BlackBerry Bridge now available

BlackBerry Bridge
By Adam Zeis on 27 Jun 2012 03:13 pm EDT

A small update to BlackBerry Bridge is now available. The new version sits at and really only looks to fix one issue some users were having (although there may be other tweaks behind the scenes as well). Ths fix is for users who were experiencing a BlackBerry Browser error when using Bridge.

The update is showing as available in App World however some users are reporting it doesn't look like it can be installed just yet. If you do get it up and running be sure to drop a comment letting us know.

More information/Download BlackBerry Bridge

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BlackBerry Bridge now available


Downloading now and now installed, have to wait to get home to see the PB and Bridge updates, waiting to see what goodies are available NOW!!!

I usually have mine with me as I take a bus to work, and use my PB for reading/entertainment but I was in such a rush this morning, I forgot it at home lol

Hmm, ran into this issue on the GF's BlackBerry when we changed her SIM card, I had just assumed it was Rogers being evil. Didn't realize it was a known issue! Will get her to try it.

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Reboot your phone and you'll be able to download the upgrade.

Bold 9900
Torch 9810
PlayBook 64GB

In "My World" under the 'Installed' tab, hit your menu key and select 'Refresh List'. Voila. The update is ready for download.

Bold 9900
Torch 9810
PlayBook 64GB

A little off topic, but can I bridge two different BB phones to one Playbook? I have an old Storm 9550 (that I use for work now) and a Torch 9850 (that is my personal phone) and have been thinking of getting a Playbook. I'd like to be able to use both with the Playbook at the same time.

If your question is can you bridge more than one BlackBerry phone to the tablet, yes. At the same time, no.

What do you hope to achieve? I have a 9550 and a 9810 and I bridge both to the PlayBook, but can only use one combination of them at a time.

Thanks for replying! So, how do you switch back and forth between your two devices? Is it easy to switch?

I use the Storm 9550 for work and the Torch 9850 for personal, so I would like to be able to use the Playbook with both phones.

Yes it's pretty easy. Just have Bridge and bluetooth turned on for whichever phone you are using. And there is a bridge section in the PlayBook setting and you can choose the proper phone from there. The PlayBook remembers all BlackBerry phones it pairs with unless you erase them. :)

This is a long shot, but does this unlock the ability to text message from PlayBook OS 2.1 beta?

Version – to be posted for 7.1 users

Version – to be posted for 7.0 users

Version – to be posted for 6.0/6.1 users

Version – to be posted for 5.0 users

I'm a bit confused. Which phone runs 6.1?

I believe you mean 6.0 will be as OS 6.1 had a version name change to 7.0.

Open app world. Select on menu. Refresh list. Viola.

Download. Did this while listening to music via Bluetooth headset on beach. Finished beer. Now biking home to bridge and watch tablet TV. Cheers. oh. Have a storm 2. Worked perfecttly. Version .32. Btw

I have bold 9930, version 7.1. I download the update. Theres no need to be excited, i dnt see anything interesting and changes. Must be just a bug fix, I have PB 64gb. But you know what this means, if the phone has an update. For sure there would be an update coming next for Playbook. I hope for text capability ( receive and send )

Wrong. It doesn't mean that at all.

It did use to mean that but not no more and I can tell you with 99% certainty that there will be no playbook update that follows.

This fix is very nice. If I 'Open on Playbook' from a link in an email, the link launches on my PlayBook. If I close the tab and go to another link in another message, 'Open in Playbook is not a menu selection. It's fixed with this patch.

I can't wait until 2.1 comes along with SMS over Bridge.

Very excited about getting SMS over Bridge, as this is my main communication tool (in the UK, but my friends don't have Berries). Bit of a shame we can't do this yet, seeing as you can add SMS contacts into BBM on the phones.

Seriously is this a Joke.????!!!
I am sick and tired of RIM. after the bridge upgrade I can't connect the playbook with BB 9780. How can RIM be so ingenious ways of f'ing up things. No wonder the company is heading towards bankruptcy.

I can connect to my 9780 but this version has issues, internet is slow and access to my email is very buggy. Can I go back to the previous version?
I was very happy with the Bridge up until this morning.

why don't they get users to test these before they go out, I am a beta tester and never have I been asked to test the bridge app.

RIM you've taken away the one thing I like about the playbook and that's bridge functionality.

Showed up yesterday and downloaded and installed. Didnt notice anything different myself. But I like updates anyway lol