BlackBerry Bold Video

By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Jun 2008 02:41 pm EDT

 BlackBerry Bold Video

RIM just sent out a newsletter regarding the BlackBerry Bold (no release dates mentioned, sorry!) that contains a link to a new BlackBerry Bold video. Check it out!!! I think there's some good ammo in here for doing up the Hit Me On My BlackBerry video montage!

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BlackBerry Bold Video


I hope this means it will be coming out soon! Just don't understand why their keeping it so secrete. You'd think they'd say something just to keep people from possible buying IPhones.

Why are they playing with my emotions like this. Its like they are saying "Hey crackhead I got this new crack, you want it, no you can't have it" What is a crackhead to do?

Apple doesn't have a loyal people if they were forced to wait for the iPhone would be like screw it, i'm buyin an iPod and getting a cheap free phone (equivalent to iPhone capabilities) OR just buy any 20 dollar phone that has an mp3 player and call it good...RIM on the other hand...has a VERY loyal fanbase that it couldnt get rid of if they wanted to, so it's not that they wanna be mean about's just they dont have to release that information and then say for some reason they miss the date then there would be chaos, kinda like people lining up for days to see star wars...dont act like you wouldnt wait in line overnight...i mean you're on your blackberry sending e-mails anyways so it's like you're at work

They have a loyal iphone fan base even among those that don't own any iphone. It's borderline insane/irrational, but it's the troof.

I want this berry now. I love the external memory slot. I hate that my curve its internal. Plus data and phone calls at the same time.. I am sold :)

But Apple has nearly rabid fanatic fans as well. I really love my MAC gear but just don't see the allure of the iPhone but hey that's my choice. That said if Jobs dragged out the announcement stuff like this the happy Apple users would not be very happy. Apple is very consumer oriented and RIM has been very corporate oriented and focused their strategies on corporate buying cycles and figure they can wait. But as RIM gets into the consumer side or prosumer side of things their users are not likely to sit around and wait.