BlackBerry Bold Weekend Review Roundup!

By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Aug 2008 10:36 am EDT

As the BlackBerry Bold begins to make its way around the world (my condolences to AT&T customers who are getting screwed with having to wait and wait and wait...) we are beginning to see some great hands-on reviews pop up. So before I head out for another day of Hunting Down a Rogers BlackBerry Bold, I thought I'd quickly sum up the best of the BlackBerry Bold "goodness" that's been going on around the net.

When it comes to BlackBerry Bold reviews, we have to start by pointing to our Web's First Review of the BlackBerry 9000. It dates back to May 6th, before the Bold was even called the Bold (which we were the first to nail the official name!), when the eBay-purchased 9000 emerged. Had I known the clip above would become the most-viewed "BlackBerry" video on youtube (over 500k plays to date) I would have put a little more production value into it!! :-) 

Moving on, here are some of the other must-check out BlackBerry Bold articles of the past few weeks:

Have more links? Post them in the comments (they won't be clickable but you can C&P them into your browsers and I will update this list). And expect to see more BlackBery Bold Review action from in the days ahead. Now to track down a Rogers BlackBerry Bold...

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BlackBerry Bold Weekend Review Roundup!


it's really weird how you have the L theme and the today theme on this version... i have the rogers bold and i don't have these themes!

You gotta remember - that was the Pre-Release BlackBerry Bold.. the early, early, early version.

If you read through the reviews you can find all that info.

I don't think these earlier Precision themes made the final, commercially available models.

Hey Kevin,

According to PinStack, Best Buy in Canada is selling the Bold as of today! Check them out!

Best Buy Canada, Canada's fastest growing specialty retailer and e-tailer of consumer electronics, will be carrying BlackBerry Bold 9000 from Research in Motion Ltd., in stores across Canada beginning tomorrow.

"The BlackBerry Bold is one of the hottest new products for Canadian technology enthusiasts," said Phil Johnston, Director, Wireless Solutions, Best Buy Canada Ltd. "We want Canadians to know that they can count on Best Buy for the latest and greatest in mobile technology."

To address the growing demand for a better mobile phone shopping experience, Best Buy Canada announced in June that it will be launching a unique stand-alone shopping experience with new stores located in shopping centers across the country. The new Best Buy Mobile stores will sell mobile phones, plans, accessories and related items - a unique format for Best Buy. The first stores will be constructed in the Greater Toronto Area and are slated to open before the end of 2008.

Looks pretty fantastic. I cannot wait for (ha) sprint to get it!

aaaaand death from above 1979?
I think I love you.