BlackBerry Bold 9900, apollo and monza all headed to T-Mobile

T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9900
By Bla1ze on 17 May 2011 08:00 pm EDT

We like carrier road maps here at CrackBerry. They often give us a great perspective of what is up and coming for specific carriers. That said, road maps when leaked can often times be a little old and out of date so -- try and keep that in mind as we go through the following list of devices seemingly slated for T-Mobile.

No, this isn't the first time we've heard of these devices all being brought to T-Mobile. Previous rumors suggested all of them listed within similar time frames as well -- the problem we have with this listing is the fact the BlackBerry Bold Touch is already confirmed for T-Mobile while, the BlackBerry monza hasn't even received an official welcoming to the family from RIM. Sure, it's totally possible these dates are accurate but if you find the BlackBerry Bold 9900 on shelves before the monza, we'd not be surprised at all.

In any event, we'll just have to wait and see how this road map turns out. No matter how you look at it, we're just super stoked to see some actual dates at all for the next generation of BlackBerry smartphones.

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BlackBerry Bold 9900, apollo and monza all headed to T-Mobile


I have a 9700 and I'm rocking it. I'll likely upgrade to a 9780 and then finally a 9900 once and stay with it.

Once the 9700 dies on me, it's a 9780. Once that dies on me, it's the bold touch.

I'm patient, unlike most. Heck, I haven't even gotten rid of my old workhorse of a pentium four! It flys and beats out some dual-core computers running windows 7 ultimate!

So if I'm patient, you've got to be patient. Remember the wait for OS 6? :D

I would agree with you but I actually believe we will not have to wait that long for the Bold Touch. The source may have gotten the date wrong. I believe we will see it by the 17th of June or even sooner.
The good news, if that part turns out to be true, is that Blackberry is coming out with one phone per month for the next three months.
I love my torch but as soon as the Bold Touch comes out I'm starting the clock and if the Torch 2 is not out in 90 days I'm with the Bold Touch. This is going to be a huge leap for us in the blackberry community.

I believe that if I'm right and the Bold Touch comes out in June, we will hear it this month.


The 9900 isn't coming out before mid-August. That's been confirmed for awhile now. Everything else is September or later. It's also been rumored that nothing after the bold 9900 will even be announced before RIM's next show in October. So, your ideas about a June launch of the new bold, especially after RIM already admitted to analysts that it would be "late summer", are ridiculous.

Really hope the Bold comes out before July :) i think it will be the perfect marriage to my Playbook

Too bad RIM doesn't care about product releases. I commented a while back that it would be august or later for the bold and everyone bashed the comments. Maybe I actually knew what I was talking about...

ATT, Sprint, and of course T-Mobile have promotions to move their current stock of blackberries. It could mean they are making room for the new stuff and that means they should all get the bold touch within 30 days of the launch or less. My guess is that it will be next month.

This is likely because though blackberry users tend not to be the sleep over night to get a device types, they tend to have steady sales. So why would carriers push out devices they could sell over time at huge discounts unless they want to make room for the new stuff?

Lets hope for June! I'm ready.

I hope you are right. I'm a little frustrated that they (RIM or the carriers) haven't been more transparent about the the actual release date....especially considering that RIM hasn't released a new handset in 6+ months.

just hope the quality on os7 is better than os6. dont want another windows vista os6 lol esp memory leak

what device d o you have ? i see no memory leak in the torch, you must have a 9700 not designed for os6..

Yes!!!!!! I cant wait! I want the 9900 so bad! I love my white bold 9700 but I always wanted the 9000 and this 1 definitely looks like a killer blackberry. I hope they release it in white same day, I wish it had the front facing camera, but I usually only video call on my laptop anyway.

I guess thsoe prior rumors of June 29th were wrong. This seems like an awfully long way out, doesn't it? Is it usually this long between announcement and release (using the Bold, since it is the only one officially announced already)?

OMG! you are so right. I got the 9700 the 1st day they came out and this low memory on my 9700 sure does put a hamper on my day. Can't wait til the 9900 or Monza comes out. Whichever one is first, that's what I will be getting.

Jee-bus, what kind of insane crap do you have loaded on there?!

on my 9700, I have 18 games, 23 apps, 6 custom themes and I still have ~74mb free......

and on the subject of the dates, August does seem like a while! I hope it's July at the latest for ATT...

You're telling us not to feed the troll but you're the one feeding him in the first place by responding to his comment?

He's not a troll, and even if that was his intention, he (or she) makes a good point.

Android is literally one physical keyboard-incorporating design away from a RIM death blow (to their consumer market). That's a big market. If you feel RIM can continue to flourish by only serving the enterprise users, then I'll just say, more power to you.

I think QNX is the best OS on the market. I purchased the Playbook on day 1 but I've moved my handset from years of BlackBerry usage to the Nexus S. The problem with RIMs OS is that it's barren. Apps make my life easier. It's not games. I hate games. I'm talking about apps like TED Air (incredible lectures on every subject), Chase Bank (check deposits from your phone), better maps, app integration, entertainment, YouTube, video chat... I get push Gmail and access to the automatically backed up Google calendar app so really, RIM has no upper hand except with its world class keyboard. Unfortunately, that is not a proprietary feature. The Droid Pro tried and failed, but if they get it right, Android will finally pull that last bunch of RIM consumer loyalists away from their BBM (which is coming to Android anyway).

What RIM is doing has gone from sad, to maddening, to curious. What I see is a great product that's been crushed by the hubris of the imbeciles who run the show. The game isn't over, it's never really over until it's done, and RIM has a lot of assets to play with, but I just see misstep after misstep and I just don't know how they can't see it.

I really want the Bold 9900 but I know that once I have it, I'll regret it because it doesn't present any advantages to me over what I have other than its keyboard. In fact, it'll be a step down from my Nexus S. I'll even LOSE connectivity with my friends, because as more and more people migrate away from BB to iOS and Android, BBM becomes (ironically) more isolated because it can't communicate with anyone else. I use Kakao (or Kik) now and I'm very happy with it. I don't miss BBM anymore -- mostly because everyone I know has moved away from it. BB really only has email and texting left for me (and many others I know in various other circles). Think about that. I'm actually ambivalent about QNX. On one hand I want an all-touch Berry that is able to unleash the full power of this OS like we have in the Playbook, but on the other hand, by losing the keyboard we also lose the one trump card RIM has over its competition. Even with a perfect Droid Pro-like configuration in a future BB running QNX, with a desolate app ecosystem, what reason is there to have a BB over its Android counterparts, which seem to always be a year ahead in terms of technology?

I'm still pulling for RIM, but they will need to put all their resources into building out their apps. I browse every day hoping for good news but all I see is bullshit after bullshit about second-rate apps for the Playbook and inferior games for BlackBerry handsets.

The 9900 comes out in mid-August. Have you seen the hardware coming out around that time? Just look at the Samsung GSII (the Hercules is just like it) coming out one month later. It has specs that make BB look like a toy, which it actually utilizes in the ever-evolving user experience for things like web browsing, video/camera/chat programs and applications. These devices really do everything. BB's just message reliably. There is a range of Android devices to choose from with varying battery life to fit your needs. BB is falling behind.

I love BlackBerry and want them to come back. I don't know why developers don't develop apps for BBs, when they're so widely used. If QNX can have a competitive app selection, then I believe BB will come back in a big way because they're stable and beautiful devices. Here's to hoping for a long shot.

Agreed. Two years ago, we were an entire family of BB users. Wife has gone Android. Sons are going ios. My upgrade comes up in 2 weeks and RIM won't even have pricing and release dates for new phones on my carrier. At this point, I'm leaning toward jumping ship too. Too little, too late.

well said mate. i think you are dead on with this. i have been a bb user for the past 4 yrs and i am also considering getting that nexus s. i walked into a store and played with the iphone, nexus s, xperia and even the motorola atrix which by the way is an amazing phone, then the last phone i picked up was a torch and let me say it is nothing compared to the other phones. the only thing that have me tied to my bb is bbm but i think i am definitely making the switch this yr.

Awesome. Now I can try out the Monza before the Bold Touch to see if I'd prefer to go all touch or stick with the keyboard.

SWEET! Unless something horrible goes wrong Ill be able to get my 9900 the day they arrive at the store. (since I work at Tmo) And I know someone will ask... No I will not send you one. LOL! Someone asked me the same about the 9780. IM STOKED!

anyone see the leaked spec sheet of the monza - it says "suretype" in one of the keyboards? I'm one of the Storm 1 and 2 folks who's probably excited by the thought of suretype lol

Is It coming out for Rogerrs? Lol i know dumb question but yeah i've been wait for this phone since January 4th? idk the first released picture of this phone in january! It would be a shame if it didnt go to Rogers

I kinda feel like he was joking by saying "From this post, it is apparent that obviously Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint will never be getting this phone" which is obviously a joke because we all know that they are we just dont know when yet.

I cant believe RIM decided to put these Devices on a crappy service. (and I live in NYC which probably gets the best t-mobile service coverage in America).

I feel like these devices are to little to late. they should have come out yesterday as appose to tomorrow.
already the hardware for these devices are outdated, as some of these new Droid phones are dual-core. and the growing trends looks like android will be the bigger OS in america.
at least they got Corp. america still buying their phones.

Wait, so it isn't going to come out for AT&T? I like my 9000 but I want a replacement, the new 9900, not the outdated 9700.

Hmm...We heard about the Bold Touch the most so far. RIM even announced the Bold Touch. How can the Touch will be released before the Bold Touch? However, I don't mind to get the Touch. :p

Its the day before mine! It would be a great early (or in your case late) birthday present. : )

I love the Bold but I'm wondering about an all touch screen...

This thing LEGIT Better come out before the Iphone 5 and it bettter be released on canada's biggest cell phone company, if it didnt RIM would be dumb!

Fml... Really? That long of a wait? For that long of a wait, they should forget about OS7 and get that QNX wagon rolling.

Yes, I'm being an impatient little bitch... I was just REALLY expecting these phones a lot sooner.

August !!!!! Geeeeez! RIM is really trying their best to shoot themselves in the foot! If they are releasing this new line soooooo late in the year does that mean 2012 is a dead year with nothing new? No QNX phones in 2012?

I'm so excited, can't wait to get the Monza! I'm very excited about Tmo getting these 3, the only thing that could have made it sweeter is if the phones are compatible with AT&T bands as well but if they had world wide bands, it would def rock!

OK...everyone RELAX!

Take a deep breath...Now just hear me out.

Just because t-mobile has the bold 9900 scheduled for august doesnt necessarily mean that that is the EXACT DATE rim will be dropping the phone to consumers... dont you think that maybe, it could possible t-mobile is planning to release the phone under their carrier a bit later due to, oh i dont know, their own reasons perhaps ?... fanboys need to calm down. Who knows, this phone could be released tomorrow for all we know. I personally dont think RIM would wait two whole months to release a new product after they so conveniently put it out there, promoting and showcasing it like they did.

So, ive got my money on june... but if not?, and it comes later... then screw you RIM....for making me wait so damn long.

my brother works for T-Mobile headquarters in bellevue.. he told me that the 9900 is coming in September.. I hope this news is more accurate than his but i doubt it...

This is all well and good, but I'm not going to go back to T-Mobile just for a new BlackBerry. If the Torch 2 for AT&T or *anything* decent for Verizon doesn't get announced soon, I'll be on Android by end of June. Or maybe back to the Pre, now that they're putting the OS on decent hardware.

this phone will be on at&t, verizon, sprint, tmobile, etc, etc...its made in GSM and CDMA versions....hold out for it, Bold Touch is gonna be awesome!

I currently have a Bold 9780. My contract ends Februaury Next year. I don't really know what Blackberry to Chosse next, I want my keyboard but don't know about the touch screen thing, so if someone can help me which one to deicde thanks. Love crackberry

I am wondering the same thing too. I love having a keyboard on my 9700 and I don't know if I could use a phone without one. I think about a touchscreen phone and then ill use a shortcut on my keyboard, and think about what it would be like without it. I have never used a touchscreen phone for more then a few minutes so I don't really know what it's like. I may really like it but who knows. From what I can tell I don't think I'd be able to go own without the keyboard. The bigger screen would be good for certain things for sure, one that comes mind is viewing videos. I guess the best way to find out is take 'em for a test run when they come out. My contract is up in january next year so ill be in pretty much the same boat as you. Maybe we'll have some fancy "superphones" running QNX on the horizon by then.

IM not happy about this...why tmobile have to be the one to get it!! ATT should get it...i know they have the tourch but the bold touch is soooooooo nice!!!! oh well the merge will soon take over...LOL

I am actually considering the Blackberry Monza when it comes out. I've been wanting a touchscreen Blackberry with a nice size screen for a while.

This is bullshit! Considering the Palm Treo 180 a smartphone made by Handspring, released in 2002. A Phone with a touchscreen and a keyboard. Yes 2002

RIM has been holding a carrot on a stick for way too long

now iOS or Web OS?

These "roadmaps" (where this bb info was pulled from) are never accurate. The dates are about as reliable as if I made them up myself... Just a conglomerate of information from rumors, etc. throughout the web, stitched together in one place and then proclaimed to be true and accurate. The August 9900 date is the only plausible one. The others are September or later.

I get a Blackberry because it works, I will be glad when Android apps are integrated into the phone, or is it just the playbook? I luckily have a busy summer, full of travel to other parts of the state of Michigan and other countries, so when I get back not only will I have some money saved up, but it will probably already be released by the time I settle down for my fall semester.

Now that T-mobile is getting all of these blackberry's,i hope that they dont merge with AT&T,because i want to get the 9860 on T-mobile

Whoooooo! I would sure LOVE to get my hands on that Monza OR the 9900!!!!! I'm very satisfied with BlackBerry and I truly believe hanging in there will reap some serious benefits! Hurry up RIM, share the LOVE with T-Mobile!!!

Contrary to what some may think, T-Mo is actuallypretty decent. They are also the only carrier with UMA which by itself is enough to keep me with them. Their customer service has been very good to me also

I have never owned a Blackberry and am looking at making the Bold Touch my first..... on Sprint and cannot wait.....