BlackBerry Bold UK Launch Party!

By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Jul 2008 11:28 am EDT

BlackBerry Bold UK Launch Party!!

As if waiting for the Bold isn't hard enough, here are a few shots taken at the BlackBerry Bold UK Launch Party courtesy of CBS/textlad... we're soooo close, yet so far it seems. RIM's coCEO Mike Lazaridis was on hand to talk about the Bold (and the Curve and the Pearl girl!); Rachel Stevens of S Club 7 fame got some face to face time with the Bold; and The Feeling was there for entertainment (as if the Bold wasn't entertainment enough?!).

More Photos here! >>

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BlackBerry Bold UK Launch Party!


Launch parties should be reserved for know actual launches,device availability to the general all get the point lol!! All this means is we are gonna have a few more celebs out there with Bolds that anyone else who didn't get an invite to the launch party will have to wait for.

Abso-bloody-lutely, well said. Absolutely ridiculous that no UK network has confirmed a launch date yet but RIM are waving it around like that. I want one, but wonder if this will actually arrive this side of Christmas?

haha guess i didn't make the guest

how u doing Kev? hope all is well.

have a great week ahead ;) and extend my greetings to Craig.


I'll probably be the last person to get it since I have Verizon. My cousin says that they haven't even mentioned a Verizon release . :(

Does anyone know anything about the Verizon release date?

This will be my first blackberry. I am so excited! I'm saving up money and reading info everyday for the past couple of weeks.

Doesn't look like you made the invite list Kev, otherwise you would have posted your own photo's of the event. Maybe next time.

Kevin, how come you didn't get an invite?

You get the Bold and Kickstart early yet you can't make it on the invite list of a launch party?

haha... I'd be Bad News at a BB Launch party. Would spend the entire evening trying to get a hold of every device on the scene so I could bring 'em home and give them away to members in a contest!

Would be nice if that fat-head Lazaridis would spend less time at UK launch parties, and get his phones released here in the USA.

uk up to the times.......rim needs to take care of the locals first......thank goodness i've had mine since june....