BlackBerry Bold Touch Dakota full spec sheet leaked

By Bla1ze on 8 Apr 2011 01:57 pm EDT
BlackBerry Bold Touch Dakota full spec sheet leaked

We've had glimpses of the specs for the BlackBerry Bold Touch before but, the finer details of it all were not found within any of that information. Now, the full line up of specs has been leaked online for everyone to get a good look at -- although, we do have to remind everyone that this information is of course subject to change. That said, have a look at the specs as they are listed now, they are pretty impressive and totally what we have been asking for from RIM for a while. Snapdragon processor? Yeah, RIM finally got moved into the Qualcomm msm8655. Jump on past the break for more.

Source: N4_BB

BlackBerry Bold Touch Dakota full spec sheet leaked
BlackBerry Bold Touch Dakota full spec sheet leaked
BlackBerry Bold Touch Dakota full spec sheet leaked

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BlackBerry Bold Touch Dakota full spec sheet leaked


Would be nice but are there really any games that would even use this graphics upgrade?

For me im not much of a mobile gamer but its hard to really comfortably play a game on a small screen and not much room to place your hands. I could be totally wrong, but its just my personal thoughts anyways.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong but it doesn't list what it does and doesn't support as far as web standards, that's all software related. I'd bet a lot of money that it will support Flash along with HTML 5.

well, the playbook will be the first device by RIM which will support flash, as we all know playbook has QNX

i bet the first RIM-smartphones that will support flash, will be the 2012 phones

and why is the LED so small? : P i dont like its shape
but dont get me wrong, love the bold touch already and definitely getting it

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is the first time I have seen FLAC support in a BlackBerry?

Also the use of a Qualcomm chip is consistent with the reports that Marvell wouldn't be supplying chips to high end BlackBerrys.

Don't know why you wouldn't just transcode the FLACs into MP3s though. The audio quality difference would be negligible on a Blackberry.

No kidding. Hopefully it's power draw is significantly less than the 97xx so it will have similar battery life.

The specs list shows the 1230mAh you battery cite but if you scroll down further to the (Planned) Regulatory Compliance box, you will see "Battery: 1725mAh." I suppose that means when RIM submits the Bold Touch to the FCC, it will have the upgraded battery. I hope to see it released with the larger capacity battery, anyway.

I suspect the touchscreen will mean that this device will be more power hungry than the current 9650 & 9780. I would be willing to give up some device thinness to have a battery that would perform like my 9650.

Yeah! It was the one feature on the Torch2 that was absent on the Bold Touch up until now. I'm pretty sold as well. Hopefully the battery life can withstand HSPA+ though...

So i assume the 9930 will be exactly the same (except it's CDMA)? and does anyone have any real info when the 9900/9930 Bold Touch will be released? i'm counting on May 28th-June 10th Sprint contract expires June 06, so it'd be so perfect for me to upgrade to the Bold Touch 9930 then.

T-Mobile's "4G" is 1700Mhz and 2100Mhz, so yes. Awesome. It's going to be amazing going from 2G (8900) to 4G!

Looks good, more comments on the 4G from those that can tell. I thought it was no on the 4G but someone above says yes?

It supports HSPA14.4. T-Mobile calls its HSPA network "4G", AT&T sort of calls their HSPA network "4G", while the rest of the world refers to HSPA as 3G.

To be even more technical, none of the fourth generation network deployments (LTE/WiMAX) are 4G either until they get upgraded to the next iteration of that standard.

No, I don't care whether or not this phone has 4G!

all I care for is HAVING this phone! sign me up please!!!! finally some good news in awhile

hmn, quick and stupid question..

some carriers still offer unlimited data plans, while here in germany o2's maximum is 5GB, if i exceed that limit my 3G will become GPRS, so i wont have to pay extra or something like that, but just get lower internet speed after exceeding the limit

isnt UMA the thing which makes all this possible? if they drop it, wouldnt i have to actually pay for using internet after exceeding 5GB?

or am i completely wrong and stupid? : )

Wrong and stupid! (Just kidding :))

UMA allows your phone to connect to the network via WiFi for all features, including calling, texting, and data. Phones that don't support UMA but do support WiFi connect just for data. Put more simply, UMA allows your phone to do voice and data over WiFi instead of just data.

What I believe you're thinking of is WiFi, where when you're within reach of a WiFi network you can use data that doesn't count towards your 5GB allotment. The phone supports WiFi.

thank you : )

and for that:
"What I believe you're thinking of is WiFi, where when you're within reach of a WiFi network you can use data that doesn't count towards your 5GB allotment. The phone supports WiFi."

no, this i did know of course ^^ just remembered or at least thought i did that somewhere i read the things i said about UMA
ty for clarification

I returned my torch and went back to my 9700 due to the atrocious battery life so this better have that 1700+ battery and better battery life than a 9700.

No Front Facing Camera?!?!?!!!! Come on RIM, everything else is there, how could they leave this out???

Someone PLEASE boot Dan Hessey (spelling) in the arse to push for a deal like AT&T brokered for the Torch, if not for a deal like that, then maybe out of the company altogether. CDMA carriers are predominantly late, or non-existent, to the "big dance" when it comes to being on the cutting edge of devices. This wait and see attitude is one of the main reasons Sprint cannot show a positive on their balance sheet.


Disgruntled Sprint Customer!

Realize that ATT probably lost some $ on the Torch. It wasn't that great a deal for them. The Torch is already down to $30 on contract. It just didn't provide what the market wanted as a whole. Sprint jumped on the PlayBook with the first 4G enabled version and announced it VERY early! Then they show a $30/mo tethering plan? That's not gonna help. While Sprint does have some work to do, I'm not sure brokering a Torch-like deal is what they should be doing.

My question is will we get any sound when we record video with the new bold? I have a BB 9700, when I record video then upload the video the sound is really really low. It is really low when viewing on the bb too. I hope the new 'HD' video camera will be better and include good sound.

I love this idea, not really the touch screen because i doubt I would really use it over the trackpad with a screen that small but the hardware overhaul.

My concern is this major increase of hardware primarily the CPU. Will we see this large increase or is this to power the trackpad + touchscreen and extra features? is this speed required for full operation or there for extra Snappiness for the end user?