BlackBerry Bold Seidio Innocase Holster Video Review

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Feb 2009 09:21 am EST

CrackBerry member JReel strikes again! This time he takes an indepth look at the Seidio Innocase Holster for the BlackBerry Bold, testing the holster out with everything he's got at his disposal. For more pictures, thoughts and good community discussion, be sure to check out the forum thread that accompanies this review. Solid review JReel - I think you're as big of an accessory junky as I am!

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BlackBerry Bold Seidio Innocase Holster Video Review


Excellent review JReel! I'll be getting this setup soon. If I can make a suggestion though, you could use a better light source when shooting the video. All the details of the case/holster are washed out and look like black blobs. Cheers!

Thanks for the comment, i tried to use natural lighting from the outside, but i usually use a white bulb from a tall lamp pointing downwards onto the table

I use that exact combination as CaseMate has yet to develop a holster specific for their new smart skin and the Bold. The issue is that the raised convenience button on the right side of the skin (when the front of the Bold is facing you) hits the side wall of the Innocase Holster when you are putting the Bold into or taking it out of the holster. This results in the activation of what ever function you have assigned to that key. The side wall sits a bit to high and presses against the silicone button. So taking the Bold out of the holster will activate the button. It is a real annoyance!

Fear not... their is a solution. I took my Dremmel tool with one of the sanding attachments and sanded down the side wall so that it works perfectly. I simply followed the curve of the side wall, sanded it down about 1/3rd and then finnished it off with some fine sandpaper and plastic polish. You can't even tell it was ever modified. And, the side wall is still high enough that the Bold is just as secure now as it was prior to the modification. The convenience button on the skin now sits above the side wall and no longer activates when the Bold is taken out or put into the holster. The whold modificaiton took around 10 minutes and is well worth it.

Maybe CaseMate will come out with a holster specific to the Bold and smart skin.. in the meantime, the Innocase now works perfectly well.

Bro, your takin too many cues from Kevin (who is notoriusly long winded, lol).

Phonescoop has a full video review of the 8900 which is barely 6 min. I think we can do a case review in less than 3.

Still a good review, but I also agree with the other poster about lighting. And get rid of the blue cloth. Use a full table cloth or just got with a nice table.

thanks for checking out my review, yea, the table is white and will probably be using just the table in the future. As far as my reviews, phonescoop is doing there thing and i'm doing mine, i'm just giving everyone what i observe for these cases, and if that takes more than 3 mins, than thats fine

JReel, your reviews are UNREAL!!

good stuff.. I am really looking at getting that hard seidio case in dark Grey.

I always wondered if the middle bar was solid or not. However, i got the answer from another one of your vids.

once again,

keep up the good work.


Michael, thanks for checking out my reviews. The middle bar isnt bad without the case, just have to be careful, but with the phone under the middle bar, its good to go.

I have been using this case/holster combination for quite some time now, including my curve. Just received my new Bold case and holster today. I have only one concern thus far. The spring clip at the top of the holster, needs to have more rounded edges and corners. While this does not at all effect the security of the phone itself, I find myself scraping my forearm on the spring clip corners and it can be quite uncomfortable at times.

Other than that, I think Seidio hit the nail on the head with these cases and holsters, providing great protection, and adding the ability to keep the phones slim profile and sleek design.