BlackBerry Bridge now available for download

By Bla1ze on 18 Jul 2011 10:04 pm EDT
BlackBerry Bridge

While we all wait for RIM to roll out the the latest BlackBerry PlayBook update that seemingly was delayed, you can now go ahead and download the latest BlackBerry Bridge update. v1.0.4.9 is making its way to users through the BlackBerry App World client or -- you can login to the BlackBerry App World webstore online to expedite the process. Changes? Discuss them in the CrackBerry forums.

Download BlackBerry Bridge From BlackBerry App World

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BlackBerry Bridge now available for download


Thanks! And you hade some other great OTA's that by the same mysterious reasons are not available here in Sweden... Anyone know why this is happening all the time? It can't be that hard to cope with license regulations etc? Especially not for the RIM apps itself...

I already have Black Berry Bridge. What does this one do?



(It's a semi mash up of music ... Black Eyed Peas ROCKS !
Listen to it !!

Don't dl mielophone. App is a waste. Thanks to rr_yy for the ota. Us At&t customers really appreciate it.

Installed New Bridge version.
First change noticed - BBM notification icon is working correctly now and is disappearing after reading the incoming message. Earlier it was so hard to get rid of it :)
Scolling through further to check for more updates.
Surely with PB update, we will see more.

Can anyone tell me if AT&T users can use Bridge without incurring the monthly fee ? Can you download the app from a non-AT&T site and get it to work without them knowing ?

...a nod or a wink will

I can confirm bridge is functioning ok on at&t with grandfathered unlimited data (no tethering plan). Seems a lot slower on the bridge browser at first glance but that could just be a localized issue.

In Vancouver, installed OTA, thanks for that! i never had the bridge browser before, but have it with this update

It didn't seem news worthy considering I didn't notice any change.
I think the changes will become more apparent when the PB gets updated tomorrow.

Well it doesn't seem like much changed besides the file size (from 1.4 - 1.9mbs) perhaps there are things in it waiting for the PlayBook OS update. This was one hell of a build number jump!

Thanks napp for the OTA link, upgraded PlayBook & Bridge via & OTA link above (I have AT&T and don't trust App Store version) and Bridge works fine including browser. When I have time I'll set it out some more but so far so good!

Im on ATT and just downloaded the updated pb software and ota bridge app but now my bridge apps wont open. it pairs properly but when i click on my messages app, the black loading screen comes up for a while then the app closes.

anyone have any advice or able to help?

Downloaded Bridge from App World using AT&T device and Now Bridge Browser is blocked.. Says I need a tether plan. This worked fine on Bridge v1.00.93.. Deleting it and trying one of the OTAs to see if I can get it back.

Confirmed: OTA install brings Bridge Browser access back.. AT&T user shouldnt use AppWorld or they will Loose Bridge Browser if they do not have Tether Plan,.

I am using AT&T and downloaded the upgrade today. All was well but my Bridge icon was no where to be found. I needed to connect to the BB Desktop and delete the app and reinstall. All was fine then. Had the same issue when I downloaded the officially AT&T sanctioned Bridge app.