BlackBerry Bold Skins Now in Stock @!

By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Jul 2008 09:44 am EDT

BlackBerry Bold Skins!

w00t! We've got skins! Now all we need is the BlackBerry Bold to become available. Here's the store verbage on these BlackBerry-brand bad boys:

Get all the protection you need for your BlackBerry Bold 9000 and personalize it with the many eye catching colors to choose from.

The genuine BlackBerry skin case gives your phone superior protection with the rubberized exterior, offering a sure grip and protecting all corners and sides of your BlackBerry Bold 9000. It also prevents your phone from sliding across your car's dashboard or other slick surfaces.

This sleek case features openings for the camera, audio input and output, stereo jack and mini-USB ports. The keyboard and screen are uncovered so you will have easy and effortless access to make calls or type on the keyboard. Features include:

  • Rubberized exterior provides a sure grip
  • Protects your BlackBerry if dropped or bumped
  • Open slots for access to keyboard, camera, input and output audio ports, mini-USB port, programmable buttons and stereo jack
  • Many bright and vibrant colors to choose from
BlackBerry Bold 9000 skins are available from for $9.95. Get'em while they're hot!!!

Reader comments

BlackBerry Bold Skins Now in Stock @!


Hey Kevin,

Is there any word on if a skin comes in the retail packaging of the Bold, similar to how your Ebayed model did?

I don't want to buy a black one if I'm gonna get one for free with the unit. :)

That is a good question. I'm not actually *sure* right now what it's shipping with. If RIM provides anything, it's typically the pocket sleeve. Could vary a bit between carriers. Maybe they will be Bold and include a skin.

If anybody knows for certain, please post! I know the skin with the eBay 9000 was unbranded. Likely an early-prototype to these.

The hell is the BOLD going to be released?!?!
I'm sure theres a whole bunch of people dying to get one!!
Like me!
Any new news of when???

Cases look great...especially with the phones in them. Thanks Kevin for torturing us...j/k.

Oh yea, one more thing...RELEASE THIS DAMN PHONE ALREADY!!

Got mine delivered today and it has a fantastic fit. I can set my curve on a table and write if I want. It also fits in my TMo case - snug but secure. A very good product.

I will be ordering one shorty as I want to be ready to go for whenever At&t will be releasing it.

Did anybody else catch that there are openings for input and output jacks...does this mean we can connect external storage to this????

I love your skins, although you've got to check out SkinIt. It's so cool. You can skin any type of phone, PDA, Smart phone, MP3s, iPods, etc and you can use their imaes, texts, shapes or upload your own. I used a photo of my kids when my son was home on leave (my favorite picture) and it's on the backside, while I have a blue skin for the front and the regular skins sells. As I live in CA, it only took about 7 -10 days. It's was really quick and not expensive at all. I just ordered 3 more for my friends and family.

Who cares about skins for a phone that has no release date or pricing info? As interested as I am with the Bold, there are more things to worry about than acquiring skins for a phone that does not currently exist. What about ATT releasing OS4.5 as some other carriers have?