BlackBerry Bold vs. iPhone 3G Comparison

BlackBerry Bold vs iPhone 3G Comparison
By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Jun 2008 11:10 am EDT

Whether you like it or not, RIM BlackBerry Bold 9000 vs. Apple iPhone 3G comparisons and "Which is Better?" or "Which should I buy?" questions are going to be popping up all over the interwebs in the weeks ahead.

There is good reason for this...without a doubt the BlackBerry Bold and iPhone 3G are the two hottest smartphones hitting the market this summer (runner ups go to the HTC Touch Diamond and Sony Xperia X1 assuming they get released before the summer is over).

If you're one of the many interested in the comparison, here's some food for thought... You can click the image at left for a feature comparison of the Bold & iPhone 3G (thanks Hayden!). 

And while it may not be a BlackBerry Bold vs iPhone 3G comparison, if you haven't seen it yet you should check out the Hands-On BlackBerry Bold vs iPhone Original Comparison put together by Dieter over at The iPhone Blog. I'm pretty sure this is still the only hands-on video out there comparing the two form factors and phones directly.

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BlackBerry Bold vs. iPhone 3G Comparison


Looks to me that the Blackberry Bold wins. I'm sure the iPhone is nice for some but I don't think they will make any huge strides in the business world.

Corporate America liked blackberry until this phone was released. I deal with many corporate exec's daly..most have dumped their bold after only owning in 2 weeks to replace it with an iphone. Blackberry will no longer dominate the market. It is gonna take alot more them cosmetics to make a phone impressive. reasons many to list i will be typing for 45 min. Blackberry's software is about as complicated as someone just out of programming school. Corporate America was forced into the blackberry because it was all that was out there. most people are now realizing that they lost it, and are loosing it on a weekly basis. If your trying to yourself a favor buy an i phone. it simply is the best phone on the market.. Please note I don't work for any of these companies. However i have bought my share of phones.. go get yourself a 1998 desktop with win 98 on it. them buy a new computer with 64 bit vista... the 98 is a blackberry bold.the other is equivalent to the i phone..get my point?? good luck to all just hate to see you dump money on a phone you will hate within a year..

First, let me say that I LOVE the iPhone. I am a technology enthusiast and can't get enough of the thing. Being responsible for IT at our organization, I was a huge proponent for approving it as a supported technology.

However, our corporate data security standards require that mobile devices connected to our exchange infrastructure encrypt the data at rest. We recently rolled out full laptop encryption to meet that standard.

Unfortunately, the data on the iPhone is not encrypted at rest. For businesses that are sensitive to protecting confidential information, this is a kill shot. If your iPhone is found/stolen, it is a trivial exercise to harvest all of the information stored on the device. For those sync'ing to exchange, that's all of your email/contacts/calendar that you've chosen to sync in your device settings.

Here is a presentation that summarizes the issues for enterprise security.

Sadly, we are wiping all of the iPhones we had connected to our exchange servers for a pilot. As devastated as I am about losing my iPhone for corporate use, it simply isn't an acceptable device for our business. I know of no way to encrypt the data at rest. Until Apple is able to address this issue, the iPhone is a device-non-grata in our enterprise.

I don't know if you looked at the comparison above but unless your blind or just cant read the bold wins and thats the old bold lol. I have the Bold 9700 and the i phone 3g is garbage compared to my

Spend a week with an I phone, you will see what you have been missing.Blackberry's software is as well designed as the old Atari 2600. It's basically a phone i would give my teenage if they would lower the cost. A Blackbery bold should be advertised as the "free" phone when you get a new contract.. Look now the 8310 Curve is already being issued as the free phone on some's not even old..they are trying to dump inventory because they made more then what they expected to sell.. Buy an iphone.... it's a phone for life... Blackberry= Yugo, Iphone = Mercedes

In the corporate world as in the high mobile device organizations they lock down their BB's right. They don't want certain apps, email etc on it. So sure you can Apple said they can push our and lock down their own corp apps, but what about the rest of th device. I'm sure corporations do not want iPhones lost with lots of sensitive data with out a real secure way to wipe it. I know BB offers a remote secure remote wipe and the BB Bold will have 1GB of encrypted memory, but what will the iPhone 3G offer? Does it offer a real ability to securely wipe the device. So far iPhone 1.0 cannot do this.

IT dept's are not going to want users running around with shinny new toy's they cannot control and have to administer. I do not see RIM losing millions of customers anytime soon if at all.

do we have a better idea of when the bold is going to be released? they said the iphone 3g will be available on july 11. so it must be around the same time, right? and is the bold only coming to at&t or is it also coming to verizon?

The Iphone does in fact have remote wipe and I've tested it with each new build of the beta OS 2.0. The policy you can enforce is a password, it's length and the device auto lock before the password is needed to be re-entered.

It should be noted to companies that are interested the password policy does not fully work and after X invalid attempts the iphone does not erase itself (desired) but becomes "locked" and will unlock once connected to itunes (not desired)

That's it. There are no methods to lock down parts of the iphone, disable the browser, force the browser traffic through your own proxy for filtering, not allow 3rd party application loading.

it actually does erase all data after 10 failed attempts(same as bberry) it is not set automatically it is the settings at general - password lock. cant be more intuitive
browser can be disabled in settins in go figure, "restrictions" you can even disable explict music youtube app(could go on youtube if adobe ever gets flash support), itunes, installing apps, camera. on top of that you can set a different password for the restriction. proxy available is availabel in wi-fi setting is at the bottom of wifi
dont forget that they can always add more features by upgrading the software and also the iphone can have any os put on it if you make the os to work with it so i am sure that you could even add anything in that you wish

Humbug. The deluge of iPhone vs. this and that articles on today speaks volumes about the level of insecurity among hard-core Blackberry fans, as does the hysterical (look it up) tone of many of the comments. It looks like overkill: if the iPhone really isn't a threat, why spend acres of time and energy attacking it. The very fact that there is a comparison of a "yet to be seen", "yet to be demoed" product (the Thunder) in today's podcast shows how desperate and defensive has become.

Interesting Comment..but that's a pretty funny take on it. hasn't become defensive at all. From a fan site perspective we always address why we like our devices better than others... but we're always pretty fair and give kudos where due.

Try *listening* to the podcast you mentioned. We say a lot of good things about the iPhone in there and the 2.0 software. The podcast wasn't a Thunder vs. iPhone 3G comparison. More so talking about each independently.

We always say where RIM is doing well, and where they need to do better or could do better. Read this blog post you see an attack in here? All I personally said is there are a lot of people interested in the comparison - here's a chart and here's a hands on comparison to check out.

Anyways...worst case I say buy a BlackBerry Bold and an iPhone 3G. Best of Both Worlds :)

Sorry but sounds like someone else is getting a little defensive. This site has given the iPhone its due credit. The reviews and blogs give credit where credit is due and this site has applauded the iphone in certain aspects. And if we're so distraught (look it up) and threatened to the point where WE have to compare the Bold and the iPhone, why are you spending acres of time and energy on this site getting bent out of shape over a simple comparison?

I'm guessing you're an iPhone user and apparently you cant stand to see your phone taken off its pedestal that you have put it on. This merely compared features that people take into account when selecting a smartphone.

You strike me as the individual that would be posting "iPhone pwns Bold" if the features were reversed and the Bold was shown in a negative light. Either way, these are the facts and there is no need to write defensive and desperate posts.

The first thing I ask my customers if they ask me about the iPhone is, "Have you ever dropped your phone before?" Ninety percent say yes, on a daily basis, then I ask, "Have you ever dropped anything made out of glass?" Obvious yes. "How does $250 sound for replacing a screen, and being without a phone for weeks?" The fact that Apple does not offer insurance, (I say Apple because I have spoken with an Assurion Regional Manager, the insurance provider for AT&T about why they are not insuring the iPhone and they said Apple is not interested in it). A $600 replacement everytime you drop your phone is not worth it to most people. Sure you can get a huge cover but doesn't that hide the design that Apple is pushing?

Where are you getting these numbers from, and why do they switch??? IS it $250 to replace the screen on a $200 phone, or is it $600? You don't really seem to know what you are talking about. I am not a dedicated Mac user, infact hate Apple, but am considering the iphone, also considering the Bold, but I just can't stand people that don't make any sense when they talk and pretend to know what they are talking about when they clearly don't. I know a few iphone owners who have dropped the phone before but have been fine, but I doubt it costs 3x the amount of the phone itself to replace one part of the phone.

The phone itself probably costs $200, but for service and repairs they'll charge $250. This includes the cost of the part and the cost of working on the phone. To fully put a separate iPhone back together would probably cost $600 or more as opposed to paying $200 for just a brand new phone. It's like trying to repair a car you paid less than $5,000 for. I know. It does sound crazy, but the numbers do add up. $250 was just for the screen, and $600 is to completely repair the phone, that's what he failed to mention. You probably would buy a new phone. I still personally hate Apple becuase the macBook costs around $2,000 and not even have half as awesome of total performance as a pc laptop for around $1,000. As a software engineer, I plan on making a productivity suite designed solely for pc users that wipes the floor with those stupid macbooks.

okay you "hate" Apple because it costs $2000. mmmmm okay. I guess you work for the government or a hi-tech company that basically pay you to sit on your ass and do nothing all day. oops sorry "nothing = Windows rebooting time, freezing, general unreliable crap that is Microsoft.

I on the other hand like a product that works more time than not. We have an entire industry built around servicing and repairing and maintaining Microsoft products - uhhhhh Apple - yeah they just work and let you do with them what they were supposed to. Imagine the concept - I know hard to do in the world of Microsoft.

And before you babble your brains out with a rebuttle that is basically hot water and uneducated. I worked for Microsoft for 12 years - I know. Converted and happy!

I was just reading another review (which is worth checking out by the way) and they have the answer to the questions this comment raises. To quote it, "Unless you’re talking about military-grade handsets, we don’t think you’d have an easy time finding a handset as well built as the iPhone. From precision-laser-cut glass, to the absolute stunning engineering on the inside of the device, we see the iPhone 3G lasting you a very long time. Even with key scratching and concrete-dropping, the iPhone 3G definitely holds its own...and since the screen is proven to stand up to a lot of abuse, the most fragile part on the device is actually the strongest."

Here is the address of the site I got this from:

now now - lets be accurate here - I dropped my BB from my waist and suffered a huge spider crack across the screen. Cost to replace - full pop from Telus. My son leaned out his bedroom window with my iPhone to say it was ringing and dropped it - just a cosmetic scratch.

Lets cut to the chase - I have them both - noone does email better than Blackberry but I use my phone for more - and for all the rest it's iPhone.

kinda of a side note really cause no matter what its still a windows mobile device (ewwwww) but that HTC touch diamond is sexy. RIM better pick up the pace on the styling and accessories cause that thing is dope looking plus the docking station and stuff for it make it look even hotter I would never use that thing but I want it on my night stand (even if it just sits there crashing a blue screening lol)

I would not expect pro iPhone support here. Nor would I expect to find pro RIM support on iPhone boards. But fear mongering is something else. Telling people they will get cracked glass if they drop it is fear mongering. I did a search. Yes some have broken their screens, but they are in the minority. In fact PC World did some tests dropping it and no broken glass.,545-page,1-bid,0/video.html

I consider BB = PC and iPhone = Mac. It is the age old PC vs. Mac debate again. Comparison tables are only valid with similar products. I've seen comparison with Sony PC vs. MacBook and Sony has better features. The real difference is OS X. I'm typing this on a MacBook since to me the Mac is a different Paradigm altogether. Same with iPhone. It is the future platform, even if features are missing today. The potential is there for video conferencing, multi-media presentations, etc. The Bold is just another smart phone. iPhone is the future!

You can NOT MMS on the iPhone.

You CAN e-mail a picture.

-Which is pretty stupid.

Am I reading correctly that the BB Bold Ships with a rubber Skin???


I still dont understand why the Heck you can't do the most standard of things on a "high-end" phone. (i.e. MMS/Cut/Paste)

I liken it to spending 90k on a new car, driving off the lot with it and realizing that its missing an Air Conditioning unit.

Its something so standard we don't even ask if it's included to avoid sounding stupid.


it depends on what you want with a device.

if you have 90K for a car and don't even test drive it or look at the spec sheet to see what it has and doesn't have - well then I guess I likely have already used words too large for your understanding so I will stop now to avoid confusing you further.

wait wait

I have a 1980 Chevrolet Chevette for sale - yep you guessed it $90k...............

Is it me, or does it feel like the iPhone 3G should've been release June 29th 2007?

As if the one released last year was the Beta Product.

Even the new price tag feels like a more suitable Range.

Are you kidding me? Bold better than iPhone. The iPhone has much more going for it than the "Bold". Email app is better, music interface is better, movie playback is bigger nd better, text messaging is better(and noted in the side by side comp above, it states "Device Messaging" as "NO" for the iPhone...WRONG!!!)and as far as "Insurance" for the iPhone, the nice folks at StateFarm have mine insured for FULL REPLACEMENT COST at $5.00/month. Now with upcoming support for MS Exchange Server, what exactly does the "Bold" have that the iPhone doesn't.....uhm...well if you think of something, please let me know:)

So everything that you just said was better, is an iPod(I refuse to even entertain the notion that the e-mail app on the iPhone is better than a phone MADE for e-mail, and yes I have used it before and it's not better) it's a better iPod than a blackberry is, ya I'll concede that...however text messaging is NOT better in any way shape or form...that keyboard is garbage! And what "device messaging" does the iPhone have exactly? Is there an iPhone messenger I'm not aware of? All you need out of a music app is a play, stop, next and previous, other than that what else do you need? It plays music, that's all you need, I don't know why any certain program is better, they all play music!!!!!

Oh and I forgot one other has a keyboard!!!!!

You honestly think that the Blackberry mail program is better than the mail on the iphone. I have 6 different email accounts and when I get email, I know immediately which account has email and I don't have to worry about my blackberry mail server going down for a day and not getting ANY emails. Yes, one of my 6 email servers could also go down, but I would still be getting email from the others. As for the messaging service, if you need to send a non SMS message, just Google “iphone messenger” and you will find plenty of messaging widgets, including some from the big boys like Google, yahoo and MSN(Hotmail) that work just fine on the iPhone. And if I know apple, it will only be a short time before we see mobile iChat. So yes ...STILL BETTER!! Oh and how about sharing photos on the BB? How easy is that? NOT! Lastly I completely concur with you that the iPhone has a superior music app, but to me it is just icing on the cake.

Youre a dope. I worked for Apple and I will say that Blackberry, even those dating back to the 66XX series, has better emailing. You can put up to 10 email accounts on a device, all with seperate folders. They even have folders to separate their MMS/SMS mesages. Oh and they have a handfull of search options for specific message types! Blackberry Messenger is better than any application Apple uses. You can put 10 people in a "chat room" via BB messenger and chat all at the same time. Widgets arent needed when you can type fast on a full Qwerty Keyboard. Albeit small, Widgets are a waste of resources. People need to understand that Apple is a company that will take advantage of their customers. The will give basic products because the people who buy them are technologically unsavvy. The blackberry's functionality and productivity allowance shatters anything that Apple can come up with. As far as music player, Apple has them beat with the asthetics, however Blackberry's Media Player runs with less resources than does Apple's itunes.

If you didn't know fellow Blackberry Users, the virtual laser keyboard is the one that can appear on any flat surface. And it can be carried anywhere. It's a fully functional keyboard except you don't physically touch it. I don't work for this company, nor am I attempting to sell it, but look it up. The webpage is

You might have gone somewhere with the musical interface but iPhone comes no where close to the Bold or Blackberries in general when it comes to email or device messaging. You can't even copy and paste with an iPhone nor can you send an MMS message.

It's like jumping into a $100k with no cupholder. All that horsepower, but you didn't think I might need something to hold my cup of coffee? Are you kidding me. You were informative though, I didn't know that you could insure your iPhone with StateFarm. I probably would not have even thought to ask.

The Bold is just as sexy as the iPhone, and you can purchase a virtual laser keyboard for $199 that gives you the full layout of a standard keyboard and it works with the Blackberry seamlessly.

Sorry but in the words of Borat... In my country they would go crazy for these two... (Curve, Bold)... Not so much (iPhone)...

When I read the rest of the specs... stereo bluetooth, video recording, and MMS for the Bold and not for the iPhone? I'm sold on the Bold. And considering that they both have the same resolution, an extra inch of screen doesn't make up for it.

most songs you wont even notice that they are in stereo until you listen to a song with one earphone out. there is video recording if you download an app called cycorder after you jailbreak it and who even knows how to use mms on balckberry i had curve but could never recieve anything that was sent to me

.......but you'll get my Blackberry from me when you pry it from my dead hand. I've seriously really wanted to like the Iphone. When I'm in the Apple store I do play around with and it's flashy...

But it's not even close to being a business phone. Hence why Blackberries still outsell something like 2.5 to 1 over an Iphone. It was also the only smartphone maker that wasn't hurt by the Iphone's actually went up (i think 25% but don't quote me) in sales.

First off the Iphone's touchscreen is a joke to type on. Why? No tactile feedback. A blackberry has that ever so slight feel to it that your fingers simply "learn" where they need to be. Much like the rational for your F and J keys on your computer teach your fingers how to type without looking you get the same feel from a blackberry keyboard. I can type on my keyboard quite safely and w/o error. Every time i've tried to type on the Iphone no matter what I HAVE to look at it and even then I miss type.

Next Iphones are fragile. Don't care what some Mac zealot says here. I have two friends who've cracked screens.I know probably 10 people using them and those who need to write real emails while traveling hate it. Others complain the touchscreen has hung up calls when touched to the face. Not good.

On the fun side, I'll give the Iphone credit for it's internet browser but honestly I'd rather just buy a Touch for that. Too bad they don't offer some basic sim based data only plan for it. That would impress me.

Also while I agree the media player for the BB isn't the fanciest, it does an impeccable job of doing what I need it to do. Play Music. Plus the speaker on my Curve blows the Iphone's out of the water. In a pinch I've used my BB Curve for background music without a problem.

As far as BOLD vs Iphone 3 G....c'mon the specs don't lie. Just look at it! So the Iphone screen is an 1" bigger. But kids, I'm not using my phone to play You Tube videos and watch movies. I'm using it to stay connected to my extremely busy world. Email, phone, BB Messenger, Yahoo/MSN messengers, and with the FREE (we'll get to this) Facebook app I can manage that aspect simply and easily....not to mention upload photos DIRECTLY to my profile.

So yes you'll notice I highlighted "FREE" above.....RIM has allowed for many wonderful apps to be created for FREE and there are some kick ass apps as well as themes you can get for free....not to mention the few you do have to pay for are great. Apple, a year later is it?, finally released the SDK so people can make Apps but oh'll have to get them from the apple "store" (ie not free).


Let's not forget that the Iphone's memory is NOT upgradeable what so ever. The Bold (like the Pearl, 8800, and Curve before it) all support the addition of Micro SD cards. Which is great because my digital camera came with an XD to Micro SD adapter. So I can use the same cards and that's handy. Not to mention ever retail store out there seems to sell micro sd cards now. And with the Bold being able to do up to a 16 gig micro SD if you really need that much space on your phone you can get it, the rest of us who don't aren't forced to a pay for what we don't need.

To close, I LOVE my Macs. I have an old G4 Powerbook that runs my Quickbooks and such for my business. I have a MacBook thats' my personal/business machine. I'm looking to hook a Mac Mini up to my flat screen so I can access my movies, music, and pics with that nice little remote that's included with it. And last, why anyone would waste their money on a Zune or other Mp3 device when you can get an Ipod (I own a 160 gig Classic, I don't see ever feeling it as its not even 1/2 full!) especially with all the great home and car accessories (love my Bose dock and looking to integrate my ipod in my Allroad).

But Apple is not perfect, the Apple TV is a joke. The Air is unnecessary (really if that 2-3 lb difference between the Air and Macbook was hurting your back your computer weight ain't your problem) and stupid expensive (less than $1500 for the 80 gig solid state I'd bite but not at $3k!). And the Iphone has yet to impress me as a serious phone for me to use for business.

My only complaint is that my Blackberry sync to Entourage is ok with the free software but it doesn't sync to my Itunes and Iphoto. But the Mark/Space software I paid for does do that....but doesn't sync with Entourage which annoys me. Only Mail. The seamless integration that the Iphone would offer is the only reason I sit their at the Apple store and try to like it.

I just can't.

All this debate, and its all a matter of preference. I have been an avid BB owner for a few years now, currently still in love with my pearl - but they're FAR from perfect. The same can be said about the iphone.

The spec sheets don't mean a damn thing when comparing them. Its apples and oranges. They are two different types of phones for different types of people. Business types may prefer the Bold because of its ease of use and security features, and because it has the keyboard. Others may dig the iphone for the ascetics and potential in the device.

My personal view - I'm going to try out the Apple 3G. Like I said, I do enjoy my Pearl. I'm a bit bored of BB OS and its lack of eye candy. I know its a superficial complaint for most, but its a legit one for me (I'm a graphic/logo/web/video/animation/etc. designer). I want a little eye candy with my device. I know the Bold and the new OS addresses SOME of the GUI drab, but its hardly an upgrade. The BB browser is garbage, plain and simple. Oprah may be a bit better, but not by much. You simply can't touch Safari on the iphone. And the day its gets the flash plugin (which I expect soon), its a no brainer. This is especially useful to me for showing my portfolio to clients, ANYWHERE I want. Also, you can't discount the media player on the iPhone because this is a FEATURE that some of us REQUIRE. I can present my portfolio and/or sample work to a client on the "bigger screen" (yes, same Res, but bigger is better for my purposes...I don't care about ppi).

So, my point is its completely relative to YOUR needs. I don't NEED Blackberry MSG'er, when most of my friends and colleagues are on Yahoo/Gmail msg'er. What I NEED is a solid phone with features that will assist in MY field of work, and the iphone does that better.

And for those who mock the iphone keyboard - I have used the BB keyboard for years now, and I used the iphone keyboard for ONE day and was able to type just as fast, if not FASTER than the BB. Some of you are just complaining because you're not willing to give the other a chance.

The Bold looks like a great phone. Kudos to BB for designing one that looks nice (other than the Pearl). I'm just interested in something new this time, and Apple has addressed some of the concerns I've had with it in the past and expect them to address some of the minor ones in the near future (NATIVE mms [yes, you can get a 3rd party MMS], and cut-n-paste, although thats not a huge deal for me)

Try both and make your own mind, specs don't mean a damn thing unless they're running the same OS.

When my son, who bought the iPhone the day it hit the stores last June, surrenders his iPhone to me after replacing it with the 2nd Gen iPhone soon...I'll give you the results of my personal comparison as I will have an iPhone for one of my lines and my BB Curve for the other. After watching him use his iPhone for a year, I have to say that I really do like how it handles music...but that's about it. He loves it...but he's 17. The features he is looking for in a phone are not the same as mine.

I really wanted an iPhone when it was announced.
Then it was announced what it was not going to have ..
enough said.
I live and die on my BB (I have a curve & am getting a Bold when it comes out)

I dont care what anyone says about any of the feature on the iPhone. I have to be able to cut & paste on my phone. I have to be able to speel check. I have to be able to type QUICKLY (physical keyboard!)

Besides .. the iPhone is SEXIST! you cannot type on an iPhone touch screen quickly when you have fingernails longer than the ends of your fingers (I tried). Typing with the tip of the thumb is quicker than typing with your finger. I dont want to cut my fingers all ugly short so I can use my phone.


Not in the comparison is: actual screen size, ability to display complete Internet pages, touch screen expand/zoom, ability to easily add new applications, etc.

I still own and use both BlackBerrys and Apple iPhones. The iPhone wins hands down on all categories EXCEPT keyboard and push email.


Spec list comparisons are not any way to decide between products. As has been pointed out, what they omit is often as important (or more important) than what's included (App Store, anyone?). I also note that this one is subtly biased, whether intentionally or not, toward the BlackBerry. E.g.:

* Keyboard

Full QWERTY vs. Touch-screen QWERTY

as if the iPod does not have a "full" keyboard? How about

Hardware QWERTY vs. Touch-screen QWERTY

* GPS:

Built-in GPS, BlackBerry Maps vs. Assisted GPS

Is the iPod's GPS not built-in? Does the Bold not have assisted GPS? How about this instead:

Autonomous and Assisted GPS, BlackBerry Maps vs.
Autonomous and Assisted GPS, Google Maps

* Memory:

1GB of on-board (optional 16GB removable) vs 8GB or 16GB non-removable.

"on-board" vs "non-removable" Why the difference in wording?

* Messaging

"No" for the iPhone? I don't think so.

* Video

The chart incorrectly omits H.264 video from the iPhone side.

I honestly have no idea which phone is "better," but I know that this list won't help a reasonable person decide.

I didn't even notice the wording there. Nice catch.

I wonder why a blackberry-based comparison chart between the iPhone and Bold would word the iPhone features more "poorly" than the Bold features. (Although, I'll admit, I didn't know the Bold used A-GPS too... I thought they had true-GPS)

personally i like the bold better,but if the price of the bold is 400$ you might as well buy two iphones for the price of one bold. you know what i mean?

if the bold and the iphone were the same price without a dout i would get the bold

I am an original iPhone user and think this is an interesting debate. I am an iPhone fan - my ex-gilfriend (and still friend) is a Crackberry addict.

After reading this, here are my random takes.

First, I think it's clear that Blackberry is a better device for business over the iPhone.

Second, the touchscreen/typing debate is an interesting issue. I can type faster on my iPhone than pretty much anyone else I know with a full-qwerty keyboard or the old predictive text. The dictionary fixes most typing mistakes seamlessly. So, in my experience, the lack of no real keyboard is a non-issue for me.

The difference between 2.5" and 3.5" screens is pretty dramatic. The iPhone's screen is 40% bigger.

The internet browser (at least with the iPhone and the Blackberry Pearl) is a total mismatch. The Safari browser is computer-like. The Pearl's browser is cellphone-like. It doesnt view pages just like a computer. This is huge for me as I love having the internet anytime/anywhere and don't want some cheezy version of a site.

SMS messaging is also a huge thing for me and something I believe the iPhone does way better than the Pearl. On the iPhone, there is no need to open texts, they automatically enter the conversation-like chat. On the Pearl, you have to wait for the text to open and scrolling through the conversation the iPhone is just easier.

As for special features, yes the Blackberry is just better. The iPhone doesn't do well with special features, probably because I don't think most users really need copy/paste, MMS or stereo Bluetooth (I know I don't personally care that the iPhone doesnt have any of these features).

In conclusion, for me, the iPhone is a much better fit... although I'm hoping my friend gets the Bold, cause I'd love to play with it.


Internet browsing is better on the iPhone.

Texting (in my opinion) is better on the iPhone.

The iPhone is half the price of the Bold ($199 vs $399)

The plans are exactly the same price (at least, on AT&T they are). Blackberry used to be about $10 more, but now that iPhone is 3G, they are the same price ($30 for Data, $20 for unlimited texts, and add for minutes as well).

This isn't a hate message. I respect the Bold (and all Blackberry's).. for me and the way I use phones, I just prefer the iPhone.

(PS - For the many people who always drop their phones... seriously, be more careful or get a casing for your phone... I never dropped my iPhone once in 6 months and I had a rubber casing just incase I did)

Aren't the cameras exactly the same? Digital Zoom is simply the stretching of pixels to 'zoom' in on a picture. (It's amazing how many people think Digital Zoom is a good feature when it's really not... Optical Zoom is good. Digital Zoom is bad.)

How is the Bold's 2MP with 5X digital zoom any different than when I take a picture on the 2MP iPhone and then view the picture and zoom in? Isn't that the same thing?

I just bought a curve 3 days ago, it was on sale at ATT and I kept hearing about the bold figure id have a go. now i have an iphone, and i really like it i do. Im not a crazy busy person so its not like i "need" a blackberry. but but but but....i like them both for different reasons. the iphone is sexy yes it is, but the blackberry is just a better phone, the web browser may not be the best but its just as fast, and fine with me. The iphone is nice but i would send emails to my boyfriend and he would get them no joke like 3 days later. the iphone has web browsing but other than that its got nothing its a boring phone. its like the dumb hot chick vs the cute girl next door that is actually awesome in bed. i also think that steve jobs is a great business man which makes him a thief. with all the shit that all his lap tops and apple tvs and all his fancy stuff, you cant give me a freaking video camera? or support mms. i was the only person who had an iphone besides my boyfriend so everyone would send pics and id never get them, then i would say email me the pic! and....i would get it like a couple of hours later if at all. Now my boyfriend WORKS AT APPLE and he just bought a blackberry and hes sold. a lot of the guys there have them cause its just a better phone. It sucks that the iphone does not have more than a pretty face cause it would really be killer. aside from that, im not a huge fan of the touch screen dont mind it but with writing emails and stuff its wackster. and umm...i want a bold and im gonna colorware it so its even sexier. sigh..PS i got my iphone the week it came out from a sidekick 2 lol which was one of the best phones ever, it never left me down poor guy. lol


I believe that iPhone and Blackberries have their ups and downs you cant say definitively that the Blackberry is better. Blackberry may be better for a corporate business person although the its functions are a bit sticky with the ball. iPhone is a bit more user friendly not so much a serious business person but for other professions such as doctors my Uncle got an iPhone from the hospital he works at which is sort of a prerequisite they give all doctors. You may look at the specs and see Blackberry is better but its all personal preference and situational.

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the iphone is nice and all but rather get my Blackberry anyday...i'm trading my blackberry for that bold when it comes out August 25th...ready talked to my At&t provider haha =D

This comparison doesn't exactly have all the facts right about iPhone 3G.. perhaps visit a none blackberry bias site.. then tell us what you think about iPhone 3G.

What about all the new apps for the Iphone that now come out daily?
Check the App store on Itunes.

The software for the Iphone is going to slowly kill the Bold in biz apps! Apple is letting software developers do their dirty work!

This is were Apple will slowly win the race. RIM is limited.

Why do people STILL like PCs. Just more Apps!

Apple learned this and will use thousands of apps to stay on top.

ok... had a razor, then a bb 8830 worldwide with verizon, (who stink) !
iphone comes out, 100 % mac dude here! i HAD to have it!!! i kinda hate my iphone!!! i updated it when the new 3g one came out(2.0), now the phone goes(to sleep) black every now & then!!!??? and my bff got the new 16g/3g iphone and told me "apple has just gone low class!!!" i LOVE apple but i'm feeling very amy winehouse!
i'm going" back to black"!!! ii've never gotten comfy withe the non-keypad typing,and now with this sleep mode my iphone goes into (while in use!!!) the new bb bold sounds like a good old fashioned way to stay connectd.
i have a camera , an ipod, and a laptop for watching movies on while traviling,
does anybody else have these problems with their iphones????
with that said....
i just need a phone that works with tride and true e-mail exchange!
there...i said MR. APPLE... b.b. all the way!
i guess b.b. also mean's bubble bursting!!!!
for apple,,, and me! : (

ok, fellas
its pointless going back and forth on this issue, both phones are great, they both have their PROS and CONS ..
as a blackberry user that switched to Iphone iam currently jumping back to a BB bold, apple just does not compare to RIM as far as e-mail mms and text , both are great , the technology put into the iphone is amazing, i guess its personal preference

...even my iPod touch is better than the BOLD or STORM or maybe the possible BB Lightning, or BB Huricane, or BB Tsunami! they'll end up doing the exact same thing as what they're named after, a disaster!

ps. this message is quite juvenile, but my head doesnt have enough giga space to keep reading geek linggo.

So I originally had a curve and then I upgraded to the bold. I always talked about wanting the iphone so my boyfriend decided to get it for me and I gave him my bold..... biggest mistake. The iphone so far has been a major disappointment. The fact that I can't send a simple picture message, copy/paste, and run applications in the background was something that was very inconvenient but I was dealing with it. My biggest issue with this phone right now is the call failure. I can not stay on this phone for longer than 10 minutes without the call dropping while I have full bars and it takes about 15 minutes to call the person back. The latest apple OS upgrade was suppose to fix this issue but I have seen no change. I am just glad that all these bugs showed up within my 30 day mbg because this phone will be returned by the weekend and my boyfriend will sadly be giving me my bold back.

Wow to read all these comments is enjoyable. What will happen when the iPhone releases the opportunity to MMS and Copy and Paste? I see that most of the comments always refer to those options as keeping them from liking the iPhone.

I think that both devices platforms are great in their own way. I personally went with an iPhone because I knew that they would be doing an OS upgrade to provide me with the full set of features that I need.

I was just curious how people would respond when these options become available this summer from what I hear.

my brother has the iphone, i have the bold and the iphone is fun!!.....for 2 year olds. the iphone is simply and easy to use. but it will never change from that, considering that there are no keys to press for shortcuts etc.. for the blackberry bold its complicated at first but finding how to use a phone is always fun and finding all the cool stuff it can do. once you get used to the BBB it because extremely easy to use, and the more you use it the faster it gets. and the keyboard, enough said. i love my bold, iPhone breaks a lot as well. for media, i have an iPod touch and listening to music on the bold is actually easier, just type the band and up it pops, also u can change the side keys to whatever you want, so you don't have to go back to menu to go to music or whatever. and the iPhone is unorganized, no folders. blackberry 4ever