BlackBerry Bold touch gets Wi-Fi Alliance certification

BlackBerry Bold touch gets Wi-Fi Alliance certification
By Bla1ze on 26 Apr 2011 09:18 pm EDT

Considering pretty much everything else about the BlackBerry Bold touch has already been leaked, we figured we might as well really drive the information home and let you all know that the device -- the "BlackBerry Bold 9900" as it is designated within the Wi-Fi Alliance has now received their certification.

Although the documentation is rather short on any finer details, it does indeed confirm the BlackBerry Bold touch has 2.4GHz & 5GHz Wi-Fi bands on board. Something that came up in the spec sheets leaks previously but is now no longer in question at all.

How many days is it until BlackBerry World? Let's just hope RIM comes up with a different way to introduce it rather then showing us a video we've already seen and you know, gives us a launch date since that really is the only thing left remaining to leak out or be confirmed at this point.

Source: Wi-Fi Alliance via Pocket Now

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BlackBerry Bold touch gets Wi-Fi Alliance certification


That's not what it means but yes, the Bold Touch is listed to have that feature. The 5GHz WiFi radio is just another means of connection that will essentially provide better performance for 5Ghz WiFi compatible routers and such.

Think of it like like this.. 2GHz is a widely used and congested road, where as 5GHz is the road less travelled, so making your way to your detination is slightly faster due to only a limited amount of traffic.

I'm glad to see the inclusion of the 5ghz antenna. It means i'll be able to hook up to my home 5ghz wifi. Most people still use 2.4ghz wifi bands... and in an apartment building that sucks. 5ghz, 270mbps anywhere... sweet.

I want this soooo bad... please come to the market WITH QNX if it is possible! My contract is due in two years, but I can always get money from somewhere for something like this. :)

I am concern that this will be the only new BB announce at BBW. We are getting confirmation of this device as we get closer over and over but nothing about the other rumored devices.

That is simply a rumor that they will only announce one device. I'm sure that they will announce more devices if not all of them ! ! !

Bold Touch 9900 should be coming to either AT&T or T-Mobile replacing the old Bolds. But it needs to add 4G/HSPA...