS10 for PLayBook along with bridge update.

This was a bridge update for dev alpha and Z10 only..I wish they would change the title they usually do when they mess up.

So I go to BB World, and I see the bridge download for v. 3....when I try to download it, it says "internal server error."
Please NOT f**k this up tomorrow....PLEASE

Releasing OS10 for PB on launch day together with the OS10 phones would be I really hope that this is what's going on....boy oh boy...go RIM go!

Has anyone actually managed to download this for a bbos device?

It might simply be that v3 is for bb10 handsets but because they do not yet list the z10 on bbworld it simply doesn't show up in the supported devices yet.

Ding ding ding. 868KB is NOT a java bridge app lol. CB should change the title rather than getting people's hopes up.

I was fully expecting a Bridge update prior to BB10 but not necessarily a BB10 update for the PlayBook anytime soon. The update is not yet available for my OS6 device,but I'm not that concerned as I will be getting a Z10 in about 2 WEEKS time.

Still not able to upgrade my Blackberry Bridge on my 9930 yet....frustrating to read the article on Crackberry and not be able to get it yet!

No it is not working for my 9810 either, no ver 3 on the device and the web page gives an error, people are likely right it is currently just for OS 10.

I deleted bridge on my 9900 , scanned the QR code for V3 and it re-installed V2, soit looks like it's for BB10 only...should be able to update on Monday

I deleted bridge on my 9900 , scanned the QR code for V3 and it re-installed V2, so it looks like it could be for BB10 only...I should be able to confirm on Monday when my Z10 arrives :-)

Been checking since CB announced this, but it was not until today I read these words:

"BlackBerry Bridge Version 3.0 is available for BlackBerry 10 devices, version 2.1 is available for Blackberry OS 5.0 - 7.1 devices."

They appear at the very end of the fully expanded description. No need to beat yourself up about this one. I do blame CB for getting us excited by the news that wasn't.