BlackBerry Books That Will Help You Get BlackBerry Smart

By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Jan 2010 12:03 pm EST

I've got to do some cleaning this weekend and in looking around my mess of a home office I noticed I had a pile of BlackBerry-related books lying around. So I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone and while carrying them off to the bookshelf give them a few minutes of fame in youtube video primetime action. You can check out the video above for a quick look at BlackBerry books that will help you get BlackBerry smart. And for more info on each of the books mentioned in the video or to purchase, you can follow the links below:

Happy Reading! While you can usually find any answer you need for free in our CrackBerry articles or forums, books are always tend to be nice to have around and are especially good for those just getting their first device - step by step how tos and help make learning easy. And for BlackBerry Application development, the clear and precise instructions and theory are a big bonus. If you know of other good BlackBerry-related books out there you have read, you can make mention of them in the comments. Now go get BlackBerry smart! :)

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BlackBerry Books That Will Help You Get BlackBerry Smart


This is funny for me, I was just in Barnes & Noble yesterday looking to see what books they had on Blackberry phones. I was going to try to get some suggestions on the forums too. Thanks for the article.

Very good suggestions! I've actually found the Tips&Tricks / User's guides from Verizon to be really helpful. Much better than Sprint telling me to find my original CD and locate the PDF file ;)

Thanks again!

Guys: Robert K., Dante S., Kevin M and rest of the authors,



Just went on to and all but the Cracbberry tales are available for those of us in the North.