BlackBerry Bold vs. Storm In-Depth Comparison

Bold vs. Storm Web Browser Test
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Dec 2008 07:13 am EST

Typing Test

The guys over at Phone Wreck don't post often, but when they do they make it count. First they tore apart the BlackBerry Bold, then they ripped into a BlackBerry Storm, and now they've put them back together and compared them head to head over a series of tests (and yes they upgraded the Storm's OS to

You'll want to click on over to see the showdown. There are some pretty interesting results and observations here. You know how everybody complains that the Storm lacks WiFi? Maybe that shouldn't be too big of a deal for us to harp at Verizon on considering the BlackBerry WiFi browser still doesn't seem to work properly for a lot of people. Just like my Bold's originally-buggered browsers, their Bold takes nearly twice as long on WiFi to pull up the same webpage as it does over 3G (wtf?!). 

How about photo snapping? The Storm's camera takes better pictures via it's 3.2 megapixel camera w/ autofocus, but it takes 3 seconds longer to snap a photo on the Storm vs. the Bold (definitely some Storm OS room for improvement there) making it more likely to miss the moment!

Typing speed test? In typing out a three sentence, 71 word paragraph, they managed to get their fingers humming along at 38.8 words per minute (with 4 errors) on the Bold vs. 26.7WPM with twice as many errors on the Storm.

Interesting stuff! This is definitely a head to head comparison I'll want to conduct myself once I get my Bold back after the Smartphone Round Robin (fyi - G1 final review should be up later today). PLUS I'll have the Rogers BlackBerry Curve 8900 to throw into the picture by then just to mix things up even further.

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BlackBerry Bold vs. Storm In-Depth Comparison


Of course these reviews have their place. But you can't figure out if a device is right for you unless you try it out. I think that this test is skewed as well have all the tests carried out on the Storm. The BlackBerry Storm should rightly be compared to the Bold as being from the same company but both phones have varying strengths and weaknesses and are made for different reasons. From what I personally know about RIM, they would never under any circumstances sacrifice any quality on any of their devices. Plus if everyone knew intimately how rigorously RIM tested, developed, and reviewed their own devices then you'd see how futile a lot of these comparisons are. Trust me RIM knows their competition. The Storm's issues are purely those of firmware that needs to, has been, and will continue to be improved. The Bold on the other hand has equally impressive hardware, but the reason why their are so few firmware issues is because AT&T saw what happened with both iPhone launches and wanted to do what they could to avoid the problems hence the long delays, remember the Bold was available in Europe nearly 3 months before it hit the States.

There no cell service where I live in rural New York State; signal bars do not appear until I travel 11 to 20 miles away from my home. I have a six-year old phone that I casually use on Verizon’s pay-per-call service. Incidentally, Verizon is the best service to get in this area because the others just fade away… Was looking forward to upgrading to a smart phone and really liked the Storm because I thought it could be used like the iphone. I was looking forward to keeping my calendar, photos, music, and podcasts on it and using the turn-by-turn directions. Very Disappointing that it does not have WiFi—it’s a deal breaker for me, WiFi is all I got at home. Not sure I want the Bold, but it may be only way to go.

@Michael Wesolowski,
with wi-fi, you wouldn't be able to make calls on it anyway, just use data, and if you have wi-fi at your home, you have an internet connection, and you can download things to your computer and transfer them to your Blackberry almost as fast as wi-fi. Whatever. Your loss.

No offense dude, but I think you need to think a little more before you post things. You mention that you MUST HAVE the WiFi for your phone because you only have WiFi at your house. WTF??? If you have WiFi at your house why in the hell are you pecking away on a phone when you obviously have a perfectly good computer right in front of you. Your argument and logic is tragically flawed.

Here in Central New York we have restaurants and coffee shops located in areas without cell service; WiFi is the only way to get to the web away from home---Um get it!?
There is no cell service where I live.

but what if he only has a desktop, and wants to be messaging while whatching tv, i mean wifi has its uses, for example here in mexico where 3g internet rates are on the roof, wifi is a very reasonable option when going to cafes and restaurants.

I have to agree with the others about your logic, but you could use Skype (iSkoot) for making calls over wi-fi.

If you can hold out, I hear the Storm is coming to AT&T and it should have Wi-Fi.

Too bad the storm may have the exclusivity. I don't think it will be the Storm when it comes to AT&T. Yes, there is a way!

looking at the typing speed test, we must keep in mind that the storm's clickable screen is a new concept, so typing on it at this time can not truly be compared to the pretty much classic layout of the bold. there definitely is a learning curve with the storm. (the fact that you must get used to typing with just left and right fingers as opposed to being able to crossover is enough to warrant time lapse and/or mistakes). just my 2 pennies....

p.s. when i first got my alias i heard all the reviews of the P button and smallish keyboard and how its no good for stubby fingers like mine but after some time i can now blast through texting and typin on it. ;)

I agree with Kevin about their WiFi times...WTF?! In a decent WiFi connection, my Bold loads every website in less than 10 seconds. I just loaded up the in about 3 seconds and in about 6 seconds.

I can't imagine how its slower than 3G or EV-DO. Has to be their internet connection speeds. Hey PhoneWreck - its almost 2009 - time to look into FIOS.

I was really surprised that the iPhone beat the Storm for typing, even in portrait mode - 28 words per minute and half as many typos.

Personally, I think any typing over 25 words per minute on any kind of phone is pretty good, though the reviewers comments about the amount of raw effort required to type on the Storm doesn't bode well.

My bold took 32 sec to load on is up with those numbers?? and @cancundan it does not take 3 sec to load engadget on the wont even take that on an iphone..

Maybe he was referring to the mobile site, because there is no way it takes 3 seconds. In fact, I have Optimum and takes about a second to load. No way a phones comes within 3 seconds of my PC (dual 2.13 ghz processors, 4gb of ram)

I've owned every full qwerty blackberry model, and I own the Storm, Iphone, HTC Touch, LG Dare, LG VU, and LG Voyager. Typing on the Storm takes some getting used too, just like it did with all of the other touch screen phones. But to compare typing speeds between an actual keyboard to a touch screen one is a waist of time. Of course I can type faster on the Bold than I can on the Storm. And yes, of course the Storm's camera takes better pics than the Bold. Both are blackberry cameras, but one is 2 mega, and the other is 3.2. Right now, we are comparing a phone(Storm, with widely-known software issues) to another phone, the Bold, which was on the market and tested 3 months before ATT released it. Not really a comparable or fair fight imo.

Is it just me or what? but when i went to the blog the speed test table was def not the same as what is posted here....the storm was way slower.

I do not know where they are getting their numbers but on my bold (Rogers - Toronto, Canada) I am not even approaching the numbers above. My slowest load on G3, 1st visit to site (so nothing cashed) was at, and that was either 19 or 20 seconds, with full page nothing left to receive. Others were all faster than that, averaging 13 to 15 seconds.

AT home on my WiFi is slightly faster but not by much. I have to admit I am using OS and that has been a huge change from previous version with respect to web browsing speed.

So as mentioned above, try if you can your desired smart phone, read the manual and check the web - it's full of tweaks and suggestions for making your phone better.

If anything, WiFi is tenfold faster than 3G. It really beats 3g to the punch! I can't fathom how they got those results, seem terribly wrong.

I prefered the Bold over the Storm and got rid of last mentioned just today eventually (sold it on Ebay). One of the main reasons was the lack of .. Wifi! It's quite indispensable, especially when travelling abroad where you don't have an available data plan but a f-ton of hotspots and open networks.

Hey Kevin, it looks like phoneWreck updated the tables for the browser loading times. It looks like the numbers in the table you posted are with Javascript enabled on the Bold and disabled on the Storm. The updated tables at phoneWreck now compare with Javascript settings the same on both phones and look much more faborable for AT&T and the Bold.

They need a power user to do the typing tests in my opinion. I type over twice as fast as my bold than they did in the test, I would like to know how a user that types at my speed would be able to type at on the storm. An average users test does nothing for me.

Those Bold wifi numbers are ridiculous. My times were like Demont's - none of thoe sites took longer than 20 seconds to load and I have never visited any of them before. Wifi is mad fast for me. What are they using over there at Phone Wreck???

PhoneWreck has since updated their tables with Javascript disabled. The Wi-Fi load times with Javascript disabled look much better. Go to phoneWreck's article to see the updated tables.

In the tables Kevin has posted, Javascript is enabled on the Bold and disabled on the Storm. The updated tables on phonewreck now compare both phones with the same Javascript settings and the Bold now looks much better in comparison.

(fyi - G1 final review should be up later today).

I've been waiting for your final because i'm trying to decide between a Sprint Touch Diamond or a T-mobile G1.

I WAS cised to get a Storm but i can't let Verizon charge me $25 - $35 a month more for the same service i already get at Sprint

@ PHug
That shit is funny!

I hear this everyday. "Sprint has a better plan than Verizon." I laugh out loud when customers says this ignorant crap. Ive done the Round Robin on the networks my self. Its not a better plan, and its not the same service. Its a weak network, less coverage, and terrible customer service. Its like going to a Mercedes dealer and saying "Im going to get a Chevy cause its better."


I get MUCH better sideload speeds than PhoneWreck reported.

Loading a 66MB file from my PC took me 9 seconds to the MicroSD card, and 19 seconds to the built-in memory.

It's odd that the card is so much faster than the built-in memory. (The card is the one that Verizon supplied.) Also, this is when running the new .75 software release


I am trying to decide between a Storm and a Bold. I recently got to try out a Storm that a colleague just purchased. The camera is slow but that issue will *not* cause you to "miss the moment." When you snap a picture, you see a blank screen for a couple of seconds, then hear the "click" sound effect. However, the photo that appears on the screen shows what you saw when you pressed the button, not when you heard the click.

Must have been in better Verizon coverage, because all those sites don't take more than 20 seconds, 25 the most to load on my Bold. Anyhow, great review.

i would like to know if the bold is avillible with verizon?by the way, i had the storm for 1 day and i took it back on the next day.i have noticed that it uses a lot of power.the battery run out very quick.i did not liket that was very hard for me to navigate with the stor.i like the cure because it was easier to navigate with the trackball rather than the touch scree.after i read thr review on the bold.....that is the one i want.but i dont want to go to

I'm with you. I too want the Bold but do not want to go to At&T. I like Verizon for the coverage. As far as I know you cannot get the Bold at Verizon. Let me know if you find out different.