BlackBerry Bold Touch promo video leaks out

By Bla1ze on 13 Apr 2011 11:30 pm EDT

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ]

Of all things remaining that could have possibly leaked for this device -- this pretty much takes the cake in our opinion. In any event, the bove video is what is reported to be the promo video for the yet-to-be announced BlackBerry Bold Touch. Enjoy it while you can folks, we're guessing this one won't last very long on YouTube. Of course, by all means -- drop some comments on what you think about the direction RIM took with it.

Source: N4_BB

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BlackBerry Bold Touch promo video leaks out


dear: BB

plz let the bold touch come out in may or june and please please please for all that is good make the damm phone stable and the screen great and not buggy like your other phones..



Super sweet promo. That bump transfer graphic was pretty neat. And like everyone mentioned, LET'S GET THIS THING ON THE MARKET STAT!

Just letting my fellow CrackBerry followers know to be on the lookout for the BlackBerry Bold Touch around May/June. Let's just say it's good to know people who work for RIM...

Well, I dont know if its just me, but it doesn't even show its touch capabilities in the commercial. Same old blackberry stuff. Don't get me wrong, I am stoked for the device, but surprised at the commercial. It DOES show its thinness though, which looks quite impressive at how thin it is. It also shows a teaser of the NFC. Oh well, release it already! :)

yea i think they should make their commercials more like apple (not all bragging with BS)but instead show what the new features of the phone are.

I agree, but is this really a commercial? A commercial that says nothing, no voice over just a bunch of flying icons. I gotta think this is a concept ads not meant for the public or as an ad doing just what it's doing now... keeping the BB faithful waiting.

Love the form factor of the phone. Love that it is not a full screen wanna be (although monaco looks fab I have to say). I think these phones are for BB faithful. The OS7 (QNX) phones will mark a new day for BB.

You're not the ONLY one buddy.

And you're NOT helping the security of their jobs, their trust in your mouth - nor RIM's stock price … ALL factors of our happiness. But hey I'm sure many are thankful of you stating that.

Either way a few things I'm hoping form BB6.1:
- better VPN access to intranet shared drives and Sharepoint URL & data within (access & modification and upload).
- Bring back the LOCK button. RIM you emblazoned the LOCK icon as a dedicated key make it EXACTLY that … LOCK the unit! Mapping another soft key or 2 key action is NOT a solution and this borders on false advertisement; even the manuals haven't been updated on the Torch or 9780.
- Make these new devices to SING on QNX firmware coming late 2011/early 2012 PLEASE!!!

Throw the dedicated users a BONE please!!

I am so much more excited for this device than the playbook. Even if it will never see QNX, it has the form factor I need, and does everything I need it to do today.

I HAVE to agree with you, especially from a cost perspective for me. I love my 9650, and I have actually really liked OS5 on my device (again, for me). I have tried OS6 and didn't really like it on my phone. But 6.1 on the Bold Touch, yeah, I will give it a go.

So I am up for renewal/my last NE2 in May. Combine that with the BB Tradeup Program and I think I can net the Bold Touch for a decent price. My assumption being this:

2 year price - NE2 - Tradeup Quote

$199 - $30 - $95 = $74

That would be a great price to me for the Bold Touch.

My NE2 is due on May 5, so that means I would have until Nov. 5 to use. I think prior to using it on the Bold Touch I would have to think about what MIGHT be coming not too far beyond that. While the $30 is nice, I would be willing to forego it if there was something that I would like better. But I love the 9650 so much I think the Bold Touch would be great for me too!

Seeing that this is already in the pipeline, the device itself should be out really soon. It can't be very long at all...

And here is a rule with any new product I buy, I wait about a month for the reviews to come out and the customer complaints (if any) and then I make my decision to purchase..this new Bold Touch looks really sound and in my experience with BB, the Bold series seems to be RIM's 'executive-esque' device, solid for the most part. I've been through Curves, Storms and Bolds - Bold is my best friend..I have the white T-Mo 9700 and I love it. I can't wait to hold the Bold Touch..T-Mobile better have this will be the ultimate sidekick to the PlayBook..Congrats to you, RIM! It looks like 2011 is your year - xoxo ;)

"It is what it is and that's what it is.."

Am I the only one who sees the Bold Touch in this commercial is running on OS 6.0 and not 6.1. Look at the icons on the display at the end

it is thin but not as thin as you think it is because if you notice they tilted the phone slightly to our angle.

if you look at the pictures, you will realize that there's a black part that's not included in the video to make it look even thinner